There was good news earlier when Kieran Tierney today extended his contract at the club, signing an extension that will keep him at Arsenal at until 2026.

The Scottish international signed from Celtic in the summer of 2019 for a fee of £25m, money that feels extremely well spent.

Speaking to the official website, he explained his motivations behind putting pen to paper on his new contract, and why he thinks he be part of a team which can bring success back to North London.

On the key factors, he said, “I think the vision of the club, where it wants to go, and the expectations of the club. Where I want to be in football is at the top.

“There’s no doubt about it, we’re not where we want to be just now, but we’re going in the right direction.

“When the manager came to me and said, ‘We want you to extend your deal, we’re so happy with how you’ve come along’ it was just amazing for me to hear because I’ve worked hard since I joined,” he said.

“I had a hard first season with injuries and Covid, but last season it really picked up for me, and the club have been brilliant with me, so I am more than happy to extend it. I’m absolutely delighted.”

Since his arrival, the 24 year old has become a firm favourite with fans, and that too played a part in his decision.

“Obviously the love that I had at Celtic, I thought you can’t replicate that anywhere but from day one the Arsenal fans have shown me so much love,” he said.

“They have been patient with me through injuries. Times when it has not gone well they have stuck with me, even messages on social media and seeing people on the street.

“It is just brilliant and it gives you confidence. I just can’t wait to get fans back in the stadiums now.”

There’s still plenty to do this summer, but this is bit of news that every Arsenal fan should be delighted with.

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He might be the best signing at Arsenal in the last decade. Considering how bad we’ve been in the market, it’s not a high bar. But at least with Tierney it’s been elevated somewhat.

Martin R

Are you seriously saying we’ve had no other great players in the last decade?


Cazorla, Sanchez, Özil, Auba, Kos (11 years). Art & BFG? Martinelli, hopefully?




When Ozil could be bothered he was world class – his assist rate was fantastic. He was a luxury player that a struggling Arsenal team could not afford. That was hardly his fault…

Martin R

Why so many down votes. When signed he was the most creative player in the country. The fastest to 50 assists and helped us win 3 FA Cups in 4 years. Yes it was a sad ending but he was a great signing.

Teta's cult of personality

I think that poster is questioning why CHICKPEA included Özil in his list of great players. As if to imply that Mesut didn’t achieve anything noteworthy to be included in that list.

Naturally, most of us appear to agree with the points you made regarding Özil – hence the downvotes.

Bleeding gums murphy

I’ve been going over Arsenal since the seventies. I was outside Highbury stadium stood in avenell road singing up to the dressing room (don’t go Liam don’t go Liam” never forgot it. Then champagne Charlie arrived and what a fabulous player he was, if he had gone to Liverpool he would have been a huge hit. Unfortunately he was playing in an average team. Was at Wembley when he sired and we beat the mighty (at the time) Liverpool . Never forgot it. Then along came rocky and limpar and Dennis and Thierry and Pires and cesc and van Persie… Read more »

Mesut O’Neill

My eyes never bought into it. Ozil lovers are blinkered. He had a decent start to his career & a fantastic six months a little later but apart from that nada. When did Ozil ever take control of a big game? Hardly ever. His attitude & petulance are why most Arsenal fans never took to him. It was always someone else’s fault with Ozil. Did he light up the Turkish Super Lig? Did he fuck. You would think such a talented & gifted player might be able to score a goal or two in such a shit league. I base… Read more »


Maybe get your eyes checked, just in case. You never know; it could be you.


I take it you ‘witnessed’ last season’s never-ending font of creativity and the tidal wave of assists and goals it begat.

That was someone else’s fault too, not Ozil’s…

Heavenly Chapecoense

BFG? Please.


Another “pundits know best” player.
Statistically we shipped fewer goals when he was playing.
Any other stats/metrics/opinions you can shove up sideways, as that’s the only one that really matters for a CB.

c.f. Rob Holding.


Koscielny as well. A proper steal that was.


Kos was good 80% of the time. The other 20% he played like Stan Laurel as much as he looked like him. Birmingham’s winner in that fucking League Cup Final springs to mind.


We even got Holding for, say, 2 waffle and one cup of tea


He did if you can’t read

Martin R

It was the down votes I was criticising if you could read.


Saying one is the best doesn’t mean the others are not great.


A good signing is bang-for-buck. Tierney is looking like an astute signing in that respect. Koscienly and Cazorla certainly a contenders. Giroud was grand too.

David Hilliers Arm Cast

We are going to get more out of KT than we did any of those except maybe the handsome Frenchman.


Koscienly had an amazing arsenal career. Easily the best of the three I listed. He was a world class CB for many years. Cazorla was amazing, but sad how crocked he was at the end, and giroud was great, but not that long.

A Different George

I loved Koscielny (I am also one of those who thinks Ozil was a great player), but it’s pretty clear that Alexis Sanchez was our most important signing in many years. Do you not remember how often he was the only reason we won a match?

Bleeding gums murphy

Very true George, to add they asked Wenger what was the difference between sanchez at United and sanchez at the Arsenal, he simply replied “Ozil”


Typical “Strawman”. Look it up.


