Wednesday, December 7, 2022

Norwich 0-5 Arsenal – player ratings

Arsenal’s festive cheer continued with a 5-0 win over Norwich at Carrow Road this afternoon, in spite of going into the game without four players because of positive Covid cases.

Bukayo Saka opened the scoring, before Kieran Tierney made it 2-0 at the break. Saka grabbed his second of the game, before an Alexandre Lacazette penalty and yet another goal from the bench for Emile Smith Rowe put the Canaries to the sword.

Here’s how the players rated this evening.

Read the Norwich 0-5 Arsenal match report and see the goals here

Norwich 0-5  – Player Ratings

The ratings are hidden by default until you vote, but if you just want to view the ratings and the comments, flick the switch at the top above Bernd Leno. Also, please give the ratings a few seconds to load.

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Have we had a bonus rating for Holding’s hair yet?! Long overdue, comeback of the season by a country mile.


Holding is the archetypal squad player. Loves Arsenal, great personality and okay ability. Love him.


AND he quashes racists like a bug. Top man.


Lol at the 4 tossers who down voted this

Nainsley Aitland Miles

Agreed with all that but not sure I want him playing against Man City next week.


Why not? He was superb today. Don’t get what there was to worry about early on. Mr Dependable.


Agree – he’s solid enough defensively, other than being just that little bit slow to react sometimes. And he doesn’t have the vision playing out from the back – we’ve gotten spoiled with the current back 4… nice problem to have though!


He looks a new signing!


Looks to be all weather.
What a great option to be able to use white as cover for tomiyasu

David C

Too low for Laca, I thought he had a pretty good game. His leadership and ability to wind up the other team are great assets. I say give him a one year extension at the most especially if we can ship Auba off somewhere else.

Martinelli is really reminding me of Alexis, just so much passion and hunger for the game!

Great game all around, well done to the Gunners!

Man Manny

Would Laca agree to a one year extension here when he can get three years elsewhere – and on equal or better wages if he goes on a free?
I don’t think so.
It is not all about what the club wants.

Obama Young

It’s okay if he leaves on a free, even if he plays well for the rest of the year. We are getting value from him this season. Keeping him for this season was worth more than the 12 million or whatever we might have sold him for.

Anthony B Hairston

Agree wholeheartedly that Laca’s score is too low. We don’t shithouse much but he invariably kicks it off. When Norwich decided to start kicking us off our game Laca simply kicked back. White followed. Gabriel, on a whole different level of housery, is our first successful practitioner of the dark arts in a long time and the first in the VAR era.

We gave the phrase “kick back and relax” new meaning today.

The Beast

Really enjoying the fact we’re dabbling in a bit of shithousery these days.

Regardless of whether we’re scoring loads or not, I dont want anyone to like playing us. I’m all for Ramsdale’s time wasting, Xhaka being a pest & White (didn’t think he had it in him) leaving a little on some of his tackles. Long may it continue.


Laca was majestic today. Lost it in possession a few times but only because he was so bloody busy being everywhere! Love how he gets in – and stays in – the opposition defence and midfield’s faces.
I really think Blogs has an issue with him – seriously underestimating what he brought to the team today, the many, many deft little lay-offs, hold-ups, overlaps, hustling and general geeing up of the energy and attitude.

Vic Lin

Alexis didn’t defend like him.

Give youth a chance

First match in a while Martinelli isn’t motm.

Not that he played anything like badly, but Saka and Odegard were exceptional


The team is really coming together! Dont you find it funny how we seem to be so much more together without auba? Is there something in that? I dunno but long may these results continue!

Ozil’s Bounce

Auba’s chemistry with the lads isn’t as strong as Laca’s. & Auba’s absence has introduced a bit more discipline hitherto lacking in the squad.
So Yes, there’s something in that


Good points.

Rodrigo Caio de Padula Novaes


Olawale Olayemi

More of this please


First time being able to watch a full game in ages due to work and I loved it. I love how direct Martinelli is, always goes straight on the attack, he doesn’t sideways pass to death, he goes straight towards the goal. We have a frightening attacking unit. Onwards and upwards gunners! Oh and I think we will beat Wolves.

