Wednesday, September 28, 2022

Report: Man Utd 3-2 Arsenal (inc goals)

Arsenal: Ramsdale, Tomiyasu, White, Gabriel, Tavares, Partey, Elneny, Odegaard, Martinelli, Smith Rowe, Aubameyang

Subs: Okonkwo, Tierney, Holding, Maitland-Niles, Sambi, Pepe, Saka, Lacazette, Nketiah

Arsenal paid the price for defensive sloppiness, as two goals from Ronaldo and one from Bruno Fernandes gave Man United a 3-2 win at Old Trafford this evening.

Gabriel Martinelli started ahead of Bukayo Saka who was only fit enough for a place on the bench, while in midfield Mohamed Elneny was handed his first Premier League start of the campaign.

The Gunners started brightly, an Aubameyang shot in the opening minute led to a corner which saw a Ben White header cleared at the last moment by Rashford.

Dalot had United’s first attempt on target in the 8th minute, the save was routine for Ramsdale, as was one for de Gea after great Arsenal build up saw Partey and Smith Rowe combine for Aubameyang, but his shot was tame.

It’s always eventful at Old Trafford, but the Gunners opener came from a corner, Fred stood on de Gea and with the keeper on the ground Smith Rowe fired home with his left foot. Referee Martin Atkinson blew his whistle after the ball went in, but it looked as if he was going to disallow it. Eventually, after several minutes and some consultation with VAR, the goal was given. 0-1.

United tried to respond, Tavares made a good tackle on Rashford in our box, Maguire shot over from distance, Gabriel had to make a good clearance, and White made an important last ditch tackle on Telles which had United shouting for a penalty (it wasn’t!).

At the other end, a rare foray forward saw Odegaard create a good chance for Martinelli but the young Brazilian didn’t connect properly with his shot and saw it trickle wide. Partey won a free kick in a dangerous area but took it in a not very dangerous way, but just before the break United equalised.

Arsenal didn’t clear it well enough in the build-up, United worked it down their left, it came to Fred in the box who squared it for Fernandes and Ramsdale had no chance to stop it. 1-1.

Arsenal should have had a penalty just before the first period was up when Maguire pulled back Tomiyasu, but the referee did nothing and there was clearly nothing doing at VAR HQ, but it was pretty clear-cut.

It meant the teams went in level at half-time, and although United had plenty of the ball, we should have been able to deal with their threat. Would it come back to haunt us?

There were no changes at the break, and an early corner for Arsenal saw Gabriel force de Gea into an excellent save, one which was equalled by Ramsdale moments later when Ronaldo turned inside Partey to shoot from close range. The Arsenal keeper made another save from Rashford who shot from distance, and there were warning signs – made more annoying when United went in front.

Tavares tried to play it to ESR, got caught out of position, Rashford crossed and Ronaldo had too much time and space in our box to slot home the finish. 2-1.

However, the lead didn’t last long, with an equaliser arriving inside 2 minutes. Partey played a good ball wide to Martinelli, he crossed it, Odegaard hit it first time and it crept in at the far post. 2-2.

Aubameyang tried his luck after a good ball from White allowed him to run in behind, but de Gea made the save. We were about to bring Saka on, when Odegaard made a clumsy challenge on Fred in our box, and although the referee initially played on, VAR rightly awarded the spot kick. Ronaldo and his disgusting neck put it straight down the middle. 3-2.

Arteta brought on Saka for Smith Rowe, and Martinelli’s charging run set up Aubameyang but the captain’s shot, while on target, didn’t have the power to trouble de Gea. He had another sight of goal moment’s later, but shot straight at de Gea from 8 yards out – he might have been given offside though as replays showed he was just ahead of the play.

It was his last involvement, as he and Odegaard were replaced by Lacazette and Nketiah in the 80th minute. Saka had a sight of goal but hit it tamely at the keeper after a Tavares cross, and the England international saw a goalbound shot blocked by Fred as the clock ticked towards 90 minutes.

The Gunners huffed and puffed into the 5 minutes of injury time, but nothing came of it and the night ended in huge frustration.

