Monday, September 25, 2023

Video: Arsenal 0-2 Chelsea ‘On the whistle’

Arsenal lost 2-0 to Chelsea at the Emirates today. James was there.

Here are his on the whistle thoughts.

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I’m very worried for next weekend


There is nothing to worry about when the result, by various degrees, is inevitable.


Loser mentality. Our home and against a bitter rival, yet here we are just accepting our own mediocrity, a rather limp performance, and inability to put up a really strong fight against that scum from across London on our own turf. How far we’ve fallen…

“yeah guys, I get it, we can’t really win today, so go out and do your best to not lose by too much”.

Jeremy DG

Not sure what you suggest fans should do about it? Pretend it won’t happen?


I’m worried for the season.

Johnny 4 Hats

There are teams that will lose to Chelsea. There are teams that will lose to Brentford. There are teams that will lose to City. But there won’t be many that don’t compete in any way with these teams. We haven’t even put together a performance that has come close to getting a point. And I doubt we will next weekend. Two games. Two games that by the 60min were over. Two games that we had next to no attacking threat. Two games that we looked endlessly shaky at the back. That doesn’t bode well. Nine points by the end of… Read more »


Chelsea sacked their biggest ever legend in Lampard because they knew he was not going to work out. Their fans even got behind that decision. Meanwhile we’re reluctant to let Arteta go despite him being nothing but a mediocre player for us who epitomises our weak mentality as a player and as a manager

I’m just lost for words at this point. The worst-run club in the world, when considering all factors


That’s a stupid comparison .. Chelsea can afford to hire whoever they want and give him a war chest .. arsenal simply cannot therefore its not as an attractable job


We’ve given an absolute clown like Arteta a “war-chest” unless you think £200m+ in a Covid-hit economy isn’t a lot of money. We’re run terribly. Let me also remind you we’ve spent more than Chelsea net, over the last few years

Ghost of Fabregas

Sorry that’s simply not true it’s just a matter of owner will. Chelsea have more.

Nainsley Aitland Miles

Lampard was sacked half-way through a season. We wont sack Arteta in August but if we’re mid table by Christmas, all bets are off.


Lampard was sacked half-way through his second season, in the first he got top 4.

Arteta has been here nearly 2 years, so roughly the same amount of time that Lamps was there.

Not sure why you think we need to wait until Christmas to miraculously see something nobody can see so far, with Arteta.

Nainsley Aitland Miles

He deserves time to work with the 5 new signings.

Kentish Gooner

No, no he doesn’t.

Ghost of Fabregas

Like Tuchel got with Lukaku? Back to goal, Mari on him like a rash but you still fancied him to make it happen.


Do you really see us being anywhere but mid table by Christmas? The only way I tolerate that is if Mikel has focussed totally on youth and guys like Mari, Xhaka, and Laca (and even Leno) are on the bench and we are starting to play promising football based around an evident and attacking style of play (i.e., we’re creating chances and goals).

If we are midtable and scrapping along with Mari, Xhaka, Laca, Leno, et al., at the heart of the team. Mikel needs to be shown the door.


Thank you, James. A mature summation, which doesn’t seek to hide the deficiencies but at the same time doesn’t go into hyperbolic, doom laden misery.

Old stimmo

We are really good at hyperbolic, doom laden misery

Joe Abela

Well said James, it ain’t me either. Definitely men against boys today.


No way are we a team fighting for top 6, I know it’s only 2 games but I just see no evidence that we are anywhere near good enough for top 6. No fight, lack of goals, lack of creation and just a sheer lack of tactical nouse. I honesty believe we are in serious trouble this season despite the signings. We were nowhere near good enough last term and I don’t believe those players added to the squad whilst good additions and welcome I just don’t believe they can take us to the next level alone and that level… Read more »


Another game that perfectly summarizes managerial inexperience of Arteta and his inability to adjust. I understand we were nowhere near full strength but we shouldn’t have been that open at the back. It clearly highlights that we have some bright young talented players but with Arteta’s coaching we’re not getting anywhere. The game also shows we are light years behind and seem to be falling further behind top teams despite all the spending. I still don’t think there’s reason to panic or that we’ll be in championship next season but there is a reason to believe that it is time… Read more »


Why would Brendan Rodgers come to Arsenal?


Better coach than Arteta and better chance of long term success with Arsenal and even with Kroenkes in charge he will be better backed money wise plus if you pay him well he’ll come.

President Eckener

I take your point, James, about all the players missing. However, the problem is that they are players we know already, not players that are new and with the vague hopeful possibility that they might be better. The fact is that so much money is out for injury and illness and it really doesn’t feel like them coming back is going to change how the team plays together on the pitch.


It is not the players missing for me. The style of play is just giving way to the opposition. Everything is simply too slow and hasn’t been different with Partey, Gabriel or Odegaard in the past.


Chelsea…that’s what 18 years of an interested owner with an open cheque book brings you. Win the champions league…need one player..spends £100 million…job done. For many reasons AFC are light years behind, & it won’t be a quick fix if it’s fixable at all! And as in title challengers, possibly never. Better get used to it.


Sacking Arteta would be knee jerk based on just 3 games, you could make a coherent argument for sacking him for last season, but not just on 3 games OGS got off to a horrendous start last season, and finished 2nd Arteta has spent north of £200 million, but we didn’t have: White- £50mill – COVID Partey – £45mill – Injured Odegaard – £30mill – Not registered Gabriel – £25mill – Injured Then we were missing two senior strikers worth £106 million Value of today’s teams: Arsenal Leno – £22 mill Soares – Free Tierney – £25mill Holding – £2mill… Read more »

Mathew Dean

Thank you, some one with a little bit of common sense that can actually see the bigger picture



Ghost of Fabregas

Chelsea ARE a better side and ANY team could lose 2-0 to them home or away this season, I do believe that.

But so so many obvious holes in our set up. Mari blinding isolated with Lukaku.

Reece James wide open, the goals we conceded were VERY avoidable.


I know people don’t wanna hear excuses.
Goes on to list dem excuses…

Ghost of Fabregas

There is a gulf in quality, squads generally do win titles and Chelsea can pile Kante off the bench ffs. Arguably in the top 3-5 midfielders in the world right now.

However, Arteta only has one plan for ideal situations and won’t deviate.

Announce Bendtner

First time watching a “on the whistle” and I couldn’t agree more with the points you make. This view that Arteta has been given a war chest is a bit of a strange one. Yes we’ve spent a lot on transfer fee’s but I anticipate the wages are a lot more measured. Yet there will be others thinking we could have for 1/2 £80million pound players to miraculously fix us. We have to accept this will take time. We won’t compete with the top 4 but we must get the results from other matches. I can only judge Arteta on… Read more »

Azeez Is Good

Great work James, as always

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