Friday, June 2, 2023

Official: Arsenal sign Takehiro Tomiyasu from Bologna

Arsenal have confirmed the signing of Takehiro Tomiyasu from Bologna after the player completed his medical in Italy.

The 22-year-old Japan international moves to the Emirates on a long-term contract for a fee reported to be £16 million, plus add-ons.

The defender, who can play at right-back and centre-back, has been playing in Europe for the last three years and was heavily linked with West Ham, Sp*rs and Atalanta this summer.

He joined Belgian side Sint-Truiden from homeland side Avispa Fukuoka in 2018 and sealed a £6 million move to Bologna a year later.

Given the outlay, we assume Arsenal see Tomiyasu as a future first-choice right-back but we wouldn’t be surprised if he starts life on the bench.

He’ll take the non-homegrown player spot vacated by Willian and effectively replaces the Real-Betis bound Hector Bellerin.

Here’s hoping Takehiro has more success in N5 than compatriots Junichi Inamoto, Takuma Asano and Ryo Miyaichi. Welcome to the club.

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Brilliant signing!

Mayor McCheese

Does he like cones, though?


No need for that…



Johnny 4 Hats

I need Takhiro, Rob Holding out for Takehiro till the end of this shite.

He’s got to be fast and he’s got to be strong, so he partners effectively with White.

Sorry. I know I said I was off football until the end of the interlull. But couldn’t resist. Peace and love to all the gooners out there. And look on the bright side, if we sign a player every time we lose a game, at least we get to see a new signing every week.


Tomaury Bischfeld


Where have all our good scouts gone and and when will he have shots? Why the streetwise Kolasinac?! look at Mikel’s sack race oddddsss

It’s late.


“ He’s got to be fast and he’s got to be strong”

…did anyone else start singing ‘I need a hero’ ???


Tomiyasu doesn’t need hiros, he TAKEsHIROs. Hat? Coat? Sure… ✌🏽


Yep, from the very first line as intended by J4H. It was possibly a little to subtle for you but at least you cottoned on by line 2.


Carl Jenkinsons dad, probably.

The optimist with little hope

But yep I sure did! Lovely work Johnny 4 Hats.

I need a Takehiro, I’m holding out for Takehiro
‘Til the end of the night
He’s gotta be strong
And he’s gotta be fast
And he’s gotta be fresh from the fight

Hail Gus!

“And he’s gotta be larger than White..”

Understandably a lot of talk about signing another Ben yesterday (Chwarmer) but I’m optimistic for this lad.


I’d prefer Takhiro to partner Gabriel and White at right back due to his lack of height and for the Premier League. Alternatively a three at the back.

Challah Baker Soldier Spy

His height? He’s taller than White and nearly as tall as Gabriel…

Texan Gooner

I’m a relatively new Arsenal supporter (circa 2014) so I might not get this reference. Please educate me?

Merlin’s Panini

It goes back to a Ryo Miyaichi article on here.
He was said to be very eager to impress, collecting all the cones in training.
One of the comments read “Maybe he just likes cones”.


Doesn’t really know much about him. But seems like a good signing. He is unique that he seems comfortable with using both feet and is rather tall for a Japanese.

Miyaichi : 6 ft
Asano : 5ft 8
Inamoto : 5ft 11
Tomi : 6ft 2

Merlin’s Panini

That’s a big stereotype right there. There are plenty of tall people in Japan.

Tomaury Bischfeld

Those people are big in Japan.


The rest are irrelevant


Just ask Alphaville…


there are plenty of tall people everywhere, but compare the average height of a Dutchman to that of someone from Japan and you’ll find your criticism of that comment is not at all justified.

A Different George

In fact, compare the average height of a Dutchman to that of someone from any other country in the world, and you’ll find that the Dutch are taller. (An actual real truthful objective fact.) So, not a very useful comparison.

Challah Baker Soldier Spy

There are tall people to be found in Japan of course but 6ft 2in is very tall in Japan, probably the equivalent of 6ft 5in in UK.