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Starting Elneny when he never gave him game time this whole season is a straight c*ck up. Never a better time to play United and he manages to f*ck it up. Really can’t handle the big games and if this continues we best change managers at end of season.


Or now ?


It’s going to be a long old season. Same old Arsenal

Tomaury Bischfeld

What makes the season long for me is people whining after every loss

Jean Ralphio

Fans want instant success and that is unrealistic. It’s a young squad and we can’t be screaming crisis everytime we lose.

Fred Garvin

And how much of our resources are tied up in players who don’t deliver? Pepe, Auba, Lacazette, Partey, etc. We are fucking bloated and can’t break through to the next level because we are playing overpaid players week in, week out.


It becomes a problem when you always get beaten by your rivals. We’ve played the 4 teams that will likely fill the top 4 top spot and not a single point from those game. It’s getting better of a truth but I want to look forward to a big game and have hope.

Mikels Arteta

We should have had 3 points today. If you’re not whining, you’re accepting mediocre Arsenal.
We want better than that

Wrighty’s hats

I think there’s a difference between being disappointed with a loss and whining. They both involve wanting the team to perform better and get a better result. I think the whining part pertains to the piling on, catastrophising, complaining, blaming, etc

Kentish Gooner

It’s kind of what it was like in the last four or five seasons under Wenger, going to absolute pieces when playing the ‘top sides’.


Except Mikel has beaten all of the top sides already in his short time here at Arsenal… Short memories we have i guess. This is a project and they are on the right path. Doesn’t mean the path won’t be bumpy. Trajectory matters most at this stage.


Elneny was our best central midfielder tonight though

Crash Fistfight

Not saying much, to be fair. Partey was hopeless (I don’t remember him being that good that often). I don’t get the narrative that Elneny was OK because he just did ‘Elneny things’. People always moan about his deficiencies going forward, but that’s the thing he can’t do anything about. It’s his shitness in defence that annoys me. He should have closed down Fred for the first goal, instead of standing ‘near’ him, then stands in no man’s land for the second goal. It’s not the first time, either. I’m sure there are other examples, but the goal we conceded… Read more »


Bollocks. White fluffed his clearance to set the counter for their first and Nuno lost the ball to set up another counter for their second. This was compounded by White (and Partey – who was closer) not tracking Ronaldo (of all people to give space in our box!!!) to allow him that sidefoot to beat Rambo. If Nuno is going to gallop upfield as he does (often to great effect, it must be said) he HAS to ensure he doesn’t get easily dispossessed or give a loose pass to the opposition. It happened against the Scouse and again numerous times… Read more »


El Neny, for me, wasn’t the problem. He had a decent game. Considering what happened to Lokonga at Anfield, I think Arteta was justified on this occasion.


Lokonga was good against Newcastle. Partey on the other hand….


People forget Lokonga is a young player and plays in a position that is key. He needs a bit of protection.

From the get-go at Anfield, he looked nervous and continued to get worse. Old Trafford isn’t the same fearsome ground it used to be, but it is still a tough ground to go. Not surprised he didn’t start.

Bleeding gums murphy

This was not Liverpool ffs

Brady’s bunch

You’re wrong there Without elneny we would have been worse, Partey was really poor.


You are blind dude. Elneny was very good


I agree but real talk Elneny was no worse than Partey and probably better. Either way Sambi should’ve played unless he had a knock. I know we’ve improved overall, but so sick of us not being able to deliver when it comes to these “if we win, we’re top four/six/whatever” games. I guess what matters is the table at the end of the season but still so frustrating. Also sick of players who haven’t scored in X games always scoring against us. Man U were not good, we gave them that game, would be able to accept it more had… Read more »


Partey was poorer than Elneny.

Runcorn Gooner

Just drop Aubamayeng. He is really getting on my nerves. He is currently incapable of doing what he is paid a fortune to do.
Partey has got to up his game quickly. He is becoming embarrassing.


Sorry, but this is not even close to one of the top takeaways from this game, whether you like Elneny or not.

