Monday, August 8, 2022

Ramsdale not in Sheffield United squad as keeper nears Arsenal transfer

Aaron Ramsdale has not been included in the Sheffield United squad for this evening’s Championship fixture against West Brom as speculation about his future ramps up.

The keeper has been linked with Arsenal throughout the summer, and over the last week it has been off and on as negotiations between the clubs have continued.

However, with the Blades softening their demands, it looks as if the deal is likely to go through with a fee of around £24m + £6m in optional payments, as per David Ornstein.

If it does go through, along with the £30m signing of Martin Odegaard expected to be confirmed tomorrow, it would bring the spending in this transfer window to £129m – after £75m was spent on Ben White, Albert Sambi Lokonga, and Nuno Tavares – while the only significant sale thus far has been the £20m departure of Joe Willock to Newcastle.

The deal could go through in time for Ramsdale to be part of the squad for Sunday’s game against Chelsea at the Emirates.

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It means he’s greater than 50% better than Emi Martinez; thus, we’re probably be signing the best goal keeper in the world.

Teta's cult of personality

It’s so weird. Madrid are looking to raise money because of La Liga restrictions, Sheffield United are looking to raise money because of relegation and COVID. The negotiations team manages to bring Ødegaard’s fee down from €50 million but are happy to pay an outlay of £30 million for repeat relegation offender, Ramsdale. He’s not a bad goalie but he’s not that good either.

I guess Ramsdale’s at all costs is one of Arteta’s “non-negotiables”.


Doesn’t the article say we got Sheff Utd down from their original 40m ?

Teta's cult of personality

It does indeed my good man. It’s just that I thought James McNicholas said the club halted talks because they didn’t want to go past the 30 million mark. Admittedly this is still better than the paying £40m, I just can’t believe Sheffield United actually made a net profit on this lad.


I wonder how much Sir Chesney would cost. Maybe he’s not interested to return…


Don’t let facts get in the way of a good rant….


Yes b/c the relegation was solely Ramsdale’s fault at both clubs., right…let’s not dig the grave of a player who hasn’t even played a match for us yet and try backing him first

Teta's cult of personality

It’s very worrying to me that a 23 year old lad has pushed for a move each time his club was relegated. That’s something I’d expect from older players

Paying through the nose for a long-term number 1 who heads for the exit when things get tough. What could go wrong?

Makes me respect Ødegaard a lot more.

John C

Where’s the evidence he’s pushed for a move?

The reason he’s been sold before and being sold now could be because he’s his clubs best player and would bring in the largest transfer fee?

Teta's cult of personality

Bournemouth to Sheffield United:- “The Cherries originally hoped to hold on to the player, despite their five-year top-flight stay coming to an end. But Stoke-born Ramsdale, voted Bournemouth supporters’ player of the year for the 2019-20 campaign, is understood to be keen on the move to continue his career in the Premier League. The £18.5m fee includes the 15 per cent sell-on clause United inserted into the initial deal between the two clubs” From Sheffield United to Arsenal:- “Sheff U. Ramsdale very keen to get this Arsenal move on. Pushing hard to get away. Clubs can’t sort a fee. And… Read more »


I would more concerned if Ramsdale jinxes his teams with relegation. Arteta is fully capable of dragging us down to the relegation zone.


Premier League vs Championship. Who wouldn’t opt for a move? Same reason we can’t sign World Class players at present. Why play for Arsenal when you could win trophies at Chelsea or City


Both usually means 2. You forgot Chesterfield. Signed Ramsdale and relegated. All coincidence maybe….

Man Manny

Mate, it’s time to move on from Emi Martinez.
It’s becoming ridiculous now.
Players leave clubs all the time. Chelsea has just re-signed a player they sold for peanuts years ago for a little shy of £100m.
Life goes on.


Mate, I’d be happy to if I could see a bit more direction in the club (watching Leno bollocks his way through the last 1.5 years hasn’t helped). It’s hard to turn away from the long line of bad decision this club keeps making while we continue to slide down the table.

