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Jonas Eidevall reacts to 3-0 victory over HB Koge (including goals)

Arsenal were 3-0 winners in the Champions League at home to Koge on Wednesday evening, putting them within a point of qualification for the quarter finals. Goals from Caitlin Foord, Lotte Wubben-Moy and Vivianne Miedema sealed the points. Jonas Eidevall and Lotte Wubben-Moy spoke to the press post-match, the first three questions are from Arseblog News.

On whether Mana Iwabuchi, Simone Boye or Tobin Heath will be available for Sunday’s game at Manchester United…
I don’t know yet but Mana has been playing with a small issue since our game against West Ham which is why she has not had many minutes recently, Simone has been out with a minor injury since the last Champions League game. Tobin has not been able to return properly. We will keep assessing those players and make a decision closer to the weekend. Tobin’s injury is an odd one because it’s such a small injury but it’s just a case of bringing her back at the right time.

On the performance and the game tonight…
They had the game where they wanted it many times in the first half because they play in their 541 formation and they are really compact and they are also aggressive on the ball to win it for the counter attack and it’s not easy to play a team that works that hard with that many numbers in defence. That’s why I was so pleased with our game against them away because we basically didn’t give them any counter attacks at all.

Today we grew into the game and we positioned ourselves a little bit more smartly as the game went on and it gave them fewer opportunities. But still, they created one good opportunity in the second half where Lydia has to make a good save. When you are only leading 1-0 you can’t relax, so it was really nice to score the second goal and make the job easier.

On scoring the second goal (to Lotte)…
Scoring in a Champions League game is a dream come true, to make it a reality and to help the team to an important win was really cool. We also know goal difference could be really important. I dedicate the goal to Leah because that’s her speciality isn’t it? She’s a huge player for us and we’ll really miss her but if I can score a Leah type goal tonight then all I can do is dedicate it to her. But to be honest, the clean sheet pleased me even more.

On how the team moved the ball around…
We improved a lot during the game in the way we used the ball and that’s not easy. We started the game well and dropped off a little, it’s so important to be able to start the game well but still find a way to improve during the game. That’s a really important skill if you want to win a lot so I was really pleased to see that.

18.Williams, 4.Patten, 3.Wubben-Moy, 5.Beattie (12.Maanum 60), 15.McCabe (7.Catley 60), 13.Walti, 10.Little(c), 8.Nobbs; 14.Parris (11.Miedema 60), 9.Mead; 19.Foord.

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Enjoyed the game immensely if not the biting cold. Well done ladies, solid performances throughout the team.


How quickly things can change in football. The 2 points dropped, Chelsea’s big win at City, Leah’s injury, the bench suddenly looking thin.
This was a potentially tricky tie with the way they defend and the keeper in that sort of form. Just glad to take the win.
With our CB fitness woes, i am starting to think we have to play wälti there again for her speed (relatively) and passing.


I noticed how this schedule has definitely taken a toll on the team. If not in the direct way of sidelining someone with an injury, it’s because players are dealing with small things so they can’t make 90 minutes. Look at Tobin, Mana, Simone. Jen and Steph aren’t playing 90 minutes yet. This weekend is big. End of January/early February is going to be crucial. Winning against Chelsea, City and United again will put 1 hand on the trophy.

Sam I Am

It makes things more interesting, but you wouldn’t want it to happen.


One little thing I noticed: no additional time in the first half, and only two minutes in the second even with five substitutions. Why? Because the game was played in a very good spirit and nobody lay on the ground feigning injury. Such a contrast with the Sp*rs game.


Faking head injury never looks good on tv.

Sam I Am

When Arsenal are 1-0 up at home against a superior team (Barcelona), what will happen then? And what would you want Arsenal to do?

Also, that referee! She must have been Mike Riley’s cousin or something. Mead got a card for wearing the wrong colour shirt as far as I could tell.


I’m a bit concerned for Tobin. ‘A matter of bringing her back at the right time’ feels very much like Joe. He used to keep players on the bench for a long time even after they were fine to make some minutes.

I did feel like we missed Leah quite a bit. Even though Wally is amazing, and she definitely will rise up to the occasion, Leah is very important to this team.


