Tuesday, October 3, 2023

Arteta confirms talks with Wilshere

Mikel Arteta has played down suggestions that Arsenal could re-sign Jack Wilshere but has admitted that he’s talking to his former teammate about the possibility of training with the club.

The Spaniard said last week that the door was always open to the 29-year-old and it appears talks have progressed positively in recent days.

At this point, the key for Arteta is understanding how he can help Wilshere who has been without a club since being released by Bournemouth in the summer.

“We are in conversatons with Jack to understand his needs and what he’s looking for.” he told his pre-Burnley press conference.

“It’s a person and a player that has a huge admiration from everybody, not just the players and the fans but all the staff around here and we are willing to help him as much as we possibly can. He knows that and that’s the situation.

Asked if he might end up representing the club again, he made clear: “I wouldn’t take it that far. What I’m saying is that we are in conversations with him to understand what he needs and how we can help.”

Wilshere came through the ranks at Arsenal to become a regular in Arsene Wenger’s midfield as a teenager. Despite all his fitness problems, the England international went on to make 198 appearances before moving to West Ham United in 2018.

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At this point I would gladly take him back. Or not, I don’t know anymore. At least it would be nostalgic as hell.

Man Manny

This is not a Ronaldo-returning-to-United story.
Wilshere could not cut it at West Ham. He stepped down a level to Bournemouth, the story was the same.
The hand writing is on the wall, I am afraid. We should move on. Arsenal is at a critical point in her history. We are facing a grim battle to return to the top. If players like Xhaka and Elneny are deemed not good enough, how can we make a case for adding Wilshere to the ranks?


Because, for a start, Wilshere is probably better now than Xhaka or Elneny will ever be.


Wilshere couldn’t break into the Bournemouth XI last season despite being fit. There’s a reason he’s without club. Clubs don’t just overlook really good players. Especially really good English players.


What a fairytale it would be if he came back to his best and resigned. A prime Wiltshire and Partey in the centre sounds dreamy. Although unfortunately I can’t see it ever happening


There is never going to be a “Prime Wilshere” please. His best days are behind him don’t get your hopes up for nothing. Even Arteta knows this. All we can do for him now is let him train with the team, a smaller club probably championship level will come looking for him.


Why would he resign when he is at his best? It would be better if he re-signed.


I like the fact that Arteta is looking out for him at least. As a club we used to pride ourselves on doing things with class, something we haven’t seen a lot of since Wenger left. This feels a bit like a return to old values.

Glenn Gomes

Spot on!! One of the reasons I fell in love with Arsenal is Values and morals. Arsene had a huge role, lest we forget

Jordan 23

Our physics are already overworked, especially trying to keep Party fit. Maybe we can rotate them.


We could certainly use some help to work on the chemistry in the team.

Ahem. Oh there’s my coat.

Jordan 23

It’s the spellcheck bro it always wants to spell Partey as Party and now physio as physics. It is doing it again as I type this but I have now corrected it.
Are you guys hot on spelling errors or remarks on Thomas Partey’s appearances?


I think the downvotes are based on the belief that Jack is crocked not spelling errors.

Jordan 23


Parisian Weetabix

I consider it basic etiquette to at least give a cursory glance over anything I’ve written before posting it to try and catch any errors and thus spare those reading from having to decipher them, but hey I’m sure you’re much busier than I am.

Jordan 23

merci a bientot

Jordan 23

I’m an English teacher, so I’m busy with my pupils back at school!


Arsenal for everyone of all academic abilities and disabilities. I know spell check can do that. But I would ask the community not to be too harsh with spelling as many also suffer dyslexia and others may not have same level of education yet their views are just as valid.


Bruv I can’t spell for shit!

Just some friendly fire 😉


Arsenal for everyone of all academic abilities and disabilities. I know spell check can do that. But I would ask the community not to be too harsh with spelling as many also suffer dyslexia and others may not have same level of education yet their views are just as valid.

Jordan 23

On another note Burnley away promises to keep our physics busy!


Jack will be good for this current crop of youngsters, bring him home.

When the prodigal son comes home, you open the door for him before asking questions


Tell that to Wenger re. Fabregas

Jordan 23

Things would have been very different with that signing.


Wilshere left in different circumstances, fabregas forced a move to barca then when they pushed him out he tried come back to us.
Wilshere wasn’t really in the squad and he left arsenal for playing time.

Wrighty’s hats

Agreed. I felt sad when Fabregas was passed over and he went to Chelsea, but I could kind of understand why Wenger did it – we had quite a few solid midfielders at the time (unlike now) (Santi, Rosicky, Ramsey, Arteta, Jack, Ozil, from what I remember but might have forgotten someone), plus he had left us voluntarily at a bit of an inopportune time. Sad for all parties but also just some bad timing. It would have been good if he had come knocking 1 or 2 seasons later than he did, but sometimes these things don’t work out… Read more »


Wilshere in the wheelchair would have more mobility in the middle than xhaka, so i would gladly take him.
And would rather stick with the boys that are proud to play in the jersey rather than throwing it on the ground.
I don’t see it happening tho.