Fine though. This will be the last mention. Emi, we miss you mate, a gooner through and through, that proved himself and couldn’t get a locked in shot at the starting gig he earned. Sucks watching you kick ass with a bunch of villains from Birmingham…Gone and forgotten.

Kareem Mohamed

1.5 years?
Leno’s form didn’t dip until last season (during our abysmal run of form in the beginning of the season – after his return from injury and the departure of Martinez

Scored at the Clock End

Sense spoken at last Man Manny. And whilst we are at it let’s not pretend Arsenal don’t spend money on players. We may spend badly but we do spend. Thumbs downs incoming …


What a fantastic observation, dealing in reality


They actually can afford to throw away that kind of money. And they do have the results to back it up. We have neither

Merson's grin

That’s it in a nutshell. Give the boy some support FFS.


Genuinely sounds like the logic they’ve used in our non existent scouting department to bring him in.

We’re basically signing a keeper who at this best is as good as Leno when he’s at his baseline.

I really don’t understand what we’re doing, it’s not as if he has unbelievable technical attributes like the ability to play out from the back. He’s about as good as Leno at that as well potentially worse.

I’ve seen online that he has been receiving abuse already. Can you imagine the pelters he will receive if he has a poor game?


What’s your basis for knowing he’s as good as Leno?

Genuinely asking.

When we sign players I’m usually clueless because I really only ever watch arsenal.

Yet when I come on the boards not only does everyone seem to know every player in depth (like Aour) but also know their ceiling and strengths and weaknesses.

How much football is everyone watching? How many games have people seen Ramsdale play live?

John C

They’re speaking bollocks and have no idea.


Complete shamble…sell matinez for an equal amount to shell out the same in a new keeper…


*[Same amount plus 12M quid]

Scored at the Clock End

So not “the last mention” then?


Perhaps look at the timelines before you get too cheeky…


It’s spilled milk dude.

By all means use it as a stick to bash the shit out of the hierarchy, but don’t let it spoil your pizza Fridays.


Why can’t people let go of Emi story? Arteta couldn’t guarantee him first choice so he asked to leave. Aston Villa was interested and no one was in for Leno. What do we expect Arteta do? Keep Emi and have an unhappy player?


I can’t seem to understand why folks always airbrush that part of Emi’s departure….


Yes exactly. Let them duke it out for no.1 goalie.

Teta's cult of personality

That’s exactly what happened with AMN, Bellerin and Nketiah.

Reject > Bench > Repeat.


Emi would have been happy to stay if he was going into the season as 1st choice, but still battling with Leno. It was clear already by then to folks watching that Emi was much more comfortable with his feet than Leno, and fit the style of play very well, whereas Leno was a stretch. It’s abundantly clear just a year later that Arteta and Edu made the wrong decision. This is still relevant, especially when it comes to whether Arteta and Edu are doing well enough in their jobs. It’s not relevant when it comes to judging Ramsdale in… Read more »

Timorous Me

Am I remembering correctly that Martinez was entering his last contract season? If so, I think that colors the situation considerably. No one was in for Leno, and the risk of losing Martinez on a free (or having him lose the value he’d suddenly built up) was very real, so even if Emi looks the better keeper now, I don’t think that decision–especially in the middle of Covid and finances taking such a hit–can be looked at in a vacuum, either. That money we got from Villa helped finance Partey, and even though that didn’t work out great last season,… Read more »

Mikels Arteta

This club has been up shit creek for a while
Looks at all the players we’ve let go for next to nothing, or paid them to go away

72m on Pepe is probably the worst use of money in the clubs history, possibly the league
Willian is still at the club. Banish him to the u18s squad so he gets it through his head that he’s not good enough
Edu and Arteta need to go


Pepe nothing to do with Arteta or Edu


The whole squad finishing 8th last season has everything to do with Arteta.


I think maybe there should be people at the club who are better at evaluating players than we are.

Somebody who would have said that Emi’s performances were legit and not a fluke.