Nicky Bandini gives a short summary on The Guardian’s Football Weekly (1st Sept – 16.03). Speaks about being linked with Arsenal (and the other lot) for a while. She’s not sure where he fits best (CB or RB) and he was regarded as in Italy as a ‘Jolly’ (utility player). She mentions something I hadn’t heard from other sources that he was known for bringing the ball out of defence and making progressive passes. Also says Bologna have a reputation for finding young talent and selling on when about 22 or 23. Summarises by saying that the jury’s out on… Read more »

Brazilian Gooner

Saw some youtube clips of him and he seems more comfortable on the ball than the rest of our RBs (not só difficult as Chambers seems to wear jeans pants to play but ok). Good luck Tomi!


Fantastic signing


If the first question in his introduction interview is not “what is your favorite anime?”, I will be disappointed. Then move on to topics like sushi and ninjas. Football is not as interesting and we are shit at it anyway.


You are made of shit


I very much doubt the interviewer will be using racial tropes and stereotypes so it looks like you will be disappointed


What’s racist about that? They love anime in Japan.. stop being a social justice warrior

A Different George

They love anime, they are short, they are very polite, and they eat fish heads. No racist stereotypes here, please move on.


While I agree that asking if he likes anime might be a silly question it doesn’t make racist. Mainly because anime was created in Japan and its a part of their culture, kinda like asking a Nigerian about afro beat, or a Jamaican about reggae, a Brazilian about Samba or an English man about slave trade 🤔

A Different George

You’re right. When Aaron Ramsey moved to Juve, I’m sure the first question from the Italian football writers was to sing Cym Rhondda.

El Mintero

Is it? 🤷‍♂️


Read a little and watched some footage on this kid today. Looks classy.
Big, tall, strong, fast, excellent technique, got a pass in his bag, he’s really two-footed and he’s versatile (can play RB, LB and CB). Big fan of Japanese football too. Love the style and passion in their game. Really excited by this kid. Him and Lokonga are the two standout signings of the summer for me.

I’d rank the signings (based on costs too):

  1. Lokonga
  2. Tomiyasu
  3. Odegaard
  4. Ramsdale
  5. Tavares
  6. White
Der Kaiser

All good signings at the correct age profile – patience is a virtue!


Are we ready to have the patience to go to Championship and then come back?


We need patience definitely


With the players, yes.


it was the manager and the DOF who rebuilt the squad in short order. still not complete but they deserve the time to see it through also. i’m much more excited about todays squad than the one we had when we played europa league final two years ago.


Edu’s done a decent job, I agree. Arteta doesn’t deserve time, he didn’t deserve the job. Winning against Burnley and Norwich won’t change that, just as losing to City and Chelsea doesn’t make someone a bad manager.

Last season showed us his potential, and it isn’t good enough.


Fish rots from the head mate… Edu is a major problem. None of us ‘civilians’ can even begin to guess at what has actually gone down, behind the red door.
Arteta is floundering, but remains honest… Edu has simply flattered to deceive – grabbing the low-hanging fruit (albeit at silly prices), giving away unwanted players, overpaying for others and generally failing to secure any over the more ‘demanded’ targets, all the while cavorting with the mates who’s expense accounts he’s enriched.


And if you have 5 minutes, I’ll tell you how I really feel!


There is such a thing as honesty, and we should value it, but these “honest” versus “slimy” perceptions are built on such flimsy bases. In Arteta’s case, it’s pretty much just him doing well at press conferences, and a reputation of competence built on rumours and gossip in 2018 and 2019.

Edu at least came into the club with experience, and has had four decent transfer windows of bringing in players and giving his manager legitimate options at every position. His job is obviously also under threat as we continue under-performing, but there’s no way he has under-performed Arteta.


What winning against Norwich will do is lead all the Excuse Factory to declare that everything is miraculously fixed and that Arsenal are (once again) headed for World domination.

It’s all very well Bloggs going on about what he sees as ‘Relentless Negativity’ but I happen to find ‘Relentless Naivety’ after a win just as draining.

Win, lose or draw, I try and keep it real. And the reality at this moment in time is that Arteta isn’t up to the task and never will be. End of.


