Wednesday, December 6, 2023

Report: Premier League to fine wantaway clubs £20 million

According to Sky News, the Premier League will impose a £20 million fine on the six English clubs involved in the attempted breakaway European Super League.

The punishment will be shared equally by Arsenal, Manchester City, Manchester United, Liverpool, Chelsea and Sp*rs who have also agreed that more stringent measures – a 30-points deduction and £20 million fine – will be imposed on any club that signs up to similar projects in the future.

The Gunners have already agreed to a similar fine – a share of €15 million – dished out by UEFA and will forego 5% of any revenue generated the next time we qualify for Europe.

In light of this season’s failings on the pitch and the fact our commercial, matchday and broadcast revenues have been hit by the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic, the fine isn’t ideal. That said, we can count ourselves very lucky; this is not much more than a slap across the wrists. Individual fines of £15 million were originally mooted in some quarters.

In the aftermath of the Super League’s collapse, Josh Kroenke told supporters that KSE would cover any financial penalties contractually owed to backers as a consequence of the decision to pull out. It remains to be seen whether that same commitment extends to the fines that we’ve received.

It may well be that the fine is deducted from money generated from the sale of broadcast rights rather than Premier League CEO Richard Masters turning up at the Emirates demanding the money on the spot.

Either way, it’s unlikely to damage our plans for the transfer market.

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KSE still gets away with murder….that lot never gets to pay for anything….

Johnny 4 Hats

So great that we got Sok, Mustafi and Ozil off the books this summer. That’s like 500k a week back in our pocket. So, let’s figure this out. That makes about £25m. Wow, imagine what we could spend….

Oh. Never mind.


Hugely glossing over we had to take a bank loan to pay off their contracts, and then took out another bank loan to pay off that bank loan. Its pretty much a credit version of Inception at Arsenal right now.

You only know if a bank loan has been paid off, if the spinning top that Josh leaves spinning on the table falls over at the end..


Yet another example of the lack of accountability in society if you have money. They can do whatever want with almost complete impunity; a slap on the wrist from other rich arsehules. Not much different from feudalism really. Squeeze every last drop out of the serfs with the carrot of hope dangling just out of reach.

Johnny 4 Hats

You’ve just described the outcome of all communist, socialist, capitalist and feudalist political systems as well as every hierarchy in the animal kingdom.

Unfortunately it’s a pattern of life. I’m done getting pissed off with it. I bet deep down Stan isn’t particularly happy. No one likes him. He’s probably a pretty sad guy, hanging onto his precious “franchises” like a little boy with all the Monopoly money.

Let’s just be happier than them. Otherwise our lives end up as bitter and nasty as theirs.


Hmmm…I get what you’re saying, but it’s a bit of a head in the sand approach. This is kinda how the club is so messed up, it’s also why corporate greed, political (lobbying) corruption, and environmental damage have all reached the levels they are at. It’s a hard one because it’s so easy to just say, well fuck it, they got us by the balls (for lack of a better euphemism), because they do. But they got us by the balls because we kinda let them fondle us in the first place. Sure, I can see a whole lot of… Read more »


In essence, its really all about the balls…

Johnny 4 Hats

Sounds like you live a good life mate. And do your bit.

I’ve just seen family members fall down rabbit holes about all this. And it makes them really miserable. But it doesn’t mean they aren’t right.


Another top post. 🍺👍


It doesn’t describe socialism at all.

Johnny 4 Hats

In theory no. But show me evidence of a country which has implemented socialism and created a genuinely fair society without the 1%.

People will often cite Scandinavian countries but they are still propped up by capitalistic free markets and also have their fair share of tax dodging billionaires.


Absence of evidence isn’t always the evidence of absence…except if we are talking about the Spuds trophy cabinet..
However I do hear your point

Perry Farrell’s Satellite Partey

😂 priceless response, no matter the economic system

Public Elneny

Shades of grey though isn’t. Scandinavian countries (and most (all?) western countries to some extent) have predominantly free market economies, but in some areas it is controlled in a way to achieve the best living standards for the largest no. of people. Minimum wage, strong labour/environmental laws, proportionately high taxes on biggest earners, state/public ownership in essential sectors that need to offer at least a baseline standard of service to all – healthcare etc, etc Which is really what the vast majority of people and politicians who describe themselves as socialist actually mean these days. Being more like Finland, less… Read more »


Well said comrade

Johnny 4 Hats

Haha! Nice post.