I think we have to play little differently now that we don’t have Leah. Yesterday I felt specially at the start that Lotte tried to fill the Leah role, but in reality it is not possible. Lotte is better passer usually than she was in this game, but she is not and won’t be at the same level as Leah in building the play. And that is absolutely fine. We can just change our game up a little. More focus on midfield build up. Bigger role for Lia. Also we have to rethink our distances at back a bit, because… Read more »


Yup, pace is an issue. Lotte’s acceleration is a bit slow. I think she is a younger and faster version of Beattie rather than a direct replacement for Leah. Lia can possibly play that role like she did last season if we are up against lesser teams that sit back. Thought she did well in the last 30 and we improved with more structure.


We’ll need a Centre back in January especially the one who’s not cup-tied.

Tim Stillman

I think putting Lia at the back was largely because Jonas knows he needs Jen on Sunday and doesn’t want to risk her but I did find it an interesting change, I wonder if that’s what he was referring to when he talked about being smarter with our positioning. And yes, her passing will be key.


I noticed that too. LWM was nowhere as comfortable on the ball as she usually is. Neither was Jen. Made me realise that we’ll not just miss Leah’s passing and strength but also her leadership and influence on her CB partners. She makes those beside her calmer and more comfortable, bringing the best in them. True Leadership.
And also don’t say LWM won’t get to Leah’s level. She’s still young and will definitely improve with time. Though I would prefer her to develop into more of a stopper/destroyer to supplement Leah rather being a copy of hers.


I agree with the thing about Leah Williamson. I thought our playing out from the back was a little ponderous and didn’t give the Køge defenders enough to think about. Saying that, we weren’t in any danger of not winning.


Heath spend a LOT of time not playing during her season with ManU, so it’s worrying that she’s been out for us now. Age catching up with her? I think so.


Speaking of Montemurro, his Juventus squad beat Wolfsburg today in CL play. He’s got that team playing very well and dominating what I think is a pretty weak Italian league.

Sam I Am

It was interesting watching Arsenal trying to pull them out of shape and so rarely managing. Even Little couldn’t jink her way through. They were closer to getting a result than most of the WSL teams have been. It seems like a pragmatic way to play against Arsenal but I get the feeling that the other WSL teams won’t do it. Two great Mead deliveries, she really is something else. Catley’s ball to Miedama too. I think that’s twice I’ve seen Catley get into trouble at the back, but she can really make a difference going forward. I only saw… Read more »

Fun Gunner

It feels like we played Sp*rs three times in a row, doesn’t it?

Tim Stillman

Uma lugar conheçco bem 🙂


Good outing by our Matildas. Great save by Lydia, scoring will do any forward good and catley is starting to regain form. Hopefully we will soon again see the player voted Australian footballer of the year 2020.


Problem for Steph is that Arsenals last season’s best player plays in her position and if we try to play them together, we make them both worse players than they could be. I just hope that Jonas will rotate them. Both katie and Steph will play every minute in every international break. Steph will keep flying to other side of the world, we can and should just share their minutes and let them both work in functional and balanced left hand side.


They do like to occupy same space dont they. Let’s see if Jonas can make they play together, he doesn’t seem to be aversive to the idea. Maybe it’s like Maritz and Nikita, just still a need to develop a better understanding. Funny thou, maybe Catley/nikita, Maritz/katie, would have been more natural pairings.

Fun Gunner

Lydia Williams’ save might be her best one so far.

Peter Story Teller

Definitely but in most of the games she plays she has nothing to do. It could well have been a different game if Koge had equalised!

Peter Story Teller

As an after thought, I believe Lyds is only signed for this season, is that right Tim?
We ought to keep an eye of the Koge goalie if we still don’t think Fran is ready to step up. She has already demonstrated that she is a good shot stopper and I like the way she controls her area. Not only does she come to claim the crosses but she holds on to them also rather than risking a punch!

Tim Stillman

Yeah Lyds only has a contract till the end of the season and I’d be surprised if she renewed.

Gunner H

Let’s not fear too much – any team with both Kim Little & Viviane Miedema, the 2 best players in the WSL, in its ranks, can match Cheski & even Barca.
In hindsight, it was very smart to give Viv a proper rest, plus Kim will of course miss the International “break” thankfully for Arsenal 🙂

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