Relentless negativity is also an interesting take when the grumbling against Emery started six months into his tenure.

In some quarters it was the great xG debate, elsewhere it was “negative football”, or that the club had shown a lack of clear thinking by chickening out of appointing Arteta while settling for some journeyman. All very much negativity.

He was not an inspiring choice, and he probably had to go when he did, but he at least met the minimum requirements of the job.


they need to get a tune out of the senior players, and that is as much on those players as well. Or this Project will backfire.

Willing to give it a chance but bear in mind he had some of the new players available
last weekend and still went with the old Faithless.

What will be sacrificed for “potential”, let’s see.


… and with the right manager in place


We need patience indefinitely


We need a new manager.


Odegaard being third on this list is crazy. Because he clearly have the potential to be a top 5 midfielder in this league in a few seasons.

Creative, intelligent, skilled and hard working off the ball is a very hard to find combination !


Sambi might be that too, and I really like the look of Tomiyasu – has it all to be a success. I think Odegaard is a really nice signing, but just like you say there is still a lot in his signing banking on fulfilling potential (just like the rest of them and he needs goals too). The only one I’m really concerned with is White. Massive money for an inexperienced player who is a bit small for a CB (and we had saliba). Otherwise, i think our purchases have been pretty good. Sales and resignings much less good.

Optimistic gooner

White is not “a bit small for a defender” when will these wrong assertions stop? I know he was pencilled down as less than 6ft on websites but I believe we have eyes to see that he’s CLEARLY more than 6 ft by atleast 1.5 inches.

I don’t like the fee nor the fact that we signed White and loaned Saliba again. Doesn’t make one bit of sense to me either

Reiss Neverseen vs DicTetaBall

I took it small to mean he’s a bit of a lightweight for a CB but yeah I agree, he looks the same height as Koscielny.


I think it’s a bit of both. He isn’t strong in the air and his data from BHA showed this before we signed him. I’ve seen measurements of between 182 and 186cm and he’s probably in that range: 5’11” – 6’1″. Decent height for a CB, but probably below average. But the bigger point is his frame. He’s not that big or strong. He needs to add some muscle, which he can do for sure. Still the major reason I rank him last in our summer signings is because he cost so much for a relatively inexperienced guy. In terms… Read more »


*6 months later after losing a game*

“he’s shit and I hate him”


6 months?? 3 games is all you need for a meltdown around here…


Arteta has only been in charge for 3 games? This argument seems to be rife among those wishing to the the “optimistic” fans and dismiss the evidence before them.


And one bread and butter victory is all you need on here for a fucking street party.

El Mintero

You’re only happy when you’re moaning your fkn bollocks off. Your ideal manager is one who never wins and puts us in crisis. That’s your idea of heaven. Be fkn horrible for you if Arteta won the league.


Arteta win the league…..?!!

The man can’t even get a win at Brentford.


IMO at Arsenal it is time for a full reset/rebuild (I’ll keep that to on-pitch stuff despite that needing to include off pitch stuff too). For that to happen we need youth to be given a chance. We have the players for that to occur now. But it needs the coach to fully embrace it. That means no more Xhaka, no more Mari, and I’d definitely be keen for a change between the sticks in favour of Ed Sheeran, and potentially even replacing Auba with Pepe up top (I’m ok with Auba, but his age profile doesn’t really fit with… Read more »


pleae stop talking bollocks about pepe being a striker


I’d say Tavares before Ramsdale to be honest.


Got a sneaky feeling that Taveres is going to be a monster for us.


Could very well be and I def. Like the signing, but he’s behind an excellent LB.


I think there’s a lot going on begind the scenes when it comes to transfer… Step back a few to the inquiry that followed Pepe’s transfer and the sack, Barcelona’s woes… I think Edu has picked up a nasty trick and the Ben White and Ramsdale deals are in that cartegory. Only this time… Don’t get too greedy.


I’m excited about all of them aside from White (over priced, unproven) and Ramsdale (I watched a lot of Sheffield last term. He’s no maestro with the ball at his feet). We could have kept Matt Ryan for basically nothing, and had 75m plus 20m from Joe for a ready to go world class midfielder.