My point and my ethos is that you can spend a lifetime campaigning for equality and get nowhere. Or you can do everything you can to make yourself, the people you love and the community around you as joyous as possible and hope others do the same.

There’s so much vital voluntary work that could make someone’s life better instantly but people are often more concerned with spending their time aiming their frustrations at people in power and asking them to help the person that the individual could help themselves.


How on earth could anyone find a reason to downvote this?


Can I borrow these words

Teta's cult of personality ●█▀█▄

Good point. When he was alive, Ingvar Kamprad had set-up IKEA to be one of the largest tax-avoiding enterprises in the world. I too doubt if socialism in its theoretical origins can ever be successfully implemented as an economic system. Though, I think about the philosopers of ancient Athens and their predictions about democracy. One of the most famous being Socrates, who historians believe had doubts about whether democracy could ever be the political foundation of the general society. Obviously, during his time, he was right. A lot of democratic systems then ultimately failed. However, 25 centuries later, most countries… Read more »

David Hilliers Arm Cast

I love how you have five downvotes when all you did was state a fact. That’s the world we live in.


Well said mate.

We haven’t always seen eye to eye but this really is a gem of a post. 👍🍺

Heavenly Chapecoense

I have been wanting a nasty and bitter billionaire’s life for decades. Only got a poor taxpayer’s life.


’The Carrot of Hope Dangling Just Out of Reach’

If that’s not perfect for this club’s moto nowadays, I don’t know what is.


This 👍


May I just say that I continue to admire the way us Gooners can get properly deep on tangential subjects here. Makes for a good early Thurs morning read!

In other news – HFB just smacked in another 2 for France… looks set to surpass the Great Titi at Euros. And yet some Gooners still reckon he was pants?


Quick quezza: is an ‘arsehule’, an arsehole who rules Arsenal?


Heavenly Chapecoense

I totally disagree. They commited no crime. They merely wanted to reproduce a system that exists in the US. You offer a new product. Clients absolutely hate it. You withdraw the product. Where is the crime there?

Daz Pants

It still staggers me than no matter how inept these owners are, they hadn’t done their due diligence and have allowed themselves to be cornered in a situation where they have had to pay a number of fines.

The only thing ‘in their favour’ is that numerous other owners, many of whom are more competent, also made this same error.


So no discount for us then ,they do know we are piss poor right? We “had” to fire our mascot FFS !


Could we give them willian instead? He’s surely worth 3.5mill


Was “mill” an autocorrect for quid?




Or a “milli-quid”?


Well done Kroenke. He should hv known tt the idea of super league will nvr work given tt spuds are part of it.

Jokes aside, aft many mths, we truly know who are the desperate clubs tt really need the league just for their own benefits, and not football. So screw those 3 clubs that are still hoping for it.

Bren Roberts

It will be interesting to see what UEFA do to them. I can’t see any of them paying fines and they will fight like buggery against being thrown out of the Champions League.

Watch this space!

Giuseppe Hovno

a e ha e e ha er on ha

just helping out


Thanks. Left my Thumbs Translator on the table in the hall this morning.

Bren Roberts

Kronke’s can pay it!


They won’t. Anything we have to pay will come out of the clubs coffers. Stan will dish out another loan that we’ll have to pay back.

John c

20 mil is nothing

YOLO Toure

I read somewhere that if we do it again it’ll be £20m + a 30 point deduction, but I don’t know if that’s actually true or not.


You read it in this article bro. It’s also true.

YOLO Toure

Haha my bad – teach me for skim reading!

John C

Have i got an impersonator?!? I’m blushing But the truth is a £20m fine from the Premier League and a £15m from UEFA show just how toothless both of those organisations are after all their big talk of points deductions and expulsions. It shows that both bodies are fully aware of how dependent they are on those clubs financially and in reality weld very little power over them, these fines actually make both look weak in my opinion. I’m still of the belief that the finances in football are so precarious that the rest of football don’t want to fully… Read more »


Well, City, Chelsea, United and possibly even Liverpool and the Spuds will have their respective owners fork out.

We – on the other hand – will probably have to borrow yet another loan from Uncle Stan.