Belgian Gunner

Elneny always passes backwards, Partey was really bad, I don’t understand why he didn’t start Lokonga. After the first 10 minutes it was just waiting to concede a goal because we couldn’t play forward anymore. Aubameyang was not useful again. In the second half United couldn’t press anymore but we failed to capitalize because Arteta took to long to bring in fresh leggs. This one is on him. Very poor gameplan against a beatable opponent.

Teryima Adi

Always whining when we lose. We need to grow up. You get knocked down in life sometimes, but just make sure you don’t stay down. We get up and fight another day. COYG!!!

Frog in the room

Yes let’s love losing to an average United. Love that team and can forgive Liverpool trashing but certainly not being beaten tonight. Aunbye meyàng and let’s stop the partey


No-one is saying ‘love’ losing to Manure – what we ARE saying is don’t HATE on a young team that has, over the last month or two, most certainly shown an upward trajectory.
We cocked up last night – both on defence and offence – could have another 3 and should have had at least another 1 or 2.


Interesting how certain ‘trolls’ ONLY ever emerge after a loss, being conspicuously absent during times of success.

Sad. Terribly sad.


MIndless comment from a clear ‘hate-ta’ agenda: Elneny was pretty solid, ran his bollocks off.
Tavares’ loose pass (something I commented on last week!) saw him caught out of position and launched their counter for the first Ronaldo goal.
White was excellent going forward but still tends to float into no-man’s land in our box, leaving those killer gaps for smart runs.


Partey was really shit, Auba has gone at the game. 


Auba is simply past it, Lacazette or Martinelli have to be starting against Everton


You think Arteta is going to drop Auba?


Exactly. This is the manager who kept playing Willian to kingdom come

Don Cazorleone

christ I’d managed to repress those memories

Wrighty’s hats

I know this and other online places tend to be forums that lend themselves to abbreviated and therefore generally exaggerated reaction but when a striker goes a few games without scoring is it really the best thing to say they’ve never been good for us (not you but others) and that they’re past it? Especially one who is club captain and kept us afloat for 2 seasons by scoring virtually all of our goals, including as golden boot winner? Strikers have gone on dry spells for way longer than 6 games…….. I thought it was good that at least he… Read more »

Kentish Gooner

I really think we need to cut our losses with Partey and just accept that he’s only a good player with very good players around him like he did at AM.


Have to agree. Partey was a massive waste of 50M.

And Auba! jaysus, he’s been fucking useless since the new deal. Flat track bully, nothing more.

Arsenal’s midfield is also rubbish.

And goddamnit MA, why the FUCK are putting in that litlte useless shit Nketiah? He’s off. He’s told the club, eff off. Putting him it… that’s B league hail mary stuff.

Disappointing losing to this fooking rabble.

The Arsenal

Midfield in general is atrocious. Partey at AM was nothing more than a holding mid who won it and gave it to better players. Here he is meant to be our ‘midfield boss’ but mistakes aside just got dominated by Fred and Mctominay who are also shit. Elneny mr backwards has always been what he is. A 7 million player. Odegaard. Decent left foot and technical ability but ultimately lightweight, slow and passive. Sambi is our best midfielder and he isn’t all that consistent yet but is young. The rest could leave and wouldnt be missed.


“Partey’s annoyed with himself” (35 mins). So he should have been, giving the ball away at least three times to that point, putting his team under needless pressure.


15 minutes in I thought he should have been subbed.

Don Danbury

My thoughts exactly!


Auba has been shit through the middle all his career with us. At least he had some joy out wide and better yet we played a striker that was involved positively in the game during that time

Gunner Thesaurus

With acknowledging that we have much improved, I think I’m fair to be really really disappointed with this result. Manchester United have been horrible recently and if we were not going to win, I at the very least did not expect them to be fair value for their win. I’m so annoyed about how stupid our ways of playing is when we’re in our third. That whole penalty sequence started with Martinelli taking the ball towards our third with zero pressure on him, with zero sense of why he should go back and that was just one of the dozens… Read more »

The Arsenal

Overcoached morons/robots


Yet another big game where we’ve played well and haven’t deserved to lose, and lost. *sigh*

Old bloke

Competitive game we are just not clinical enough in front of goal.