Man Manny

Great signing.
The defence is set for years to come.
Leno/Ramsdale, Takehiro, White, Gabriel and Tierney.
Next season, we freshen the attack and CM.
2022/23 season, we launch an assault on the title… with Arteta?


Arteta should be sacked now


Let the man field his team for once before we start moaning like Pamela Anderson


Yeah… maybe the real Arsenal treasure is all the decent players who became loan-to-buy Instagram sagas along the way.


Wonder what Arteta has been doing for the last season plus, not fielding his team.


You took the words right out of my mouth. 👍


Yeah. Like the past 12 months never happened.


Pirlo is in london?

Man Manny

Worse than Arteta.

Takeshi Castle

Yes he did great with a team worth the other 17 teams in the calcio

The Ghost Of Reiss Nelson

Arteta will never give us a trophy. Maybe we could get Eddie Howe or something. I don’t think many managers would want to manage us right now

Pat Fried Rice with Egg

FA Cup is a trophy


By all means fire him, but he did win a trophy.


why not? it can only get better…


That comment is pathetic on so many levels.

El Mintero

Kinda true. You’re in la la land if you think your idol conte would come anywhere near Arsenal. Lol.




This is a good signing, gotta hand it to Edu this window. Would’ve prefered more outgoings (not just loans) but there’s reall no excuses for Mikel now. This team should be fighting for top 6.


Unfortunately selling players for actual money is almost as important as spending money on new players, and we failed pretty badly at that.

Man Manny

It wasn’t for want of trying.
Edu wanted the players bought more than any one of us here: he is paid to do that.
But most were complete duds, or wages stood in the way. I have a feeling Bellerin, Nketiah AMN and Reiss would have been sold if clubs were not grappling with post-lockdown financial downturn.


Not really. First priority by miles is the players that are in the team – whether we make a profit on players is not our core concern, as long as we don’t fall foul of FFP.


Failing to sell players makes it absolutely essential you hit on the buys. See the past 7 years


It’s only important to the limited extent that it restricts our ability to get in players. We need to stop accepting this sell-to-buy nonsense. We sold without buying for years.


We’ve actually spent the past 7 years with some of the highest net transfer spends in the PL and all of Europe, largely bc we don’t sell anyone for money.


Yeah, that’s fine. It can continue until we win a title, or are close enough to winning a title that we sell good players on at high premiums while replacing them. There is no other self-sustaining model that balances footballing and financial ambition.


Or maybe we just try to actually be smart when buying players. The model you just described is exactly how Barcelona got into their mess, and many other clubs before them. 99.99 percent of clubs don’t have owners who just bankroll them as playthings


Barcelona went bankrupt because they decided the best way to retain fan interest was to try and win the Champions League every year. We haven’t won the league in 16 years, while the club’s valuation has climbed steadily upward.

John C

Barcelona have gotten into financial trouble because their ownership model passes financial mismanagement on to the next president, no one is held to account.

But our transfer problem in regards to selling is because we haven’t been buying top quality players desired by other top teams and when we have had a player like that, i.e. Alexis, we refused to sell

A Different George

But Barcelona kicks out presidents regularly. Isn’t that holding them to account? What else could you possibly mean? And if that’s true, then Barcelona’s financial mess can not have been caused by this–every president does the same thing, and there must be some reason for that, not some slogan.


Yeah, but almost everyone failed at it this transfer window. So many clubs had almost no money to spend. Securing a good loan deal is the next-best thing.

A Different George

I really don’t understand why people are not grasping the obvious: the pandemic and the shutdown have completely disrupted all the normal financial arrangements in international football. Only the Premier League, because of its television contracts, is able to buy anyone (and this applies, though unequally, to every Prem club, not just the big ones). Everyone else is doing loans and obligations to buy. We could sell Nelson and Nktieah in a normal market (though maybe for less than we think they are worth)–but now there are dozens of cheap players from Spain or Italy available.

