Wednesday, August 10, 2022

Willian linked with Corinthians move

Willian has been linked with a move back to Brazil, with Corinthians said to have made enquiries as to the 33 year old’s willingness to join.

The 38 year old joined Arsenal from Chelsea on a free transfer last summer, but has been an abject failure in red and white.

We think the 43 year old might have scored a goal at some point, but in general the 54 year old attacker has been a huge flop since moving from West London.

At the weekend, after Chelsea’s 2-0 win at the Emirates, the 72 year old liked a post on Instagram from the blues’ official account which said something like ‘Imagine not being Chelsea’ or some such garbage.

His Arsenal coffin didn’t need a final nail but that would certainly have been it.

Let’s hope this goes through, we can wipe this from our memories, and pretend it never happened. We’d wish the 89 year old good luck, but frankly we couldn’t give a fish’s tit what he does next – once it’s somewhere else.

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Please be true


Disgraceful waste of resources, and crucially he poached the minutes of Academy products who we could have used far more frequently for probably a similar output.

I do not for one second think Nelson, AMN would’ve been any worse.

Either way, this whole situation is a huge black mark on Arteta and Edu that will be extremely hard to wash off if the pair of them somehow managed to survive this current joke shop display.


Down to raul

Alan Sunderland

Down to arteta, Raul was already gone.

Spanish Gooner

One of the worst transfers I can think of. He killed all of Pepe’s momentum from the end of the previous season, kept Nelson from the pitch thus tanking his value, and contributed absolutely fuck all all season.


Willian – The Worst Arsenal Transfer Of All Time By A Fucking Country Mile.


The Worst Arsenal Transfer: TWAT.

Somehow that’s a perfect way to describe him

Hank Scorpio

No he didn’t. That’s down to the person who pick him over and over again when it was abundantly clear that he was rubbish.


The Pepe deal is also up there as one of the most criminal waste of resources.

Absolutely terrible player for that level of investment. Ligue 1 is littered with players like him and we’ve had our pants pulled down paying £70M. He isn’t worth half that.


I’d say he is precisely worth half of that. He isn’t shit.


He has been painfully misused by Arteta, although this is also in part down to our lack of an attacking RB who can work alongside him.

Just look at how isolated he is everytime he gets the ball. Nowhere to go but try to dribble through a crowd of opposition players, no overlapping runs to help him out. All he can do is pass the ball back into midfield. Woeful tactics from Arteta, yet again.


I don’t think I agree with both comments @Goonerink & @Maniac Pepe has been a genuinely terrible signing for £70M. The guy is so one footed its unbelievable. His decision making is consistently poor. And for most games he plays in, he hardly ever effects them whatsoever. His only real attribute is in the 1v1 that come about during transition. But most managers understand that and really set up to prevent us having many transitional moments in a game and just double up on him making that USP effectively useless. I dont dispute the fact that he has been largely… Read more »


Precisely. More reasons why this “project” claims by Arteta isn’t holding water.


It holds piss though.

El Mintero

Did you say the same about Wenger and mustafi? Xhaka? Kolasanic? Etc etc etc just sayin’…


Comparing Wenger’s managerial record to Arteta’s?

Comparing Mustafi’s commitment to the cause (in spite of the fact that he was rubbish) to Willian’s?

Just saying.

John C

Or Andrea Santos, or Squillaci, or Chamakh, or Peres, or Jenkinson. or Sanogo etc etc etc I don’t remember a comparative amount of shit being hurled at Wenger when he paid Newcastle £15m for a 28 year old Debuchy on a 4 year contract as Arteta has received for Cedric despite them having an almost identical profile and being considerably cheaper? Why are people complaining now? Has the quality of players we’re signing dropped compared to those? No, Willian is objectively a much better player than any of those mentioned. The difference is the critical mass of quality a squad… Read more »


I don’t like all the negativity heaped on Arteta at the moment but those are not fair comparisons. Debuchy was an excellent signing who played very well, got long term injured and found Bellerin ahead of him when he got back. He was at his peak when we bought him. None of the other players was earning anything like what Willian is earning.

Willian is in his thirties and we gave him a huge 3 year contract.

John C

Debuchy was a rank average right back very much in the mould of Cedric, they are almost identical.