Aubameyang looks finished. Zero confidence. I’d rather be giving players like Balogun or Martinelli a chance through the middle than just playing Aubameyang over and over as he wastes golden opportunities.

Bleeding gums murphy

And Arteta the dopey cxxt brings on nketia


Right. Throw on pepe and see what he can do. Nketia isn’t going to do anything.


He almost tried to flick Odegaard’s shot as well. Imagine if that happened, and he stopped another goal. Just drop the guy already, start Martinelli up top. And for the love of god put Nketiah as far away from the 1st team possible, especially after not signing a contract.


Arteta doesn’t have the balls to make such a call.

The Arsenal

No Arteta criticism…He beat Villa, Leicester and Spurs.

Wrighty’s hats

Might be an unpopular opinion, so be it, but I don’t think Gabi is ready to lead the forward line. We’ve tried it and he looked like a deer in the headlights. There’s something to be said for physical presence, leadership, and experience in a central striker. Especially when defenders are getting up in your grill and not giving you any space to do your thing. Say what you will about Auba and his dry spell but he’s been dragging players with him and opening up space for the others to score, contributing to our wins (and no doubt he… Read more »


I for one would like to see Gabi and Pepe on either flank – that is a combo that could really torment and stretch defences.

Wrighty’s hats

Sounds good to me. With ESR in the middle pulling the strings

Gunner Thesaurus

With acknowledging that we have much improved, I think I’m fair to be really really disappointed with this result. Manchester United have been horrible recently and if we were not going to win, I at the very least did not expect them to be fair value for their win. I’m so annoyed about how stupid our ways of playing is when we’re in our third. That whole penalty sequence started with Martinelli taking the ball towards our third with zero pressure on him, with zero sense of why he should go back and that was just one of the dozens… Read more »


So frustrating, really should’ve won that. Elneny solid, Martinelli exceptional but Auba, Partey and Odengaard need to be much much better

T dog

I thought ödegaard had a good game up until the brain malfunction. Tidy and clean on the ball, I’m sure he will become increasingly influential in this team as the season goes on.


We gifted them all 3 goals, is precisely why we lost.
1. First goal, nobody was picking up runners in the box, both Fred and Bruno
2. Tavares lost the ball in a crucial part of the pitch and nobody was covering at left back
3. Odegaard shouldn’t be in that position to defend in the first place, and subsequently shouldn’t have put in that challenge


And White fluffed a routine clearance for the first – gifting them the counter opportunity.

A Different George

Odegaard made a mistake with the penalty, obviously. Otherwise, he was pretty clearly, over the course of the match, our best attacking player. We were the better team for most of the match; they were better in the twenty minutes after our first goal. I am disappointed with the result, of course, but I don’t think this puts off our course for this season: we are good enough for top six and for a challenge for fourth.


Some decisions from Mikel today I just can’t understand:

  1. Dropping Sambi for El-Neny…WHY?
  2. Why would you put Nketiah on instead of Pepe?

Now has to be time to drop Auba, he is simply the weakest link in this team. Martinelli has seriously staked a claim for a start after these two performances.

Tomaury Bischfeld

Martinelli was immense, great spirit. I’m not Pepe’s no1 fan but why not chuck him on in a game like that, or Tierney?! I think Nketiah has repeatedly shown he can’t quite cut it in the PL yet.


Nketiah coming on is a joke. One he isn’t good enough, and two he’s leaving on a free in a few months.


Arteta has this habit of freezing certain people out of the team until there’s an injury and a spot needs someone else to fill it. He does it all the time.

Wrighty’s hats

I feel like AW used to do that too. It would take injury or some truly awful performances for him to drop players.

Bleeding gums murphy

Could not agree more.

Holdings New Merkin

Pepe is gone.

Exit the Lemming

He has shown glimpses of real quality but infrequently and we spent over 70 million on a 20 million winger

Kentish Gooner

Half of our players were pretty terrible but we didn’t deserve to lose that, did we?


We did not. Lucky from United. However we got lucky here last season!!!