But alas, we have the guy who looked at all the world’s goalies and figured Runnarson was what we needed.

Hank Scorpio

In fairness to him he was a goalkeeping coach not a scout. We’d sacked all of those.




It was not clear at all. In fact it still isn’t. Martinez’ current passing numbers suggest nothing like what you believe. And Arteta has misused Leno’s passing ability with his patented harakiri triangles in our own penalty box.

Now we’ve decided we want someone who can play long balls that don’t feel like long balls (but are, in fact, long balls). Probably better than what Leno’s been made to do, but nothing that Leno is incapable of doing at a decent level.


This is just Man City mentality – if the player in situ doesn’t exactly fit the philosophy that I dreamt up yesterday, I’ll just splurge on the next player. Que sera.


Interesting to learn that Ramsdale has some long balls up his sleeve… hence the ‘Ram’, clearly.

Mikels Arteta

No one was on for Leno because he wasn’t available
If you’ve had the chance to watch Ramsdale you’ll see that’s he’s a bang average keeper, gets beaten as his near post and has average decision making
There’s a reason why he was part of 2 squads getting relegated

Sheffield United with Dean Henderson finishes 9th. One position below Arsenal
Sheffield United with Aaron Ramsdale gets relegated…

He’s shite

John C

That’s right, Sheffield Utd got relegated because of Ramsdale and had absolutely nothing to do with injuries or the major falling out between Chris Wilder and the Utd board?


Makes sense. You have two players – one ich cheaper, younger, better and wants to stay – and the other has a higher salary, isn’t quite as good and doesn’t want to commit to a new contract. So obviously, other teams are going to want the cheaper better player and not the more expensive worse one, so you sell the better player and keep the worse one. Not ideal, but I can at least see the logic of getting a transfer fee if we need to raise funds. Where it completely falls apart is if you spend MORE money next… Read more »


Martinez was last year of contract on a small sample size of games, Ramsdale is younger, with more contract years and the English tax…voila price


And a large sample size of mostly shit performances.

To quote a Sheffield United fan: “I just don’t see how this deal makes sense to anyone other than Sheffield United.”

John C

To quote probably the same Sheffield Utd fan: “if we were still in the premier league i wouldn’t sell him for £50m”


His ball-playing ability hasn’t really been tested and Arteta is adamant that we play out from the back. A bit of a risk isn’t it? Like everyone else here, I’m gutted and angered at the sale of Martinez.


Considering the price tags (20M for Emi and 32M for Ramsdale) do you think Villa would take a straight swap, I mean personally I’d be prepared to take the hit…


As per the report, fee is 24mil + 6mil in add-ons….. I believe that totals 30mil not 32mil


My troubled mind saw 26+6…my bad.

Scored at the Clock End

Definitely not “the last mention” clearly


Try looking at the “X hours ago” on the post. Ironic that a guy who scores in front of a clock can’t see the time.


Exactly what I find baffling. Especially when amongst Leno, Martinez and Ramsdale (tbf not much data here), Emi is the best ball playing keeper we had.


Per 90 Tot acLB inacc LB accSB inaccSB
Martinez 29.8 7 11.1 11.7 0.1
Ramsdale 26.8 7.4 15.1 4.2 0.1
Leno 28.5 3.2 6.6 18.7 0.1

Copied frm who scored…hope i got the numbers right


Formatting looks confusing …sorry
Anyway looks to be on par with Martinez maybe a little worse but he is young. Rest of his stats all mainly appear in top 10 …..must admit I was a bit suprised cnsidering all the neg comments


Still shows Leno as the worst on there, apart from short passes. And accurate short passes are also the ones getting our limited midfielders in trouble when under a high press, so it really ain’t something positive. Baffling all around, what and how both Arteta and Edu selects their squad.

