Women’s Champions League games to be broadcast by DAZN and YouTube


The Women’s Champions League has an official broadcast partner for the first time in its history, with DAZN showing the games for the next four seasons in partnership with YouTube- the games will be broadcast free of charge globally (with the exception of the Middle East, North Africa and China) for the next two seasons.

A statement on DAZN’s website said, “For the first two seasons (2021-23), fans will be able to watch live and on demand all 61 matches from the group stage onwards on DAZN and free on DAZN’s YouTube channel. For the last two seasons (2023-25), all 61 matches will be live on DAZN while 19 matches will be made available for free on DAZN’s YouTube channel.”

Nadine Kessler, Chief of Women’s Football for UEFA: “This deal is a first for women’s football as this partnership between UEFA and DAZN and YouTube will make sure that the UEFA Women’s Champions League can be seen by the fans, by all the people who love this game, wherever they are on the globe. Such visibility changes everything, as the best female players and best women’s teams in the world can inspire more young girls and boys to fall in love with this sport. Together we are all bringing women’s football to the world and everyone who will tune in will truly make a difference to something bigger.”

Meanwhile, Arsenal will find out who they will play in the first round of Champions League qualifiers this Friday at 12noon UK. The Gunners enter into the qualifying phase via the League Path with two ties to be played on 18th August and 21st August. A full explanation of the draw and who Arsenal could play is available here. Obviously, we will also cover the draw here on Arseblog News.

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Excellent news! Got DAZN and will watch.


My thoughts exactly!




dont want to be cynical, but I hope this isnt the reasoning behind their venue changes this season.

regardless its great for the womens game!


Very exciting news! Expecting my first kid this summer (a girl), and if she is interested, I’d love to share support of Arsenal with her one day.

I’m excited to learn more about the women’s side and somehow feel like the Arsenal spirit is being sustained through the women’s team so, maybe, I can share what it is I actually loved about the club with my daughter!

I hope that this expansion of the game continues and these women continue to be given a larger platform to share their talent, skill, and passion with people from all over the world.


Congrats!! Hopefully plays for the club one day…

(Even got a a George Graham-esque nickname lined up their Dawdler)

Teta's cult of personality

This is a fantabulous development. It makes this so much easier to follow, especially with YouTube involved. Streaming is the direction live football is heading towards, so this is a very pro-active decision IMO.

Btw is the Kessler mentioned in the article the same Kessler that won the Euros with Germany? Very rapid career progression if so.

Tim Stillman

Yes she is, she retired earlier and has had this role at UEFA for a few years now.

David Hillier's luggage

Qualifying looks tough – it’s not highlighted in the Uefa link, but if we can win our 1st round games, we’ll be unseeded in Round 2 (the two-leg play off for a group phase place) with Lyon, Wolfsburg, Rosengård and Slavia Prague being our potential opponents. With Man City taking up the other seeded spot (all 5 are ranked in UEFA’s top 10 sides!!), and German and French teams potentially in the Round 2 draw, the probability of facing either Lyon or Wolfsburg is pretty high. Luckily there’s no men’s team match those weeks, would be great to have the… Read more »