Arsenal have revealed that Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang, Alexandre Lacazette, Willian and Alex Runarsson all tested positive for Covid-19 last week.

The absence of the two strikers for the first game of the new Premier League season was the subject of intense speculation, but the most logical explanation was linked the global pandemic the world is experiencing right now.

Of the four, Lacazette and Runarsson have been categorically been ruled out of the Chelsea game, with Aubameyang set to return for training and further assessment before Sunday.

On Willian, the club says, “His health and fitness will be monitored and assessed ahead of Sunday’s match.”

Hopefully all four recover fully from the virus.

The Gunners will be without Thomas Partey (ankle), Gabriel (knee) and Eddie Nketiah (ankle), but will hope to be boosted by the availability of Martin Odegaard and Aaron Ramsdale, both of whom underwent medicals today before their transfers from Real Madrid and Sheffield United are made official.

There is some doubt over the Norwegian who now, because of Brexit, requires a visa, and it remains to be seen if that will be issued in time.

Both players must be registered before midday on Friday to be eligible for selection on Sunday.

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I wish them all a speedy recovery.

Johnny 4 Hats

Second that!

You’ve got to worry a little about Auba. Malaria is a very draining, fatigue heavy disease. Plus he’s one of the oldest members of the team and has had a tough emotional year.

I hope and pray we see the old Auba again. But I fear, with his physicality already ebbing away slightly, that we may never truly get him back.

Giuseppe Hovno

nah he will be grand

Johnny 4 Hats

Or worth a grand.

Quentin Quarantino

Fuckin hell you’re a jolly soul..
Sounds like he should get his affairs in order.


If a meteorite was sent to destroy a football stadium, trust me it will fall on the emirates.
That’s how lucky we are 😔




The more Arsenal scenario has Odegaard and Pepe developing an exquisite understanding. Then after they begin translating that into goals galore Ryan Shawcross’ nephew banjaxes them both on the same hideous tackle-making a 6-10 split. The rest of our squad will go into mourning for the rest of the season. Despite that we will finish 7th, one point from Europe (and with a better goal differential). Of course I pray for the great Albion fault line to open and consume Anfield, Old Trafford, and Stamford Bridge in molten lava. When Pep looks across a smoking Manchester he and the entire… Read more »

Fireman Sam

You forgot the giant dragon with the face of Jamie Vardy that dive bombs out of nowhere at the last minute to rip Leno’s entrails out.


Is that dragon the same one that knocked Debuchy’s shoulder out-Arnautovic?

As an aside, do you think anyone in the squad is qualified to read Leno’s entrails?


Sad news. You know what would cheer everyone up? A good ol’ sacking, maybe 2.

Rising Dough

But of course! Hopefully, they were all vaccinated. Anecdotally, an aquaintance knew of two breakthrough cases where both individuals were symptom free.


Yeah not the news we wanted to hear.

I really worry about Sunday’s game against Chelsea.

If we largely created nothing against a newly promoted Championship side. I can’t see that changing in a little over 7 days.


The disappointing moment when you discover Willian wasn’t left out of last Friday’s match because he’s that far down the pecking order 🙁

Cranky Colin

2 downvotes……….. Kia, Edu, is that you

Viv The 🐐

Raul Sanlehi joined the chat.


And Willian’s mum takes the dislikes to 4.


If nothing else, we can take the title in Premier League Sarcasm & Irony Championship #COYG

Teta's cult of personality

Willian’s mom died from cancer almost five years ago


She’s haunting us from the grave. First by sending us her son and now by downvoting negative comments on Arseblog.

This club is cursed I tell you, CURSED!

Todd Hester

^^Tasteless comment. Shame.


Had I actually made a comment like celebrating her death or relating it to her son’s lack of football acumen then yes that would be tasteless. I didn’t and I wouldn’t. The idea of Willian playing for us as some form of curse is funny to me at least. Sorry if that offends you.

