Friday, December 8, 2023

Arsenal confirm changes to cup final ticket policy

Arsenal have announced that from next season priority access to semi-final and cup final tickets will be linked to a season ticket holder’s home match attendance record.

In an email sent out this morning, they explain that the decision has been made following consultation with supporters’ groups, including the AST and AISA, and a discussion with the Fans’ Forum.

In previous years, access has been based on a qualifying number of away matches attended over a period of several seasons.

Incentivising home match attendance harks back to a previous era when supporters collected tokens in the matchday programme to qualify for cup final tickets.

The ‘Attendance Challenges’ are being introduced alongside the launch of the new My Arsenal Rewards loyalty programme which will be linked to club memberships from this season.

While hardcore away fans who don’t attend home games are the most likely to suffer, it’s a move that makes sense.

All too often in recent years, swathes of sold seats have been left empty for less glamorous games by apathetic / absent season ticket holders. Anything to counter that is a good thing because the more people in attendance should, in theory, make for a better matchday atmosphere.

For more details on how the new scheme will work, click here.

Earlier this summer, Arsenal also announced a decision to phase out the Away Ticket Scheme over the next two years.

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Billy bob

Still no signings 🙄

Giuseppe Hovno

and there’s only 53 days left in the transfer window! PANIC TIME

Billy bob

What happened to getting players in for a decent pre-season? That ain’t starting in 53 days!!! Dilly dallying but not panicking!!!


Aaah memories. Cutting the tokens out of my programmes to get a ticket for the cup final in 1980. And then the ball hit Trevor Brooking on the head and went in. Bastards. Still, Willie Young took out Paul Allen beautifully and West Ham have won fuck all ever since. That Monday morning walk into the class room could have been so different. ”Yeah, it’s ok lads, enjoy it. Because it’s the last thing you’re ever going to win for at least the next forty years, by which time no one would have won the FA Cup more times than… Read more »


Aaah memories indeed. I remember when remote fans got personal attention. Living in the Midlands in my youth I used to go to loads of away games and I cut proof of that from programmes and submitted them – that’s how I got to our 1971 final! Maybe the first away supporters scheme?


Great! I can’t wait to get my ticket for the FA Trophy final!

Teta's cult of personality

We’re turning semi-pro? I wouldn’t put it past Kroenke tbh.


I’m all for it. I go to most away games anyway, but always thought the point system a bit unfair. Unless you go to virtually all the away games you cant get away tickets until you have enough points, but cant get points without going to away games. A vicious cycle.
Using the ” But I travelled to Stoke on a Tuesday night” high horse mantra to justify getting all the plum tickets was always a bit elitist for my liking.
Now if we can just get Willian to leave, I’ll be a happy Gooner…


This is bullshit. I live 120 miles from ground and the incessant rescheduling of games as well as domestic commitments mean my attendance is more sparse than I would like. I always manage to flog the ticket on exchange so there is never an empty seat.


But the people who reschedule their plans to prioritise attending rescheduled games get preference over someone who doesn’t. What could be fairer?


Fair point. I’m just bitter that 33 years of watching on a more or less regular basis, seems to count for shit. But yes if you’re prepared to put real life on hold to watch some of the warm crap we’ve been served up, then I guess you can enjoy your final


If the ticket sells on the exchange then you’ll earn an attendance credit. They just don’t want the seats to be left completely empty.


Well that’s positive at least.


Don’t think that’s true. Only if you use Ticket Transfer to a friend, rather than TX – according to the FAQ.


Sorry but –

“If a Gold or Platinum member uses Ticket Exchange for a particular game, they will earn My Arsenal Rewards points, but that fixture will not contribute towards them earning the Trophy for the relevant competition.”

Only –

“If a Gold or Platinum member uses Ticket Transfer for a game and the recipient attends the game, this attendance will count towards the member’s Trophy for the relevant competition.”


Hopefully it might also have the effect of opening up away tickets to more fans. Rightly or wrongly its a bit of a closed shop at the moment to those who’ve built up lots of credits over the years and who may now not feel the need to attend so many away games. The flip side of course is that their loyalty should be recognised/rewarded in some way – a conundrum.

David Hillier's luggage

Club announced a couple days ago that they’re phasing out the Away Season Ticket and cup final change this is clearly part of their review of the wider away ticket policy.

I agree that loyal supporters should be rewarded, however an ever increasing number of the closed shop you mention are touts or supporters buying up and selling on for the credits.


Fair points.

Josh Kroenke

We’re working hard behind the scenes to make sure we never reach another cup final ever again. That way no Arsenal customer, erm “fan” will be negatively affected by these changes. You’re welcome

Teta's cult of personality

Thanks for your honesty, Josh. Really appreciate you taking the time to engage with the supporters online. Hopefully you lot won’t pull that Super League nonsense again.

All the Best.


This can only be a good thing.


I agree. I have just given up my season tickets (after 50 years due to times/travel) and missed out on Finals despite 100% home attendance (travelling >100 miles and getting home at 2am) due to the misuse of the Away scheme closed shop since its introduction.
I am pleased that home fans laying out >£1000 a time will now be treated properly.


Does anyone know when silver members will be able to buy tickets for this coming season?

Speaking of cup finals, as we’re not in Europe this season, there’s no reason not to play strong teams in both domestic cups and go on strong runs in both. I’m expecting at least semi-finals in both cups. That would somewhat offset the blow of no European football.


Agreed. It will mean that youth players don’t get the same chance at first team football though.

Nainsley Aitland Miles

This season more than ever will be important for youth players to go out on loan. It will be interesting to see what happens with Balogun. He’s probably too good for the U23’s now, but hard to see him getting many minutes in the first team.

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