Friday, December 1, 2023

Transfer round-up: Bellerin, Belotti, Ramsdale, Tavares, Smith Rowe

Only 10 days until pre-season begins and we’re still not sure who’ll get David Luiz’s vacant locker. What on earth is going on, Mikel?

Ready your pitchforks, it’s time for another transfer round-up…

Hector Bellerin

Villarreal are believed to have made contact already and there are now suggestions that Serie A champions Inter Milan want to replace PSG-bound Achraf Hakimi with our eco-friendly Spaniard. Arsenal are holding out for €20 million – reasonable given his credentials – while Gazzetta dello Sport claim they only want to go as high as €15 million. As locations go, one with a recognised Fashion Week certainly makes sense for Hector.  

Dominic Calvert-Lewin

Despite what The Telegraph says, you don’t need us to tell you that the chances of Arsenal signing a 24-year-old England striker this summer are non-existent. 

Rob Holding 

Given the defender signed a new contract before the start of last season and went on to play a lot of football, it seems unlikely that Holding will be put up for sale. All the same, that’s something that was posited by The Times in a throwaway line at the bottom of an article about our interest in Ben White. We can’t see it. Also, what a waste it would be to sell Rob just as he’s had his hairline fixed. 

Andrea Belotti 

Yeah, no. Italian, remember. We don’t do Italian. We’ll therefore file Calcio Mercato’s talk of a €34 million bid for the Torino striker in the bin.  

Aaron Ramsdale

Arsenal need another goalkeeper and it wouldn’t hurt if the candidate is homegrown. That seems to be the thinking behind our apparent interest in Sheffield United’s 23-year-old stopper. We can think of better ways to spend £20 million, even if Ramsdale’s form has earned him a place in England’s squad for the European Championships. 

Nuno Tavares

Various reports claim we’ve made contact with Benfica’s 21-year-old left-back as we step up the hunt for reinforcement behind Kieran Tierney. A figure in the region of €15 million is being touted. Napoli are also said to be interested, which is a surefire sign that he’ll become a Gunner. That’s just how it works. 

Emile Smith Rowe

According to David Ornstein, Villa have increased their offer for our England under-21 international. Naturally, we told them to piss off. Talks with the midfielder over a contract extension continue. 


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If ESR goes to Villa I will paint my arse green and live in a cave in Albania.

Runcorn Gooner

Every player will have a price at which a club will decide to sell. Hope they don’t reach this for ESR or is it a ploy to increase his new contract salary?


Grealish will sign for City and Villa will have truckloads of money to build their squad. If they are serious about ESR, we shall see them coming back. I will keep a keen eye for that and if offer is good 40+ then I think club would sell.

Johnny 4 Hats

The thing I think we forget about Villa is that their owner is very, very, very rich and has stated on multiple occasions that he wants to turn Villa into an elite club. He’s set out a five-year plan in which he will limit spending only to stay in line with FFP. Once he’s got champions league football secured then he can drop the mother load of transfer kitties. Unless Stan starts spending money, there is probably a higher chance of Villa winning the league in the near to middle distance than there is of Arsenal. I’m guessing there will… Read more »

Heavenly Chapecoense

Stan has flexed the financial muscles with Pepe, Gabriel, Partey and before that, Leno, Auba and Laca. We do not take the best out of our players.
Wenger’s british core failed. Now we are in a process, not at the beginning of it, not at the end but in the middle as the manager said. What a load of…?


Worth pointing out, all of that money has come from loans, internal revenue, and cutting staff. Kroenkes have invested nothing of their own, and in fact have taken annual chunks out to line their pockets for “advisory services.”

Far from sustainable, this has hung the most amount of debt around our necks in the league. Kroenke could pay that debt off, of course, but he won’t.


Wenger’s British core helped the club win three FA Cups. Hardly the EPL or the ECL, but hardly a failure either.


Villa will stay in the PL now for a good run, but they are not and will not be a top four side, despite the financial flush. Worry not, J4H.