Virginia Gooner

You’re dreaming. Tavares, Ramsdale, Lokonga are all meant to be backups to players who finished 8th last season. Odegaard who I like was still apart of that side and only slightly improved our attack in the second half of the season. So Ben White and this new RB are the only players Edu signed who are supposed to walk into the first 11 right away. If last years side was lucky to get 8th how do two additions meant for instant impact make any change? This summer, realistically is building for 2-3 years from now when these young players start… Read more »

Announce Bendtner

Odegaard came in for the second half of the season.
In the second half of the season we had the third best form.

If these players replicate the form of the second half of the season over the course of the full season we will be ok. Not great, no where near title contenders but maybe, just maybe, top 4/5.


Ah, the old correlation/causation fallacy (for another recent one see: Ramsdale, A. re: relegation). Not that I don’t think Odergaard is a very good player but he was only one of many factors in our improved form

A Different George

It was Virginia Gunner who argued that since Odegaard was already in a team that finished eighth, his inclusion would not improve the side. It’s legitimate to point out in that case that no, during the time he was in the team, they were third.


You make a good point about the backup players now seemingly being marketed as ‘First Teamers.’

Desperate times call for desperate measures.


Amateur hour by Edu – break it down: he didn’t ‘beat’ anyone else to the punch (other than Spuds on Takehiro). Missed every one of the bigger names we were after… Ode was low-hanging fruit after his loan, since he likes the club. What else did he do? No midfield spine? No younger striker-heir to the pensioners? And the outgoings are an unmitigated disaster – anyone can give players away (or pay them to leave!)… Saliba, Bellerin, AMN were all shoddily handled, bringing no honour to our club. Xhaka going from passport control one day to the guest bedroom the… Read more »

Reiss Neverseen vs DicTetaBall

The thumb downs are pretty telling. Everything you wrote is true, even if some points are worse than others. A new midfield spine was just as needed as a new GK, especially with AFCON. We’ve only addressed the latter.

I guess people are willing to support bad leadership just for the just for the sake of supporting “the club”. Maybe when Arteta and Gaspar leave, we’ll finally see good leadership again and recognise the current clown show for what it really is.


Agreed – I am indeed a little bemused by the overwhelming down-vote bias. Surely we have to look past the ‘fluff’ at what deals were done and HOW they were done.
This window has been characterised by u-turns, stalled deals, missed targets and player mismanagement and fall-outs.
Arsene’s dignity (like it or leave it) is long gone.

John C

We haven’t had good leadership since Abramovich rocked up around 2005, been it’s down hill from there.

This window wasn’t perfect, a midfielder was definitely needed, but the AFCON isn’t until January, when the window reopens.


For once, you and I agree.

Great post, spot on, well said. 👍🍺

Teryima Adi

Welcome on board, Son.

Mesut O’Neill

No, he plays for Tottenham!!

Top Tier-ney

Yeah, that’s the wrong Chinese guy 😉


What an ignorant comment to make, hoping for you it was a lapse in judgement

Top Tier-ney

Good for you for putting on your pretentious, fake outraged act mate, you get a whole bunch of woke points for that. It’s not about having a personality or a sense of humour, it’s all about coming off as this or that and getting that external validation, eh? 😉


Seems like most on here feel you have no personality and a shit sense of humour.

Using words like ‘woke’ and ‘fake outrage’ is a weak attempt at trying to sound….woke. So, save your fake outrage.

If posting on a message board is not about external validation of your viewpoints/thoughts, why do you bother?


I think he may have been joking. 😉


More people laughed at your joke than are willing to admit. Hit downvote as they were still smiling.

Top Tier-ney

Cheers mate! 🙂


Yes, everyone securely loves racism and you’re both very clever. Morons


This comment is fake news.


Nope, it was actually just super cringe


The fact the joke has an offensive premise is exactly what makes it funny. He knows its an ignorant statement, everyone should, except an actual racist. So everyone is in on the joke except real racists. See how that works?


You’ve posted a racist take above, trying to validate yourself with this joke which is also racist is showing your true colours.

any more arguing a gist it makes you look worse.