Vaibhav Pandey

Will be tough because their 11 will be well rested but our didn’t

Man Manny

They may also not be match sharp because of the long layoff.
It could be to our favour.


But we have the winning momentum baby


I’ll surprised if that match goes ahead – watch this C-19 space lads! More postponements coming…

Partey time

You called it lad..💔


His movement as well is so great. Pulls defenders all over the place and makes options for midfielders all the time meaning we don’t do that thing of getting stuck passing around the edge of the box


Wolves’ defence has been formidable this season.

It will be a big test.

Martin R

Wolves match has been postponed.


Been critical of MO since he arrived last January, he just hasn’t been effecting games which is vital for a number 10.

Very happy to see he’s stepping up now though and we can see what it is doing for the performances, hope it continues, he looks a different player.


He’s always been pure class – pity you didn’t have the patience or forethought to allow the lad a bit of time to settle, not to mention we have a far better overall balance in the team structure now, that’s allowing him to play his natural game.


The difference is now we finally have movement. Players lose markers, show for the ball and run into the space. MO always has targets to hit, rather than him having to wait for the movement and getting pressed. A really dynamic offense rather than the static sterile stuff we’ve been defaulting to for years. I love it.


Patience and forehought doesn’t come into it, he’s been poor until the last 2 months. Now he’s playing well and we are too as a result.

Not sure you can argue with that.

Wrighty’s hats

Agree with you and disagree with those who say “I told you so, he’s been this good all along” as I think it’s more along the lines of “he always had promise but he wasn’t performing to the standard he’s capable of until now” – he wasn’t in good form earlier in the season, and yes it probably was partly due to the players around him but he was misplacing passes and going absent in games himself too. He’s found his confidence and so have a lot of the other players, I’m very happy to see it all coming together… Read more »


I’d flip that to read: ‘Now we’re playing well and he is too, as a result.’


Great game. Been good to see ESR, Eddy and Pepe start on Tuesday. COYG!

Nainsley Aitland Miles

That would be too much rotation in my opinion.


it you are out there a football a God please look after the boys!


Hope to see ESR starting next game with Martinelli getting his well deserved rest after running his socks off for the last 5-6 games.


Lads were excellent. Ya I’d like another body in midfield to fight wolves so maybe Sambi in a deeper 10 role. With Xhaka and Thomas as normal.
ESR on left Saka on right and maybe Martin Odd in false 9.
Not sure about starting Eddie he doesn’t do a lot in open play. Better not break Laca as he’s in top form but we better mind him all same two games in 1 and half days is way too much and asking for trouble.


That whole build up for the penalty was beautiful from ESR. We must protect and keep these young stars for their entire careers!

Guns Up

Starting to remind me of the Wenger youth movement that sadly broke apart prematurely, only I’m even more excited about this group! The idea of Arteta growing as a manager while they do so as players is genuinely thrilling. Sky’s the limit, in my opinion. Good to be on the boat!

Cliff Bastin

Tierney celebration 10/10


Beat me to it, what a guy.


He knew exactly what it meant, the home crowd were reaching a fever pitch and his goal absolutely shattered them. It was like everyone in the ground acknowledged that killed the contest in that moment.

Wrighty’s hats

It was such a KT thing to do to respond to all of the tension that was bubbling up and the brawling by scoring rather than getting caught up in it. Love him!


Norwich are very poor, we are very good..hence 5 how young this team is.

Arteta Tots

Roh Holding’s hair 10/10. I need a hair transplant too

Cranky Colin

I like it that we stir the shit now, nearly as much as shit teams.



Well that was fuckin excellent.


Aaaaaw man ? Saka is such a great person player & Arsenal legend in the making ! We looked good all over the pitch today great to see !!!

Vaibhav Pandey

Just gave 10 to ESR for earning wonderful FPL points in 10 mins 😀

A Different George

Efan Ekoku (a former Norwich player, not an ex-gunner), commentating on the Xhaka booking: “that was the default Xhaka yellow. If in doubt give Xhaka a yellow card.”