Johnny 4 Hats

I wish I shared your optimism. But a good buddy of mine is a Villa season ticket holder and he is convinced that this Egyptian guy is going to do absolutely everything necessary to make it happen. The noise coming out of the club has been very insistent about this. Man City just lifted the title and competed in a champions league final. We have to take our heads out of the sand and just assume that no one else is going to go for it with a club they can purchase on the cheap. Newcastle have had Saudi interest… Read more »


If you believe all that stuff, and you want to join them, then yeah, you best get the Kroenkes out and get a serious Mr Filthy Lucre in to buy us a few leagues and trophies. I think Q below is well on board and ready to lead the charge.

Call me old fashioned, but I’d rather win things despite all of that.


Arsenal ought to commission Adidas to bring out a selection of hair shirts for martyrs like you.

Alternative slogans could read ‘In Our Own Time’, ‘Kroenke In’, ‘Trust The Process’ and ‘We Don’t Need A Sugar Daddy.’


If Arsenal produce it and it bears the cannon, right facing or wrong, I’ll wear it with pride.


The thing is, we’re already one of the big spenders – we just don’t employ people who will spend it properly…! Banter aside, I actually admire your wishes for a more prudent/thrifty state of affairs and I wish this were the case throughout the whole of football. Sums being thrown around now are beyond belief – it got way out of hand ages ago. But I also know – we all know – that if Kroenke actually went the extra mile and relented with his constant pay back demands, then things would improve not only in terms of our cash… Read more »


So say the 10 teams in the league are owned by spend thrift billionaires. Only 4 can get CL football. Will the other 6 continue to pump exorbitant money to lessening degrees of success? Sure maybe the four will cycle, but suddenly 150 mil per window over 4 years doesn’t guarantee a title. Will they still be so willing to keep diving into their pockets?


The far more relevant question is how does Arsenal become a consistent top 4 side? The competition is extremely fierce & we now are having to fight against sides such as Leicester/Villa etc. who were long considered and easy 6 points for us.


I don’t think there is an easy answer to that question any longer as the PL top half has become more robust. Beyond City, I don’t think any club can guarantee themselves a top four finish before the season has started. Those days are past, and I think it reflects back to us what an immense achievement Wenger delivered for so many years. But I think combining our Arsenal DNA (academy products in the first team; attacking, possession-based, entertaining football; our class on and off the pitch) with prescient recruitment (if the rumours have any truth to them, we are… Read more »

Heavenly Chapecoense

Long-serving manager despite failures (checked)
with an unwavering philosophy (changing tactics and starting XI all the time, playing on our weaknesses from the back?)

PS: Short-serving managers with no club football identity brought 2 CL wins, many PL, a UEFA, a couple of FA Cups and Carabao wins to Chelsea.


Well said. If Arsenal are mid-table, will we still support them? Yes. If they’re relegated, will we still support them? Yes. Given our owner, who seems committed to sports mediocrity, I think we’re fortunate to have Arteta to perhaps improve our position in the table next year. If the stars align and we get very fortunate, we do have a decent shot at top four, and the trajectory might change for the better after that, with CL money and prestige. We could all chip into the transfer kitty; I’m actually surprised the clubs haven’t tapped that resource (“Buy our specially… Read more »




Arsenal already are mid table. Kroenke has actually spent quite a bit of money that past 4-5 years. We’ve just badly mismanaged the club.

Heavenly Chapecoense

Ferguson and Wenger who know so much more about football than you and I said same about Chelsea and City.


We cannot behave like City and Chelsea and remain a self-sustaining football club. You know that.


Chelsea has a lower net transfer spend than Arsenal has the past five plus years. Arsenal simply haven’t sold players for material sums and have horribly mismanaged our resources – William/ mustafi/ xhaka etc.


I’m not sure I trust the numbers that get published by clubs like Chelsea and City, to be honest, though point taken. I think removing the Hazard fee, like the Coutinho fee at Liverpool, changes those net figures considerably. We haven’t sold a player for that kind of profit in a very long time. We have mismanaged the transfers for a while now, but this summer’s rumours indicate, to me at least, that we’ve learned our lesson.


Who cares whether the numbers are entirely accurate? I see Man City and Chelsea winning the major trophies – trophies we aren’t winning.


We’ll be back at the top again. It will take serious spending, but we can do it within our means. Getting mixed up in the super league was bad enough; I’d never want us to cheat financially or otherwise, as certain clubs have done, to win something. No thanks. There is no sport in that.