We scored early; had them rattled and then went deep when we should have continued to take the game to them.

We do it every time and it’s sickening. When was the last time we put 5 past a team in this league?


Good point. Why did we give them so much space after the first goal?


It’s got to be tactics. It happens almost every time we take a early lead.

A Different George

Nonsense. Arteta repeatedly complains that we do this. It is a natural tendency for almost all players, especially inexperienced players, and especially away and against big teams. I think more experienced leaders can change this on the pitch, and I expect that will happen as players like White and Gabriel, Saka, Tierney, and Odegaard become those leaders. Neither Aubameyang nor Partey seem to have the personality for it; Lacazette probably does, but he is often not on the pitch at those moments.


If a manager “repeatedly complains” about something his team does, he’s either unable to coach them not to do it, or disingenuous.


Do you ever read or listen Arteta’s post-matches? He repeatedly bemoans our lack of confidence in NOT ‘finishing teams off’ as he puts it!
I think it’s a function of youth/inexperience and the fact that our striker(s) are lacking form and not making decent runs.


Absolutely spot on is it the players or arteta’s coaching but you are right everytime we take the lead we drop deep, it has to be arteta’s coaching informing players to regroup and protect our lead it is fucking depressing it happens all the time with his arsenal team. It is dreadful.


After the Palace game, they changed that in the next 2 games (A. Villa and Leicester) and look how those games turned out.

I don’t think the coach is largely to blame, to be fair to Arteta, because I could see him frantically urging the players to push up when we were still 1 goal ahead, but they simply kept pushing back and inviting pressure.

A Different George

Anyone who has paid the slightest attention knows this is one of Arteta’s main criticisms of the way we play. He is not Unai Emery.


Then why select Elneny, whose natural tendency is to pass the ball back?

(Not saying he was our biggest problem)

Thierry Bergkamp (non negotiable)

Even after our equaliser, they were rattled and there to be beaten


This is why I am so frustrated. We had to opportunity to finish them off but we allowed them back into the game. Earlier this week Arteta spoke of urging players to kill off the opposition. We never seem to be able to do so. Opportunity missed and points dropped.


AFCON can’t come soon enough


Be careful what you wish for.


Partey has probably been the worst regular starter in the squad. It’s time to challenge his spot in the lineup just as Arteta has done to others who were in poor form.

Kentish Gooner

We need to sell him while he still has some market value. He’s not the player we thought he was when we bought him. What’s he actually contributed in 18 months?

Crash Fistfight

Who’s going to sign him on his stupid wages? I feel like the strategy of signing young players is as much to protect against these types of transfers as anything else. If you don’t pay crazy wages in the first place (younger players aren’t likely to be offered such deals) there’s more chance of shifting them if they don’t work out. That’s why I don’t like links to Raheem Sterling (not that I think there’s any likelihood of him signing for us, but still) – he’d just end up getting paid lots to do little and we’d be lumbered with… Read more »


He was a panic buy and he’s on huge wages. He’s never going to be what we need in midfield because he’s slow thinking and gutless. He’s probably had one decent game in 19 months and the rest is excuses. We should just get rid of him for whatever we can get, AMN is better than him.

Wrighty’s hats

Disagree so much with this. I don’t think he’s slow thinking or gutless. (What a thing to say!) I don’t think he was a panic buy and he is a lot better than his most recent performances. Definitely should not get rid of him – that sounds very short-sighted. He’s going to come good, I’m sure of it.


Also how can Partey keep taking free kicks when he’s the worst finisher at the club?? Let MO take it ffs


Arteta has no Fckn clue about tactics. That is all.

Vaibhav Pandey

Okay scientist! Do you offer tactical masterclass on Skillshare?


Another rational, informed and well-balance comment!



Aubameyang must be dropped for the next game. It’s time for Martinelli to have a go at CF


Partey too. It’s time to have an uncomfortable discussion. Always preferred Sambi


Really says something when Elneny was the better of the two CMs…


Yeah. I never warmed to Partey. I understand others have different views. He doesn’t make me feel secure in the way that even Elneny does, and he doesn’t add anything going forward. When you spend that kind of money you expect a top player, but from what I’ve seen, Sambi suits us far more and is more progressive.

