Wednesday, June 7, 2023

Arsenal to face Liverpool in Carabao Cup semi-final

Arsenal have been drawn against Liverpool in the Carabao Cup semi-final.

This means that in the semi-final of the Carabao Cup, Arsenal will play Liverpool. As it stands, there are two scheduled games. One at home and one away. That is two games of a two-legged semi-final.

However, there is talk that because of everything that’s going on right now, there might be just a one-legged semi, like a pirate reading Playboy.

How exactly it’s decided who would play home and who would play away is unclear. A coin toss? Rock, paper, scissors? Alphabetical order? We simply don’t know.

Anyway, what we do know is that we’ll play Liverpool at least once, and perhaps double that in order to reach the final.

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Not the draw I would’ve chosen but it’s the one we have so let’s thrash them this time! We do love a cup game under Arteta, COYG


Klopp often plays weakened sides in this competition so it might not be too bad for us

Johnny 4 Hats

Yeah, and it might be during AFCON as well so no Mane or Salah.

I’m actually cool with AFCON now. I think it will weaken other teams more than us. The only big miss is Partey and he hasn’t exactly been on fire. So yeah, let’s make sure it happens.

What is the draw you would have chosen? All of our options were bad eggs.

Naked Cygan

I was hoping we get so we smash them again. Liverpool will be hard, even if we beat them first leg, they put the first team on the 2nd leg and spank us. I think Salah and Mane should be away on Afcon so u never know.

Naked Cygan

We get sp*rs*


I would have chosen Leicester not to bottle it or Brentford not to throw it away with an own goal and penalty but such is life!

Billy bob

On current form I’d have liked chavski


Bring em on…COYG!


Leicester City had only one job.. Not that I expect much from a team with vardy in it


That NLD final is looming large…


No worries mate, they won’t make it


Even if they do, you have to say that getting opposition with a proven and consistent track record of bottling it spectacularly whenever there’s anything at stake is the sort of thing you want in a final.

Nainsley Aitland Miles

Barnet didn’t qualify for the League Cup this season.

Jeremy DG

Yeh I know I sound salty but they are so fucking lucky it’s annoying. As soon as it went 3-2 you knew Leicester would bottle it and pundits would be wanking off to another famous ‘comeback’ with the last kick of the game. If they weren’t so shit, perhaps they wouldn’t need to comeback.


Best draw imo. Klopp doesn’t give a fish’s tit about the competition. Plus, he will supposedly have bigger fish to fry then.

Nainsley Aitland Miles

Hopefully but the League Cup fixtures are either side of the FA Cup weekend – where they have lowly Shrewsbury.


Shrewsbury are a good cup side. Took Liverpool to a replay 2 years ago, and had a goal disallowed that should have stood, which would have given them the lead at Anfield. They will be a handful.

I'll be Sam-Bert Lokonga

If Klopp will have big fish to fry, and yet won’t give even one fish’s tit, then that would be pretty… selfish of him.

Hail Gus!

Thought you were gonna say shellfish of him 😉


Yes, floundered at the end there.

Football Dude

None of the African stars for them, so we have a big advantage!


None of the African stars for us, as well… So we have a big adantage!


Our youngsters are better than their youngsters.


Fucking annoying. They should be out but Leicester bottled it. You watch: it will be at Anfield, where we never get anything. The last time Klopp tried to give it away but we still managed to lose on penalties.

Hank Scorpio

I think it’s about time you renamed yourself Optimisticgooner


Incorrect. Arsenal beat Liverpool at anfield in the league cup on penalties…
Last season.

A Different George

Don’t let facts get in the way of his gloom.

Arsenal were drawn out of the hat first and will play at home in the first leg – so if it switches to a one-leg tie, presumably the game is at the Emirates.

This is the round Arteta should start pretty much his strongest side.

The likes of Leno, Holding, Tavares, Cedric, Nketiah can be given the Forest FA Cup game instead.


If not, the thing to do for me would be real assholes about it. If both sides have to agree to move to 1 leg (sceptical it’ll happen but hypothetically), say we’ll only agree if it’s at the Emirates.
Realistically, they’ll be fighting for the league and Europe at that point, and as others have said will be stretched thin with AFCON. It’ll be annoying for us, but far less likely to really screw us. So it’s in their interest to agree. Bit of game theory/ shithousery.


Like a pirate reading playboy… Only in arseblog.

Man Manny

Bring it on!
To win any trophy, you must beat all the teams before you.
When City and Chelsea became the two teams standing between us and the FA Cup in 2020, many didn’t think we could pull it off; but we did.


Gutted we’re not going to get to batter Sp*ds 3 times in a few days.


Everybody’s gushing over Conte’s start but I thought West Ham dominated them quite easily for periods yesterday. They just missed a real poacher.


Win or lose, let’s give them hell!


C’mon lads – it’s great news! Means we get to sort the scouse out now and then smash Spuds in the final, when they’re almost about to at last, finally, eventually, after an eternity, win a trophy (not!).
Of course, they’ll need to beat the Chelsk first…


It’ll be an Arsenal/Chelsea final again. Mark my words.

Merlin’s Panini

As much as this competition is fairly worthless I’d really like us to win it this year. We haven’t since, what, 1994? I’ve also been enjoying seeing the second string performing well. Like the good old days. We’ve had a few finals now since 94 but have been pretty much blown away in all of them (other than that fucking Birmingham one. That still haunts me). It’s an opportunity for an early European place so could be a good platform to build on and instil more confidence for the league run in.


Best draw we could have gotten. Klopp does not care about this competition. Conte will 100% want to win it. Chelsea have so much depth they can send out a strong team either way. We need to get to the final just in case spurs do. It’ll be so much funnier to us beat them instead of Liverpool.


“there might be just a one-legged semi, like a pirate reading Playboy.” Man….I needed a laugh like that this morning.

A Different George

What is Van Dijk’s status? They look incredibly open to the counter when he is not there–both Spurs and Leicester were in on goal over and over. Kanaute (sp?) helped them a lot in the second half yesterday, but without the departed Winaldum, and a fit Henderson and Fabinho, it’s really only Van Dijk that prevents a nine-goal nail-biter. (And without Salah and Mane, I’m not sure they are the ones who can score 5.)


If it’s one game, it should be at Wembley.

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