But we won’t be back at the top while the Kroenkes – and Arteta, come to that – are still in charge.

A pattern has been well and truly set with Stan and his stooges and some of you are STILL kidding yourselves that we’ll top the table with inferior management, inferior infrastructure and inferior owners.

“In our own time?” How about the 12th of never?


That’s only part of the problem mate.

Abramovich doesn’t want his money back. Kroenke does.

Teta's cult of personality

The man has invested over £1 billion into Chelsea FC plus even more into property in the Kensington and Chelsea borough. I think he’ll be expecting a return on that eventually. Don’t be distracted by the football side of things, things on the financial side have gotten trickier for Chelsea because of Roman’s visa situation. He allegedly withdrew his application for a UK investor visa and instead pushed forward with his Israeli citizenship request. He has likely also halted Chelsea’s stadium plans indefinitely because of this issue. I don’t know if you live in London but take a trip past… Read more »


Meanwhile, they’ve just won the ECL again, seen their global profile soar and are now currently the undisputed top profile club in London – whether we like it or not. We may have the history to fall back on, but our current club status at home and abroad is woeful compared to the Kings Road Cunts. It pains me, it really does. I remember a time when they were in the old second division and a Zenith Data Systems Final was a walk on the wild side for them. Plus they had Ken Bates, an absolute wanker extraordinaire who would… Read more »

John C

This is complete rubbish. It wasn’t Kroenke that spent years not buying top players because “there was no value in the market” It wasn’t Kroenke who pursued idealogical sporting policies like project youth, socialist wage structure and British core that’s seen our slow decline. As mentioned above, Arsenal has spent more on transfers than Chelsea over the past 5 years but as a result of the proceeding policies haven’t had the quality players whose sales would offset that expenditure. It’s important that the finger of blame is pointing in the right direction. If there’s a lesson to be leant, it’s… Read more »


I note you use the word ‘might’ instead of ‘will’…..


More blatant ignorant Wenger bashing.

Let’s just see then what your American Idol coughs up – apart from a few stray hairs from his moustache…..

Teta's cult of personality

I get what you’re trying to say but why are you not telling the whole story Kroenke has been a board since 2008 and became a majority shareholder in 2011. So he did in fact oversee policies that led to our decline Arsenal had to keep large reserves because of the stadium debt or risk financial penalties, hence why spending was restricted. The stadium plans were signed off at a time where the interest rate was higher and the value of money was higher. Wenger knew this and in return he got job security, more control and a great salary.… Read more »

Teta's cult of personality

My point is the football stuff is irrelevant as it stands. No point bringing up things we are both already aware of. Even if Chelsea wins the next 5 ECL titles, it doesn’t do anything to change his residency situation at the end of the day. The British Home Office have effectively signalled to Abramovich that he is not a welcome guest anymore in the U.K. He is one of the most famous Russian nationals in the UK and the government have likely used his visa ineligibility to make an example to the Kremlin because of the public backlash when… Read more »


Some good points well made. A thoughtful, insightful, intelligent post. We also tend to forget how Mr Abramovich came into so much money in the first place – the Russian coal fields – effectively blood money. I still think that he’ll go when he decides to. The Authorities and more to the point their laughable execution of important legislation remains something that the rest of the world at large has a good old chuckle at. In short we’re the softest easiest touch going. Don’t get me wrong, if Abramovich left Chelsea and their new stadium high and dry that would… Read more »

Teta's cult of personality

No doubt. Our government’s love of money in the last twenty years appears to have overridden its duty of care to its citizens. Any crook and their wallet are welcome it seems. The Abramovich fiasco is just the tip of the iceberg but it has massive implications for Chelsea when considering the debt the club owes to him. What used to be a hobby has now become a headache for Roman. A future sale is not too far-fetched an idea despite the club’s prospects. Especially when you consider that the Mcmanus and Magnier duo left United “high & dry” despite… Read more »




The fact that we are already £100 million in debt up to our fucking eyeballs means we’re hardly ‘self-sustaining.’

And before you go blaming Covid – that was a global pandemic that affected everyone, not just N5 and Arsenal.