The Far Post

I really appreciate Elneny for his steadiness, but I got a sinking feeling every time the ball went to him in the last five minutes. United were willing to give him space and time to focus on others, particularly Partey. They knew he did not have it in him to unlock that defense.

Tomaury Bischfeld

And what, Sambi and Elneny? It doesn’t sound much better. We definitely need an upgrade there.


Sambi + 1, Niles or Xhaka. We still need to buy a really good CM.


This is just the fact. Sign an upgrade or two there; experienced, ready-made baller(s) and we would be a lot better.

Thierry Bergkamp (non negotiable)

Sambi definitely been the better of the two, this season


He’s a better player full stop.


Offered way too much respect to an average united team. Young team they will get better. But convince yourselves Aubameyang through the middle offers us anything bar very tame shots. Subs were spot on but too late to change it


I don’t think the young team are the problem, it’s the experienced players who’re stinking the place out.


I fucking hate United. Tonight was a good reminder


Horrendous job from Arteta. horrendous. I just wish a manager could be benched, he shouldn’t be allowed to take a decision for Arsenal for the next three games. El Neny for 95 minutes. What the actual…


To be honest there are so many average players in this squad. Our midfield was pants and there wasn’t much to come on off the bench.

We are bang average – and that includes the manager.


I feel we have a really promising squad and our bench was pretty strong.


I’m not sure why you’re getting downvoted for being right.

Brazilian Gooner

Nuno is a great footballer, until he actually has to touch the ball


He’s actually BETTER on the ball than off it. He is going to grow into some player if he irons out some kinks in his game.

Brazilian Gooner

Cant believe this is being downvoted. United’s defence was giving him all the time and space in the World to create something and he still couldnt find a 2 yard pass without delaying the whole play


Could that have been bc ESR was trotting in the shadow of United defenders?

Crash Fistfight

Yep, I love ESR but he looked exhausted the whole game. Other than the goal I thought he was anonymous.


We lack a winning mentality against the bigger clubs.cant see it changing any time soon. Not sure why arteta tinkers so much. Frustrating result yet again against a rival for top 4


That’s not a game we should have lost. At least we actually look like a football team again though


We gifted them almost all 3 goals. We definitely deserved to lose.


Poor in midfield again Partey running in treacle and couldn’t pass water ! Elneny backwards & sideways Pluses from Martinelli Tomi ESR after that ????

Bleeding gums murphy

That’s on Arteta for me. Starting Elneny, bringing on nketia ffs. Once again scoring and then stop fucking going forward. A really poor United team, Fred and mctominay in midfield. He doesn’t seem to learn.


I’m okay starting Elneny. He’s wasn’t the problem. Partey was dreadful.
The Nketiah thing – spot on though.

Manyoo are getting thrashed by midtable sides all season. And we make them look good b/c the Arsenal midfield is fecking invisible.

MA … this is on you buddy. All on you.

Arshavins left foot

What happened to VAR when Tomiyasu was fouled in penalty area? I switched off when Manure got penalty. Pissed off with crap refereeing once more

Kentish Gooner

I thought this but nobody picked it up. Both referee and pundits turned a blind eye.

Guns Up

On American broadcast they were all over it. Flabbergasted it wasn’t called out by VAR.

Virginia Gooner

I don’t blame Arteta when we lose to City, Liverpool or Chelsea, they’re clearly levels above us. This game is purely lost on Artetas cowardice. In what world does he think after getting the early goal that we would set 10 men behind the ball and defend waves of Utd attacks and come out victorious?! Fucking coward. If he’s ever gonna be successful as a manager he needs to find a pair of balls. Utd were under pressure until we score then he lets them off the hook and tries to see out a game with 70+ mins to go.… Read more »


When you think about it, it’s kind of nuts that we have agreed not to blame Arteta for getting battered by Liverpool, Chelsea, and City, but we still praise him for grinding out wins against the weakest teams in the league – Norwich and Newcastle.