Tomaury Bischfeld

I’m pretty sure being a footballer holds you up to scrutiny as a footballer, it doesn’t give people a free pass to joke about your deceased loved ones. You might hope you’d never read a comment by some anonymous person making a joke out of someone important to you. I’ve laughed at your comments before, there’s plenty of comic material in life (and Arsenal in particular) without needing to scrape the barrel.

The Beast

Dude, uncalled for.



But whatever. The butthurtness of this place has made it boring. Fuck off and goodbye.


It will be less boring with your absence that’s for sure.
Let’s see how long you stick to it …


He’s already changed his username, will probably return to being a TWAT on Sunday if (🥵 hard not to type when) we lose to claim some sort of victory.

Martin Haze

Oh, the irony of your clearly “butthurt” comment after being called out for being tasteless. Accept you crossed the line, and move on. Even top comedians make bad jokes. They don’t give up though.

My Arse-nal

You should take the sloch out of your name.


This isn’t an airport, no one cares about your departure

Laca New Signing

You’re indeed a twart


Goodbye then!



Brady’s bunch

What a Bellend


Oh no!!! What are we going to do without Twatsloch?


Really???????? You need help!


If this was known at the time, how was the Brentford game not canceled or postponed? Seems really risky going ahead with the game, given the level of contagion in the squad.


I remember seeing a report that every member of Arsenal’s team and staff had to get tested before the game went ahead.


Yeah I saw the same report suggesting the match was hours away from being cancelled.


If we’d cancelled we may have had to accept Brentford being awarded a 3-0 win, and that would have been way worse than playing.


Barely – at least then we could’ve still been naively optimistic about this season

El Mintero

Are all squad members vaccinated and if not why not?!


Dunno if you may not have been watching the news lately, but being vaccinated doesn’t stop you from getting it, or from spreading it once you have it. What it does do is vastly reduce the likelihood of having serious symptoms.

El Mintero

I am aware. My question perhaps should be are all teams / clubs required to be fully vaccinated in order to compete in the league this year? I would hope so, perhaps negating the need to postpone games if you are asymptomatic etc.


Is it ethical to be vaccinated ahead of other because of their status? Or even been forced to be vaccinated?
(I am vaccinated)

Tanned arse

I’d also suggest it wouldn’t be fair on the players who choose not be vaccinated

El Mintero

You choose not to be vaccinated you shouldn’t get to play.


arteta was pretty clear (and seemed annoyed) in his presser today that some members of the squad are refusing to get vaccinated. would love to know who they are. can’t be good for team spirit to have selfish pricks like that in the squad.

Bukayo Martinelli

Way worse?


well, not *way* worse.


Well, one goal worse, anyway

Laca New Signing

They went home with all the 3 points nonetheless

The Beast

Complete guesswork but I have a sneaking suspicion that the prem league didn’t want to ruin their curtain raiser with health & safety.

Completely agree it was a risky move.


This was also muted in the article that mentioned the game was hours away from being cancelled.

It suggested that the PL requested Arsenal not announce the Covid results because it didn’t want the launch of the new season to br dominated by pandemic headlines.


First malaria, now COVID – Auba is really having a S#!t year.

Anders Limpar

Ozli-itis next


You can’t even spell his name.


First Boris Johnson, now Willian. Covid is really having a S%!t year.


It’s the curse of a big fat contract in your 30s.


That’s the captain’s arm band curse for sure.


I presume we have used up all of our luck as a club, as it never stops for us. Let’s hope they can recover and not suffer any long-term effects, and get back, and get us back, where we belong. You just know we would have beaten Chelsea; hopefully we still can.

Man Manny

Does that include Willian?


‘You just know we would have beaten Chelsea; hopefully we still can.’

That’s quite a stretch 😂


Didn’t we beat them in our last three meetings (“friendly” aside)? Haven’t games against them (and they against us, a la Conte) proven galvanizing recently?


Yeah, we have a chance…but what you said is as I said (being polite) quite a stretch….