Until such a time that we get an owner willing to invest in the club and not a loan shark wanting his money back, we will rack up debt after debt after debt.

£100 million in debt and finishing 8th.

And yet some idiots on here still want Kroenke at the helm…..


Not to defend Stan in any way but all investors I have ever met want their money back.


City and Chelsea’s owners get a return on their investment in the top trophies. City and Chelsea do not have to pay back loans.

Stan, on the other hand, wants his have his cake and eat it. He loans us money that cripples us in the long term. We currently have a cool £100 million debt hanging over us that City and Chelsea don’t – because their owners don’t demand their money back. Our greedy fucking cowboy cunt does.

John C

I personally think this summer we will see Kroenke invest quite heavily in the squad.

He paid something like £900m for the club, he has an active buyer at £2bn, which he’s rejected as he must feel doesn’t meet his valuation, so he has plenty of scope for investment


He won’t invest, he’ll just add more money to the total that we’ll eventually have to pay back.

He doesn’t invest – he loans. Two entirely different things.

It’s a wonder the old twister doesn’t wear a black Stetson and charge us interest.

John C

Who’s “We”?


’We’ as in Arsenal…?

You’ve clearly never heard Ian Wright refer to Arsenal as ‘we’ and ‘us.’




Never mind about Villa’s top four credentials – it’s ours (or our lack of them) that you need to be concerned about, sunshine.

Eazy Deezy

I couldn’t see us selling ESR for less than £50 or £60 million, so they would have to double their bid – which seems unlikely.

I reckon the only way ESR will go is if he refuses to sign an extension and pushes hard for a move… But I doubt that will happen. Let’s hope you’re right and it’s all agent fluff & tactics to push for a better Arsenal contract.

Eric Blair

Villa could use Grealish money to make a tempting offer, say 60m. It might be worth it if we can get Odegaard for less. The real question is whether Roe is pushing for this move, which if so is pretty damning for our image and status as a club. A scenario; we had a young English midfielder with injury problems come through the ranks. Man City were prepared to throw a lot of money at us for him but we said ‘No way! He’s one of ours!’, but who would say now that we shouldn’t have taken 50m+ for Wilshere?… Read more »

Eric Blair

Just to add, in my opinion there are only two players we wouldn’t sell at any price as they are key to the present and future of the club and have shown that, Tierney and Saka.

Anyone else, if we’re offered a good or inflated price, could go. I would be sad to see any of our young Hale Enders go, I’d love them all to make it, but we’re in a pretty brutal transfer market right now and need some incoming funds.


Downvoted for calling him Roe.

Eric Blair

Foiled by predictive text. Next time I’ll have your upvote, mark my wirbs

Mayor McCheese

What’s wrong with roe? I’m tired of all these fish-egg hating roecists.



Eric Blair

Are you feeling a little too warm?

Man Manny

I doubt it’s agent’s fluff. Villa’s bid is real. The pairing of Buendia and ESR, ironically what we would have seen at The Emirates, would more than compensate for the imminent loss of Grealish. And with Kroenke, you never know. Don’t forget that Villa have new, – and from what we’ve seen so far – ambitious owners. Kroenke and management had better sit up: mid-table mediocrity is a real possibility staring us in the face if they don’t pull their hands out from under seats! This transfer window is turning out to be the most critical for Arsenal since the… Read more »


What do you mean real ‘possibility’? mate it’s reality, we have finished as a mid-table team for the past 2 seasons….we are there…


The rubbish ESR bids from Villa shows how far Arsenal have fallen.

Under Wenger, no club dared to put in such rubbish bids for Hoyte brothers, forget about the likes of Wilshere.

(PS: We have sold Hoyte brothers and other kids under our terms, when we deemed them not good enough for Arsenal. But never have our best players been bid against, without them fanning the transfer like Ashley, or RVP. ESR has never said a peep about anything, Villa are making rubbish bids of their own accord)

Silly monkey

The fact that they insist means they talked to ESR camp. And the talk must have been positive. I wouldn’t want to sell ESR at any price, we don’t know his ceiling, he is silky, he is class and he is one of our own. Give him number 10 and guarantee he’ll play.