If anything Cedric has the edge as he’s got more international caps including a Euro 2016 medal


That’s not true at all ! When Debuchy signed for arsenal he was the starting right-back for the french national team. That means he was considered better than Sagna by the french team. And no one complained at the time.

Debuchy ended up not recovering from I jury but it was an excellent signing at the time.

John C

Sorry i stand corrected, Debuchy was 29 when we bought him and for me he was no better than Cedric is now, a mid-table starter or back-up.

Crash Fistfight

I think that’s harsh. I don’t think it was £15m either. I thought it was £12m. The Andre Santos signing annoyed me because we could have signed Jose Enrique for cheaper, much earlier in the window. The others were cheap punts and we had no money. I thought Runarsson was a no-lose situation (I mean, it’s not like we’ll lose much when he inevitably leaves). Mustafi always seemed like a terrible signing, but I was genuinely excited by Xhaka. OK he seems overpriced, but at least we’ve had him a while. Kola was free so didn’t seem like it could… Read more »

John C

Arsenal has been operating at an end of the market over the last 10-12 years that has seen our squad eroded in quality to such a level we now find ourselves 8th, why are people complaining now? The time to complain was years ago. We wilfully removed ourselves from the top end of the market, now find ourselves unable to operate at that level and blame our current management for the errors of others judgement. And we had lots of money, in 2008 we made £36.7m profit, 09 £45.5m profit, 2010 £56m profit, 2011 £14.8m profit, we had loads of… Read more »

Crash Fistfight

So people shouldn’t complain about bad deals now because the club made bad deals in the past? That makes no sense.

Also, you seem to be under the impression that people weren’t constantly imploring the club to “spend some fucking money” years ago, which isn’t the case.

John C

That’s not what I’m saying, I’m saying this is the position they’ve been landed in and there needs to be some understanding.

Squads take years to fix and mistakes will be made.

The constant narrative and questioning of whether or not a player was signed in good faith is tiresome, as mentioned above, no one question the faith upon which Debuchy was signed? Or Jenkinson, or Peres etc etc

It’s boring and it’s sounding more and more like a deranged conspiracy theory


It’s more todo with their representatives than anything. We deliberately avoided super agents in the past and recently went to Kia for 3(?) in a single window

John C

What benefit did Arsenal gain from not dealing with certain (super) agents?! Of course, we were undefeated sanctimony champions 6 seasons straight!

Let’s not forget Wenger couldn’t even maintain that as we ended up dealing with Riola for that brilliant piece of business the Sánchez Mkhi swap!!

El Mintero

Spot on 👍


Consistency of thought or reason? Really? Have you considered it took Wenger 22yrs or so, coupled with penny pinching from the owners to make those mistakes you are talking about? If you are already comparing Arteta’s mistakes to that of Wenger’s, that in itself is an indictment on Arteta looking at how long he has been in charge. If you want consistency of thought and reasoning why don’t you take off the Wenger hate shades and juxtapose the signings he got right to the ones he got wrong and then make the comparison you so badly want to do with… Read more »

John C

If Wenger was stymied by a penny pinching owner why did hang around and not take one of those many better job offers he had? Why did he have to be surgically removed from the job? If Kroenke is such a tight arse why did he pay £900m for the club? Why has he spent $4bn building on the most expensive stadium in the world? Why are Arsenal the 3rd largest spenders over the last 5 years? There’s zero evidence Kroenke doesn’t spend money. There is however ample that Wenger didn’t, insofar that he even created his own vocabulary. Phrases… Read more »

Bleeding gums murphy

You make some really valid points John. There was and is no doubt in my mind that as much as I love Arsene, his frugality cost us dearly and I would say cost us the league when he didn’t sign a single outfield player.


What are u on about mate? You chose to drift away from the main point of the argument and cling on the subset of the main issue to suit your course. That says a lot of your “consistent thought and reasoning”. Arteta took over a drifting ship you say, nice to see him studying the ship nicely. Emery got us 5th in his first season and got sacked midway in the second and the man tasked to stop the drift got us 8th position and we still don’t know the system he’s playing. Is this your consistent thought and reasoning?… Read more »

John C

I was clear in my reasoning, if you can write off Wenger’s signing of Jenkinson for £1m as a reasonable punt but question Arteta’s signing of Runarsson for the same amount as a severe error of judgement, there is no reasoning because they are the same. The only difference being that Jenkinson’s signing had far dire consequences and played in part in our biggest ever Premier League defeat. Runarsson hasn’t cost us any points. I was completely against sacking Emery because there was progress and for me, the job left by Wenger was always going to take a minimum of… Read more »


Jesus John C! I was with you all the way (but thought you were a tad harsh on Wenger) until you said “there was progress under Emery”. There absolutely wasn’t.