Johnny 4 Hats

I think we are at a point now where we need to stop complaining. This is a young lad who’s hopefully going to be our no 1 for seasons to come. The time to moan has passed. Now he’s a gooner. He needs our support and I think we should give it to him. This kid is talked about in glowing terms by most of the professional world. Let’s cut him some slack and hope and pray he’s as good as Arteta thinks he is. He may be a little raw with the ball at his feet. But he’s young… Read more »

Johnny 4 Hats

I also think we need to give credit where credit is due. This has been a pretty good window for us. A good right back on the books and I’d say it’s been very good.

Stan has allowed us to spend big. Edu has pulled the strings. Richard Garlic has negotiated efficiency. Now we wait to see if Arteta is right about these guys.

If he is, we’ve got a really good squad.


And if he isn’t can we all finally agree he is a terrible coach and boot his ass out the door? Arteta has been backed with signings so no more excuses.


The outs are very worrying though. We continue to lose our assets for next to nothing. Remember a time under Wenger when we could get high fees for our players, only eventually to balance out the books? It’s the complete opposite now.


At least he’s plenty of experience in front or poor defences, maybe that’s what we brought him in for!

Johnny 4 Hats

From watching the odd game, I think one of his key attributes is his aggression. He wouldn’t let that second Brentford goal happen. He chases down strikers and makes himself big.

I think the thing that makes Leno so much worse than Martinez is his inability to control and communicate with his defence. I think as pure goalkeepers they are pretty similar. But Martinez just made everyone feel safe.

Maybe Ramsdale can give us that feeling again. Leno is too insular, too reserved. But Aaron looks like a real character.


This is why I’m okay with the transfer and have seen Leno’s value plummet in my eyes. He is not aggressive enough going to get the ball. He should have been shoving that Brentford player relentlessly prior to the kick. Make the ref step in. Guarantee the holding would have been called if the ref intervened before the lick was taken. The Refs always protect the GK ( as they probably should). Also, one of the Arsenal players should have been shoving the player too – one of the Center backs or Xhaka. Maybe they didn’t notice it happening. Regardless… Read more »


kick not lick but a lick certainly would have gotten the ref’s attention.

Johnny 4 Hats

Imagine if you’re Arteta and you train all preseason to play out from the back. And then in the first game of the season your goalkeeper just punts it long. I bet Arteta is super pissed. We would have had much more of a chance to make coherent attacks if we’d beaten the Brentford press.

I’ve got a sneaky feeling that by the Sp*rs game, Ramsdale is between the sticks.


We can’t break anyone’s press with a certain midfielder on the park….


Yep – high time we had a maniac Jens at the back who gives a good bollocking as and when needed.

Jenas Wright Martin Mour

Generally speaking ..what I see is Leno has the edge in terms of reflex and shot stopping especially one on one. Emi is also decent but Leno is definitely one of the strongest in this area.. Where Emi has the edge is his strong command of high balls and his penalty box .Leno look to me to be quite weak in this area and thus I feel more secure with Emi in goal. When he first come into the team, and even during the early part of Arteta’s tenure, I didnt see any major problem in Leno’s kicking game….But it… Read more »


This narrative that “he’s terrible with the ball at his feet” comes from the fact that because sheffield don’t have a roster of world class players they tend to thump it up to the strikers most of the time. He’s actually pretty good with the ball and his long passing is v good. Check out abt ten mins in to the away game at sheffield last season. He spears it about 70 yards to mcgoldrick not once but twice in quick succession.

Timorous Me

I like the way he throws the ball–dude really chucks it. Seems like there’s an Olympic sport he could put that to use for.


I am genuinely shocked! Do u by any means imply we have a roster of world class players????


haha good point! no..but I think arteta wants us to pass it around at the back a bit more than sheffield anyway


8:33 and 9:19 if anyone’s looking…


At last, from under the Hats speaks a voice of reason. When do we, as a collective, realise that spewing out vitriol (and often devoid of any factual basis) is NOT going to help the club we all profess to support? We have Arteta for the short to medium term at least. We have the players who’ve not moved on. We have the yacht-loving Edu (until further notice)… Focus on whatever positives you can find in the new signings and SUPPORT YOUR CLUB! Constant negativity will only aggravate the frustrating things, that for now, you cannot change. Give it 3… Read more »

Naked Cygan

What are u complaining about? 90% of our team must go. We are terrible. The more new player we bring and the more old crap we ship out the better. Apart from Saka, ESR, Tierney, Ben White, Pepe, and Party the rest of the team are not good enough to be playing for us. Odegard and Ramsdale will freshen up our team. I just want to know where this money is coming from? is STAN really spending his money on Arsenal? or is this a loan? anyone knows?

