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“The team is like a unit right now” – Cedric impressed by Arsenal team spirit

Cedric Soares says Arsenal’s warm-weather training camp in Dubai has helped the squad come closer together and the benefits are being seen on the pitch.

The Portugal international produced another solid performance at right-back as the Gunners ground down Brentford to secure a 2-1 win at Emirates Stadium.

Coming off the back of a hard-fought three points against Wolves, Mikel Arteta’s squad are picking up momentum just at the right time and the atmosphere in the camp is buoyant.

“I think it was great [in Dubai],” Cedric told after today’s win.

“It felt good, the team came together, we had some team activities as well. We trained a little bit on the sand, sometimes it’s good to just change a little bit the mentality or the atmosphere around.

“It was great, it felt good and I think the team is like a unit right now. We are super together and we will be like this until the end of the season, for sure.”

After a frustrating goalless first half against the Bees, Arsenal were quick out of the traps after the break and secured the points courtesy of fine strikes by Emile Smith Rowe and Bukayo Saka. By and large it was a comfortable performance and one that the crowd enjoyed.

“I think we started the game really, really well,” reflected Cedric. “Everyone was motivated, everyone wanted to score, everyone was helping each other and playing at home with these fantastic fans today was fantastic. It was the right mentality, they were all behind us and the team felt it.

“Every game in the Premier League is important for us. The team knows about it, we are facing it like a final every game and our mentality is to just go again and win it.

“That’s what the team is focused on every game, and again to play at home right now is just incredible with the atmosphere we are getting here every game, and the players loved it.”

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Shitty sp*rsed it…

Johnny 4 Hats

FFS! That’s really taken the gloss off the result that has. Fuckers. Thanks Pep, you massive knob. Ah well, they’ll lose at Burnley next game. It’s the history of the Tottenham.

Sir No Goals

“Spurs were just so, so good” – Pep


Well that’s sp*rs for you. Can’t even rely on the fuckers to lose consistently.

Hank Scorpio

No need to be upset. Let them enjoy this moment because they’ll fail when it matters. They always do.


22,222 days since Sp/rs won the league today!

Please help their fans celebrate the big stuff…

Mikels Arteta

Has anyone noticed the censorship on arseblog?

Johnny 4 Hats

Yeah, you can’t say ‘cunt bucket’.

Johnny 4 Hats

Oh wait, yes you can.


Arseblog, please take this post down ASAP….

Johnny 4 Hats

Blogs, this person is trying to have comments removed.

Please remove his comment.


Arseblog, this person, Johnny 4 Skin, doesn’t have a sense of humour, please take down his comment.

Johnny 4 Hats

Arseblog, if you can’t see the glaring irony in my previous comment you must be a complete imbecile so go ahead and delete all of my previous correspondence.

Thierry Bergkamp (Xhaka Out)

It’s not the first time I’ve seen “Johnny 4 Skin” here, but for some reason this time I can’t stop laughing.
Maybe I need to grow up but I’ll just blame it on too much Guinness


Don’t rub him up the wrong way, is my advice.

Johnny 4 Hats

All right, calm down C(unt).B(ucket).

I’ll leave you both to your coy titterings.

So glad you finally found each other.


You are always desperate to have the last word…


Don’t remember the joke, only the punch line, which was “I’ve you give the wallet a bit of a run, it turns into a briefcase.”

Kieran Tierneys Pan Pipe Moods

Fair play Cedric played well today

Naked Cygan

Have to say it was an impressive performance, but Brentford were very poor too going forward. Laca had a poor game, I feel he could have done more but Saka & ESR did the business. The Xhaka situation was very wierd, never seen someone turn down the armband. I feel like this situation should have be discussed in the dressing room before hand on who will get the armband from Laca. Was so impressed by Tierney taking the responsibility. Fk Xhaka, I can’t wait till he goes, I am so sick of him.

Kareem Mohamed

This should have been arranged at London Colney by Arteta, giving Xhaka a chance to air his grievance in private.

It should not have gone down like this.
I don’t care if Xhaka no longer wishes to captain the side. I just don’t want any player to refuse mid-game.