Don’t worry if we are bidding 50 mil for ben white just because he is english, i don’t see us even entertaining offers for ESR. I would be tempted to move Villa’s email id to spam folder but guess we cant if just incase Villa except our offer for Grealish.

Grealish for 88 million to city doing the rounds , if thats true…that is a steal seeing how much we are willing to pay for Ben White.


At least you won’t have TV in the cave and have to suffer with the rest of us if Kronke does sell him.


If ESR is sold, I dont think I could find enough hope to continue this journey.


We have to pay for Willian somehow..

Mayor McCheese

I think Celine Dion wrote a song about this.


Does she use the vocals from The Minder Theme tune?


Mate, do you need to talk to someone? I don’t think you should be alone throughout this transfer window….
btw…there’s more to life…


He’s not alone. Truth be told, he’s in the majority, as the boos from the Emirates faithful next season will testify.

Amazing how anyone who voices a shred of reality on here is deemed to be in need of medical care by those whose delusions are, to be Frank, staggeringly naive.


*frank, not Frank.

The ginger bearded German Frank Spencer aka Mustafi, has thankfully departed long ago.


56 votes up. (And counting).

Heh. And only a fortnight ago, Blogs was telling me (and presumably anybody else on here who had more or less told Villa to fuck off) to ‘relax’…….


Grumble Grumble….Something about Saliba not getting chances (except for every day in practice). Arteta out, Edu out, Kronkes out…..I know better than them because I play football manager and fifa. Spend money on players, but only if I approve. DM me for my list of acceptable players.

I love the comments here.


tbh, you’re the first mention of fifa and fotball manager on here…



Such a perfect, well run club, with goals galore and endless EPL and ECL titles. Why all this grumbling? It’s a poser isn’t it mate…….? 🙄


Genuine question, what’s the logic in signing ramsdale over onana who is a better keeper and costs less than half the price? Is it because he hasn’t played football in a year? Or because he doesn’t know what an aspirin looks like? When we were linked with him it seemed the perfect transfer to me, the only downside is he’ll miss the first couple months which isn’t a deal breaker when you’re getting a top class player for less than 8-9m euros.


Spot on.
As far as I can see the only good thing about Ramsdale is he’s homegrown. Granted he’s played on sh1t teams, but I’ve never been that impressed.
Onana on the other hand, is a next level opportunity right there.

Silly monkey

Because he is homegrown! Also Onana is first choice goal keeper, it will mean we move on Leno. Which I am in favour of. So we might get both Ramsdale and Onana what’s my name.



Hakuna Matata

That like’s from me. U deserve it

Rocket sprocket

With his ban having been reduced, there may be other clubs looking at him too.

Teta's cult of personality

Hopefully it’s just the newspapers trying to get clicks by paddling new rumours. Like you, nothing about Ramsdale has impressed me since he was at Bournemouth. I like the homegrown rule in theory but this “homegrown tax” negates the benefits of the rule.

I am still optimistic that the club will eventually complete Onana’s transfer.

John C

But he impressed the Bournemouth fan’s, who watch him every week enough for them to vote him their player of the years. The same goes for the Sheffield Utd fans.


You got me there mate. Every time I see a report about our interest in Ramsdale, I just get crazy mad but then suck it up and think, what a couple of whackjobs Edu and Arteta are. Then I keep thinking about why do I still care ? Then I just ignore this particular transfer and move on to the next linked name. And this pathetic cycle repeats itself


Ramsdale is home grown, so i bet that’s the main argument… Although I too prefer Onana. Especially if Leno leaves in like a year or something

John C

How many of the people commenting here watch either Ramsdale or Onana regularly enough to form an opinion on the matter?

Ramsdale is 23, been voted player of the year in consecutive seasons at different clubs and is in the England squad

Onana is currently serving a ban for being a drugs cheat

Hakuna Matata

That’s not a very high bar 4 ramsdale considering his competition is the everton keeper

John C

That doesn’t answer my question and if thats the basis of people’s complaints it’s completely ridiculous


Oh, I thought it’s obvious. We have a strong liking for fringe players on the England Euro squad.

White. Ramsdale. We can definitely guess who’s next.