Apparently Willian is absolutely lacking any energy, couldn’t train nor play, pass or dribble… oh wait no, that was before.

In seriousness though, wish them all a speedy recovery.


When I’m replying to this comment it has 49 👍 and 0 👎
invincible chickPEA


The club didnt say that Willian tested positive last week.


First paragraph


I repeat: The club didnt say that Willian tested positive last week.

Cranky Colin

With regards to Willian “ who gives a shite”

Virginia Gooner

That’s harsh. He’s still a human. We can not rate him as a football, I don’t rate this entire squad bar a few players but I don’t know them as people and I wouldn’t say something like that about their health. That’s bigger than football.

Corona X

Fair enough, but if we can’t rate him as a football, can we rate him as a footballer? 😜

Tankard Gooner

As much as I don’t want him near the first team, that’s a little crass to say.


He has an infectious Disease. Which funnily enough is entirely disconnected with how you should feel about his ability to play football.

Teta's cult of personality

That’s quite harsh.


Classless Colin


There goes our chance to transfer Willian out of the club. Who’s gonna take him now?

The Beast

I do. Hope they all make a full & speedy recovery.

Being ill sucks & I wouldn’t wish it on anyone, even if I think they’re shit at football.

Mikels Arteta

The club needs higher standards. Should have paid him to go away just like they did with Sokratis and Mustafi


Willians fitness to be monitored- he’s not shifted that belly yet then?


I thought he had it before as it took the contagious to score his first goal.


Are you having a laugh?


The chances of all 4 having Covid if vaccinated vs the chances of all 4 being unvaccinated?


That’s not how it was sold to people though, was it?
Also, if it does not provide immunity then it is NOT a ‘vaccine’, simple as. Unless we ignore what dictionnaries say, of course.


Yes and no. The vaccines was supposed to reduce the risk of infection aswell but no vaccine can give you 100% protection against infections. Anyway: You should rephrase the article since it hasnt been claimed that Willian tested positive last week.


Well said. Same thing in Canada. The issue is that people do not listen…they hear what they want to or simply read the headlines. Vey unfortunate the amount o misinformation out there.


“…the vaccine prevents the most serious symptoms of Covid…”
“…vaccines provide immunity from the effects of a disease…”
My point exactly… pick one!

Tomaury Bischfeld

“Immunity” is not equivalent to “100% immunity”. It’s on a spectrum as explained really well by Matt in the comments below. Read it if you’re interested in learning. You’ve misunderstood the definition of immunity and consequently the definition of a vaccine.


The vaccines do both – they reduce the likelihood of you getting it as well as the severity.


Yeah, sorry I’ll correct you. They do both. They prevent most people from getting the infection as well as preventing those that do get breakthrough infections from serious symptoms.The vaccinated who do get breakthrough infections can pass it on. Yes, I’m a doctor.


A vaccine for a virus is designed to trigger a person’s immune system into creating antibodies for the live or unmodified version of the virus. Vaccines can have a varying success rate in doing so, and their effectiveness can vary from person to person. Moreover, the antibodies created don’t necessarily prevent the real virus from self-replicating initially but can simply slow down rate. And there is no guarantee that the antibodies stay for an indefinite length of time, hence why you get repeat doses. So your ‘dictionnary’ is wrong.

Guns Up

Think you just about sorted him out, ha ha!!


That’s exactly how it was ‘sold’.
There was some hope that it would lessen the viral load but this doesn’t seem to be the case. As for your understanding of the definition of a vaccine, I’m afraid that’s wrong.


Right, but they vastly decrease the odds of getting it. Vastly. So for all 4 to get it at the same time? Statistically unlikely.


The best ones cover 90%. 1 out of 10 is not so unlikely even for “nested” probabilities

Wayland Gooner

Check out what’s been happening to the Yankees here in the US. Multiple cases.


So why are those who will not take the shot seen to be terrorists


Can’t believe Runarsson caught it.

