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Report: Arsenal 1 – 0 Watford (incl. goals)

Result: Arsenal 1 – 0 Watford
Competition: Premier League
Date: 7 November 2021
Venue: The Emirates Stadium

Arsenal: Ramsdale, Tomiyasu, White, Gabriel, Tavares, Maitland-Niles, Sambi, Smith Rowe, Saka, Lacazette, Aubameyang

Subs: Leno, Cedric, Holding, Tierney, Elneny, Odegaard, Pepe, Martinelli, Nketiah

Arsenal celebrated Arteta’s 100th game in charge by extending their unbeaten run with a 1-0 win against Watford at home.

They had to withstand a constant barrage of fouls from Watford but eventually broke the deadlock in the second half with a long range drive by Emile Smith Rowe.

The win took Arsenal up to fifth place as the Gunners kept pace at the top end of the table.


Arsenal named an almost unchanged side from the big win at Leicester, with the only change being Maitland-Niles for Partey, the latter of whom was sidelined with a tight groin.

With this high energy line-up, the home side looked to cap Arteta’s 100th game in charge in style.

First Half

While fans were hoping for a quick start from the Arsenal for Arteta’s century of games in charge, the home team were very patient in the build up thought they stroked the ball around with the confidence of a team who were on an unbeaten streak.

Tavares pushed high up the left while Maitland-Niles filled in at left back, the latter occassionally stepping in to midfield to cover passing lanes. It was during one of these forays into the centre where he pinched the ball from a Watford player and fed it towards goal.

An exchange between Lacazette, Aubameyang and Saka produced what seemed like a goal on 5 minutes, only for the effort to be chalked off for offside.

That moment prompted Watford to shore up their play. They kept organized, disrupted Arsenal’s flow with niggly fouls and hit the counter quickly. Arsenal couldn’t find their rhythm nor could they craft a decent chance on goal.

It was on the 33rd minute when it looked like Arsenal’s luck would change. Danny Rose flung a forearm at Lacazette in the penalty box while challenging for an aerial ball which left the Frenchman floored. Arsenal earned themselves a penalty but Aubameyang could only hit the ball straight at Ben Foster who saved acrobatically.

The home side has one more chance at goal in the first half with Gabriel heading down superbly on goal from a corner, only for Foster to save it off the line.

Arsenal badly missed Partey’s invention and needed an extra creator to pry open the Watford defence.

Second Half

The match continued in similar fashion – Watford resorting to rotational fouls on Arsenal while the Gunners relied on Lacazette’s and Saka’s nimble feet to dribble past those tackles.

Saka’s infield dribbles caused the most issues for Watford as Rose and co. struggled to stop the young England international. It was Ben White’s dribble, however, that produced the first goal of the game. White won the ball high up the pitch and attempted a run right through the heart of Watford’s defence. Sissoko blocked his run but the ball fell to the feet of Smith Rowe just by the D line.

Arsenal’s No. 10 made no mistake with a first time shot that rifled past Ben Foster. 1-0 to the Arsenal and that was three successive games in which Smith Rowe has scored for the team.

As is customary in recent weeks, Lacazette made way for Odegaard around the 65th minute mark and the Norwegian wasted no time in making his impact felt. He pressed high and distributed the ball well in search for a second goal.

He was even close to goal on the 73rd minute when he received a cutback from Saka and made a clever dribble and sidestep in the penalty box. Odegaard expertly sidefooted the ball towards the far post. It looked like it was just going to curl inwards and Aubameyang tapped in to make sure, only to realize he was offside.

It wouldn’t be an Arsenal game without a “hearts in mouth” moment. Ramsdale had a rush of blood to his head close to the end of the match as he rushed out to clear a ball and clashed with Ben White. It left Joshua King with an open goal from an acute angle and thankfully, he could only guide the ball into the side netting.

The substitution of Elneny and the late suspension of Watford’s Kucka secured the win for Arsenal as they headed into the Interlull with full confidence.

Up next, the mighty Liverpool.

