Tuesday, January 31, 2023

Report: Lazio keen on Lucas Torreira

In the aftermath of his mother’s death, Lucas Torreira issued an emotive plea to Arsenal to find him a new home in South America with Boca Juniors his favoured destination.

Judging by the latest reports coming out of Italy, it sounds ore likely the 25-year-old will return to Serie A with Lazio keen to do a deal this summer.

Sport Witness relay reports from Il Tempo and Corriere dello Sport which suggest the midfielder has given the green light to the Stadio Olimpico outfit who now have to propose a realistic offer to the Gunners.

It is suggested that Arsenal want €20 million for Lucas while Lazio are willing to go as far as €15 million, paid either in two chunks or as an initial loan with an option to buy in 2022.

More spurious reports have also hinted that Argentine international Joaquin Correa could be roped in as part of a swap deal.

Torreira moved to Arsenal from Sampdoria in 2016 in a deal worth nearly €30 million. After a cracking start to life at the Emirates he quickly fell out of favour under Unai Emery and then suffered an injury that disrupted his chances of impressing Mikel Arteta at the tail-end of the 2019/20 campaign.

Despite being part of their title-winning squad, a year on loan at Atletico Madrid hasn’t done much to burnish the Uruguayan’s reputation; Torreira played just 722 minutes across 26 appearances.

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Ryan Colaco

I know that I’ll sound stupid for suggesting this but I really think that a Torreira-Partey midfield could be a real winner. I would love for it to be tried.
Highly unlikely and probably not financially sensible? I know, I know.


can’t he play right or left back? i mean he’s fast, can tackle has the stamina to do it. I think that role xhaka played when TK wasn’t available would fit him quite well.

Johnny 4 Hats

Temuri Ketsbaia?


If Arteta could persuade Temuri Ketsbaia to come out of retirement, he’d probably be a more mobile attacking midfield option than Willian.


So would my gran, and she’s been dead 30 years.

Thierry Bergkamp (non negotiable)

Still one of the best ever celebrations….if you can call it that


I was thinking Tieran Kierney

Non flying dutchman

Your being silly… he clearly meant Tieran Kierney

Non flying dutchman

Nzini apologies… should have scrolled down first to see if anyone had beat me to the punch


Torreira is not fast.


He was actually recorded as one of the slowest in the squad.


Shorter legs I’d imagine

Viv The 🐐

No, he doesn’t want to be here, he does not like where he is at Arsenal, and that should be the end of the discussion. No turning back or whatsoever. He didn’t like it last year, he won’t like it this year.


That was Simone’s plan, to partner them, till we spoilt his plan.

We all like Torreira, however he is just physically (height and size) not suitable for the league.

Hank Scorpio

Not sure I agree with that. He was excellent early on and then we started messing around with his position. Who could forget the failed # 10 experiment. In any case, as has been said, he doesn’t want to be here. If we can get a decent fee for him we should accept in and move him on.


I don’t know about the size angle, Alexis and Kante seem to indicate that size doesn’t matter.


Neither can pass half as well as Xhaka.

Dave Roberts

Neither can goof it up as well as Xhaka.


I just Lucas is too lightweight and a little slow for the Premier League. Italy was good for him in the past and hopefully he can regain his career after such a difficult year.

Dave Roberts

Would be nice if this wasn’t a business and we could send him Back to Boca.

Walter White

20 million would be a good deal. Probably a bit too much to expect when he hasnt played a lot the last 2 years.

Johnny 4 Hats

If they won’t budge, take the 15. It’s about what he’s worth given he hasn’t played regularly for quite some time.

And given that he didn’t play last season, it’s money without any collateral. And players like Guendouzi and Torreira are absolute priorities to move on.

We don’t need them. We don’t want them. They don’t want us. Take whatever money we can and run.

Johnny 4 Hats

By god this sp*rs manager search is getting humiliatingly ridiculous. It’s really hilarious how every candidate is going public about it too. The guy who eventually accepts is going to be so embarrassed that they were 12th choice.

Man, the old adage that whatever you are going through, someone else is going through something much worse. So true. And, in this case, so damn funny.

Steve Bould is available and North London based.


Agent Uncle Bouldy

Dave Roberts

Bouldy is too good for Sp*rs.


When things look bleak, there’s always Sp*rs to cheer us up.

Hank Scorpio

They’re so terrible even their own sponsors mock them. Somehow the football gods gave them the chance to do something we haven’t and win the Champions League. In the face of that they did what they do best and now they’re reverting back to the mean by their Spursy standards. If you don’t enjoy their perpetual quest to plumb the depths of mediocrity then you have no soul as far as I’m concerned.