Eric Blair

Oh Matt, can’t believe you went there, this isn’t the time for jokes young man.


Lol good one.


See now here is humour that is situationally funny

Partey gonna shoot

I have a feeling we will still beat Chelsea despite missing majority of our big stars!

Oluwaseun Moshood

Don’t jinx it

...and really bad eggs

Haha, of course you do, you’re an Arsenal fan. That’s what we do best!!

Hope and Believe!


Man Manny

Amen to that.


Strangely, have had that sneaky feeling all week. Hope it works out. Really, hope it does.

With all the stick and [email protected] we have had thrown at us this week from pundits, columnists, rival fans, and probably the entire footballing world, our fans need something to cheer about.

Arrrgh, here we go again; I literally promised I was done after Friday’s loss… and here I am already looking forward to another match day. Like they say, it’s the hope that kills you as an Arsenal fan.


We have big stars?


Maybe we have a player called Sirius. That’s a big star.

And he probably looks like Arteta because some people look at him when he talks and wonder ‘Are you Sirius?’

Man Manny

Conspiracy theorists, nicknamed pundits, have been left with egg on their dubious faces.
Auba and Laca were supposed to have fallen out of favour with Arteta.
“Something is not looking right,” they mused, a sarcastic glint in their eyes.

Teta's cult of personality

Get well soon guys. Hopefully there are no long covid issues to worry about.


I really hope the captain of Arsenal Football Club isn’t an anti-vaxxer


Don’t understand the downvotes. Getting a vaccine protects you and others from the worst effects of COVID, and greatly reduces the likelihood of getting it in the first place. Everyone applauds the NHS and healthcare workers, but a choice few hem and haw when it comes to doing what is in their power to help. If the players got a vaccine and have breakthrough infections, I feel for them and wish them speedy recoveries – all the more likely due to their choice. If they are vaccine skeptics or decided not to get one, that’s irresponsible and sends the wrong… Read more »


I’m pretty sure the downvotes are a result of it being a really weird leap to even suggest Auba is an anti-vaxxer based on the information available. Pretty commonplace for vaccinated people to still get the infection. You’re making good points, they’re just weird as a reaction to this article is all.


It’s his body not ours.Lets not take away peoples dignity


Leave off it with the “dignity” pearl clutching.

The fact remains is that vaccination is a public health issue. That means everyone should participate, unless it’s individually medically dangerous to do so.

Make no mistake, that is and has been our only real route out of this mess.


So how will everyone else know if medically it’s dangerous? Especially people in the third world where the majority doesn’t even afford a doctor or access to medical healthcare. If you have vaccinated and as a result you have ” drastically” reduced your chances of getting it and reduced ” drastically” the severity of symptoms should you still get it, aren’t you supposed to be safe from the unvaccinated? Besides some will not take the vax for religious reasons and other personal reasons such as not fearing the flu or actually fearing the vax. The fact remains that it’s Aubas… Read more »


Well because it’s a matter of probabilities. There will still be some vaccinated individuals who die from it. If you are particularly vulnerable, the vaccine will help but you still may die. And since it’s a collective problem, it’s everyone’s responsibility to save those vulnerable people. After two years or this shit, I’m surprised I have to keep explaining this! We have literally eradicated a number of diseases by moving past this individual selfishness when it comes to disease. When you were a kid, you got jabbed in the arm like every other kid, so we can all be free… Read more »


You do realize that a vaccine builds immunity to fight an infection and that it doesn’t stop an infection. You are still as likely to get infected; it’s just that the immunity your body developed will ensure that you will at most have mild and non-life threatening symptoms.


This is factually and verifiably incorrect. The vaccine reduces both likelihood of contracting Covid as well severity in the event of a breakthrough infection.

Mikels Arteta

Covid vaccines don’t stop you getting infection
Infections happens either way if you come into contact


This is a pretty big hint from BBC Sport:

Arteta added that most of his players have had both Covid-19 vaccinations and that the club was working on trying to get all playing staff vaccinated.