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Good result, we were by far the better team. Who would have thought we’d be 5th now after the first three games? Hope we can keep it going against Liverpool.

Johnny 4 Hats

Chelsea drew with a very similar performance yesterday. So delighted with that. Never really found any rhythm and there’s always going to be games like this.

It’s almost even more encouraging when we win games like this. Anyone can win a game when they play great. And yes, I have the most red and white tinted glasses on I know!

Plenty to question as regards a few individual performances and overall team performance. But I really can’t be arsed. Three points. We march on!


Johnny 4 Hats

And if you want to be even more optimistic, if Liverpool beat West Ham by ten goals, we are top four.



Johnny 4 Hats

Just out of interest but did anyone else look at Auba putting the ball down and think “There’s just no way he’s scoring”?

He’s got this look on his face like he’s about to find out if he’s being sentenced to life in prison. Really think he should step aside in future, especially if Laca is on the field.

Johnny 4 Hats

Serves me right for making a maverick move on fantasy football and transferring him in and making him captain.

Sorry lads. Jinxed the fuck out of him.


I did the same if it makes you feel any better 😔


I also did the same…


Johnny, it is now your obligation to drop all Arsenal players from any fantasy team you have, and that’s that! The only exception is if you have Smith-Rowe right now; if you do, adjust nothing. Nothing.

Johnny 4 Hats

I’ll never drop White. He’s my teams sex appeal. Well, him and John McGinn. I’m only flesh and blood.


ESR was my captain this week 🙂

Parisian Weetabix

Yeah I absolutely did – I couldn’t put my finger on why but as soon as I saw he was taking it I was expecting a save. I felt nothing when Foster got there, weird I wasn’t the only one. I don’t know about anyone else but I’d always rather have Lacazette take a penalty. I don’t claim to know the data, I just think he’s got a better technique, he gives the eyes and then punches the ball into the corners really nicely – plus I feel he’s on a more confident run than Auba at the moment. It… Read more »

A Different George

Our best penalty taker is probably Pepe. Of the players on the pitch, it’s Lacazette. I’m pretty sure Maitland-Miles would make every attempt, but my heart couldn’t take it.

Wrighty’s hats

So true about AMN and his penalties! Cool as you like every time, but I feel like he’s testing whatever forces watch over penalties in doing so! Interesting that a few people felt that way about Auba just as he was about to take the pen – I had that sinking feeling too as soon as I saw his expression. He used to have a fierce game face as he was waiting to take them but for the last 2 has looked borderline meek. Hope he gets his confidence back, it’s handy having all 3 of Auba/Laca/Pepe as strong penalty… Read more »


With a grade a penalty taker in Laca on the field, as well as the man who takes the coolest penalties I ever remember from an Arsenal player (AMN), Auba should not get anywhere close to that spot kick. It’s almost as if he’s technique is to try to create a rebound for himself to smash in, rather than scoring a goal on the first try.

Johnny 4 Hats

I’ve never really fancied him. He’s always looked a bit fragile when stepping up. That’s not to say he hasn’t scored some important ones. But he never fills me with confidence.

Three points is all that matters though. I’m guessing Mikel will have a word. Maybe he’ll want to take a little break after the last two.

Thierry Bergkamp (non negotiable)

Auba has never made me feel confident when he’s taking one, and he has missed a few.
Laka should be the man moving forward.


I don’t understand why he keeps getting the penalty duty when it is clear he doesn’t have the confidence. Even Maitland-Niles takes the penalties better. But we had Lacazette in there.. 🤷🏾‍♂️


Chelsea got Burnley rather than Only Burnley.
It can happen.


We were just not sharp today, and you could see that Arteta wasn’t pleased with the performance (despite whatever he says post-match). For every good ball we played, there was a wayward one or a poor decision. Auba had some serious bad luck today. Even Josh looked stressed out as the game wore on …


Was always gonna be a bitty game…..3 points all that mattered

Ipal Taka

Weren’t too sharp but still won, and could have easily won by 2 or 3.. for me that’s a real positive 😀 We have players at the back now who seem to be good enough to trust them to protect a 1-0, and players in the attack that can create things even if the team is not playing at its sharpest


a draw and i would be happy.