Thomas Partey is the most frustrating player on earth

Kentish Gooner


Brady’s bunch

On his day he’s a magnificent footballer but unfortunately he’s seldom on his day not sure why but Pepe is much more frustrating to watch.


It’s embarrassing. Yet again we are loosing against ourselfs.

Elneny in the starting 11, Auba on the pitch, stupid mistakes…

Guns Up

As has been stated several times, Elneny was not the problem. Rotation is absolutely necessary between now and early Jan., and it makes perfect sense to me to plug a steady, experienced head in for Old Trafford and send a rested Lokonga back out vs Everton. Horrible take.


Dominated them, sat off. Gave them 3 goals. Fuming


Poor team selection. Terrible, timid (cowardly?) tactics ? Very bad night for Arteta.


Arteta needs to drop Thomas Partey. Now.


So now we’ve played Man City, Man United, Chelsea and Liverpool. Total points? Zero.

Enough said.


Brings back memories from not too long ago…


…and yet: we are 5th on the table.
If you want to be the champion: it’s important to have a good result against your rivals.
But if you’d like to remain in the top: the priority is to be clinical against the smaller teams (simply because the number of points you are able to collect against them are much bigger)

The Arsenal

Were only 5th because every team is about the same level except the top 3. Were just another team in the league. ‘Smaller’ teams are level with us now. Do you go into games against West ham, Brighton, Wolves etc with maximum confidence we will win.


Add sp*rs it’s 3 points. It’s 10 games Home and away should take at least 10, we need to makes 7 on the way back. Which means a win and 4 draws. I dont see that happening

Thierry Bergkamp (non negotiable)

We beat Leicester and the cocks down the lane, we sit in 5th, 1 point from 4th.

It’s not that bad

Walter White

Both teams were bad today and a draw would have been fair.
A shame VAR only looks one way at old trafford


Ah come on man. If you’re complaining about Tomi not getting a pen, then Newcastle should have had one on Saturday against Odegaard. VAR did it’s job tonight

Walter White

Not complaining about that.
But if you choose to ignore that one, then the same should done with the next decision.


Sorry, you have lost me. What are you complaining about then ?

Kentish Gooner

Stop picking a fight DPK


Fucking hell mate, if you think that in picking a fight, welcome to the internet 😀

Crash Fistfight

VAR did overrule the ref in giving us our first goal, to be fair. VAR is just nonsense this season. I agree that it was a clear foul on Tomiyasu, but as DPK notes, the one on Odegaard last week should’ve been given as well (you might say that the one on Martinelli should also have been given, so they would have cancelled each other out, but if Newcastle went 1-0 up I think it would have been a hell of a lot more difficult for us to score 2). Not saying last week’s game should have any bearing on… Read more »


How poor does Auba need to be to be dropped? Pepe was playing wayyyyyyy better than this before he was taken out of the first team. It just doesn’t make any sense. This is a player who receives possession, and I EXPECT him to fuck it up somehow. And he rarely disappoints. We shouldn’t have lost this game. Twice, Odegaard is caught sleeping, allowing Fred to slip pass him into the box. Led directly to two of their goals. Was impressed by Martinelli. We should see off Everton at least and get back to some consistency. We won’t do that… Read more »


Yes we gave the ball away too much, Yes we should’ve had a penalty in the first half, but when your ‘star’ striker consistently plays below par, surely he should be benched. Why is Auba allowed to play so much? In what other top team would this be an okay thing?…..and don’t try to convince me it’s because he’s a fantastic captain. Alexis pretty much gave his all until leaving, I think Lacazette would too.

ro mo

I didn’t understand the team selection here.

Elneny was slowing everything down

And then why Nketiah as a subsitution and keeping Elneny on for full 90mins. We were getting murdered in the midfield


We still have a habit of kick starting other team’s seasons


There needs to be more mention of utd shithousery. I bemoaned elneny selection, but tbh from performance I’d rather partey be dropped from that line up. Also, auba is still clinical according to arteta….

Man Manny

This one is firmly on Arteta.
How Elneny starts ahead of Lokonga is beyond me.
United was there for the taking if we had a decent manager.
These boys will never hit their true potential with Arteta at the helm.

