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Ramsdale aiming to keep Arteta happy

Aaron Ramsdale says he’s focused on keeping Mikel Arteta happy as he looks to build on his strong start to life at Arsenal.

Handed the opportunity to usurp Bernd Leno as the club’s first-choice keeper, the 23-year-old hasn’t disappointed since making his debut against West Brom in the Carabao Cup in August. He’s yet to taste defeat in any of the seven games he’s started and has four clean sheets to his name.

While the summer signing is enjoying the rapport he’s building with the supporters, in an interview with the AFC Wimbledon website, conducted after watching his old team lose 2-0 to Wigan at Plough Lane, he made clear he can’t rest on his laurels.

“Yes, that’s it,” said Ramsdale when it was put to him that he has to stay humble.

“It could quite easily be taken away, just as quickly as I got in. For me, it’s to stay in the team week-by-week and keep producing good performances which the team and the staff are happy with.

“That’s all I’m bothered about. I’m loving the connection I’ve got with the fans there, like I did here, but ultimately, they are not the ones picking the team. If I keep the manager happy, which I’m doing now, I’ll be doing well.”

Ramsdale also took a moment to reflect on his first trip to AFC Wimbledon’s new home. He played 23 times for the Dons after being loaned out by Bournemouth in 2019.

“I’ve loved it,” he said. “It’s a first for me to be at the stadium, but also, it’s been a long time for me to be able to just watch a game.

“To just watch a game is enjoyable for me! Of course, the result was a bit disappointing, but to see some familiar faces, have some good chats and to see the new home – the new home is excellent! My Dad was in the stand too, so there was a fair few of us here! It’s been good.”

Having won over Arteta, Ramsdale is expected to be given a breather for tomorrow night’s Carabao Cup game with Leeds United.

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I am very impressed by Ramsdale’s performances so far and I am one of those who was not happy with his signing. Hope he continues like this till we win the Champions League in 202e

Hank Scorpio

Likewise. He’s been most impressive. Hopefully he can keep this up. Keeping aside, I’m also enjoying the infectious energy / enthusiasm he brings to the team


I <3 this boy.


I’m not sure what he can do to lose his spot now.

His keeping is good and his distribution is miles ahead of Leno.


And he wants to be here…


Very important.

He gives off this “I am happy to be here” vibe.


This is the biggest thing about these young guys that have come in. You can see Ed Sheeran Ramsdale, Tomi, Sambi, White, Gabriel and Tavares, which is similar to ESR, Saka and Tierney – they all want to be a part of this project and are just happy and stoked to be playing and learning. They are giving their all, playing for the team, the fans, the coach and the shirt. We’ve had too many mercenaries in our team for too long that are simply playing for their contract. That crowd is all excuses and bluster. These youngsters are owning… Read more »


I was really upset when we sold Emi and reinstated Leno as No 1, because Emi could play out and distribute the ball and Leno is so limited and a sort of Magnolia player. Emi whined and moaned and has ended up being so annoying that he can absolutely fuck off. Ramsdale has come in and does all the things Emi can do and more, plus he’s an amazing character and I really love him now, so it’s all worked out beautifully in the end.


What did Emi say, I feel as though I’ve missed this? I read his comments last week (which is I presume what led to the booing?), and although all the press jumped on the “they didn’t deserve me” line, the rest of the interview actually wasn’t particularly bad, and the ‘they’ definitely seemed more aimed at the manager/ owners rather than the club/ fans. He’s been a bit ott with the interviews, but I’ve not seen anything particularly snide; did I just miss it? I was a bit disappointed in the booing, I’d have thought someone would have to do… Read more »


Other than age I’d take Martinez over ramsdale due to his physical stature. Still, very happy with Ramsdale. He goes all out. That is someone I can get behind.


Gotta say Emi’s behavior towards Arsenal since he was sold ended most of my regrets… and the arrival of Ramsdale did the rest.

Aaron becoming England’s no. 1 goalkeeper for the next 10 years – not that unlikely given the state of competition – would be the perfect icing on the cake.

