Friday, December 8, 2023

Arsenal v Barcelona Femeni kickoff moved forward to 7pm

Arsenal Women’s Champions League game against Barcelona Femeni at Emirates Stadium will now kick off at 7pm at Emirates Stadium on Thursday, 9th December.

The original kickoff time was set to be 8pm and with West Ham and Tottenham playing home European fixtures on the same night, the Safety Advisory Group were set to cap the attendance at Emirates Stadium to 10,000.

Arsenal have nearly sold that number of tickets already before their more pro-active marketing activations in the coming weeks and have agreed to move the kickoff to 7pm on Thursday, 9th December to avoid that 10,000 cap.

Tickets are on general sale for this game here for £12 adults and £6 concessions.

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Let’s get them


7pm kickoff is much better than 8pm on a school night for kids. I am going with wife and boy. BUT I really really hate the fact that my £30 ticketts ( 12+12+6 ) attract £6.95 in fees. That is a 23.166% inclrease. Just to be clear I am paying 23% extra on top of the ticket price. How the heck is that acceptable . Just price the tickets transparently . It’s almost like they cant help themselves adding spurious fees as you progress througgh the shoping basket. Just price the tickets at £15 + £15 and £6. 23% in… Read more »

Fun Gunner

Agree on both points. Re the start time, if the FA and TV companies and the clubs want to increase the fan base, they need to think of these factors. It also makes a big difference if you are coming in from outside London on a weeknight because you can stay till the end *and* be sure of getting home at a reasonable hour with work the next day.


Why is there a 2-month or so break between the first and second CL tie? It makes no sense–bizarre! Why must every competition in soccer drag on for many months? Get on with it. The teams should play the first leg, wait a wee, play the second and be done with it. Champions League, WC qualification, Euro qualification, etc.—they all go on for FAR too long.

Tim Stillman

It’s a group stage this year, so there have been three other group stage games since we first played Barca.


Thanks–but all of these tournaments/competitions are ridiculous. There are too many teams and they take far too long to complete–and they keep expanding Champions League. They should take the league winners, play a single elimination tourney and be done with it. But no: Let’s include the 2nd and 3rd-place teams from every league–of which there are many, play two ties for every match–and drag this out for year. Absurd.

Peter Story Teller

You’ve entirely missed the point, mate! You are looking at it from a football perspective when in reality it is all about the money! I agree there far too many games. Ok it is interesting to see how we compare to Barcelona, Lyon or Wolfsburg etc. but there are so many teams involved that are simply not in the same league of ability, fitness or professionalism and get hammered in every game. I know it’s not their fault and they try their best for the stage of development that they are at but it doesn’t present the spectacle that the… Read more »


Not sure I understand the 10,000 cap and how Sp*rs and West Ham have anything to do with a game at the Emirates…

Is it a traffic issue?

Peter Story Teller

Probably security because the same Met. Police officers cannot be in 3 places at once. If we packed the Emirates then the number of police we would need would mean there would be no one left for the other matches.
If these were Premier League or men’s Champions or Europa League games where the stadia were likely to be near capacity they would be held on different days and not just an hour or so apart.



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