Cranky Colin

I heard that.
But what he meant was that any misdemeanour and he’s booked, and he always commits at least one misdemeanour per game.
There was shit goin on with no bookings of deliberate fouling by
Norwank players, like the nasty tactical ones on Odegaard and martinelli ……. so ref books Xhaka because 3 reasons ……it deflects the narrative away from de nasty boys, it’s a stupid Xhaka tackle, and it’s xhaka.
Actually well done White…. didn’t rise to a Norwanker inciting him with a shove. He just looked at him with disdain .
Back to the championship dickos


Yeah. But that’s part of who he is. Stupid, unnecessary handbags with guys who aren’t fit to clean his boots. The other part shores up our defensive midfield, gives Thomas the space to get his confidence back, and hits the occasional long ball that opens the whole game up.

The Beast

Summed it up pretty succinctly, didn’t it. Glad it’s being acknowledged.

Wrighty’s hats

I couldn’t work it out, was he booked for that sliding tackle just before the Ben White tussle, or for getting involved in the tussle, or just for being Xhaka? Did they say on the commentary?

The Beast

I’m just as confused as you & I was listening to the commentary. I’m almost certain it wasn’t for the tackle, which makes it even stranger.


the everton defeat kind of had me thinking yes, we’re midtable. now i’m very confident there’s 14 teams that we’re clearly better than them.

anything above 6th and i’ll be happy, although there’s arguably four teams that really should be finishing above us. if we mange to get above one of united or spurs, i’d take it. if we get 4th, i’m buzzing

Vaibhav Pandey

Chelsea, United, Spurs and we are in fight for 3/4. I believe we can finish 3/4, points worth more than games in hand!

...and really bad eggs...

Hate to admit it and I know they’re not on a good run right now but Chelsea are more close to the top 2 than us, Man U and Sp*rs. I think they’ll have 3rd locked up quite easily, maybe even challenge for 2nd

Funsho Patrick

Bossing it for 90minutes away! Arteta ball is taking shape….to think this group has only played 20matches together…. they’ll be phenomenal after 100games…. weldone gunners! The process is starting to produce..

A Different George

Smith Rowe, soon: “not on long enough to rate, though the hat trick was nice.”

Morrisey fan #1

His movement in the box, and well, everywhere is excellent. He’s gonna bag 20 at this rate.

Obama Young

Emile Smith Pires.


Martinelli was a workhorse this game, shame he was a wee bit offside for his goal. Would love to see his heatmap and distance ran, felt like he was all over the pitch!


He’s so good defensively, gets back and makes crucial interceptions and turns the ball over in dangerous positions. Absolute star and so different but so complimentary to Saka on the other side. Danger in such different forms.


He’s become so consistent. He gave Aarons a really hard time today. Showed us why Arteta and Edu went for Tomi instead, when so many people were pushing for the little canary pre-season.


The football is much better in recent weeks so Arteta is doing something right. Long way to go yet, but let’s hope we can keep going in the same direction. Huge impact by Ramsdale who is always looking to get us on the attack with the urgency he has in his game. Great signing, fantastic character, so happy for him.


Gabriel bossing things nicely. My favourite moments in the match were:

Ramsdale shouting at everyone to stay calm.

Gabriel bossing it at the back.

White’s clean retaliatory tackle.

Saka being unmarkable due to his ability to go either direction.

Loving it when Odegard asks for the ball he gets it. The Technical Captain.

Great that white stepped in at RB and did a job.

Only lament is Arteta should rotate earlier. I assume that’s how tomiyasu got his injury. White showed tomiyasu’s consistency has quite been something.


Covid for Tomiyasu not injury.


Magalhaes nearly gave the ball away in the box with Pukki unmarked in front of goal, otherwise he was grand. That moment gave me a flash-back to last season as we gave away soft goal after soft goal. At least now our attack is functioning and a consolation goal would not have made a difference

Morrisey fan #1

Mine was Martinelli running from one side of the pitch to the other to win the ball back, which then ended up in the back of the net courtesy of KT. The work rate is incredible.

Wrighty’s hats

So much drive and enthusiasm to play and put in a shift for teammates – Gabi and everyone. It’s so nice to see. They’re playing for each other which I haven’t seen in so long.


