Saturday, July 2, 2022

Arteta praises Nketiah professionalism and explains Patino absence

Eddie Nketiah blew off the cobwebs to score with a cheeky backheel finish as Arsenal beat AFC Wimbledon 3-0 at the Emirates to set up a fourth-round Carabao Cup clash with Leeds United.

After the game, the boss was full of praise for the 22-year-old striker who came very close to leaving the club this summer.

“I think Eddie gives us a lesson every day in his professional should live in this job,” Arteta told his post-game press conference.

“There’s been a lot of speculation around him, a lot of debate but he’s got his head down and trained harder than anyone else, he looks after himself and he supports all his team-mates in any circumstance.

“So I am so happy for him, and it’s no coincidence that he’s able to perform at that level and physically how he manages the game, because he trains the best every day, so I am delighted for him.”

Alex Lacazette’s early penalty, awarded for a foul on Gabi Martinelli, and substitute Emile Smith Rowe’s scruffy finish had earlier set the Gunners on their way on a night when fringe players were given opportunities to impress.

In the build-up to the game, there had been suggestions that 17-year-old Academy midfielder Charlie Patino might make the squad. It wasn’t to be, but the boss made clear his time will come.

“He was very close, but we decided as well that some players needed minutes and it will happen naturally in time,” explained Arteta.

“Charlie has been good, he’s trained more and more with us and played a practice game at Colney and he was really good. Again, give him time and we will prepare him.”

After a third win on the trot, the Spaniard was also pleased that his side continued to build momentum heading into Sunday’s huge north London derby.

“It’s really important because confidence raises competition and brings the best out of you, when you have difficult moments,” he said.

“Now the boys have won three matches in a row so credit for how they have handled that situation and now they are really looking forward to playing on Sunday, which is the biggest day of the season for us so far at home.”

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Charlie Patino. Remember the name.

Tomaury Bischfeld

Gedion Zelalem : Remember the name?


says Tomaury Bischfeld, lol.

A Voice in the Noise

Had completely forgotten about Zelalem!
Boy, the hype surrounding him at the time was huge. Nimble midfielder, slick passing ability and good vision.
Playing in NYFC now, I see. Shame it didn’t work out for him in English football.


Not playing much at all for NYCFC. Did ever get hurt?


Yes, he had a number of small injuries with Arsenal, and then a big knee injury. Ruptured ligaments.

Azeez Is Good

We don’t ask for much as Arsenal fans.

Just that Arteta plays every promising youth player we have while getting us top 4.

Come on Mikel. Hutchinson and Patino to start against Sp*rs. And if we lose, you’re shit.

Toucan Sam

THIS! We’re a fickle bunch.


Hutchinson is not even in the top 5 talent we have coming out of hale end right now..


Who do you reckon are the top five talents then Harry, serious question, because I think that Hutchinson is top class?

Johnny 4 Hats

I’d have to go –

Felix Congregation – Current u7’s goalkeeper
Armstrong Dèlight – Ball playing wing back for the u9’s
Fenwick Resonate – Luxury DM – u11’s B team
Gerard Cho – Back up u7’s goalkeeper (can play rush)
Lando Crispin – u12’s uniquely talented CB/CF

But that’s just off the top of my head…

Crash Fistfight

No Splendiferous Finch?


Injured. Three months.

Splendiferous Finch

It’s actually 10 weeks.



Crash Fistfight

Except I don’t think anyone is asking to play those two in a PL game (or any game against top opposition). It would be nice to see them given a run out against a League One side.

If the football wasn’t so horrendously toothless we might be able to get a few goals up in games like this and be able to bring them on.


Ah, I love the smell of someone failing to understand comic parameters in the morning.


Jermaine Pennant.

Remember the Jeremy Kyle guest name.


Great player..he can drag a lamppost for miles (when drunk)

Alan Buckley

Fran Merida


Serge Gnabry – why oh why!?!



Corona XY

Remember the Dench!


Lovely finish by Eddie.

Bring on Sunday when we beat the tar out of those whose name I refuse to type.

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

Shii-it! There, I typed it for you.

Once a gunner

Decent result


It has been decades since it has been this tough to watch an Arsenal game. Honestly can’t remember the last time I literally couldn’t find a means to do it. A 2-min highlight package was the best I could find.

The Arsenal

There’s more highlight’s of Arteta (Still got it) training with the squad than the game itself.


4 minute highlight package on


To be fair £10 a ticket and a pretty much full house says to me that it isn’t a bad idea? Of course it’s a bit shit for overseas fans and people who can’t get there.

Diaby's Left Peg

Good crowd in, but the club should at least be allowed to stream games no broadcaster is showing.

The Beast

Agreed. If you’re in London it was a relatively cheap night out. If not, you’re watching 2 mins of highlights with no commentary.


What was ridiuclous was that there was absolutely no TV coverage whatsoever. I have access to streams, IPTV and the lot…

The only thing I could find was a lad who was streaming the match from the stadium onto twitter with his phone.. 😀 And then 2 minute highlight package of the goals. I thought it was Sambi who did the flick because it was so grainy.


Harks back to old days of getting snippets via the radio fuzz on 693


Peter Jones, Bryon Butler, Alan Green and Mike Ingham on BBC Radio.

“We welcome World Service listeners, wherever you are, to a small patch of green down by the Trent in Nottinghamshire, where Nottingham Forest are trailing Arsenal to a fine goal, created by Liam Brady and finished off by Frank Stapleton….”

Better days.

