Thursday, December 2, 2021

Smith Rowe: I want to stay forever

You can’t fault Emile Smith Rowe’s enthusiasm. Having just signed a new long-term deal at the club, the midfielder is looking even further into the future having declared he’d love to remain at Arsenal until the end of his career.

Only 21-years-old, that could, all going well, be another 15 years at the club.

“If Arsenal want me for the rest of my career, then I am going to stay here forever,” he told the Evening Standard.

“It is always difficult [to stay at one club], but for me personally I’d love to be here forever.”

Such comments certainly give context to how doomed Aston Villa’s summer pursuit of Smith Rowe was from the start.

Tonight’s opponents, in advance of being flush with cash from Jack Grealish’s sale to Manchester City, twice lodged bids for the Academy graduate much to the surprise of officials at the Emirates.

“For me it was easy [to sign a new contract with Arsenal],” said Smith Rowe.

“Obviously it didn’t look like that from the outside, it looked quite difficult.

“For me, playing for Arsenal, growing up an Arsenal fan and my family around me, it was easy. Growing up in London, I didn’t want to move out of London. It was probably one of the easiest decisions I’ve made.”

On Thursday, Mikel Arteta said Smith Rowe is “a big part of what we’re trying to do and our future”. The player himself is desperate to bring the good times back to N5.

“Hopefully [win] some trophies,” he replied when asked about his aims.

“I think that’s what it is about really, creating the memories. Definitely [winning] the Premier League would be great with Arsenal. Representing my country is definitely a dream as well, no matter what game.”

First loves rarely last. Most Gooners will be hoping this one does.

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How could you not love ESR?

Johnny 4 Hats

Even Dean Smith says he still loves him, when he rings him up drunk and crying at 2am every other night…


What a dreamboat!!

Brazilian gooner

One season of first team football and seems like he already is the most established player in the squad. such a personality and will to make things happen


Skilful, quick, bright, makes a difference and will improve.

And loves our club, hard not to love him too.


Keep on your current upward arc ESR.
There’s a lot of love for how you do what you do.

The Only Olivier is Giroud

I love ESR, I honestly do, but it’s a sad reminder of the current reality when a 21 year old commits his entire career to us, his aim is to “win a few trophies”. Between all the financially doped clubs and our 100% kroenke setup, winning the PL during any time in the next 15 years seems like a total flight of fancy.

I don’t mean this as a bash of the Club- you could be the most well oiled machine and you’d be bulldozed by limitless money nation states.

The Beast

Completely agree. I find it odd that everyone (gov, prem league, FA & supporters) were united in their opposition to the ESL (rightfully so) as it goes against the spirit of competition, yet no one seems to think reforming requirements for ownership is a priority. It’s not exactly the same but surely allowing nation states with limitless funds to own clubs erodes competition & sets the example that no matter how well you try to run a club sustainably, the only way you’re gonna be able to compete at the elite level is if a regime picks your club at… Read more »


Do you think the gov, prem league or FA give two shits about “he spirit of competition”. The only thing any of those give a shit about is their product and the cash that flows into it. They wouldn’t be in control of the ESL and its proceeds

The Beast

Yeah, agreed. I was probably giving them way to much credit when I said I find it odd. What I should’ve said is I find it massively hypocritical.

Brady’s bunch

Look the chances of us competing for the league left with Arsene even though he had lost ground and momentum to his rivals he alone was the draw for big players/sponsors. Our current setup is a lovely idea to bring in young players from the academy and other clubs but in doing so you put off winning anything by a least five years and by then your looking at a situation that the goalposts have been moved further away. Our structure/management is not at the level it should be.


I get what you mean, but:

1) the Kroenkes are also billionaires

2) Sovereign wealth funds/dictators etc. also have financial and political limits, as little as these are covered in the footballing press

3) More money does not buy you more quality to an infinite level.

This doesn’t excuse the flood of dubious cash into football, but I think the club has played the “poor rich London club” card for way too long. The league’s getting competitive, so compete.

The Beast

In terms of football, what are the financial & political limits?

City’s already shown us that FFP is basically pointless


Everyone says that until they finally leave one day you can ask Messi.

The Beast

To be fair to Messi, that really wasn’t down to him

Red Cannon

Also, most people actually don’t say that.

A Different George

Barcelona literally was not allowed to re-sign him.

The Beast

Exactly. If barca hadn’t been pissing away money over the last 5 or so years, they’d have been able to keep him.

I’m right in thinking he agreed to a pay cut but la liga rules didn’t allow a pay cut by the amount they needed?

Jonas Hallberg

If he emulates Messi, i.e. leaves at 34 after more than 15 years of immense success, on a personal and club level, I think I’d take it. Let PSG have him in 2033 or whatever 🙂


What a wonderful player he and Saka are. I only hope the owners can build the type of club that will allow them to achieve their aims. “Hope is a good thing.”


With every day that passes, I love him a little bit more!


What an easy player to love.


Even in this area with Odegaard there is insufficient competition. ESR is key for us but we should still have added more experience. Across the attacking mid there is room for one more (prob in the wide area to push Pepe) Saka can play both flanks but I would like someone with a bit of experience to help. Odegaard, Snith-Rowe, Saka, Martinelli are all relatively inexperienced. Pepe on form is great but he rarely sustains. Even with those options I would consider a Neres or Anthony from Ajax say out wide or maybe even go back in for Aouar who… Read more »


I’m a long time lurker and never contribute… but thought I’d chip in to say I don’t understand why you get mostly downvotes – I quite like reading your insights and mostly agree with your opinions


The reason why players don’t make sweeping statements in the media such as “I’d like to stay forever” is because creating doubt can help negotiate bigger and better deals(remember Sanchez and Ozil?). I’d love to be in a world where being honest, display integrity and deliver performance leads to the right value appreciation from a monetary perspective. However, it seems that organisations are driven by the notion of scarcity, and most often the best negotiators get better deals than those best deserving. I hope this admission of honesty is taken in the right sense by the club and when the… Read more »


His agent is probably unhappy

Parlour's Pay Packet

My heart

Jonas Hallberg

Maybe the most consistent offensive player so far right? Haven’t always (but often) been brilliant but haven’t really had a real clunker like many (all?) of the others. Have always been my favorite style-wise of the young guns since he broke thru!


His goal tally will continue to improve when our team plays better attacking football. He has the right ingredients to be a regular scorer.

Viju Jacob

For him to achieve his potential, playing under Arteta doesn’t help, so for ESR’s sake either Arteta should change OR change Arteta because he doesn’t have a bone of attacking mindset in him. The odd NLD wins won’t paper over cracks

Finsbury Park Gooner

This guy is a fucking Rolls Royce footballer and has every chance to be a true legend of this club.


Just give him the statue already


Love his amazing energy!

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