Tuesday, December 5, 2023

Arteta pleased with clean sheet as Gunners find scoring boots

Mikel Arteta acknowledged Arsenal looked nervy in the opening stages against Southampton but was pleased with the way his players stepped up their performance after Alex Lacazette broke the deadlock on 21 minutes.

Although he revealed prior to kick-off that captain Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang was unavailable due to a “disciplinary breach”, the Spaniard was in no mood to talk about his absent striker, instead choosing to focus on the manner of the comprehensive 3-0 win.

Here’s what he said when he faced the Sky Sports cameras…

On the result being just what Arsenal needed…

Yes, it was a nervy start. In the first 15 minutes, you could tell that we made a few mistakes and we didn’t have any control of the game. After the goal, a really good goal, I must say, the first one, we started to pick up the game, we were much more aggressive with our decision making in attack, our counter-press was good, scored a second, a third, had some really, really strong spells. In general, I’m very happy with the performance and the result.

On a stylish first goal…

I don’t care how we score the goals, obviously, it’s something that’s in our identity and how we want to play but the third was from a set-piece, the second from a different action. We’re demanding players to be in the box which is something we have to keep doing and do better. Overall, I’m really happy.

On not scoring more…

Yeah, we had a goal disallowed, we had a couple of big, big, big chances to score more but I’m happy with a clean sheet as well after the last few games where we’ve conceded some goals, it was great to keep a clean sheet.

On whether Auba [dropped for a disciplinary breach] will be available against West Ham…

Let’s see. I want to talk about the game today.

On what happened with Auba…

I can talk about the game and I want to focus on the game because the boys deserve for the talking to be about the game.

On it being a big issue…

I said how unfortunate it is. It is the situation but it [the rules] applies to everybody.

On whether Auba will stay captain…

Let’s talk about the game, thank you very much.

On when he’ll talk about Auba…

I already have and I don’t have anything else to say.

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Well done all around — good game plan, good performance, good goals, good result. Applause for Arteta for keeping the focus on the game, and not Auba.


Good result.

Let’s hope Auba and Arteta make up and Auba gets back on form.

Hope we hammer the Hammers.


Better from Partey and the team overall. Really hope Sambi starts in place of Xhaka next week and ESR for Laca so we can play Martinelli through the middle. Need another run of games now. Read somewhere and saw a picture trending that Auba went to barcelona for a tattoo and didn’t report back on time. What a shame this guy is turning out to be. COYG

Alan Sunderland

West ham have both 1st choice cbs out injured, would be the perfect time to give martinelli a chance through the middle. I’m sure dawson would prefer a battle with lacazette rather than martinelli running at him

Bleeding gums murphy

First 20 minutes we were so bad against a terrible Southampton side. I thought we would win today. West Ham will be a much sterner test. I haven’t changed me mind on Arteta. My conclusion is a novice manager who is trying to demand respect. Respect has to be earned. Lampard struggled at Chelsea with big players. Introduced kids and had a run of luck for a while and got praise from Chelsea fans as well. Then he got found it. Got sacked.

Okay so you allow shoddy jobs from senior pros to earn their respect?


Auba behaving like a spoilt schoolboy, as Captain and being out of form you’d expect him to be working his butt off to make things right. Sadly he’s turned into Ozil 2, let his manager, his teammates and himself down, and not for the first time. Mikel backed Auba, gave him a new contract with a stupid salary and the Captains armband. Either he allows the old, laissez faire culture to continue or he makes a stand, he’s rightly chosen the latter. I honestly think we’re better off without Auba, the AFCON is probably well timed to make the split,… Read more »

Julio Baptista's humble alter ego

We don’t necessarily know the full details of what happened yet, let’s not be so quick to jump. Auba has not had a good run, but lets not jump to conclusions about his attitude. Disciplinary breaches and attitude problems aren’t always mutually exclusive


OK, but can he tell us more about Auba?


I reckon if he’d asked him just 1 more time, he’d have cracked him, and Arteta would have told us every last detail…

Moral of the story, never give up


Well, either that or Arteta would have told him to fuck off…

Funsho Patrick

The sustained attacking spell after the second goal is how we played before we forgot we were a big team….it’s how we have to play going on and who says we can’t do it against the top3? The intensity and creativity in the final third was there during that spell and has been what’s absent under Arteta.. could it be personnel? More of the same going forward…well done today gunners!


The difference between this team and that of last season is our wing backs..Tomi, Tavares. They have been immerse for us. Everything else is same…we will never make top 4 with Xhaka, that I know


Look, the first goal was great, but I wonder how often we score it on 100 tries.

My guess is not very often.

James’ post-Everton allusion to the game Mouse Trap springs to mind.


Yeah, that goal probably shouldn’t count as the statistical probability of us repeating it is too low. I mean, executing a move perfectly is not what this game is about. Not sure what Arsenal are doing out there sometimes …


Yeah, good point. It’s not like the team’s build-up from the back has been ineffective against teams that aren’t completely dogshit.
Let’s pretend this was something we can build on and not a freak once-in-a-season thing.
I’m sure it would have worked out exactly the same against Liverpool, City, or even Brighton.
Can’t wait until we put five of these past West Ham.
We won against the 16th team in the league who were missing their best players and had a pensioner in goal. Clearly Arteta is a genius again.






Arteta is our Solkjaer, basically he does not know what the team needs, all of our win are based on how the player play, not Arteta strategy, we need a better manager


Erm I don’t think this is true

Joe Kelly

I think that Arteta needs to chill out, charging around the technical area shouting at players is probably counter productive and appears to be distracting players from their game. Plus delaying or blocking players from taking throws can only end badly!


Very pleased with the result.
Just wished we could maintain some consistency in our performances. Its no secret that our run of good results did not consist of positive results against our competitors – Chelsea, City, Liverpool or United.
I imagine Aubameyang will go in January – two incidents of returning late and his non-interested approach on match day says everything about his attitude.
Martinelli’s performance was very good – just need the goals to start flowing…


Great game and a good result.
I think Tomi is really doing such a good job slotting in that we actually forgotten about Bellerin (loaned to Real Betis)

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