It would be good for the academy if he came and trained while maybe doing some coaching badges. I’d love to see him coaching/manage us in a few years time

Bergkamps boots

Coaching, yea definitely. One of the most technically gifted guys to come through the system, lived and breathed Arsenal. But managing? 😂 Let’s not get too carried away. Mind you, he couldn’t do a worse job than Arteta’s doing.

Crash Fistfight

I reckon Jack would be a bit “blood and thunder” as a manager. Probably not in a good way.


Can’t get my head round there not being a Championship club that would take a punt on a 12 month deal for him…!?

Man Manny

That speaks volumes.

Announce Bendtner

I thought Derby County would have taken him given their situation and collection of free agents. Suspect that type of team would be good for him although who would want to work with Wayne Rooney really?

Let’s just hope no first team players get injured in training. That is the only small risk of having non squad players train.

Wrighty’s hats

I wonder if it might be analogous to hiring someone who’s way overqualified for a job, where the employer runs the risk of making other colleagues uncomfortable about power imbalances and the temptation to arrange things around them despite the (supposed) even-level position they’re in. In other words maybe they think even if he’s still a great player, he carries a lot of baggage and would attract a lot of attention from the press (and I imagine still a barrage of nasty fouls from opposition teams), maybe they think it’s more trouble than it’s worth. Incredibly sad (I love Jack)… Read more »

Thierry Bergkamp (non negotiable)

If he trains and shows more quality than Xhaka, why not give him a short term contract


You have to raise your standards mate.

(Just kiddin’.)

(Or not.)

Thierry Bergkamp (non negotiable)

I thought I just did mate


Don’t compare wilshere to their god Xhaka


You never know!
If he goes there and impresses in training, he could end up with a contract offer of some sort.
I, for one, wouldn’t mind having him back, to be honest

Merlin’s Panini

I have a huge soft spot for Jack but any re-signing has to be for the benefit of the club first. If not pay as you play the risk might be too high. If he could manage with that for a year and prove he can maintain fitness (which is a big ask) maybe he’d be worth a year/two year contract. Maybe. I’d love it to work out like that but not banking on it.


I think this is positive. He’s not coming with there being a contract, he’s coming to stay fit and hopefully show someone that he can add value.

If, it turns out that Jack is able to regain his best form, and impress enough that we think, maybe he could help us out, I don’t doubt for a second that Mikel would sign him, even if to just provide cover and experience to the younger players.

Good news all round I think.

Man Manny

Jack will not regain his best form. This romance is not worth it.


In any case having Jack back training with the first team would be beneficial for some of the youngsters.


The skill never leaves you, its just pace and fitness that surrender to age. (And concentration levels with goal keepers)

That said, Jack may be no spring chicken, but he’s certainly still young enough to consider – IF his pace and fitness are up to Premiership standard.


If we are making him a set of keys to the building, let’s get another copy made for Santi Cazorla…just in case.


The state the club is in at the moment, we could do (and in the case of Xhaka and Elneny are doing) a lot worse.

Give youth a chance

If nothing else, Wilshere would provide an example of the importance of looking after your body as a professional athlete


Jack is a real talent and maybe he just needs some regular training in a supportive environment to rediscover some of that talent.

Give him the time and maybe, just maybe, we can have a very useful, homegrown player who will give his all for the club, supporters and teammates.

Poopy pants

I bet he would still do a better job than Xhaka.


Bring jack in purely for motivation ahead of the nld- in fact, use him to get the fans going in the ground with a call and response chant about shit.

Group Captain Mandrake

I wouldn’t have a problem bringing him back. At this point in his career, anything Arsenal gets from him would be a bonus because of the low expectations. He also probably wouldn’t cost much money unless they throw Willian money at him (you never know with this club).


How much conversations and negotiation can this possibly take? Don’t tell me agents are involved…..

Murphy was an Arsenal Fan

By any stretch of reality or imagination, Wilshere’s playing days are far, far behind him. That said, though, there is no reason why he couldn’t be around the club to help the younger teams. From what we knew before, he was doing his pro-coaching badges with the BFG, wasn’t he?

Bergkamps boots

I like the idea that the club are looking after one of the boys, but we really shouldn’t sign him, which means we’ll definitely sign him up and waste another spot on the squad list.


If Arteta wants to transition to a 4-3-3 with one holding defensive midfielder (e.g. Partey) and two attack mind central midfielders (e.g. Smith-Rowe and Odegaard), Wilshere would be a good depth signing for the later two. Otherwise, I struggle to see where Wilshere fits in


I prefer to let the past be the past.

Wilshere was a great servant of the Wenger era when his body could still handle the rigours and his technique could shine. I’ll never forget how he stood toe-to-toe with the Barca midfield, and Pep threw sour grapes in the post-match. Plus that goal of the season.

My wish for the club and Wilshere is that the relationship continues to be strong and that he finds a natural place at the club when the time is right. Perhaps in the coaching team or working with the youth players.


A touch of class from arsenal. Glad to see that at least sometimes, people are still prized more than winning.

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