That is fabulous…..I used to watch matches on the radio….the marathon FA Cup semi final against Liverpool…..and when Paul Vassen scored the winner against Juventus….I never saw those games until YouTube and my memories were if I had seen them at the time…..Christ some of the radio commentary was so exciting….if the reception was poor you would shit yourself if it dropped and you were waiting for it to come back……MACDONALD Goal……


1500m in my day


What do you expect?

We’re a mid table outfit who no longer play in Europe. Our stock has fallen considerably We’re just not that important to the broadcasters anymore.

Time to get real, boys and girls.

We’re currently ‘The Arsenal’ in name only.


Still have a huge following in the USA and ESPN couldn’t grace us with coverage? MU, TaterTots in Purple outfits and Chelski was all


The trouble is, me old mate, all the teams you mention finished above us last season and are currently above us now as well – purple kits or no purple kits.

(Yes, the Spuds away kit is both suitably hilarious and putrid in equal measure)

A Different George

Those purple kits are pretty funny. Worse than Man United’s drunk-Juve stripes.


The explanation for Patino’s absence was horrible tbh.

Wrighty's hats

I think it’s reasonable to protect him, if that’s even what it is, at a time when we are desperate for a proper run of results and when the majority of this lineup is made up of senior team players who haven’t been able to get PL minutes. Let him play when the pressure hanging over the team/club isn’t boiling and he can show us what he’s got then. There are plenty of games in the season ahead.


The massive demand for his inclusion from the fans seems a bit mental to me. We’ve all seen a few videos in YouTube and decided he must play! Arteta et al are working with these players daily. No doubt he wants to give a chance, but he is correct that senior players need game time.

This is one of the unfortunate consequences of being out of Europe.


Huh? Patino is a central midfielder. I understand giving Partey 60 minutes for the sake of his fitness, but I’m not sure how ESR and Lokonga “need game time”. They already play almost every game. Speaking of the other “senior players”, they’re either guys who are on their way out or have just played in three of the worst games I’ve watched as members of one of the worst defensive units I can remeber. I’m not opposed in using them in games like this, but they certainly don’t “need game time” yet – Cedric and Mari need game time never.… Read more »


An injury, COVID case or suspension and we’ll need some of these guys to step into the first team and perform. They do need these games to stay (get) sharp.


It’s also a chance for everyone to form partnerships and get a better understanding of each other and since we generally have 1 game per week not a bad idea in my book. Let’s concentrate on the first team .then we can worry about the next steps and the Hale End Wizards that are coming through


> Arteta et al are working with these players daily.

He also worked with Willian daily.

Not that I care about him anymore, but this appeal to authority doesn’t hold. AKB is still a few years and trophies from being a thing.

The Beast

Is it? Why’s that?


I was more concerned Xhaka did not play. Makes him a def for Sunday. Can’t wait till his regular dopey play leaves us shorthanded.


He was serving the last match of his 3 game ban because of his red against City..


Good win. Another clean sheet. Partey, Lokonga, Nuno and ESR apparently did really well. Beautiful strike from Nketiah. Another clean sheet. Good win. And about all this talk of a Saka’s from slumping. Against Norwich, Partey finds him, he controls the pass with a defender hanging all over him, he breaks free, attacks their defense and finds Pepe which leads to the goal. Against Burnley, Odegaard finds him with an excellent defense splitting pass. He drives at the defense and gets brought down with a professional foul. His play has led to both our goals in our last two victories.… Read more »


Don’t forget another clean sheet.

Laca New Signing

And a Good Win 😁

Old Stimmo

Is hard to find

The Beast

Thought he was on another level to everyone else when he came on.

Wimbledon could’ve been tiring
but he effortlessly made us look 10 times more dangerous.


Agree, Bakayo comes on and we improve in attack immediately, his control and weight of pass led to our two late goals. Lokonga was excellent as well, really enjoyed watching him.

Wrighty's hats

Just goes to show how influential he is, I think! It can be argued that his performances recently have been below his usual standard – but only because the standard we compare them to, which is based on his past performances, is so high! Like you said though, instrumental to us getting points, even if the stats aren’t saying ‘assists’ in so many words. I really hope the staff are managing him appropriately and not tempted to overplay him – don’t want him to get tired and jaded after the long year he’s had. At the same time, I’m sure… Read more »


👊 what he said


Patino’s absence and subsequent explanation is fine. But what’s bothering me is Arteta hasn’t been looking at our youth at all, Balogun has been the only debut under Artetas management in more than 20 months, and that was a ploy to get his contract extension.

The other worrying thing is, our U23 is too strong to be playing against kids, most of the players in that squad should be playing senior football at lower levels. We should have loaned out atleast another 4 players in that squad.


So who would you have played/taken out?

David Hiller's luggage

For those clamouring after Patino, the U23s are playing at the Emirates on Friday 1st October, tickets are cheap and there should be a host of other exciting young talent playing (including Hutchinson, Taylor-Hart, Salah-Eddine and Biereth) in addition to Patino. I’m sure the players would appreciate the support too!




“I think Eddie gives us a lesson every day in his professional should live in this job,” Arteta told his post-game press conference.

what the heck does this mean? i have a feeling arseblog didn’t transcribe it correctly


He’s Spanish mate


No run out for xhAka, so I assume we won’t see him in the derby game this weekend.


He was banned for this game… He’ll be back on Sunday. HOPEFULLY ON THE BENCH else the Artetaout gremlin in me is going to start clawing it’s way out.


Ah did not know he could not play. He can’t play Sunday without proper “match fitness”, correct? please say yes…


Yeah, he actually out for Sunday too: A severe case of Chronic mediocrity.


Looking forward to smashing Sp**s out of the park this weekend. Come onnnnn!!!!!

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