Red Arrow

Don’t know why Arteta had that starting line up. Man Utd are nowhere near the level of the top 3 and we should have played more attacking football. I really like Arteta as a person but I don’t think he has enough tactical knowledge to get the best of the players we have.

Arkansas Gooner

Would like to see KT back in the squad against Everton. I understand not wanting to hurt Tavares’ confidence, but we cannot keep conceding sloppy goals like that.

Partey looks like he’s playing in slow motion, I wonder if the groin is still bothering him.

Last, why are we bringing on Nketiah when the news just came out he’s not accepting a new contract??

Frustrating all around.


I blame the manager and the players.


Smith Rowe didn’t do much besides his goal. Today wasn’t his day, he and Partey gave away too many balls.


Yeah I noticed that as well. Even if ESR is inconsistent in possession there is a case to keep him in the team because of goal scoring threat. Partey in the other hand


Should’ve had a penalty, and I thought other than the goal ESR wasn’t good. Too many arse players tried to dribble through United’s midfield and it never came to anything. Usually a turnover. Arsenal outplayed today when inexperience and disparity in attacking talent showed.

Pastor Simon

Nothing against the team or the manager, but the game was decided when Martinelli decided to shoot instead of squaring it to Smith Rowe.
That is a bad game management we would av being 2 nil up which will make a comeback difficult.

Nevertheless, we move.

Crash Fistfight

Martinelli should’ve scored. I didn’t see the pass on until the replay, so I think it would be hard for him to see it in person. Yes he was great otherwise, but that was crap.


Terrible ways to concede goals, but after the third there was not enough urgency from us, Martinelli was the only one who tried to make something happen forward.

Dylan Amey

To be honest I learnt nothing new from this game: Arsenal not clinical in front of goal, our young squad are capable of costly mistakes, and Elneny, like clockwork, will ALWAYS pass backwards.
I could understand all of artetas decisions, but he made a mistake with elneny on this one. I know it worked last time, but that was last season, it felt like an unnecessary risky decision. I feel like he has a tendency to do this sometimes

Funsho Patrick

Painful one to lose but these youngsters will crush big teams in two years…they’ve basically played only 11 games as a unit so imagine when they’ve done 100 plus! I love the courage,Smith Rowe kept going at them,tomiyasu too..I think dropping sambi was the wrong call…he’s mobile and forward thinking…elneny offers precious little. Aubameyang’s form is alarming…..we still trust this process


Elneny played well. My man of the match is Tomiyasu

Dylan Amey

No I’m sorry, elneny played very elneny-esque football, which isn’t bad per se, but it’s certainly not what is needed to win a game. He slowed the play down with his inability to break the lines with a pass or a run, and instead passes backwards incessantly, habitually, all the time. Not elenenys fault, but in hindsight arteta made a mistake. Why change what isn’t broken!?


Harsh to put that on elneny, if we’re playing elneny we need a better set of creators around him. And a player to drive from deep.


That game pissed me off. We did it go ourselves, elneny should have been taken off, whilst he doesn’t put a foot wrong, he’s not someone to help chase a game, his backward passed killed momentum a bunch of times. Nketiah coming on instead of Pepe or literally any other attack minded player is bewildering. It made the squad imbalanced. So gutted we didn’t beat this lopsided United team. It would have been such an important step forward. Onward I guess. PS. Partey needs to get dropped, he played a couple of nice balls but his sloppiness would be costly… Read more »


Brings up memories of 2016 defeat. We were playing a depleted ManU and managed to lose with the same score and almost playing the same game. This is an endless source of frustration.


I remember we lost 1-2 at home with Moyes’s team scoring with its only shot on target and a deflected o.g. on a counterattack in the second half.


Reminds me of the Everton game in 13/14 I think. A chance to put daylight in a favorable position.

I knew upon hearing we could go 4th that it simply wasn’t going to happen.

The Arsenal

Its happened alot more than that. Virtually every meaningful game. We would have hammered them if we were 10th and the pressure was off.