Teta's cult of personality

Trent Alexander-Arnold🤔?


Ramsdale has been relegated twice in two years. Not really a back-up I’d like. Hell, get Roma to loan us Olsen.


I don’t know why I read these transfer round-ups anymore, they’re so uninspiring and depressing – at least Arseblog can make me smile with all the poos. I should just wait until transfer deadline day is over, to find out which ex-Chelsea 30 year old + we end up signing.

Hakuna Matata

Everyone on here is a junkie 4 these rumours. We just can’t do without the fix


Im getting a bit apprehensive about this ESR business

At what point does an offer come through that forces the clubs hand?


There’d need to be a combination of a bare minimum of 70m and the player absolutely bucking to leave. Don’t see either happening.


Have to think it says a lot about our perceived negotiating skill as a club that they would even throw in a 25 m bid for one of our brightest talents & after being told he’s not for sale to immediately just come back with bid for 5m more.


Aston Villa are showing the world they have made it, while Arsenal are a club in decline.
I would say they are succeeding immensely, as they are getting online hits and front page articles worth for much much more than they have actually bid.

Who imagined more front page articles on Villa, as compared to top 6 clubs.


You guys will come up with just about anything to knock the club.


Your comments border on pure propoganda.

The Beast

I think Futsboller may’ve just been commenting on the leap in logic it takes to suggest the club are to blame for an offer it didn’t invite & rejected.

Surely any club can bid whatever they like. Obvs we don’t have to accept it but we can’t stop them from asking, right? That’s not really propaganda


Futsboller routinely comes on here & makes comments regarding how anyone who doesn’t think Arteta is clearly a world class manager simply isn’t seeing things clearly. I’m not simply responding to this particular comment.

I would say however AV isn’t going to make bids it’s certain will fail as that’s simply a waste of their time. The fact they have come in multiple times means they believe a deal is there to be done & isn’t wildly away from their valuation.

The Beast

I’d disagree with that. I think AV’s seen a long shot chance of destabilising standard contract negotiations with a player they know we have no intentions of selling. I doubt they think they’ve got a shot but they’ve got nothing to lose really. Either by some miracle their bid is accepted or, way more likely, it’s flat out rejected & the owners have bought themselves some goodwill from their supporters by showing they’ve got some ambition. Also plays out well for ESR’s camp as anything that improves their chance of getting a better deal will obvs be welcomed. Dont think… Read more »


It worked with Emi, they’re just trying their luck again.

The Beast

Fair enough but I think Emi was a different situation. He wanted the #1 shirt, thought he wasn’t gonna get it, so wanted a move. Plus we were happy to take the money & reinvest elsewhere.

From what I’ve seen ESR doesn’t want to go, he knows he’ll be in the starting 11 if fit & we def don’t want him to go anywhere.

I say no chance this will happen & Villa just want the publicity


How does it matter if the bid is realistic or not – what matters is that it whittles down confidence in the club and the staff after a terrible season and whilst neck deep in transfer trouble across all areas.


Yes, I do think Arteta is going to be a success at Arsenal. A number of well-respected pundits, former and current players, share that view, though, yeah, I do feel like a Winston Smith on these Arseblog pages sometimes. As for propaganda, yeah, as Orwell put it, all art is propaganda – anytime you are trying to persuade, you are engaged in propaganda. I am trying to persuade anyone willing to listen on here that we’re on the right track with the rebuild and our fortunes are on the up. What happens behind the scenes is way beyond our knowledge.… Read more »


I hope you’re right and I like your style.


What style is that? Passing a valid point from someone backwards and sideways?


Firstly, Arteta is special for sure. Not saying he’s our only/best hope though.

Secondly, the club is run by well-meaning jokers and owned by a selfish prick. Apart from the self-propelled miracle that is Tierney, there’s nothing positive about any major decisions taken by the club. It’s been a series of tumbles and stumbles.

Thirdly, if we are involved in subterfuge with AV at a time when we are aspiring to be in top 4 – well, that says it all. Today AV tomorrow Newcastle, day after we are some Fulham.


Arteta’s stooge. Like the fly eating lunatic in ‘Bram Stoker’s Dracula.’