At PL level, £1m is a punt….might come off, if it doesn’t, no damage done.



And although its not particularly relevant, but Kolasinac was a free transfer.

Xhaka I understood at the time, he had a lot of hype coming out of Gladbach being their youngest ever captain to make it to the Champions League.

Mustafi was purchased in that mad trolley dash when we lost on the opening day to Villa or it could’ve been West Ham, I cant remember now.

Both signings were Stat DNA signings, as was Elneny I believe.


Is it Christmas already?! Are we also looking for a new manager???!!!! Where are we in the table?

Boy this made me disoriented!

Brady’s bunch

Finally things are looking up 😊

Johnny 4 Hats

It’ll be even better when someone with photoshop skills mocks up Willian in the very final scene of 2001 : A space odyssey.

Brady’s bunch

Anyone have any idea how many millions that debacle has cost the club??


It’s about €1million a month for 3 years. So €36 million +/- bonuses and appearance fees. So more expensive than Odegaard.


Danny Ocean would be proud

Tomaury Bischfeld

But surely it’s just the one year – 12m then we’ll pay a percentage of what ever Corinthians are paying him for the next two years – which could still be a hell of a lot but not as much as 36m.


Provided he goes, sure, this is worst-case scenario. But nobody has any money in Brazilian football at the moment. São Paulo haven’t paid Dani Alves for months. (Fair enough I say). But he’s practically the best paid player in the league and gets R$1.5m / €236,000 per month.
I seriously doubt Corinthians would agree to compensate our Willi more than €200k a month. Which still leaves Arsenal with a hefty bill to foot. At least €17million.

Tomaury Bischfeld

I used to live in SP and support São Paulo. If Willian manages to bankrupt Corinthians and stench the place out, it will be an extra sweet piece of business.


I hope the club deduct that from Arteta and Edu’s salaries!


His contract payoff will be around 80% of the total earnings of the contract.


Hopefully we won’t pay all of that.


Not factoring Odegaard wages. But nonetheless I take your point. A stupid sum of money pissed down the drain on him, Cedric,…,…

At least the club is showing some signs of having learnt lessons in that regard


That SHOULD have cost Arteta his job, alone.


Ask Arteta and Edu.


Will wait till end of the transfer window. Had my hopes up that we were finally moving on from Xhaka only for a u-turn.

Hope with his exit, we end signing players who are mates mate and switch to classic scouting.

Brady’s bunch

Any hope he’ll bring Edu with him 🤔


In Russell Peters words, “Just take it and go”

Bai Blagoi

Be a man.

Announce Bendtner

Just waiting for that 4 year contract extension. LANS


That is cold…. 🙂

Timorous Me

The good thing is that we haven’t seen any transfers or signings like that since Willian, so either Raul was driving those (wouldn’t be a surprise) or Edu wised-up (or maybe Tim Lewis put a stop to them).

No complaints on my end, at least, of any of the moves made since the Willian one. They may not all be “win now” moves but there seems to be actual logic and a vision behind them.


Yes, feels good to know, if Arteta gets the sack at some point, there will be good roots in place for the new manager.

Although it can be quite hard understang what we’re trying to do on the field, the squad build is making a lot of sense at the moment.

Finsbury Park Gooner

Didn’t we sack all our scouts during the pandemic, or something equally terrifying?!

Walter White

Romano says he’ll probably lave on a free. Won’t have to cover his salary, so I guess that’s Nice.


Anyone expecting a fee is the biggest day dreamer.


And an even bigger wanker than Spurs and Dele Alli


Oh there will be a fee for sure, no doubt we’ll be adding something straight into Kia’s sky rocket as a “make this go away” penalty. Maybe we should double it and make Kia go away (permanently) too.


Here’s one comedian, little Johnny in school and the teacher asks if he can put the word contagious into a sentence. Johhny replies my dad thinks William is rubbish and it took the contagious to score a goal.