I didn’t know your username before but now I’ll remember it as that racist guy.


Making a lot of assumptions there. First, you assume I am a man. Second, you assume I am not a visible minority. Third, you assume you understand how jokes work and that race or culture is off limits as comedic topics.


You and top-tierney sound like proper twats. It’s easy to hide behind your comments on a comment section. Doubt you’d have the ability to make that joke in front of an Asian persons face. You know why? Because it’s fucking racist. Start to listen to what the majority of people of colour say rather than living in your tight circles of ignorance please.


You lot are not understanding the fact that the joke acknowledges racism and is in fact mocking it. You chose to interpret the joke litterally and therefore got offended.


Satire is a dangerous thing. My late father grew up in Dale Road, Canning Town. (West Ham, for those of you not acquainted with East London). He lived next door and became good mates with a lad named Johnny Speight, who would go on to write satirical comedies for the BBC, notably ‘Till Death Us Do Part’ and ‘In Sickness And In Health.’ Yes, Johnny Speight was the creator of Alf Garnett. Throughout the first transmissions of those shows in the 60’s, 70’s and late 80’s/early 90’s, a lot of ignorant people (viewers, columnists, MPs, Mary Whitehouse (Google her if… Read more »


Well said.

Real intelligence and the ability to comprehend is sadly in very short supply on here at times.


Why would they do that? Isn’t voting anonymous?

Reiss Neverseen vs DicTetaBall

Or maybe we gave a thumbs down because it unnecessarily ruins discussions about a new signing.


Well, at the moment, I happen to think that, paradoxically, anything Arsenal related at this moment in time ruins a good discussion about anything else…..


Goonerah nailed it with his replies to this thread. TT is making fun of cross-national ignorance, not participating in it. (FYI, I am a British-born HK Chinese man).

Top Tier-ney

Hey, look, someone gets it! 🙂

Dunno what’s going on over there these days but best of luck to Hong Kong in its struggle btw…


Top post, well said.



Needless and stupid comment.


Lighten up. It was a fucking joke for fuck’s sake.

The guy was satirically highlighting people’s ignorance.

If that’s not too difficult for you to work out….🙄




Today is Cédric’s birthday, so Arsenal has decided to give him a birthday present in Tomiyasu!

Abdul bakar

He should have given himself a birthday present by asking to leave arsenal. He’s a deadwood occupying space. Him and kola should be the ones leaving not goodplayer like Hector.

Tropical gooner

Hard to ship players off if no one wants them


Hey, getting Cedric was a “good market opportunity”.

Ornstein said so.


Aparently, it’s not very hard to resign them if no one wants them though.


i’m generally happy with all of the signings. I’m frankly amazed that we bought more than 2-3 players, especially after the white deal. getting the contracts of william, ozil, etc off the books can’t be overstated. there are obviously still plenty of holes, but i’d reserve judgment until we actually see the first team play together. wish we’d gotten rid of kola and xhaka but oh well.


Yup I agree – even white (the signing I hold some reservations about) I can see there is a lot of potential there and he could be a top-notch defender (so could Saliba – but best not going there), we definitely have the pieces to build a strong youthful team that can grow together for at least 5 years. So, over to the manager now. Can he resist his addiction to overrated, “experienced” mercenaries and can he get this youthful team playing good football and not crush their natural flair and talent with his overly repressive tactics? I’ll say the… Read more »


*and truly out…

Abdul bakar

This players have being underperforming even when called upon so will someone want them? Sometimes I ask myself why is only Arsenal having the problem of moving players out? why are some teams not looking at our players? maybe is the players attitude,character and commitment that is hindering any potential move. Eddie, kola, Cedric, Xhaka And the rest, maybe we need to alter and learn from Chelsea, Liverpool who are getting huge money from their average players.

Announce Bendtner

There was a time when our players were hot property. We didn’t manage contracts properly.
We lost those great players and replaced them with average players who no one wants.
If this current crop of 22/23 year olds do well they may become hot property again. We need to manage contracts properly so we don’t repeat the cycle.