Teta's cult of personality

Well we can be dead certain it’s not Stan’s money. He’d probably prefer to be buried with it, like those Egyptian pharaohs💸💸.

Hopefully we’ll find out in next year’s accounts.


Mate, everyone on the planet – except you – knows that Kroenke only loans us the monies for players.

He doesn’t invest a single dime.


I loved Emi too, and we all knew at the time letting him go was a huge cock up – but why should that stop us buying another keeper now?

You don’t stop spending cos a past error – Chelsea have just bought Lukaku for £80m quid more than they sold him for.


Would prefer him to Leno at the mo. Get him in goal for Sunday!


“Awww, but I just can’t handle all the slander Leno gets on here. He’s an excellent goal keeper. He’s an elite shot stopper, and a superb…ummm…guy, he’s really…tall, and has an absolutely fantastic…ah…haircut. The way he’s treated is just ridiculous”.


was the shorter one back when we had him, Emi n Matt

Not so many of us were that excited when Leno joined Arsenal, Aaron is 23 and has played for two clubs in the league with the best GKs and the most wrecking kinds of attacks onto the goal.

Imagine at 23 where these so many were.


I’m actually not that miffed about Ramsdale because I know little about him and his qualities, I guess a mild concern in relation to the hefty fee, particularly in relation to the world class goalie we sold, but I’m not to mention that anymore. As others have stated, he’s surely an upgrade on the current joker we have between the sticks who looks out to sea. I was never a big Leno fan as he came with “error” prone tag from Germany; great reactions, but brain farts regularly. Problem is, over the last year and half he actually looks worse… Read more »

Brazilian gooner

30m on a 2nd choice keeper and playing Chambers as 1st choice Rb, great business!


He is the best young English goalkeeper right now. It is not just a short term signing. We should be happy that we are getting the best young established English goalkeeper.

Teta's cult of personality

Dean Henderson, Freddie Woodman, Josef Bursik?


I would bite off United’s hand to get Henderson for 30mil tho

Teta's cult of personality

Who wouldn’t. He’s put in brilliant but understated performances and has genuinely lived up to expectations so far. United are going to learn the hard-way if they keep playing DDG as number 1.

Bleeding gums murphy

He is terrible with the ball at his feet. Go figure.


He is reliable with the ball at his feet by some reports. I trust our recruitment to get a playing-from-the-back kind of keeper. Playing out from the back is their focus, and their keeper signing will surely be made keeping that in mind.


“I trust our recruitment” – what has made you do that?

Because last time these people were trying to buy a young GK, they bought Runnarson.

Bleeding gums murphy



Their actions this window have been youth focused. They are doing the right thing there. They got the best young English centre-back, English goalkeeper, Belgian midfielder and snatched away the child prodigy attacking midfielder Martin Odegaard, whom Real Madrid signed too early in his career to give chances to.

On Ramsdale, he is already excellent at shot-stopping, a natural at those harder things to teach things. Things he is not good at are easier to teach, like positioning.

Hank Scorpio

First and foremost we need a decent keeper. Passing from the back as a key quality is great if you assume Arteta still has a job in January. I’ve read a couple of write-ups saying dealing with crosses is a weakness which isn’t great when we already have White who statistically barely breaks even with headers won. His stats aren’t remarkable for a keeper. He’s also a little on the short side for a keeper at 188. I think the biggest query will be how he adjusts to being a keeper for a team that isn’t having its goal peppered… Read more »

John C

Interesting that “write ups” suggest that dealing with crosses is a weakness when the stats say he made the 2nd highest number of high claims in the league last season

Brazilian gooner

I get your point mate, but my point is we should have focus on the more urgent needs


We had the urgent need of a goalkeeper for the second choice. And with Ramsdale, not only we get a new keeper to compete, we get the next big thing in English goalkeeping. This move will always be sensible to do.