For the record, I love Tom Waits.


Good artist/actor. Fair play to you. 👍😉🍺


Invite as in didn’t ring up Aston Villa owners – yes.

But the club has just stopped short of it. No contract, no plan for signings and utter silence from ESR means he sees greener grass.

This is another symptom of our slide and the inability of the helpless schmucks in the boardroom.

Wenger would have punched a lyrical hole in them by now. This is no Man Utd or Barca vying for our future star.

Where’s the fucking pride??

The Beast

Not sure how to respond to your post as it’s about 95% assumption & 5% Wenger action fanfic.

We could just wait & see what happens. That way Wenger wont have to come out of retirement & punch lyrical holes in anything.


Oh give it a rest.

No one’s knocking the club. We’re knocking how the club’s being run by the idiots in charge of it. Two entirely different things.


I guess, but when you knock the owner, the director, the board, the manager, the players, and any fans that don’t agree with you, it’s hard to distinguish sometimes.


As if Arsenal Football Club didn’t exist before employing its current staff…..

Get a grip mate.


I said this a fortnight ago and was thumbed out of Delusion Central for my trouble….


*About our perceived negotiation skill as a club


£25 million? 🤣


After seen the poo meter of ESR story has got me confused on how the poo meter is used.
I taught it was to tell how much shite the article is talking.
But blog seem to use it as how possible the deal might happen.
Anyways, nobody really cares about my confusion 😊


Poo meter is at infinity for ESR story. I think you may want to watch the bottom of the article. Your understanding is correct!


There is no amount we should be selling ESR for. Young, homegrown, and our best midfielder by some distance. He’s literally priceless. And if we did sell him, it would say a lot about our ambition, or lack thereof.

Thierry Bergkamp (non negotiable)

I predict more last minute deadline day panic buys

Rising Dough

I’m with you out on that limb, but I suspect it’s rather crowded.

Martin Tornberg

ESR to Villa is a done deal. Part of their squad building philosophy: there is a clear connection between Martinez, Buendia and ESR…

Martin Tornberg

And next is Hojbjerg…


Who are you? The Villa tea lady?


So Kyle Walker was worth 50m five years ago. That’s the going rate for international fullbacks now, but we can’t even get a third of it for Bellerin???

Giuseppe Hovno

Yeah and there’s nothing that’s happened at all in the past five years that could have affected transfer valuations. What are these idiots playing at?

Andy Pav

Totally agree. I think our problem is we´re desperate for cash and have been for years now. Everybody knows AFC is skint in comparison to other UK clubs and as such we sell for cheap! Can´t get my head around our transfer business these days. Love him or hate him, Xhaka is worth more than 15m, Hector more than 20m, but if peanuts is all we´ll receive for them, then monkeys is what we´ll end up with as their replacements. I can´t see us spending double or treble on them, which is what it would take to buy upgrades for… Read more »

Teta's cult of personality

Hopefully the club can get €25 million for Hector. There’s still a good player there but I think he just needs a change of scenery. I remember we were on the verge of loaning Holding to Newcastle but injuries stopped that deal. I still think if Ben White comes, one of Chambers, Saliba or Holding is getting sold.  Not really a fan of Nuno Tavares as a potential signing. He looked pretty average when we played Benfica in the Europa League. I also believe he’s not comfortable being a backup to Grimaldo at Benfica, so I doubt he’d be… Read more »


I agree, I could see Hector thriving somewhere else. It feels things have gone a little stale for him. I have a sneaky feeling he’ll have one or 2 fantastic years in Italy or Spain and then the big clubs will come calling again. But it’s also a good time to part ways with him. 25 millions feels about right, although no chance we’d get that.

De Sotos

How about they go up to $70 million? 🙂

Tomaury Bischfeld

Who have been some Italians who have played for us? Not counting Martinelli. Can’t think of any of the top of my head, bar a measly loan for Emiliano Viviano. Help?

Tomaury Bischfeld



Lasagna. But just that one devastating appearance vs Sp*rs…

Teta's cult of personality


Eric Blair

They literally soiled themselves when they saw his name on the teamsheet.

Those were good times!

David Hillier's luggage


Tomaury Bischfeld

Probably the most obvious one!