Dave Roberts

They never should’ve fired Potterelli.


Its like they are trying to insert a clause in the contract “if you fail to deliver, you will have to return the salary and pay a penalty” , but HAHA Sp*rs

Merlin’s Panini

It seems likely to me that every manager that rejects them is being told that Kane is leaving. Him and Son are about the only reasons anyone might consider taking that job. Without him they’re pretty fucked. At this rate they’ll end up with Fat Sam as their manager.

Thierry Bergkamp (non negotiable)

He’s in his prime years, a Uruguay international, currently at Copa America. I think 30m is about right

Johnny 4 Hats

Yeah and some dude was in the Euro’s last night who played for Bristol City. Playing in a tournament for a middling team doesn’t really mean much.

Dave Roberts

I wonder if Raul Sanllehi is gonna refund us any money out of that deal?

Heavenly Chapecoense

Torreira transferred to Arsenal in 2016? A typo there, I think. I don’t remember Wenger was interested in him.

Yep it should be 2018. He was one of Mislintit’s many flop signings along with Leitchstiener, Sokratis, Mavrapanos, Guendouzi, and Mkhitarian.


We will likely make money on Mavro and Guen. Damn thrilled we jettisoned Alexis (whew, a close one!). Even if it meant Mkhi coming. Sokratis was always a cardboard cutout– but a necessary one at that moment (was flogging for Johnny Effin Evans back then).

Lichsteiner… yikes!

Non flying dutchman

I wouldnt be certain Alexis was set to tank at Arsenal at quite the rate he did at United. Yes he had run himself somewhat into the ground playing summer tournament after summer tournament for consecutive years, but our system fitted him in a way that United’s simply didnt… they recruited him simply t9 get one over City.. The extent Mislintet was involved in that deal…not sure… was just a balls up by everyone bar the agent with Arsenal clutching at straws after the failure to move on and re-recruit in the summer before That said, Big fan of Amy… Read more »

Dave Roberts

Should’ve made a secret switch and sent Ozil to them. United would never have noticed the difference.

Martin R

He was certainly not a flop and looked very good in his first season. It was when Emery tried to play him in a more forward role that the problems began. I still remember him as a fine DM.


Take the money and reinvest. Thank you Torreira, sorry it didn’t quite work out.


Every single Italian team has been interested in Torreira, maybe one day one of the teams will actually bid for him.

Non flying dutchman

Ultimate league for selling high but pleading poverty when buying

Neil Bamford

Take the €15mil


i like torreira and feel like he never got a proper chance with us, but we shoud take the money up front, he clearly doesn’t want to be in london and a further loan move would only lessen the value we need to recoup.

Viv The 🐐

He has to be sold this year. I would not take any risks with him anymore. Something in between 15 and 20 Mill € is ok, and we should move on. Everything above 20 Mill would be a steal for us in this market.


Take 15m for him and Guendouzi and you can buy Aouar for that amout as reported.. Rather have him then Odegard who would cost double the amount.

Teta's cult of personality

Hopefully that 15m is in £ and not €. I think Aouar would be good to purchase now. The hype has (thankfully) died down since last year and he would be a better addition to the squad now. IMO, Aouar is what Guendouzi would look like if he was fulfilling his initial potential and eased up on the stubbornness. Like Douzi, Aouar can get a bit carried away with his own abilities but that’s perfectly fine if that talk is backed up. It seems he wants to play for Real Madrid one day. So if we get him cheaper now,… Read more »


Forgot to mention instead of hagfling for 20 ask for 20-25% sell on clause and Aouar not as like for like replacement, there im hoping for Lokonga and Bissouma 👌


Taxi for Torreira..,,

Disarmed Gunner

He will probably go there and discover he doesn’t like pasta and want to go home. It’ll be like England and the rain all over again. Some people just aren’t suited to life abroad.


He came from Italy so I’m pretty sure he’s tried the pasta

Non flying dutchman

Does anyone not like pasta?


He came from Sampdoria

Merlin’s Panini

I like Torreira. Thought he was excellent in his first season before he ran out of steam. Emery ruined him in his second season. That Atletico wanted him in the first place kind of shows his quality and there’s no shame in not getting much game time in a title winning side.
If he doesn’t want to be in England anymore then we should definitely move him on, but he’s still relatively young and I think £20 million is a fair price. I doubt we’ll get that much though.

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