Tuesday, May 24, 2022

Arrest made after racist incident at Elland Road

A man has been arrested after the Arsenal bench made referee Andre Marriner aware of racist comments directed towards one of our players.

Rob Holding stood up and reported the tirade, and after our 4-1 win last night at Elland Road, Leeds confirmed a man had been detained.

In a statement issued on their official website, they said:

Leeds United can confirm that an investigation into claims of racism during the first half of our game with Arsenal today is underway, and that one arrest has been made in connection to the allegation.

Racism will not be tolerated at Leeds United and any supporter found to be using racist language will be subject to a life time ban for all Leeds United games.

While Mikel Arteta confirmed to Sky that it had happened, saying, “That incident existed, unfortunately, and it was reported. The stadium manager will have to deal with that with along with the authorities.”

Well done to Rob Holding for bringing it to the attention of those in charge, and let’s hope that the perpetrator gets the ban his ignorance deserves.

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Well done Rob Holding!

F*** off r*cists…

Thierry Bergkamp (Xhaka Out)

Either 2 people don’t think Holding should have told…. or they support racism

Santi’s Thigh Grab

Up to four now.


5..? Unbelievable


Believable, but disgraceful.


Well done for Holding them to account for their hateful behaviour.


I’m curious as to what transpired between the fan and the player


Probably nothing more than some moron fan shouting racist language at him.

Bleeding gums murphy

Here’s the unconscious racism, “probably nothing more than some moron fan shouting racist language at him”.
Yep nothing more than that hey Jack.


Easy on the indignation, Murph – it’s clear Jack’s using the word ‘nothing more’ to describe the human significance of some bigoted little prick, and NOT downplaying the fact that such behavious is (in Jack’s word’s) ‘moronic’.


Your curiosity is useless. No need for racist language regardless of what transpires. It’s a shame, I often wonder how far advanced the world would be without racism. Especially in the US where I am.


Useless to you… Me? Just curious to understand what happened.

I mean, don’t you think it would be great if we all knew what to report to the authorities as well as what to teach our kids not to say to someone or allow someone say to them?


I get what you mean Paul but I think there’s enough information out there for anyone interested in this topic to educate themselves. What happened wouldn’t really change anything, let’s say our player insulted this bigot which I doubt, would that make it ok for him to be a bigot? I’d think no and I think you’ll agree with me on that because you are an Arsenal fan and we are class. My 2 cents – I am black and I’d tell any parent not just white parents to discuss race with their children like they talk about apples and… Read more »

Morrisey fan #1

Same US that had a black President, has a black female VP and more black members of Congress and CEOs than anytime in history? What a terrible place that sounds like.


Yes – it is a terrible place for a black person to live. It is a country where black women are more likely to die in childbirth than white women; it is a country where one in three young black men will end up in jail before they are 30; where black men are incarcerated at a rate that is FIVE TIMES higher than white men. So, fuck you Morrisey fan if you are trying to tell me that being black in America is just so darn fine!


That’s a great picture you have painted and I agree, the US is good but it can be better. I think the world is better today (arguably) because of the US . Now imagine 257 years ago when it was proclaimed all men are created and actually treated people equally. Imagine even just over 50 years ago after Civil right we cut out red lining, stopped segregation with poor funding of black neighborhoods. Treated everyone equally, funded the nation equally. All the underserved people that were put under who would have had the chance to contribute to society. The question… Read more »


Can’t believe in this day and age we have idiots like this

Thierry Bergkamp (Xhaka Out)

You must live a very sheltered life


Why? I’ve seen it plenty, still can’t believe it.

Thierry Bergkamp (Xhaka Out)

You see it plenty. The media stirs the pot every day. What’s not to believe?

Billy bob

Totally, too many morons spoiling it for the rest!!! Glad they caught the culprit and that they’ll get a life ban 👍

The Beast

Sadly, based on all available evidence & life experience, it doesn’t surprise me at all.

Just gets a bit exhausting really.

Morrisey fan #1

People still rape and murder as well as sexually assault kids. Evil is everywhere and it always will be. How you are surprised is surprising to me.

Des Lynam

Rob Holding, Rob Holding, Robby Rob Holding, he had no hair, but now it’s there, Robby Rob Holding.
Class from our man, that’s The Arsenal way.


Here’s an interesting anecdote, fellow Gooners. I occasionally comment on The Guardian / Observer Arsenal match reports using the same name (“Up4GrabsNow!” moniker, my not so subtle homage to 1989). Yesterday a Liverpool fan was going on how great the Leeds support was throughout the game, comparing them to the Scousers faithful in Istanbul. Blatant partisan shoehorning at best, but that’s Liverpool fans for you. They show up everywhere, unannounced and uninvited. I questioned were they including the same Leeds “fans” who racially abused our players (I also added I’d prefer to walk alone, a dig at YNWA). Anyway much… Read more »


Fuck the racist cunt.

I hope he’s banned for life.

A Different George

Thanks for including the link to Ian Wright’s comment, which made me understand what Holding did in a context I hadn’t really thought about before. I think Rob will play against Sunderland, and I hope Arsenal supporters single him out for praise.


It’s Leeds. They’ll probably give him a lifetime membership or something. Worst club on the planet, including Tottenham and Millwall.

Billy bob

You forgot ManUre & Chavski in that list!!!


Hating other fans because of the club they support is almost as depressing as racism. There are morons at all clubs. No exceptions. And in all walks of life.


can’t believe that people still spout that nonsense! it’s 2021 ffs


On reflection I am guessing that whoever is down voting this stuff is most likely Spurs supporters who have decided to follow this Blog and try and stir up shit. Don’t want to entertain the idea that there are Arsenal fans agreeing with Racism when half our team are foreign and/or of different ethnic backgrounds. The mind boggles either way!

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