Heavenly Chapecoense

No, Ramsdale can’t do everything Emi does. Emi stops more PKs and normally unstoppable shots.

Pastor Simon

Above ur talents, you need a good character to succeed in life.

Ramsdale is a fantastic lad with loads of talents. I had mixed reaction about his signing but sincerely I am happy that it works out for us though still early days


thank you pastor


thank you pastor


thank you pastor


Thank you Pastor Simon


Totally proven me wrong. Really rate him so far. Credit where it’s due, our summer signings where some great bits of business. Nuno also really stepping up, great option while Tierney’s in a somewhat slump


Wenger used to say that you need four top centre backs to be competitive. We’re lacking in that department though a certain Saliba can remedy part of that

Heavenly Chapecoense

Selling Guendouzi was a mistake. He is proving a great asset for Marseille. Being on the bench for the french national team is an honor he shares with players like Martial, Dembele, Coman and Kounde.



A Different George

I have not seen Marseille play this year, but Guendouzi consistently gets high ratings on WhoScored, as does Saliba. Mavropanos even higher in Germany. And, recently, Mustafi has done very well in Spain. So three centre halves and a number 6/8 just waiting for Aresnal to sign/re-sign/cancel their loans.

King 14enry

Not sure there are many players that aspire to be compared to Martial. Weird point, sir.


Selling Guendouzi was no mistake. Posting photos on Instagram about your poxy beach holiday after your teammates just won the FA Cup against Chelsea – now, that was a mistake.


He hasn’t been great for Marseille, a few good games in the bunch like when he played for us…and I’d imagine he’s probably still a prick!


Can we run a sweepstake on how many days it will be before he’s dropped by Marseilles for his poor attitude/indiscipline/fighting with a teammate/inappropriate comments to media or opponent? I certainly wouldn’t go any higher than 30 days. Well rid.


Why were people so against Ramsdale coming to Arsenal? Serious question. He cost half of Whites price tag(if money was the issue), distributed and keeped well at previous clubs and seems to be a solid human.

Hank Scorpio

He was seemingly expensive for a young keeper who had done ok but not great for 2 relegated teams (not that relegation was his doing obviously). There was no indication either that Leno was going to be imminently replaced. I think he’s worth more already than what we paid for him.


He has been in relegation battles each season he has played and been relegated three times. So on the surface it didn’t look good for him.

Though most of us didn’t know that much about him in any detail.

John C

Because they’re stupid.

As i said at the time, the same people that were against Ramsdale because he had been relegated were the same people who were cheerleaders for Buendia despite the fact he had been relegated. The fact is that teams generally get relegated because they have poor attacks not a poor defence.


because people like to think of themselves as Jonathan Wilson type football galaxy brains when really they see ‘Sheffield United – relegated’ and think that tells them all they need to know.


I just need to come to the defence of the doubters (me included). I was against the purchase of Ramsdale, as I’d seen him play a fair few times. He made some outstanding saves in that time – but also made a few howlers. There was nothing in my experience that suggested to me he was a £20million plus keeper. Added to that, we didn’t face any stiff competition for his signature from any of our rivals. So, we were basing our approach on the scouting of our goalkeeping coach (the guy that brought us Runarsson). I’m absolutely delighted to… Read more »


I think we all thought he was coming to be a back up. In which case it was a lot for someone who will scarcely ever play. What we didn’t see was that he was a significant upgrade on Leno and as such is excellent value.

A Different George

I fairness, no one who thought about it believed he was being bought as a long-term back up. The surprise is only that he became the regular number 1 this season instead of next. I think most of the negative stuff involved attacking the decision to let Martinez go last year.

Group Captain Mandrake

I think part of it was that Arsenal sold Emi Martinez for less than they bought Ramsdale. If they had kept Emi and made him starter, then the Ramsdale fee could have been spent on a midfielder. I’m happy they signed him because he’s worked out really well, but I can say that I was a bit annoyed that they had to spend money to replace a player they could have kept.


One another note.

What a game Saliba had yesterday vs PSG!