I wonder how Arteta is managing the ESR situation. Obviously the player’s mentality and commitment is incredible despite not starting. But I wonder if Arteta has assured him he will eventually return to starting. Otherwise it would have affected him negatively to be the top scorer on the team but not start. I really hope this doesn’t become a problem down the road. Not complaining after a victory, just curious, more than anything.


No issue. Lots of games coming, thin squad. ESR will almost certainly start v Wolves.

Vaibhav Pandey

It will be hard for him to break in first 11 but he will get a lot playing time in Jan.


ESR doesn’t seem unhappy, one would hope that the conversation was about rotation and keeping everyone fit.
If ESR, Odegaard, Martinelli and Saka can be involved as much as possible throughout the season and cups without being burnt out, it will be beneficial to everyone and the fortunes of the club.
They are all still really young, and we’ve seen how playing too much too early can break players – Wilshere, Ramsey, Walcott to name a few.
Perhaps also having Wilshere around has helped with the wider understanding too, he’s been there and done that.

Give youth a chance

I imagine it went something like “you’ve played a lot of games this season. I’m giving you a bit of a rest because we’re going to need you later”

...and really bad eggs...

He’s come through the ranks. Was just given a new contract and handed the #10 shirt. I’m sure he knows that the manager and the club thinks highly of him. And everyone knows you don’t change a winning side just because, especially when they’re so many games coming up


Is that straight out of Football Manager?

I ask, as I don’t play it, but reads like it’s off a script and not a conversation between two people 😂


Excellent result though poor oppo again. Hope we keep it going v Wolves and especially in January.


Sorry for getting it wrong, wasn’t an excellent result, Norwich are fantastic and hope we don’t keep it going v Wolves and in January.

I should get lots of upvotes for correcting myself and saying this!


Too many w*****rs on here.

Positive comments downvoted, humour downvoted.

I’m off…

Wrighty’s hats

It’s okay CB, your type of humour might not always work here, but try again next time, don’t be too disheartened…!


Martin Odegaard is becoming the creative player that this team has needed for so long. I expect him to get even better as we go along.


I gave ESR a ten. One assist and goal in ten minutes or so. how is it all three RBs are out with Covid? Weird. Xhaka, it is building. Almost completely in control, but the moments still happen. Wonder when it will happen. good game though, except for the moments. martinelli’s disallowed goal. 😮 😮😮 What a beautiful chip. in bball there is a concept with the description “don’t let the ball stick”. Meaning catch it then drive it or pass it or shoot it. Arsenal at their best the last few games is doing the same. Keeping the ball… Read more »


I thought Martinelli’s shot was a deflection, not a chip? Not to take anything away from his performance, he is such an upgrade on Auba on the left.


Peapole will say it’s only Norwich, but there is a team cohesion and spirit growing here!

White is such a vital player! this is the type of smart move that give’s the squad the versatilty, so that you can have absences and still perform.

Look’s like the non-negotiables are baring fruit, how long till the Arsenal get credit from mainstream media? All I hear so far is negative!


How long til Arsenal get credit from their own fan base. Even on these boards I read how Arteta got lucky with ESR, Martinelli, etc. As if your expensive experienced players (Auba, Willian, and Pepe) lack of form or commitment to the team is a stroke of good luck. Also, whenever we win, it is b/c the other team was so terrible, but when we lose it is b/c Arsenal are so terrible. Probably that is just a fact of online comment boards these days. I bet the average fan base is much more optimistic about things these days than… Read more »


Happily, the more virulent among them seem to have lost interest and moved onto the less greener pastures…


Other than you two downvoters, that is! lol…


I don’t know how many clubs they have in the town of Only but we’ve already defeated about ten of them by my count: Only Norwich, Only Burnley, Only Spurs, Only Watford, Only Villa, Only Newcastle, Only Southampton, Only Leeds, and now Only Norwich again. What a run!

Wrighty’s hats



It’s a large reagion..hehehe…it’s progress at least, not too long ago, these games where pain and flip of a coin.
Man U and Suprs have to beat a few of these only’s to get back in the race btw, if not top 4 could be a loneley place all of a sudden…


Though he can be frustrating to watch at times, the best part of Parteys game is, that he – more then any of the other CM/DMs – always looks for that forward pass, which keeps the team clicking.
When he succedes at that, as he did today, he makes our transitions and possesion so much more effective.