Billy bob

Martinelli is Brazilian?

Tomaury Bischfeld

Hes dual Italian Brazilian

A Different George

Martinelli is Brazilian.

Tomaury Bischfeld

He’s an Italian citizen.

Teta's cult of personality

Vito Mannone? Can’t think of anyone else after the one’s you’ve mentioned.

Give youth a chance



Everyone has their price but I don’t see Arsenal selling for even double what’s currently on offer from Villa, if only because we’re seriously lacking in ESR’s position already. Villa would be better off talking to United about VdB or Chelsea about Ziyech if they want a Grealish replacement.


Inter want to sell Hakimi to PSG for big money, then replace him on the cheap.

Nothing wrong with that.

But if they are serious about signing Bellerin, they’d better pay the going rate, otherwise Arsenal should tell them – using industrial language – exactly what they can do with their interest.


ESR to Villa. If Arteta, Edu and even Garlick fancy keeping their jobs, its not happening.

Dr Plop

Sell Him for £50 million and grealish


signing Onana means we need 2 keepers this time because Onana would eventually replace Leno but we’ll need someone to play til the ban is up Ramsdale (I don’t rate as high as Onana) is an England international. He won’t want to be a back up to Leno or Onana so this doesn’t make sense ESR shouldn’t be sold unless we get 50+ but that distraction goes away if he signs his extension. If he’s our new 10, (and I think he can be) Just give him the 10 shirt, sign him and be done. If he’s not, sell him… Read more »


What if, what if Villa are in his ear telling him “We will definitely play you as a number 10” and he alongside his mr 20% are getting wet a out it?

Look at Alex Overrated-Chamberlain and now AMN who both thought/think running down Arsenal’s right wing is the worst idea in the history of Association Football?


This shows the stupidity of selling EMI Martinez to Villa for under £20 mil. We did not want to keep EMI from furthering his career but that was a bad piece of business that creates another bad precedent.
It’s another EMI and they got emboldened.

Give youth a chance

Even if ESR was considering leaving us, Villa would now be bottom of his list seeing how drastically they undervalue him.

I wouldn’t sell for 90m, but at least it would be a slightly more realistic figure


£5 mill more for Xhaka after tonight.

Teta's cult of personality

L😂L, Granit just casually put in a worldie performance against France like it was a Sunday League match. He’ll be keeping Kante’s house keys for the time being.

In typical Xhaka fashion, looks like he’ll be missing the next game against Spain for racking up too many yellow cards.


Arsenal will go no where next season.

Transfer know how is zero.


Aaron Ramsey in GOAL??!! 😲…I thought it was one of your whiskey-driven rants’n’bants. And then I checked my spelling.


There’d be a revolt if we sold one of our brightest prospects to a team who we are unfortunately directly competing with at the moment.


What if multiple bids for ESR are part of a larger plan of us going for Grealish…?

What if we included ESR in a cash plus player deal for Grealish, would you go for it?

Let’s say ESR and 65m for Grealish. Is that a deal we should make…? Keep in mind we’re about to shell out 50m for Ben White.


ESR is ten times the player Grealish was at that age.

Sell ESR and Arteta might as well put his house up for sale too.


I don’t know about the “ten times the player Grealish was…” comment, but I get your point. Listen, I’m not endorsing the idea I proposed. I back our Hale End boys 100% and I always want to see them reach first team stardom here with us. But this Villa situation is really strange isn’t it? What would make them think we’d be even the slightest bit open to selling our second most valuable youngster…? I want ESR and Saka (and hopefully Nelson, Balogun, Azeez, Patino, Onkonkwo, and Taylor-Hart) thriving at this club for years to come. That said, Villa’s behavior… Read more »


Villa’s behaviour is a yardstick of how other clubs in the Premiership now view Arsenal; it doesn’t surprise me in the least – as much as it pisses me off. Whether that perception is true or false is still up for contention with some people but not me. The table doesn’t lie. 8th is 8th. They (Villa and probably most if not all of the Premiership) now see us as a club in decline – a mid table outfit desperately clinging on to it’s illustrious past, with lofty pretensions of a return to former glories. Next season is pivotal for… Read more »

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