All I can think of is that time Willian scored in a dead rubber at the end of last season and the camera went straight to Arteta muttering under his breath looking absolutely fuming, as if to say ‘we could’ve done with that 8 months ago?’

Crash Fistfight

Nah, that’s just him being one of those managers that doesn’t celebrate after his team scores a goal to show how cool they are (like Pep and Mourinho) when in actual fact it just makes them look like a twat.

Baichung Bhutia

So Corianthians wanted to know if Willian is available? I bet Edu said no.

Des Lynam

New contract for Willian confirmed

Bleeding gums murphy

And give him the captains armband 😂


I’m not being funny but why the fuck did he join us if he didn’t want to leave Chelsea? Yes I understand the money but have some professional pride.

I know it’s only liking a post yesterday but it’s so fucking disrespectful I think. We’ve been paying him all that money and as far as I could tell, he’s hardly applied himself or really made an effort and done sweet FA!

Don’t forget to let the door shut on your way out, dude!


Chelsea refused to offer him any more than a 1-year contract, and he wanted more than that. That is why he “left”, as far as I recall.
But, I suppose your point still stands – if you love Chelsea that much, why not take their 1 year deal?


I thought they only offered him a 2 year and he wanted 3?


What are you insinuating blogs? This is the Arsenal, the most morally upstanding football club in the world.


Why is Arteta getting away scot free in all this?

Did I dream Arteta saying at the time, that he’d asked WIllian to give him 3 years and he’d have him playing in the champions league or words to that effect?

This is on Arteta.


Yes, totally. It is pretty clear Arteta wanted him (desperately) and as is the case with our current managerial setup Edu facilitated whatever Arteta wants. From what I can see Edu is basically just doing the bidding of Arteta’s wants and needs. We have given him total footballing power similar to what Wenger had, despite his very apparent lack of experience. And yet, Emery was given no power in the transfer market despite being experienced. If he had his way we’d have Zaha instead of Pepe (who floppped hard in his first year; and there might be other examples we’re… Read more »


Exactly. Then there’s Mari, Cedric as well under Arteta. This guy gets a free ride from the fans its unbelievable. The only thing Arteta has over Emery is, he’s a good orator and most of us lap him up like sheep.


Yes, strange…


Many of today’s athlete’s may want to learn a thing or two about loyalty and respect from Giannis Antetokounmpo.

‘Liking’ that Chelsea post yesterday was plain disrespectful to this footballing institution. I hope he goes and we all pretend he was never here.

Brady’s bunch

He never was here

Mesut O’Neill

Who was never here?

Crash Fistfight

I don’t know anything about the NBA and I’m interested to know about Giannis Antetokounmpo – what did he do/has he done (re: loyalty)?


Only recently got interested in his story after the video I saw from Thierry Henry congratulating him on his Championship win. The guy got drafted as an unknown quantity at 18 by what is known as a small market team. As his reputation began to grow, more established teams were showing interest in him. He could have gone to one of these established teams to increase his chances of winning the NBA title, but he promised the city he was going to bring home the Championship with the bucks. And that’s exactly what happened this year; a first title in… Read more »

Crash Fistfight

Thanks. Good on him.

Reiss Neverseen vs DicTetaBall

Brilliant stuff. I believe Giannis used to support Arsenal as a child as well.


Yeah, read that a few months back. He loved Thierry Henry.

Many people supported this club because of Henry and the invicibles team. Too bad our rep is all over the floor these days.


Not really, but because of the values that defined the club and shaped Thierry to be who he presented to be. The swagger, elegance, consistency, purity and the possibility in actions. IMO


Don’t forget about the handball to cheat Ireland….

Reiss Neverseen vs DicTetaBall

I don’t know what him and his PR team were thinking but it really wasn’t a good look. Our relationship with Willian has been strictly transactional and nothing more.

Hope this experience puts an end to taking Chelsea’s deadwood for the foreseeable future. Not sure who was the best out of Gallas, Diarra, Cech, Luiz or Willian.

Brady’s bunch

I hear Zouma is available


Luiz for sure I’d say, I think he really wanted to do well but sadly, best of a bad bunch.