Last decade is debatable. But if you say KT has been the best signing since AW departure, then I’m totally with you. Definitely Captain material (not-future) that lead by his professional approach, work ethics and self motivated drive.


I don’t think you can compare him to Willian.

Mesut O’Neill

Not often that a “free signing” becomes one of the worst value for money signings, but Willian certainly fits the bill.


I’ll never forget that goal where he skinned I forget who then cut it back and curled it with his right. He was fed up with our play that game and took matters into his own hands. Whether he ends up our captain or not, he’ll be our spiritual captain for as long as he’s here.

Bill Hall

Future captain that lad!


He should be Captain now.


He doesnt need a captaincy tag. He is a captain in his own right


Talk sense FFS.

The team need his leadership skills as a captain.


Make him a captain in your save of Football Manager dear.



I much prefer trusting in Mikel Arteta, The Process and people like you who clearly know exactly what they’re talking about.

Tom 007

Gd news at best. Better to tie him to a good long contract before the big vultures grab him with exorbitant deals.


Important message from KT is that you can fall in love again.

Teta's cult of personality

I wonder if For the Love of Money by the O’Jays was playing in Kieran’s head😅

🎵Money, money,money, money, money🎵.🕺🕺🤑

Heavenly Chapecoense

Hope he will not end up like Louis Saha was at Man United. Different position but very effective and very appreciated Saha was destroyed by repetitive injuries.

Mayor McCheese

What a strange choice of comparison.

David Hilliers Arm Cast

You could have just said Abou. We all know him.

Merlin’s Panini

Samassi Abou? Ha! That’s even stranger! 😂🤣😂🤣

…Oh you mean Diaby


Tierney either has no ambition at all and is happy to pick up his wage and go through the motions at Arsenal or they have told him what their plans are for this summer and he has signed the contract. I hope for his sake that his contract has a minimum release fee if their plans turn out to be hollow promises…

Teta's cult of personality

So you’re implying everyone that signs a contract with AFC has no ambition?

Mate, I have to ask… Are you actually an Arsenal fan?

Martin R

The Spurs troll strikes again.

Teta's cult of personality

Oh he supports Bottleham? Makes sense.

I suppose when your club crest 🐔🏀 is a chicken on a basketball and your home stadium resembles a toilet seat🚽, you’d prefer to hangout at your neighbour’s instead.

Aussie Henry

In other news, Sp*rs manager search is going well


Quiet u Spurs troll


Why are you here?

Granit(e) hard!

What can I say but Yaaaaaay!, well done contract team, money well spent

Giuseppe Hovno

I think it’s fair to say that a lot of the love that Tierney gets is simply a reflection of the positive attitude and effort that he puts in to every minute he’s on the pitch


I wholly agree, but then I realize we’ve set the bar so low. KT’s on-pitch attitude is the bare minimum, but over the years it feels like it’s something extra with players nowadays. We don’t even have to go as far as the invincibles, Fabregas, Van Persie all had that drive in them. That same mentality of hating to lose.

Goodly Morning


Neil Bamford

Over the moon with this. You keep your best players and he is exactly that


Now. Make. Him. Captain.


If the manager thought that it (the captaincy) was having a detrimental effect on Auba’s performances (and he could be forgiven for thinking so – although, just for the record, I’ll say here and now that I’ve made it clear previously that I think his low figures last season were largely down to the lack of creative and chances made through the channels from the midfield) then Arteta would be well within his rights to switch the captaincy. Let’s also not forget that his timekeeping was far from exemplary – might seem trivial but it doesn’t set a good example… Read more »


Auba brings a whole lotta joy to his football, and aside from a the timekeeping issue and goal drought last season, he’s been exemplary at Arsenal and didn’t bring any of the baggage he was rumoured to bring. He seems to have a great connection with Saka, and other youngsters like Tierney look up to him. Auba is elite, with plenty of experience, and has a cool head — not unimportant attributes in a big club captain. Tierney will be captain, and a memorable one, but he’ll take that armband when it is his turn. Right now, he’s still a… Read more »


You’ve all completely ignored my point about the captaincy possibly having a detrimental effect on his performance, but hey ho. What are sites for ‘discussion’ about…..🙄




Oh, right.

No, I don’t think it had a detrimental effect on Auba’s performance last season at all. Other notable elements did, ranging from health to the team’s overall form.



Heavy Gunner

Grand news- now KT maybe splashes out on an upgrade for his Tesco carrier bag! Great lad, our wee giant Scot..


“My agent called me and said Arsenal wanted to talk about a new deal, what figures should we ask for? I said the only figure I care about is the length of years I can stay. I want 4 more years. For the other figures I couldn’t care less.” – Kieran Tierney Not sure if this comment has been mentioned as I haven’t scrolled the comments here, but this quote alone gets to heart of why we all love the guy. Yes he’s a great player but we he wants to be greater, not just for himself but for those… Read more »


Kieran Tierney is the embodiment of what I want Arsenal to be.