Abdul bakar

True but for how long will we wait for them the 21/23 to gel and be hot property again? What’s the essence of breeding a team when you are starting to bear it fruits then a big ambitious club come for them and they live? Guess you back to square one this scenario happen countless during wenger era. Flamini, Nasri, Fabregas, Sagna, clichy, chambelein, Ashley Cole, Van Persie, song, Adebayo etc the list goes on. We should be building a team to win us titles not a breeding a team to sell to the likes of man city, Man Utd,… Read more »


You had me there until you said Hector was a good player.

Abdul bakar

Lol really sorry mate but I cant Compare Hector with all the guys I mention. He still has potential and room to learn unlike those guys in there 30s. Even though you can’t trust Hector completely cos he has a mistake in him which hinder him and affected his confidence .

Thierry Bergkamp (non negotiable)

Let’s hope he’s as good as his youtube compilation


Let’s hope Edu and Arteta aren’t wondering that too!


They never are. Go watch Kolasinac’s welcome to Schalke videos…


People have too much time to make videos for Kola.


Welcome. Now new Head Coach and Technical Director are needed.

Nainsley Aitland Miles

Michael Edwards.


Hey MO, we know how much you love the Arsenal but shouldn’t you show some respects towards your current employer?


8g David Dein

Der Kaiser

Good signing. Japanese are no prima donas and fight. I know he is South Korean but look at professionalism of Son.

Personally, I see a revolution happening, recruiting those who want to play for Arsenal and lowering the age profile

Starting to move some of the dead wood out. Shame that it is reported that Kolasinac stays because he is just too greedy ( Fenerbache not willing to meet his inflated monetary demands). A few of the Premiership stars desire their massive wages but many Premiership players do not.


Yes, praise the hardworking Asians. If riding the bench, Tomiyasu will also assemble the tv for the video room, which will save us money.

Asian players are much better than those French players who just sit around eating cheese and drinking wine. And don’t get me started on those Vespa-riding Italians.

Mayor McCheese

Lazy stereotypes are one thing, but sometimes when it gets called out like this, I get the impression there are people in this world who really believe there are no such things as cultural differences…which is just as naive. Surely the problem is not with difference but with the associations we make about those differences?

Top Tier-ney

So there are differences but we should blind ourselves to them?

Yah, makes sense bruh…

Mayor McCheese

Erm. No, there are differences, and we should be aware of them and be respectful of them instead of ignoring that they exist. Can’t believe I have to explain that.

Top Tier-ney

“Surely the problem is not with difference but with the associations we make about those differences?” Yeah, no. You say not to make associations about those differences… so basically, not to put two and two together… and your point and way of going about this kind of really perfectly sums up the whole “woke” cancel culture, it’s feigns acknowledgment of reality while seeking to brainwash people into self-nulification through fear or guilt trips, inducing a state of dependency and easy control from the state, media, whoever, because a stupid moron who cannot make distinctions between what is and isn’t in… Read more »


Pretty sure ‘murderers’ are found in most cultures – pointless point, really. Bit like the entire rant.

Top Tier-ney

Boy are you stupid and did the point go over your head… the whole underlying topic of the convo was differences between people and whether they should be noticed or not, but if you wanna stay in your myopic, short-sighted state of mind that chooses to play dumb, to be able to speak from a high horse to your fellow bigots in your closed off city of Dumbassville, then be my guest…

Top Tier-ney

P.s. you are aware that you made associations about differences between me and people who agree with your “point” by understanding that I don’t and thus responding to my comment, right?

You shouldn’t do that. According to your moral code that’s a no-no.


You have to be a special kind of stupid if you don’t see the difference between racial tropes versus people having different opinions.

The douche doth protest too much.

Top Tier-ney

So seeing that people of different races are ermm different is a racial trope??

No one even said a single bad thing about Asian people, but I guess having a brain in and off itself is racist?


God – wasn’t your initial ‘Sociology 101’ post long enough???!

Eric Blair

There seems to be a cohort of morality police on here these days who seem to enjoy getting on their high horses over nothing, determined to ruin it for everyone else.