Hank Scorpio

Absolutely bossed Mbappe

Alan Sunderland

Anyone know Saliba’s contract situation. Has he been signing extensions before going on loan.

Alan Sunderland

From what I could find out after this season he has 2 years left at 40k a week. Looks like when he comes back if he refuses to sign an extension we sell him. Would be a shame if he never plays a game for us, which is looking very likely at this point

John C

Why is it unlikely he’ll ever play a game for us? If i were him i’d be delighted that Arsenal had sent me out on loan to get the first team experience i needed and not have me sitting on the bench waiting for a league cup match.

Saliba’s performance on the weekend was vindication of how the club has managed his progression not a stick to beat it with.

Alan Sunderland

If he doesn’t sign an extension it’s likely he’ll be sold with a year left on his deal. If that’s the case he plays for us for a season. It wasn’t a stick to beat the club with, was just wondering if his contract was extended each time he left on loan.

VAR will solve all the problems

Amazing! Watching Man Ure getting thumped at their own place got me so hyped (yes nothing like laughing at other teams’ miseries when your own team wrapped up 3 points with a convincing performance)…I wanted more of the same for big teams in Europe. And Marsellie didn’t disappoint. If Saliba can boss players like Messi and Mbappe… I have no doubt that he can boss any players in Premiere league. That last ditch tackle on Mbappe when he was through on goal was something else. We need at least 4 super quality CBs to provide competition. As much as I… Read more »


But what about Leno?

It’s going to be very interesting to see what Leno does now. With a World Cup next year our German friend needs first-team football to stand any chance of making it to Qatar.

I think he could be gone in January.


I think so too, it would be a big risk not to replace him, but with no Europe we only need a backup keeper in case of the worst. If hein can do a job I’d say keep him as second fiddle unless we can get a cheap old man keeper like the rest of the big teams do.


Hein and Okonkwo are great prospects. Hein in particular looks ready to step up as a #2. I’d be happy to keep Leno around as backup the rest of the season and loan Hein out to a championship team that desperately needs a GK upgrade. Sell Leno in the summer and bump Hein up to #2 with that experience under his belt and Okonkwo as #3. Our academy is producing right now, let’s support it.

A Different George

I’ve only seen Hein play for Estonia (that’s why I watched). Pretty good mostly, but nothing like ready for the Premier League. Needs a loan in League One or Championship.


I have only seen Okonkwo once but, to me, he looked to be at Runarsson levels of ´not ready’ or worse.

Ben EagerBeaver

Still feel for Leno though. Anyway, it is what it is.


He opened the exit door himself by not only refusing to commit to a contract, but openly talking about a future elsewhere. Add to that his average season-long form (and limitations – poor distribution, decision making and command/leadership). The era of overpaid semi-committed mercenaries at Arsenal should well and truly have run its course.


I remember this girl I was ‘dating’ back when I was younger telling me that “she’s confused” (meaning there was someone else in the picture) and I spent good 1.5 years trying to unconfuse her.

Should have just done what Arteta did with Ramsdale: “Okay, I’ll find someone else”


Yup. Mine was called Ellen Cox


Same as mine


Future in broadcasting


Impressed with him. Leno is as good shot-stopper, even better maybe, but Ramsdale communicate with his defense much better.
Loved ManU got battered yesterday, but can’t help fearing our next visit to Anfield. We’ re a better team than last year, but so are they and to be honest, Arteta is not better than Solskjaer tactially. We are rock bottom in pressing game in PL…

A Different George

I think the comparison is absurd. Arteta has a pretty clear plan on how to play–it may not work, but there’s obviously a plan that the players are supposed to carry out. Man United are all over the map. Anyone who saw Luke Shaw play for England and then yesterday against Liverpool could tell that he had no idea what he was supposed to be doing. Not failing to do it–no idea what he was supposed to do.

The Beast

Hasn’t always worked out for us but I’m not sure how you can compare the pressing we did against Villa to whatever it was Utd was trying to do on Sunday.

I have this feeling that each time he doesn’t keep a clean sheet, his entire back four go to sleep the next few nights with their eyes open.

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