You should be a Sp*rs fan then, see their result.


Because i would settle with a draw at anfield?

Johnny 4 Hats

I wouldn’t just settle for a draw. I would actively celebrate it. They might be the best club in the world right now. Let’s not get silly.

David Garrett

100%, agree, a win would be a dream scenario but realistically if we go ther put in a decent performance and get away with a draw 2 keep the run goin I will be more than happy!




Fucking hell, Auba might have prevented 3 goals! Was afraid it’s gonna come back and bite us in the ass. But great win! Watford are repulsive even without Deeney.


Annoying pricks — especially with Rose playing for them. Loved how Steve Round shepherded Arteta away from the complaints of Ranieri and his assistant. What gave them the right to moan after such a dodgy performance?


auba needs to be benched sooner rather than later

Santi’s Thigh Grab

Iv’e added Watford to the list of teams I have wanted to be relegated. That list includes Stoke, Burnley, Villa, Spurs and WBA.


Emile Smith (3 in a) Rowe


I am very excited about the development of ESR, I didn’t expect this amount of goals from him. Have to credit the coaching staff

Thierry Bergkamp (non negotiable)

3 points, closing in on top 4, closer to the leaders, Utd now the banter club.
What a turnaround from 8 games ago.


3 points off city. Who’d have thought that!
Thought AMN was really good in midfield yet again. Thought he could’ve made himself more available to collect passes, but when he did have the ball he was great and his defensive efforts were properly solid. Really liked him.


Just 6 points off league leaders Chelsea. Let’s aim high, be consistent, and see where it takes us.

A Different George

I agree on Maitland-Niles in possession, and tracking back. But he doesn’t (yet?) have that ability to show for the ball in a position where it’s both easy to get it to him and where he can immediately move it forward by run or pass. That’s what makes Partey, when he’s right, so exceptional.

Brady’s bunch

They came to rough us up today but it didn’t work. Happy for the win 😊


Who said we didn’t have goals from midfield?


If that 8th minute goal was allowed I’m pretty sure we would’ve gone on to win 4-0 but we were a bit deflated after that. Good to see us get the 3 points. Nothing went right for poor Auba today


for some games now

Parisian Weetabix

I think it says a lot about what Auba’s become to this team that there’s more sympathy than outrage over this performance, even after he ‘robbed’ Odegaard’s goal. He still put an absolute shift in, kept his head up like a leader, and despite 3 farcical moments I still think it’s one of those where he’s done what Arteta wanted us to and participated in the framework that won us the match. He looked gassed by the end, but he kept going, and honestly I’ll take that. Also I quite liked the way he apologised and grinned off that chance… Read more »


Completely agree!


We are above Man Utd, Spurs, Everton and Leicester.


oi europe, look who’s back!

Cliff Bastin

That Ben White dribble though. My Man United fan neighbour has been giving stick about his price tag. Can Varane do that?

Arsene's Zip

Really? Just point out that Maguire cost more than 3 of our back 4 and our keeper.

VAR will solve all the problems

More importantly can Harry Mcguire do that?

Cliff Bastin

I usually don’t even have to make fun of maguire because he does owns himself every week.

A Different George

Whether he can or not, Varane won’t be doing it in 5 years’ time. Very different intentions in buying these two.

djourou's nutmeg

i thought we bullied those cunts. i wanted them to throw deeney in so we could kick his ass too but it seems he realized he belongs to the championship cause he now plays for birmingham. coyg


We did our best to mess it up but survived. Ramsdale’s first error of the season and how bad was Auba? He miscontrolled in front of an open goal, then missed a penalty before stealing a perfectly legitimate goal from the team.
Decent performance overall though, could have been very comfortable.


good thing we didn’t let this be ‘one of those days’ and got a win
looking at the bigger picture, if west ham lose tonight then we will be level with them on points, and in 5th, behind the hammers on goal difference
mighty impressive given that we were bottom of the league after 3 games

Man Manny

I am happy with the win but how that ends 1-0 is beyond me.
That was a 3-0 game all day long.
1. Auba would have scored if Saka didn’t play the ball.
2. Auba misses a penalty.
3. Ødegaard’s ball is going in; Auba’s touch is needless.
I hope Partey is fit for Anfield. We need him if we are to get any result.
Meanwhile, how many people saw us fifth, and above United, after the first 3 games?