Yes, let’s leave the Chelsea players alone now shall we… 🤦‍♂️

Martin R

Both Cech and Luiz were good signings. Cech when he joined was still a great keeper and it was only in his last season when the errors came in. Despite his indiscretions Luiz was also a good signing. Under Arteta he was our best central defender. Diarra should have been played more often as he was a good defensive midfielder. Gallas was not that bad a signing but was inconsistent and had a bad temperament. In fact it’s a total fallacy to say our signings from Chelsea were all deadwood as Willian was really the only total failure.


As far as I’m concerned, Gallas cost a very much young talented Arsenal side the league.
That and the fact he desecrated the no 10 shirt in more ways than one.

Bleeding gums murphy

I was at Birmingham that day that it all went pear shaped. Adebayorjust had to roll the ball to Bentdner and it was 3-1 and I believe we go on to win the league. He didn’t and the rest is history. Gallas had his melt down and I think we won one game of last 6 and still only lost league by four points. 😫😫😫


Yes Blogs!!

🍺 👍

Martin R

Sorry that after all these years of holding you in the highest esteem, you have shown that you can sink to the level of the most toxic of our supporters. You will obviously not give a fuck but you’ve totally lost me as a follower.

Ray Parlour's Fishing Rod

An honest and cathartic opinion. Why I love Blogs personally.



Bleeding gums murphy

Martin you have been on here for years and been a part of the community. Don’t take social media so serious. My old Dad use to say to me when I sulked “don’t cut your nose off to spite your face”


Those weird dreams you keep making up are pretty shit too.


An uncharacteristically imbalanced comment. Have you been on the sauce blogs?

Willian is just about the worst deal I can remember us making, and Gallas was a cunt… But Cech, if I’m not mistaken won golden glove with us before a decline, and Luiz had moments.
Does the loan of Benayoun count?


Čech did alright by us.

We absolutely should have signed a younger, promising goalkeeper instead – and some fucking outfield players in that window – but Čech was a good goalkeeper and made an effort to integrate himself into the team.
He was nowhere near his world-class peak, but he was not “shit”.

I’ll happily agree with the rest of that comment though.

Crash Fistfight

We should have kept the young, promising keeper we had and not have had to spend any money. He could still have been here after £11m on Cech, £18m on Leno and £24m on Ramsdale later.

Fireman Sam

David Luiz had too many brain farts. He single handedly lost us several matches. Very poor signing.

Crash Fistfight

He was dreadful, but God-forbid we’d want a centre back who can defend, rather than one who can pass it a bit. Glad we learned from that mistake…

Bleeding gums murphy

It’s hard to take you serious Martin when you use Xhaka and world class in same sentence as you did the other day.


Agree! But you just did too…

Bleeding gums murphy


Crash Fistfight

I can do that:

Xhaka is not world class.

Dave Cee

Diarra by a mile, but unfortunately he wanted to actually play every week and compete, so we had to sell him after 5 months…if only he’d been less ambitious and settled for a place on the bench. And, yes, I’m still pissed about it


No poo meter as nobody can stand event the slightest chance it not being true.

Bai Blagoi

Don’t hold your breath, folks. Corinthians have made an inquiry, but after hearing his salary demands have run away.


If Edu finds a way to get rid of Willian before the close of the transfer window, I’ll forget everything he’s messed up with other lousy acquisitions and hail him as a genius recruiter. That’s why I doubt it will happen.

Bai Blagoi

He brought him in the first place

Matty T

He’ll live to 100, by which time “age reversing” technology will exist and he’ll end up rejoining Arsenal in League Two in time for the 2088/89 season. And no Arsenal fan will mind because evil child trillionaire Stan Kroenke used the Official Arsenal app to brain wash and wipe the memories of Gooners across the globe.


You should write sci-fi, I’ll proofread for free. 😉


Fuck him, Petr Chec and especially Ashley Cole


Willian and Cole for sure, but does Cech deserve to be in that bracket?


Because he was celebrating in the Chelsea directors box like he just won the lottery.


In the last 30 years or so, Cech, along with Almunia, were the only first-choice GKs that had won nothing with Arsenal?

And of course he rejoined Chelsoa as soon as he finished his seconded assignment here.


Actually Almunia did contribute to the 2005 FA Cup title. So Cech is alone in that club.

Alan Sunderland

Include giroud with his thank you arsenal shit.

Ken L

That’s the funniest news post I’ve seen in a while. Almost spit my coffee out. Of course in complete agreement. The 99 year old should get on his $3 million wheel chair can roll out at high speed off a short pier. Thanks Andrew.


