Wednesday, July 6, 2022

Torreira linked with move to football club

Roll up, roll up for your turn playing the Wheel of Fortune – Lucas Torreira Edition™️.

Who will win the right to be linked with the little Uruguayan today?

Your options are…

Atletico Madrid. Roma. West Bromwich Albion. Fiorentina. Lasagna. Lazio. Torino. AC Milan. Boca Juniors. Stoke. Sampdoria. Frankfurt. Sutton United.

Spin to win.

Ooooooooooh, good spin.

Ticktickticktickticktickticktickticktickticktickticktickticktickticktickticktickticktickticktickticktickticktickticktickticktickticktickticktickticktickticktickticktickticktickticktickticktickticktickticktickticktickticktickticktickticktickticktickticktickticktickticktick. Tick. Tick. Tick. Tick. Tick. Tick. Tick. Tick.



Check back tomorrow for your next spin.

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The lad is still a hard working midfield terrier who apparently would like to give it another go at the Arsenal, why not keep him and have him around the squad.


No, looks like he is not so good at football.

TP tries hard

I still don’t get why Arteta is so desperate to get rid of him, a decent squad player.

A Different George

Well, one reason is that he is pretty clearly very unhappy in England and wants to leave. That’s probably enough.


Newsflash. Irrespective of his ability, he doesn’t want to be here. That’s overwhelmingly clear and I am happy that Arteta wants to move him on because of this.

Now if only we can sneak Willian into the deal in some sort of “bonus prize” from the spin. Of course, he’d be more like getting stuck with the 1p box in deal or no deal.

Too Drunk To Be Offside

I think it’s a shame that he is linked to a football club because I think he could have done wonders for Uruguayan Cricket.

Virginia Gooner

It’s been reported he told Arteta he wants to fight for his place. So apparently he doesn’t mind staying. He’s a much better player than El Neny, so if it’s true he would be willing to fight for his place, we’re looking to move on the wrong guy.

Brady’s bunch

Tell him to hold tight there might be a change coming


Haha…yes Willian could be a secret prize hidden inside a mystery box…’do you want to go home with just Torreira…or would you like to spin for the contents of the Box as well?” …..

Jo Øyvind Elster

He went public asking to be sold for free to Boca. He’s basically ruined his Arsenal career and made himself look like an unreliable and weak minded signing for any european club.


I think you’ll find the player wasn’t prepared to fight for his place and requested to go back to South America to be surrounded by support post family dramas.

Similarly with Saliba who would rather take the safe option of loan back to France than fight it out for playing time with a mid table team in England where he could acclimatise and impress the coaching staff.

Not everything needs to be a conspiracy as some players have fight whereas some happy to take an easier option, be it lower leagues or stay on the bench…


Lol, the title alone made me spit out my drink after notification popped up.
I guess I’m over the breaking point by now.


Tick. Tick. Tick. Fiorentina.

How did THAT happen, Fiorentina are not on the wheel on the picture. Did you spin some fake wheel, Andrew?


Lmaooooo… Andrew is capable of anything tbh.


Torreira did fairly well for his national team at the World Cup. I saw a unique type of DM, he seemed to do some kind of quick patrols around specific areas in the middle. …since then, something went wrong somewhere.

Diaby's Left Peg

Emery playing him as a 10 and personal issues I think.

Shame, Lucas looked great in his first few months here.

Spanish Gooner

He also completely screwed the club (and himself) last summer – we had two loan with obligation to buy deals linde up with italian clubs, but he refused all of them at the last minute to move to Atletico who never played him and tanked his value further. He has managed his career horribly and it’s a real shame


“Two thirds of the earth’s surface is covered by water – the rest is covered by Lucas Torreira”. Such a shame, and an entirely wasted talent. This one is entirely on Emery.

Kanu Believe It

I put this up there with the poo-o-meter, more of the same please😂

A Voice in the Noise

Amazing article! Truly we we flood to Arseblog News daily.
You just don’t get journalism like this anywhere else.




As a short arse I do like it when players of a similar size make it but after a season premier clubs knew how to deal with him mostly sitting on him till he went down, he didn’t get much protection from refs and you could see a unhappy player, after all he’s been through hopefully he finds a league which can show off his talents..


What do you think of Dennis Wise out of curiosity?


Dirty little bastard..

Steve D

As Sutton United is my other (local) team, I’d be quite happy to take him. Not sure we could afford his wages though (and we’ve got a good defensive midfielder already in the form of ex-Arsenal junior Craig Eastmond).


It’s ironic how Arteta’s best spell (which was the half the season he took charge initially) as our manager came by featuring the players that he doesn’t want and the worst spell came by featuring a lot of the players he bought or re-signed


Damn it I had Sutton!

Baichung Bhutia

What if he is linked to two clubs at the same time?


Wherever he goes, he scored a great goal against Tottenham. And I’ll always be fond of him because of it.


Mmmmm lasagna. I want to eat that team.


Thus far Transfers have been mixed to underwhelming and overpriced. We will need to sell and mint some but have very low expectation bc a mug is involved in Edu. We will continue to bleed and if we do not make Big Europe (LIKELY) there will be issues down the road as the can is kicked down the lane. At present : 1) Ramsdale – Good buy for me. slightly overpriced should have been able to bring in for 20-25m. But good age, a solid player and one necessary bc Leno may move on as we continue to under achieve.… Read more »

Viju Jacob

//Torreira linked with move to football club//.
You expected him to move to a football club?? 😁


Sure, that’s the overwhelming odds. Only 8% chance of him moving to a lasagna.

Spanish Gooner

As corrupt as he (allegedly) was, I really miss Sanllehi’s ability to shift players. We did overpay for Pepe, but people forget we got £30m for Iwobi, £10m for Bielik, and even Forest parted with 2 million pounds worth of legal tender for Carl Jenkinson. I hope he taught Edu some things while they were in Monaco together


Bugger! I lumped on Lasagna.


I think we should refer to him as reigning La Liga champion Lucas Torreira

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