Tuesday, December 5, 2023

Former Gunner heads down under

Former Gunner Carl Jenkinson has left Nottingham Forest to join Melbourne City on a 6 month loan deal.

The Corporal, who made 70 appearances for the Gunners between 2011 and 2019, has never quite captured that run of form which saw him earn a call up to the England squad, garnering one international cap.

He had loan spells at West Ham and Birmingham City, before moving to Forest on a permanent basis in 2019.

Injuries affected his time there but he’s never been able to hold down a regular place, and now finds himself heading for the A-League.

He will be keen to get his career back on track, and during his time at Arsenal he was the undisputed knifey-spoony champion during regular training ground tournaments, so that should stand him in good stead with the many passionate Gooners in Australia.

Best of luck to him down under, may all his water drain clockwise, and his family remain safe from chazwazzas as he earns his dollarydoos.

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After his first season on loan at West Ham, when he was pretty good, I had hoped he’d return to us as I love a player who actually is a proper Gooner. Good luck Carl. . .

Johnny 4 Hats

In even better news, Jenko’s dad has got a gig doing backing vocals on Delta Goodrem’s new record.


Crazy he is only 29, I’d have added a few years on if you’d asked me how old he is!

Thought he was a good quality player, surprised he hasn’t had a bigger impact.

Good luck to him in Oz!


I thought he looked like Roy Keane when I saw the picture with the hat above.

Obviously not good to be like Keane internally, but anyone else think the external is very similar?

Tankard Gooner

A smiling Roy Keane is not a nice sight to suggest.

Public Elneny

I think injuries caused him to regress

He started off very shakily, looked massively out of his depth which I think somehow endeared him to us even more. But actually turned out to be decent for a couple of years. Great engine, wicked cross and solid defending 1 v 1. Always a bit ropey in his first touch and passing though. Got a cap for England too apparently, probably blocked him from getting 50 or so for Finland

I think that was a deliberate tactic by England to block him from playing for Finland.


The Corporal off for his gap year.

He’s still living the dream.

I’m still loving his goal against Norwich.


The Corporal is definitely gonna be one of those forgotten answers in “Every player to score a league goal for Arsenal” quiz in a few years time but he won’t forget. Probably has the picture of his celebration everywhere, canvas over the bed in Casa del Jenks, laptop background, phone Lock Screen, you name it, his got that picture on it


Still better than Cedric!


I know we all love him but if Cedric had to run with the ball from near their corner flag to well into our own half and plays a nice assist to Michu to finish us off because he was too poor and scared to pass to any teammate then everyone would remember it for ages. We would even remember Michu’s hand gesture celebration and probably name it the Cedric. We would even link it to that amazing own goal from 30 yards out. While we all love our favourites and hate who we don’t like, we tend to chose… Read more »


Or maybe smart people don’t evaluate players based on individual incidents.


I always liked him and thought he was a solid player, not great, but certainly better than some of the dross we had.
I remember one game where Özil refused to pass to him, even when he was clear in good positions. At least 5 times. Mad.

Best of luck down under, make sure to leave any pet toads behind.


Wasn’t that Alexis not Ozil. Tbf he kept crossing /passing it out of play in that game, he was not at our level by that point


I think Alexis refused to pass to Ramsey for a few games. But as I’m a lot older than the Corporal (may his Norwich goal forever be remembered), so I might be a bit hazy there.

A Different George

My memory is that Alexis combined pretty well with Ramsey when Ramsey played as a (sort of) inside right. The player he combined with the best, naturally, was Ozil–a brilliant passer who was not overly concerned with scoring himself. Alexis’ dream.


It’s the one game that sticks in my mind with him, not sure why. I think it was Crystal Palace?
I also think he played two good crosses in his entire Arsenal career. Like I said, not great.

Eazy Deezy

I was thinking the opposite, made me feel old when I read he’s 29 already!

Good luck down under Corporal

Eazy Deezy

Whoops I meant to reply to CB saying it’s crazy he’s only 29


Fan Favourite! Good luck Corporal!


Good luck Corporal Jenks!

Make sure you’ve been boosted…

Once, twice, three times el neny

Let’s hope he avoids a booting

Tommy Gunner

The fact that this is essentially a City franchise team makes me a bit ill, but best of luck to him. Living the absolute journeyman dream that I bet nearly all of us would take in a heartbeat.


Bonny Tyler is still in the charts down there.

Tasmanian Jesus

I bet he regrets chosing England over Finland now.
Would easily have had 40-50 international matches by now.

Reiss Neverseen & the DicTeta

Many players with foreign heritage usually end up regretting playing for England over another nation. The supply of eligible players is huge and you’re always at risk of being dropped for the next new thing.

A Different George

There is the human factor of actually feeling yourself English (or French or whatever) rather than the nationality of one grandparent.

Arteta-tinted Glasses

Didn’t Arteta and Jenkinson arrive in the same window?

Bai Blagoi

I believe you are right.


That’s mad

I hope he has good Neighbours and plays well Home and Away.

Merlin’s Panini

One of the most likeable players. Always tries hard. I hope he gets back on track because at 29 he doesn’t have that long left. He’s chosen an amazingly richly cultured city in Melbourne. Best of luck to him.


Two memories.
Jenks goal and celebration which was up there with the Henry – ‘I’ve retired, I’m just a fan now’, for its sheer joy.
Jenks watching a deep cross sail over his head – the despair on his face as he finally realises he is out of position and someone is stealing in behind him to score.
Best of luck. He lived the dream.


Love a good Simpsons reference! Good luck Jenko

Rambo Sambo

You forgot to mention that he was arguably less famous than his Dad, who was the backing vocalist on total eclipse of the heart!!

Nikhil Agarwal

Former Gunner but lifelong Gooner


The fucks a chazwazza? Im aussie and im in the dark about that one. Hopefully he gets some football in. Melbournes been the most locked down city in the world since the pandemic started.

He will be decent but. Our football quality is shite.


I know it will break some hearts but not one of us aussies have ever said Chazwazza or shrimp. We call shrimp prawns. Your guess is as good as mine on chazwazza. Good luck to Carl though.


you can’t fool us you flaming gala

Lord Bendnter

I think he would have done much better if he had left Arsenal much earlier. He was never good enough for first team football at Arsenal, but he could have easily done well in other mid table teams or championship trams. Unfortunately I think if we had made better signings, we would have let him go earlier and he could have made something of his career. Still love him because he’s a proper Gooner!
Wishing him the best and more than anything else that he really enjoys his football down there!!
Oh Corporal my Corporal!!


Could have made something of his career? He’s got almost 100 Premier League appearances! What a warped view some Arsenal fans have.


May all his water drain clock wise ? Meaning ?

Pat Fried Rice with Egg

Water flowing into a drain, flows in a clockwise motion in Aus, as opposed to anti clockwise in the USA


And indeed the rest of the northern hemisphere………


Love the guy! By all accounts he loved playing for the club and considered it an honor. Wish him well down under!


How low, to have joined a Man City feeder club. Poor Jenks…


Anyone explain why he’s called the Corporal?

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