Tasmanian Jesus

I have a feeling he will be first choice, at least until Leno can redeem his form. And if he does, it will be a good thing to have two good goalies battling for a starting position.

Can we please just get over Martinez?
He was great and won us medals when Leno was injured…but Leno had been just as good that season, until he got injured.
They stuck with the most experienced stopper, and sold a 28-year old academy player. I can see how that made sense.


What’s the thinking here? No 2 for a season till Leno goes?


Pressure on Leno to raise his game. If he doesn’t, I can see ramsdale being number one by the end of the season.


That’s exactly what Emi did. He pressured Leno too much and even won us a trophy that Arteta had to sell him off.


Not quite, Emi came in after Leno was injured and did amazing. But was unable to force his way into the team prior to that however.

Billy bob

I would guess, with Leno’s current form, ramsdale will rapidly be given the no 1 slot!!! Gotta hope he comes good but, for now, I am skeptical and underwhelmed by this impending signing!!!

Morrisey fan #1

Long term replacement and English. Fans need to stop worrying about the money. It doesn’t affect us.

Wishing him the best of luck, looking forward to seeing him between the sticks.

Teta's cult of personality

I wonder if Leeds United fans said the same thing.


The amount of money we’ve spent is ridiculous considering our squad is still full of holes and lack of talent.


It’s one thing of we spent big on one position and tan out of money. But we are actually filling all the immediate holes. Can’t do anything on RB or ST yet as we need to sell first.


No it’s not full of holes. We’ve bought exceptionally well and at a great age profile.


Totally agree. Selling has been next to impossible, apparently, and I’m varying degrees of thrilled with the incoming players. If we get both Ramsdale and Odegaard, I’d have to say it’s been a very encouraging window. You never know how things plan out, but they all look like smart buys.


Our squad is full of holes but you are annoyed the club are spending money to try to fill those holes ? Genuinely, what exactly is it you are annoyed about ?


And full of players we can’t get rid of

Kentish Gooner

That means Leno is off 👏🏻. Not sure how I feel about that one… feels like we’re acting like a mid-table club from the signings we’ve made. Thoughts?


Hate to break it to you, but…we are a mid-table club.

Kentish Gooner

Kind of what I was getting at buddy 😂. People are so contradictory with their up and downvotes!


Duhhhh, with the current hierarchy, we are a mid table club…..? 😉

Jean Ralphio good analysis on Ramsdale for anyone interested


It doesn’t fit the narrative in Twitter mate.


They better know something we don’t, because from the outside looking in, this looks like a really shit deal.


The NBA Arsenal: Where amazing really shit deals happen.


Glad he’s on his way to us and feel very much in the minority. When I’ve seen him play I’ve been impressed. The fact he’s been relegated twice can hardly be a stick to beat him with – it’s not as if quality players are never bought from relegated sides.


Ramsdale has it in him to be Arsenal’s number one. He will have to earn it, but I have a feeling he will make the position his own. Cost over next 3-4 years will seem less for a bright English prospect like Ramsdale.


I hope you’re right. It seems like a lot of money for a signing that doesn’t make the heart sing but for whatever reason Leno seems to have gone to shit so we have to do something.

Teta's cult of personality

He’d better be the number one. This transfer would make one of the top 10 most expensive GKs ever.

Lord knows we can’t afford a discount Kepa at this club.


To be fair, Almunia was also “Arsenal’s number one.”


I’m fairly pleased with this. It’s the 2 M’s that make it seem bad business:
Martinez & Money
In the context of both of them we’d rather have Emi we’d rather see big investment elsewhere. But, given the need for an immediate backup and with Leno looking like he’ll be off I’m quite pleased we’ve gone for a longer term no.1 solution opposed to stop-gap no.2 then needing a complete rehaul when Leno goes.
Fingers crossed it works out 🤞


Funny that this (obviously shambolic thing for several reasons) is coming on the same day as Odegaard, which seems like really smart business.


