Tuesday, December 6, 2022

Video: Arsenal 1-0 Norwich ‘On the whistle’

Arsenal beat Norwich 1-0 at the Emirates today, James was there, and here are his on the whistle thoughts.

Read the report here.

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James. 🙌 Next week step two. 🙌

Johnny 4 Hats

Has James finally joined AA? About time. He was really spiralling. I mean that whole magpie thing? You could hear him mentally unravelling. Heartbreaking.

Hang in there James. One day at a time. You’ve got this.


They showed the goal on the Sky website, and it became obvious why it wasn’t given offside. Auba wasn’t offside when Pepe’s first shot it the left hand post, though he may have been when Pepe’s second shot hit the right hand post. However, the ball went back to Pepe for the second time, and when Pepe stretched forward to play the ball across the goal, the ball travelled sideways to Auba, so at that point, Auba was not offside, as the ball has to be played forwards for someone to be offside.

Naked Cygan

given our bad luck and worse record with VAR I was 99.999999999% sure they would rule it out….no matter what….. They fking always do…..
The VAR is always…does it benefit ArsenaL? if (Yes) then let’s screw with them.

Naked Cygan

It was Norwich at home, but any day we win and sp*rs lose same day is an amazing day. Love it!!


Nice summary


Great day overall with the exception of the Ronaldo show. I’m not sure what was more inevitable:

1) Ronaldo scoring 2 gimmes, exposing his neck and making the occasion all about him

2) A Steve Bruce led Newcastle side bending over and presenting themselves for the pleasure of Manchester United

3) Or the sickening amount of jizz produced by pundits in which we are all now drowning.

Morrisey fan #1

Newcastle had chances and played ok, think the score line wasn’t reflective of what I saw (granted it was highlights)

cranky Colin

With regard to MOTD……. simply switch off when the Utd game comes on.
Have absolutely nothing to do with that kind of thing.


“Arsenal have won a game of football. This is not a drill. This is the real thing”. ha ha ha .. Quality.


The idiot groves says shouldnt have stood (under the old rules) He’s a bit like Merson.. Anti Arsenal. Old farts

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