Just as a genuine question, who here would be opposed to a European competition, not run by Uefa, that is essentially the proposal for the so-called Super league, but that has places by merit? Whilst I am against the proposal that was made, I’m surprised there hasn’t been more discussion about the part Uefa has had in all this. For years they come across as am organisation that is questionably fit for purpose, that carry huge responsibility, but continue to fail to solve any problems or address any of the core societal and technical issues in the game at the… Read more »


I think this is what the clubs involved felt and banked on fans feeling.

they missed a trick by not doing it publically with fan involvement. Uefa could easily be painted as the villains keeping clubs and players in their system against their will.


Yep! This should be piss up in a brewery levels of organisation, yet they somehow contrived to totally mess it up and poison the concept of anything better than UEFA’s rubbish.


Completely agree. Looking at Sky, BT, FA etc all saying “football’s for the fans” and all that bs. If they gave even a second thought to the fans they’d have found a way to regulate the massive amounts of financial doping. They just hosted a final between a Russian oligarch and a nation state which is billed as a triumph for British football. That’s nothing to do with the “soul of football”, or fans, it’s just a billionaire boxing match. It feels so hypocritical to hold the current game vs the proposed super league and say they are really any… Read more »


Replacing uefa would be fine. With the right structure and governance you’d probably get the support of a lot of clubs although FIFA would probably shit themselves.

They’d need to keep themselves out of control though – no question that uefa has made some stupid choices (Baku, for example) but when faced with two corrupt organisations? Well, people tend to avoid change

A Different George

I think I must be missing something. The whole point of the Super League, the reason those clubs wanted it, was to have certainty they would be in the European competition every year and that the income from that competition would be divided even more in their favour, since there would be only five extra clubs each year (no money, as now, to the Romanian qualifier that is knocked out in the group stage–or to the Romanian FA). What advantage do similar proposals have compared to the Champions League? Fewer teams, so fewer group-stage games against sides like Slavia Prague–but… Read more »


UEFA is actually accountable to their federations unlike any new corporate structure.

I find all the hatred for it completely out of proportion since most of the stuff people dislike UEFA for, is either done on pressure from the big clubs or it actually helps smaller clubs (like the conference league).

Minimum conditions for me to even consider other proposals are

  1. No salary cap (salary caps only help owners and I prefer to give money to players instead of owners)
  2. Relegation and no guaranteed membership for any club
  3. Caps on agent fees

I certainly don’t think the way forward would be to replace it with a purely corporate entity, but make no mistake that Uefa and accountability are not words that usually go together. I think that any way forward actually needs to have the correct stakeholders at the heart of it (read as not Sky and the other pricks who have turned football into a cock measuring contest for billionaires). I also pretty much agree with all 3 points of yours: competition is a neccessity, agent fees are so fucked its unbelievable. As for salary caps, I agree, I’m personally of… Read more »


Where does that money go? Do we get a detailed breakdown? Or are we just supposed to trust that the FA won’t spend the lot on cocaine + strippers at their office Xmas party…. It’s all well and good fining billionaire owners, but that money has to be allocated specifically into something productive like grassroots football Or split between struggling clubs who’ve had their finances decimated during this pandemic Theres no value in fining billionaire owners, to then line the pockets of useless bureaucrats at the FA £20 million split, could literally stop plenty of clubs lower down the leagues… Read more »


Press release says ‘grass roots’ football but not sure what that truly means

Jamie Hunter

Leaving us an impressive 300k to spend on improving the team


20m spread across six clubs seems low and not punitive enough to discourage the same type of behavior in the future.


We won’t even be big enough for the ESL if we continue our current trajectory.


A 30 point deduction and a £20 million (or more) fine each might be though


A lucky escape, I think. It could have been a lot worse.


Anyone STILL want that moustachioed wig-wearing cunt for our Majority Shareholder….?

Actually, there’s probably loads of you…..🙄


Either way, it’s unlikely to damage our plans for the transfer market.

– That is.. if we have one.


There goes our transfer budget


This fine is cheap considering the financial and sporting fine we’ve endured by being owned by KSE


“Either way, it’s unlikely to damage our plans for the transfer market.”

Because we’re well capable of destroying that ourselves with our ineffectiveness?

I kid, I kid! Or do I?

Forrest Moore

Lol @ “… the next time we qualify for Europe.”


It may not hinder our transfer plans, if they exist, but it does show we are not finished finding ways to squander the pittance the Kroenke’s allow for the club


I’m so confused. I though PL participation was planned to continue and the ESL was weekday games to replace the CL?

Or did I misunderstand that?

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