To soften the blow of making a signing that 90% of the fanbase disagree with by signing a player 10% of the fanbase disagree with.

Teta's cult of personality

Very insightful.


*all statistics are 110% made up


That’s not true. It’s about 73%.


A huge amount of money spent without actually improving the squad. Sounds like arsenal

Man Manny

In the short term, you may sound right; but in two, three seasons, this post will be seen for what it really is: myopic.
Lokonga and Tavares for example, will be worth a king’s ransom then.

Alan Sunderland

We needed a couple of horses, we got 5 ponies instead.

The Far Post

I get that the high fee is unpalatable, but surely you are not happy with our current number 2 keeper(s), nor would you want to bank on Leno not getting injured/losing form.


Some people just enjoy a fucking good moan about anything and everything.

I wouldn’t mind, but we’ve got much bigger fish to fry.

Namely the manager.


Another good addition, if it goes through.

It was vital that we got another ‘keeper. He’s not a worldie, but then we can’t attract world class players without Champions League footie and an owner who will stump up the necessary cash – so, under the present circumstances, we could do a lot worse than this lad.

If he signs I hope he settles in quickly and makes his debut soon.


”owner who will stump up the necessary cash” lol wtf are you on about we will literally be spending over 100m this summer. what absolute rubbish people spout sometimes. sure, shit on the owners for poor management of the club, but to say they don’t spend money is laughable considering the fees we’ve paid for players over the past 3-4 years.


We needed a 10. Did we go out and sign Grealish?

Did we fuck.

Why? Because Stan won’t stump up the cash.

We buy good players but not world class players.

Honestly, some of you on here.


Yeah, I get it. No Champion’s League football.

But answer me this. If we had qualified for the Champions League last season, would Kroenke have stumped up the money for Grealish?

Think about our spending when we were in the Champions League….


‘Some people just enjoy a fucking good moan about anything and everything.’

Who said this I wonder?


Did I moan about us signing Odegaard…..? NO

Did I moan about us signing Ramsdale? NO

So take your sanctimonious tripe elsewhere.

The Beast

You say we can’t attract world class players because we’re not in the champs league (which I completely agree with) but almost in the same breath criticise us for not going for Grealish? Not that I expect sound logic on online forums but how does that make any sense?


Mate, I already KNEW we weren’t going to sign Grealish. I took the piss out of someone on here (John R?) who maintained that the Kroenke was going to part with a war chest and sign him.

My point is that even if we HAD been in the ECL, Kroenke still wouldn’t have stumped up the money for him.


I for one am utterly outraged that may sign these promising young players. Messi and Ronaldo were both available this summer


Are u ok, arsenal fans are the most difficult to please… Messi and Ronaldo?
The way up is young hungry, energetic players with good coaching, unfortunately arsenal don’t have the latter, let’s just support the team and stop killing the confidence of this players


He was taking the piss……🙄

Partey in the back

Trying to put my head around GK development and whether Ramsdale is 5 years younger than Martinez matters. So many variables, including that Ramsdale is English. Would rather have Martinez, but since that ship has sailed (poor decision in hindsight) does the cost for Ramsdale make sense? Although I’d rather they try to bring a veteran (Keylor Navas, anyone?) and a different prospect (Andre Onana).


Emi is considered home grown still. Other than age, ramsdale has nothing on Emi

Giuseppe Hovno



Well considering he has about 100 more senior appearances than Martinez at the same age, he must have something on him ?


He also has more relegations and fewer FA Cups.


At the same age, Martinez clearly didn’t have an FA Cup


For sure Emi had a good first season with Villa; and had a great summer with Argentina. Ramsdale is younger, did very well for a poor Sheffield United side, is in the England squad, and is a great prospect. Nothing to say he couldn’t be Arsenal’s (and England’s) No. 1 in a couple of seasons.