There now, let’s not get carried away. We shouldn’t be dumping garbage into the ocean.



Kentish Gooner

Where’s the poo-ometer? 😕


The player is shit.


Ha ha. Maybe we should change the Poo-meter to the Willian-meter

Man Manny

The man/men responsible for the signing of Willian, Mari and Runnarson shouldn’t be ion the payroll of Arsenal as we speak.


Sack the fucking lot.

Glenn Gomes

The f#*@&!g 100 yr Old bastard that he is liked some Chelshit post…… How did we land this scum is a tragedy we’ll never overcome

Kampala g😀😀ner

Blame the arthritis. He’s was going for the dislike option!


The only way to get rid of him is to buy him out. Off topic – West Ham totl now, they got a lot what we’re missing, an experienced manager, well balanced team and a Lukaku copy in Antonio on top.


Yeah I bet the guy who offered 50 quid to everyone on this site if WHU finish above us again, is shitting bricks right now.

Lord Bendnter

Oh man!!! I loved this!!! 🤣🤣


This sounds far too good to be true

Can he take Cedric, Mari, and Runarsson with him?


Seriously though who the fuck are these players?

Jenas Wright Martin Mour


Jenas Wright Martin Mour

Willian was I believe Arteta’s choice …No one forced him to turn Cedric and Mari loan deals into long term (3/4years) deals, and Runnarson, .correct me if I am wrong…he is being paid 40k weekly? Enuff said.. I dont agree with the obsene salary but I personally tot Willian signing could work out in the short term given his pedigree & track record at Chelsea.. But ..alas…Arteta never managed to bring out anything remotely resembling his displays at Chelsea and that’s totally on Arteta. Mari despite his recent displays, I am still hoping could turn out to be a useful… Read more »


Take him!!!

FFS Have him!!!

Get that fat useless turd off the books.

Tomaury Bischfeld

I just hope Kia gets a nice cut for all his hard work in making the deal happen. Maybe he can spend the money on another yachting holiday with Edu.

Alan Sunderland

Kia’s buying a lot of expensive racehorses with his hard earned nowdays. I’ve been keeping my eye out for one called Eduardo or gaspar. Maybe he’ll give his buddy edu a leg in it.

Carlos Vela

He’s only 72?

Virginia Gooner

I thought he had no interest in returning to Brazil. Didn’t he himself say that in the media?


Thus far Transfers have been mixed to underwhelming and overpriced. We will need to sell and mint some but have very low expectation bc a mug is involved in Edu. We will continue to bleed and if we do not make Big Europe (LIKELY) there will be issues down the road as the can is kicked down the lane. At present : 1) Ramsdale – Good buy for me. slightly overpriced should have been able to bring in for 20-25m. But good age, a solid player and one necessary bc Leno may move on as we continue to under achieve.… Read more »


So in a week he’ll be signing new terms then?

Once, twice, three times el neny

You had me at 38 year old. I actually went to his Wikipedia page and checked instead of continuing the read. It just sounded plausible

Bob Holdy

Buh bye* in pre recorded James voice


I’ve never hated a signing more than this one…..maybe Silvestre. Just instantly got a bad feeling. We made some truly shit signings down the years sure but whenever anyone else came in ya give them a chance but not those two. Ya just knew it was bad business…well except the club apparently.


I think Kia should be made to pay part of his wages.


Shut the door behind you, never look back.


Hi from Brazil!

Willian’s dad gave an interview to an important brazilian sports channel and his words were “it is hard, but it is not impossible”.

His current weekly wage at Arsenal is £100k which is equivalent to R$738k. They just had to get rid of some players to reduce their monthly expenses that were R$14,5 million (£1,9million) to R$11,2 million (£1,5million). So, no way Corinthians can afford that.

All that said, if he goes, Arsenal most likely still gonna have to pay him.

But I would happily pay to see him go. And Xhaka.


I raise my coffee cup and stuff my face with my third donut in salute


one way ticket pls!


Other than staying, this is the worse possible outcome. Brazilian clubs are skint and we’ll be paying even more for him to go. Whats the point?


Hey, I love you guys and have been reading/listening for over 10 years now. Hope you don’t mind my saying I’m not a fan of all the jokey stories lately. This is Arseblog News, it should have a certain standard. Plus the jokes are pretty bad, to be honest.