Fred Orido

It has been explained what transpired, it is a non issue really


I think he was trying to send a message, that he can’t be arsed about the captaincy. Although if I remember correctly, he’s worn the band a few times mid-game since he was stripped. Wonder what has changed


I’m sure that if Xhaka had grabbed the armband, the haters would have attacked him with equal venom.


I’m fking glad he didn’t touch it. He doesn’t deserve the wear an arsenal shirt let alone the captaincy. I just don’t want to watch this guy play for arsenal. The list of on and off field in fractions is too long to list. It’s embarrassing he is still an arsenal player.

Another Paul

Well go and watch another team then


So unless I love xhaka I’m not an arsenal fan. Top stuff mate!


Brainless remark, mate.

Sir No Goals

I wonder if it was the case that he didn’t want to deal with the ref as captains do?


I actually think Xhaka showed some insight for the first time ever and realised it would not have gone down with the crowd. Agree it should have been discussed in private though

The Beast

You’re sick of him yet you’re upset he didn’t take the armband? Which one is it mate, you want him to have nothing to do with the captaincy or do you?

Personally, if I’d got the kind of abuse he has for being captain I’d want nothing to do with it either.

Man Manny

I am enjoying the hustle for top 4, especially with Arsenal in the thick of it.
Some pundits who had written the team off after three matches! are now grudgingly admitting the fact that we are in with a real chance to nick fourth.
A lot of pride has been restored, and for the first time since Arsene left, we are clearly heading in the right direction.


Gotta fight and it’s ckear we’re not getting one break from THE FA and refs


As this is a Cedric post, i am going to give credit where it is due. He has upped his game and played well the last couple of matches. Just what we need from our squad players, if we are going to make top 4


Agree.. its taken a while for Ced to show why Miki brought him in, his recent displays have been good, having a drilled defence without changes has helped his confidence and performance, he’s took a battering from supporters since he’s been with us and probably justified but let’s give the guy some credit..


Some players aren’t that good on the pitch (we’ve had more than a fair share). But with a good mentality and mindset, such players can go on to do great things.
Azpi of the blues says hi!


Don’t know how he got away without a card on that sliding tackle, maybe because it looked worse on the replay. Otherwise I think he was really good and linked well with the players around him.


I just the “…and our mentality is to just go again and win it.”
Something I’ve not heard us say in a long while!
The best we’ve done in recent years is “to try to win it.”
I’m loving this spirit! What a time to be a gunner!


*I just love

Better The Devil You Know

This is something that all ways gets to me to. The “we’ll try and win the next game” or “we’ll try and get Europe”
It should all ways be “WE WiLL”


The believe and confidence is getting back. I’ve seen Arsenal play like scared kids even against poorer teams especially at the later part of Emery’s era. It was even more mess when we faced a top team. The game against City a few weeks ago showed we’ve come a long way from that.


Love what is happening with the team attitude right now

If they can’t overcome a regular premier league game then how are they going to react to situations in the Champions League? It’s a great attitude and a good way for them to handle the potentially negative and disappointing red card wave that we have been having.

Resilience. And motivated to greater things

I’m liking this


Simple .
we won’t get 4th place without scoring more goals I know it is an obvious observasion but it’s true a lot of huffing and puffing but no end product.
it will be tough thursday but another must win game.


This isn’t FIFA 22.. 1 to 2 goal results are top 4 worthy in the premier league if you can keep clean sheets / limit opposing team to 1 goal regularly.. Liverpool & Man City are on another level at this moment stop fooling yourself into thinking that’s the standard. We have the 5th highest GD in the league and are the only Top 6 team with more than 1 game in hand.. we will get Top 4 just fine if we keep the same form/results for the remainder of the season..


Cedric looks like he is enjoying the benefits of a more extended run of games. Looked useful yesterday with the overlaps. With Shogun Tomiyasu on his way back in, we are in a good position with fullbacks. Also despite their penchant for reds, BOTH Partey and Xhaka just seem to dovetail together well and its simply our strongest midfield pairing. Control (recycling in) midfield is everything particularly with games we wish to put a stranglehold on ‘weaker’ teams and keep them under the cosh. Also feel Arteta has been playing a more stable selection and is enjoying benefit bc of… Read more »

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