I just hope Auba has got it all out of his system.


Take that Southgate!

Bill Hall

Another 3 points, another clean sheet, our two CB’s Ben and Gabriel are looking very tidy, also very impressed with all our new players, Tomi, Nuno, Sambi. We have a lot more depth to the squad now which shows. And to be level on points with 4th place (and only 6 points from top) after being bottom is not to be sniffed at! First time in ages I wasn’t worried we were only 1:0 up and might concede in the last few minutes as well!

Keep it up, lads!


Good dirty win today. Finally a game where I felt we were imperious in the air and have as good as we got in terms of kickings. I want us to be dirtier, arsenal of ye olde times circa 1990. Great win to lift us above the pack.

Santi’s Thigh Grab

Not necessarily dirtier but more physical. Snapping into tackles and not backing down from anyone when they try to kick us off the pitch. The Arsenal of old.


Watford came out to foul us at every opportunity and we stood up to it brilliantly. And honestly, I couldn’t care less that we scored after not giving them them ball back. The hypocrisy of their dirty play and then whining about that hahaha.

Brady’s bunch

To be fair there’s a big shout that rose shouldn’t have been on the pitch either.


Damn right, the ‘challenge’ on Laca was worth a red alone

Brady’s bunch

The ref should have put his foot down early you could see the game plan they had and he let them off with it.

C john

Not sure whether it was worth risking Martinelli for 4 minutes in added time holding it in the corner as they were eager to kick us all afternoon.

cannon and ball and arse'n'all

The Modus Operandi of Watford today was slow down play. Foul and fake injury to stop us gaining momentum. If Watford had been playing fair then I am quite sure we’d have passed them the ball back. They were playing shady tactics, so even more satisfying that we beat them at their own game with a shady goal

David Garrett

Absolutely, iseen a stat after the game sayin Watford got 2bookings for a total of 19 fouls and arsenal got 4 bookings for a total of 6 fouls. The ref is a bellend as is that twat Ranieri moaning about the goal considering howany dirty fouls his players commited today. Rose should have seen red long before his teammate was sent off..his closeline on laca was at least a yellow if not a straight red and he should have been booked after that aswell. Ranieri doing the old Sean Dyche routine after sending his team out 2try and bully arsenal… Read more »

Brady’s bunch

Agreed we have shown a bit of steel today against their tatics

Jeremy DG

I will take that all day long. Called a scrappy 1-0 before the game. I looked at Auba and felt sorry for him today. Just one of those days where absolutely nothing goes right. He shouldn’t be on pens though.


I love our defence so much.
Feels wonderful going into the international break with a win!!

Walter White

Auba saving the goals for liverpool. He even did the favor for Ødegaard too. What a lad


Thought Kevin Friend did his utmost to today to spoil what should’ve been a great game. Arsenal just about managed to maintain their class to rise above his shocking decisions and get a very deserved win.

Freezedawg of Sweden

So happy to see AMN working in midfield. Some sharp interceptions, defensive work and some impressive passes paired with annoyingly smooth moves. Just love the guy. Hope he can continue like this when he gets hos shots at playing.

Public Elneny

Sorry to be negative after a win but what a frustrating game! Should have been 5-0+, but in the end needed them to miss an open goal to get the points. The only Watford players to show a bit of ability and commitment were Kucka and Foster. They were shit and will be relegated. Ranieri a premier league manager in 2022… come on The decision making and technical sloppiness at key moments from so many of our players was shocking. Auba being the most obvious, but really it was right the way through the team. Only White, and maybe Tomiyasu… Read more »

Brady’s bunch

I thought Saka played well today, rose wasn’t able for him.