“Most of them are double vaccinated or had one vaccine,” he said.

“We are trying to encourage them to get vaccinated and protect themselves and their families. It’s a really personal matter, we are trying to guide them and explain the reasons why it is better to do but at the end it’s a personal decision.”

Man Manny

Isn’t Ødegaard supposed to apply and get a work permit before playing in England as per Brexit?
If yes, can that process be completed before mid-day tomorrow?
I want him to be part of the team on Friday – even if it’s from the bench.
If Auba makes it too, we’ll be stronger with the two of them available.
I am asking from Nigeria.

Ed the Red

Hey Man Manny, he does need a visa, due to Brexit, because he moved from a team in the EU. He *might* be available on Sunday if everything goes well, but apparently it’s unlikely that everything will get processed in time.

Man Manny

Okay; thanks for clarifying.
Getting a result with the midfield that lost to Brentford + Saka is a tall order.
Chelsea fans here in Nigeria are already kicking their lips in anticipation.
It’s not easy being an Arsenal fan here right now.
We are the butt of jokes and humiliating Jests.
I am praying for a miracle on Sunday.
What shockwaves that would cause here in my city!


Sorry brother we are in the same shoes, those chelsea fans are just too proud and feeling as if they own the world right now.
Nothing would be more pleasing if we can get a win over them

Corona X

Visa aside, he’s arriving from a country that’s in bad shape, Covid-wise. Doesn’t he have to quarantine for a while?

Man Manny

Well, I read that he doesn’t need to quarantine since he’s been fully vaccinated. A routine test will do.


I think they have to have played x games for their nation team in the last few years to pass a visa swiftly.
odegaard is their captain


Aren’t they vaccinated?

Disarmed Gunner

Doesn’t make a jot of difference if they are. Vaccination doesn’t make you immune. Just lessens the effects of the virus if you so happen to catch it.


Two interesting transfers about to take place at the club. I have the nasty feeling that Ramsdale has been bought as a direct replacement for Leno, and that the German will be gone by the end of the month. I just can’t see the club splashing out 24 million quid on a reserve goalkeeper. A cheap number 2 is possibly being lined up as cover. The Odegaard signing is a very good one. A good young player at a decent price. Let’s be honest: even if it doesn’t work out we can offload him for a reasonable fee and not… Read more »


Still can’t believe this (Ramsdale transfer) could have all been avoided if we’d not sold Emmi…

We’ll have to wait and see on Odegaard, still young, but hopefully he can be decent. He

El Mintero

I hate both deals. Do we need a replacement for Leno? Yes. Is ramsdale better than Leno? No. Meanwhile Odegaard is way overrated and can’t see him having any impact at all because he had fuck all impact when he was here before.

If these go though we’ve spent more money this transfer window than any other club but it sure as hell does not feel like we’re any better off. And meanwhile we still have 5 who can play RB but are apparently no use to us. Fkn shit run club or what.

Lacazette brother

Footballer are human first…… Arsenal deserve better fans. We used to be the best fan base. Now we have many twats


speedy recovery is all i wish you guys. At first, i thought arteta kept them for Chelsea match,not knowing its covid19.

The Ghost Of Reiss Nelson

Well this is one way to keep willian out of the first team. Hopefully odegaard will be in the squad lord knows the gunners need a big win

El Mintero

We are absolutely going to get horsed by Chelsea. Lukaku will run amuck.

Mikels Arteta

Who’s starts upfront?
I enjoyed Balogun getting his first start in the league. Although he had a tough time adjusting, I’d give him a start again. He wanted first team football. He it is

Merlin’s Panini

Can only hope they all feel fit and healthy as soon as possible.


How come I’m fully vaccinated but professional footballers aren’t?

Teryima Adi

Get well soon, guys. Welcome on board the Arsenal, Ramsdale and Odegaard.