A Voice in the Noise

If you’ve been a reader on here for more than 10 years, you should know that the standard is jokey stories mixed with a bit of news.

Crash Fistfight

At least it wasn’t one of those articles written by the builder out of Fawlty Towers. Those were utter shite.


Frankly it’s the sort of gallows humour I need at the minute

The half

Easily the worst arsenal signing ever.

Merlin’s Panini

Probably our worst signing of all time and that includes Mustafi, Cygan, Stepanovs, Danilevicius, Silvestre, Sanogo and Squillaci. He was brought in as a starting first team player, his wages are stupid, the length of contract is stupid, he’s old, lazy and disrespectful.
Just bad all round. I really hope this move happens.


Well, we know how hard being in England during the pandemic was for him, so it would be better for him if he fucked off somewhere else.

I wonder how much of the salary we’re going to remain on the hook for, though.

I think anything less than 80% would be an absolute coup.


Edu was Raul signing. ie someone inexperienced enough to allow Raul to do what the heck he wanted.

It’s no wonder we keep making mistakes at that level.

Edu basically was Raul’s pet and now he is Mikel’s.

I mean it is good to support the manager but 3 years for Willian. Come on


How is it the owners are openly being taken for a ride over and over again and not do anything about it. Raul is doing dodgy over inflated deals on transfers. Edu is doing the same but on wages and signing on fees. It doesn’t take a genius to work out. Having such belligerent owners is so frustrating. I can imagine Stan and Josh saying how the fans don’t understand anything and therefore their opinion is COMPLETELY wrong and baseless. Therefore the opposite must be true. I just don’t understand how a family who are in the business of a… Read more »


Well, they’ve certainly splashed the cash this time – I honestly didn’t think they would, do that’s a slice of humble pie I’ve no problem forcing down. What saddens me is that they couldn’t have let Arsene have that sort of financial clout when we were looking to build on the purchases of Ozil and Alexis Sanchez. That side of 2015/16 was achingly close to a serious tilt at the title, just a shame we were continually let down by the clowns in defence. If Leicester City need to thank anyone, it’s them. As usual, we had books to balance… Read more »




Dear Josh,

Where are you now?

Not a chance of another self proclaiming interview?


He’s sunning himself in the Walt Disneyworld Florida with Edu, setting up a brand new merchandising line deal of Granit Xhaka watches. They come with a four year guarantee and the alarm tells you to fuck off.


Blogs, I thought we had figured out how ages work on this site. Isn’t he 33 until his next birthday (at which point he turns 34, but remains at 33 until then)?

Or do ages work differently for him? It would certainly explain a few things…

Flavoured Rice

A problem of our own making. If I have a car that’s costing me an arm and a leg in gas and maintenance each month that I never use and finally end up selling said car after months of stress, do I then go and buy another car just like it? I’d be a fool to.

We didn’t learn from Ozil so does anybody have any genuine faith that Arsenal wouldn’t ditch Willian and then not go and sign a Coutinho on the same wage and be left with another expensive, unmotivated freeloader?


I used to wonder how we could do if we had a player like Willian, working hard down our right flank, and just putting in good crosses consistently for Auba. When we got him i thought he was a good signing, where he can help to share his experience and winner’s mentality, but his performance say otherwise. Did not see the commitment or the fight that he had Chelsea, it seems his motivation level dropped, the only reason he chose us, was for the pay he wouldn’t get anywhere else, and in his personal comfort zone, London.


I’d never thought I’d ever see a signing worse than mikael silvestre.


I am the fan of Corinthians from uterine. Truly, I am. Amd always will be.


Can you come and pick him up?

Not literally – a Morgan Sindall crane would struggle with that – just a quick car lift to the airport.

I’m sure Arsenal will only be too happy to pay your expenses.


Please God let us get rid of this poison. I don’t think I’ve ever dislikes a player as much as Willian, with his sulky face and lack of effort. He clearly never wanted to be here and whatever happens he needs to go. The greedy little parasite won’t want to give up his huge, unearned salary so we’ll probably have to pay to get rid of him, what a fuck up.

Reiss Neverseen vs DicTetaBall

A mess that at least half of the fanbase had enough foresight to see coming.

It genuinely ruined the post FA-Cup buzz for me when I discovered the rumours from a Chelsea fan on YouTube.

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