Man Manny

Welcome Ramsdale. I hope you go on to have a wonderful career with us.
I prefer him to a 30+, perennial bench warmer.
If he goes on to prove an astute signing, £30m quid is nothing compared to having the keeper position sorted for a decade.
It also takes the pressure off Hein and Okonkwo for the rest of the season.


Keepers develop late – don’t judge Ramsdale on his development up till now. Martinez also take ages to get to where he is now – he was only a top keeper in the last year and a half.


Why the negativety around ramsdale he’s a good shot stopper can use his feet and has a good success rate when kicking. He’s young English and fits the bill nicely he will be a good addition to the squad and it won’t be long before he establishes himself as number 1 for both The Arsenal and England mark my words #kroenkeout and take Arteta with you.


The only thing making this seem vaguely a good idea is Bernd Leno’s form.

Arsenal have not been good of keepers in recent years. Letting both Szczesny and Martinez go has been painful to watch.

The Beast

Sorry, but who was upset when we sold Szczesny?

Did I just completely mis-remember the calls to get him out the club after he was caught smoking in the toilets post Southampton defeat?

If so, can I have your memories of Szczesny? They seem much more pleasant


Szczesny is a very good keeper but I think his weaknesses were precisely what you don’t want in the prem in general and in arsenal in particular. Sadly, the fit wasn’t ideal. He had amazing reflexes and could sometimes look like one of the best shot stoppers in the world. But in the prem you need keepers that are very strong in the air and have a solid presence in the box. And he was not very good at that, sometimes even a bit chaotic. Also, we needed a veteran presence and some leadership in this defense which was sometimes… Read more »

Nainsley Aitland Miles

If Arteta wants him due to his distribution, then it wouldn’t be a surprise if he’ll go straight into the team as our #1.


Would be a big step to get the two signings over the line by the weekend, but boy do we need to get rid of a number of players still.

The Beast

I think there may be some visa admin issues to deal with with Odegaard before he can be registered, so unlikely he’ll be able to play on the weekend.

Luckily no brexit shenanigans to worry about with Ramsdale, so he’ll hopefully be on the bench on Sunday


It’s one thing moaning about none or not enough players being brought in but when the club actually does bring them in, moan moan moan. Some of you here need to lighten up and enjoy that the things we need to happen are happening.

As for the “Martinez The Best Goalie In the World EVAH” schtick, give it a fucking rest now.

For fucks sake!

Oh, and welcome Martin and Aaron!


They can take our UCL last 16 exits. They can take our UEL bottlejobs. They can even take our consecutive 8th place finishes. But they can NEVER take our moaning.


I have not seen enough of Ramsdale to make a judgement, but he is highly regarded enough to have been part of England’s Euro finals squad. For all those banging on about Emi Martinez, that has past and none of you were championing him when he was 23 and going out on loan in lower divisions. 23 is young for a keeper and there is a lot of time to come good as Martinez finally showed at 28. The high price is typical of any English player traded in England.

Teryima Adi

The curious case of Aaron Ramsdale


An Inspector Arteta mystery?


Kind of have the opposite feeling towards this than the Ødegaard deal. With that one I thought it was great price but that the player himself was a bit overrated by many fans. With this, it’s a very expensive deal, but I think Ramsdale is better than many people are making out.


Unpopular but Leno is far better than Aaron will ever be


ridiculous comment

The Beast

Not one to judge but aren’t there more important things you could be doing with your time machine than checking up on a keeper’s future development?

Mikels Arteta

No, no, no


I cant see any middle ground with this signing, I think he’ll either be a big hit or a massive disappointment. Given the seemingly safe signings we’ve made over the past few years (Willian, Cedric, Mari etc…) i’m actually quite excited to see how this one works out. All or Nothing!!

Rising Dough

Guendouzi went for 10M- that’s not insignificant. But still, a lot of money is being spent. We’ll see how wisely it all turns out. I suspect the new players who cost the least will prove the most valuable.