Low for Lacazette but given the person who is given the rating it is of no surprise to me



Xmas Kebab

Weird comment


Arseblog has an agenda for my number 9, nothing weird about saying that jackass

The Beast

Yeah, it’s a bit weird

Exit the Lemming

Laca has been good lately but he wouldn’t even get near the bench for Man City, Chelsea, Man Utd, Liverpool or (gulp) Spurs…..


Your bonus rating echoes what I’m sure are my, and most of the other Arseblog followers, thoughts!!!!!!


The usual players will get the credit and rightfully so, but I really think that Lacazette is the gel so to speak for that attacking 4… he could definitely keep up this role for another season or two and come off the bench if we sign another top striker.


Saka is quietly transitioning from best young player in the team to the best player in the team. The pace of his development is incredible and his ceiling is frightening. Arteta has seemingly doing with him what he supposedly did with Rahim Sterling. Credit to him and especially to the academy for the quality of Saka and our young players. All that said, the team is developing…far from the finished article. What we’re witnessing in the last four wins is a continuation of what started from the 4th game. The team is developing. There will be dips and blunders to… Read more »


No Auba No Pepe, I’m so glad

Exit the Lemming

We need all the best players we have irrespective of their current form. Grow up.


Just super


Super, super, super

Glen M

Loved it! We looked great in transition. Every time we attacked we looked dangerous. Loved us giving as good as we got from Norwich. White particularly, and I didn’t think he had it in him. Great job lads!


Martinelli stole the ball on the opposite side of the pitch to set up the second goal. Wow


Xhaka was a beast. Remember his comment at the Euros when there were all those rumours – “Arsenal know what I want”

Exit the Lemming

Really past caring what Xhaka wants. What Arsenal want: For Granit to avoid stupid bookings and stay on the park for 90 minutes, to minimise catastrophic errors that lead to goals conceded and not to disrespect the captaincy or tell vast swathes of the fanbase to f*ck off


Great performance today. Fluid up front and rock solid at the back. Now that the Wolves game has been postponed, we have a real test ahead on 1st January. Good to have built up some confidence to take into it.


Great job for Martinelli to win the balls ball with great hustle to setup our first two goals.

Petit's Handbag

Gabriel’s current form is the best from an Arsenal centre back since…..anyone?

Exit the Lemming



We are banking points. Should not get carried away bc we have also played more games then some rivals for top4 plus we face City NYear. So all the more critical we should build up some GD before we lose some to City. All that being said, a very poor Norwich side. At times, it looked like a training match and us in first gear. Encouraging performances continue from a number of players and hopefully it will continue to build confidence 1) Ramsdale – Spectator. One loose moment from our backline required his intervention in front of Puki. Otherwise uneventful.… Read more »

Exit the Lemming

Quite probably the worst team we will face this season (and that includes the cup competitions) ‘Clinical’ and ‘ruthless’ are seldom included in descriptions of this Arsenal side but we were all that and more today. What possibly pleased me the most was our calm and measured reaction to Norwich trying to get physical when they had completely run out of ideas. I’ve pilloried Xhaka for his indiscipline plenty times but he was a model of restraint after his first yellow and as a collective unit, we bitch slapped Delia’s crêpe-like puddings accordingly. Self funded clubs like the Canaries don’t… Read more »


Yea, sad but true point about the financing issue. However, I’m rooting on a lot of levels for this Arsenal team to win things. I’m Arsenal for life so I always want us to win trophies and have success on the field. But I also feel this team’s success could represent something in terms of the financial dynamics you bring up. There could be a ray of light for the wealthier “self-sustainers” like Arsenal. This is the other angle on the club’s new project that is of great interest. Wenger’s strategic plan in the face of financial competition from the… Read more »

Holdings New Merkin

Behold my hair and rejoice


KT loves a cracking, bad weather goal! Martin and Laca were very good today. Thoroughly enjoyed this match.

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