Wrighty’s hats

Hmm I’m not sure we were seeing the same things… I thought Saka was looking much brighter in this game and the last – a lot less fatigued compared with earlier games and very involved in a lot of our dangerous plays. (Such a pleasure seeing him make a fool of D Rose also.) That cross into the box late on was superb, on another day Auba would have got his foot to it and scored. Agree he could have come off a bit earlier but I think ESR ran his socks off and was the more tired of the… Read more »


Another scrappy win but I’ll take the three points any day. Loved seeing Rose getting roasted by MotM Saka down the right. AMN put in an okay shift in central midfield, some good passes, som good blocks but he lacks presence and needs to work on his off the ball work. Laka put in a very good display and I always love seeing ESR score. I can’t remember seeing such a poor performance by Aube. Putting his foot in to steal Ødegaards goal was disgraceful. He’s the captain and should be showing the way not trying to pickpocket a goal,… Read more »

Wrighty’s hats

I think if you’re right there and not certain the ball is going in or if there’s a defender behind you, it would be odd to not go for it. He should have realised he was offside but not sure it would be considered disgraceful based on that.


Okay, disgraceful is probably to harsh but it was definitely stupid.


Saka had a very good game. He really needs a goal to kick on now. Partey was missed but AMN was fantastic, I wonder how we’d fare in a 3-man midfield of Partey AMN & Sambi..if Partey is fit we should go with that at Anfieild. Saka Auba & Smith Rowe for the forward positions. COYG!


They might have been missing that edge without Partey, but great to see Tavares, Maitland-Niles and Sambi step up and do a good job. We’re starting to look like a proper team. Far from the finished article but the foundations being laid are looking good.


Arteta out edu out kroenke out😂 oh wait Arsenal are 5th and 10 without a loss. The two draws were to teams that drew at ainfield and won at City. Hmmm, maybe the folks in charge know what they are trying to do. and that includes Josh and Stan. AMN ❤️ was very good. ESR ❤️was very good Saka ❤️is so dangerous. Is KT about to get wally pipped?😆 No, but wow. 🤩 Abu had as bad agame as a striker can have and he was still working defensively until the end. Yes, I would say the project is on… Read more »


Only downvoted you because of the seizure I suffered from all the emojis…

Give youth a chance

How long can it be before Ramsdale, White, ESR and Saka all line up in an England shirt together?


England has a way of destroying players, so hopefully never.

Teryima Adi

Pretty soon😃

Rooke Brian

I like this team.

DB10 Forever

Happy for the 3 points. Young guns just need to do it for 27 more times this season. It is quite good to see that Ben White is growing into his role and providing that comfort in terms of ball progression from the defence for which we paid an exorbitant transfer fee to Brighton. It will be seriously good problem for us next season when Saliba will also compete for defensive spots with Gabriel and White. Contrary to popular opinion, I hope that Edu improves his record in terms of player sales and push Lacazette, Nketiah and Elneny out in… Read more »

Teryima Adi

That was a very disciplined Arsenal side; and long may it continue. Don’t we just love the three precious points.


Happy Invicibles day everyone!

Brady’s bunch

And only 2points from Liverpool after the start we had .


Great win. Finally got a chance to watch the match! Bit of a patchy game against an almost equally disjointed looking Watford side sans Deeney nd his proverbial cojones. Started brightly, some very incisive passes from Captain Ainsley (He impressed me first half) and the increasingly influential Lacazette. Saka and Smith-Rowe carried plenty of threat for us, the latter a really well struck goal. Also our fullbacks did good Tomiyasu strictly no nonsense and Tavares has real quality going forward. In the end, we missed a pot of chances courtesy mainly from Auba. Missed his spectacular bicycle kick then the… Read more »

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