Wednesday, October 4, 2023

Arteta: Arsenal are playing the best football of my tenure

Mikel Arteta believes Arsenal are playing the best football of his tenure although he admits the Gunners have a long way to go to challenge the country’s biggest sides.

While securing a top four finish this season would represent a huge step forward for the club after five years out of the Champions League, the gap on top two Manchester City (19 points) and Liverpool (15 points) suggests more patience will be required before the Spaniard’s long-term ambition of fighting for the title is fulfilled.

“We are playing better, we have a better understanding of what we want, we have the right level of confidence, belief, understanding better and everything fits better and quicker,” said Arteta ahead of the game.

He then agreed when asked if the football his current squad are playing is the best he’s experienced: “I think, with the level of consistency throughout a game and throughout a period or run of games, I would say yes.”

That Arsenal currently sit fourth with games in hand on all but three sides in the league certainly strengthens the club’s status as favourites to secure a place at Europe’s top table. But does it also put a target on our backs during the run-in?

Arteta said: “It certainly puts you in a position when you’re really looking forward, to look up and it gives you the belief that you can be there with the top teams in the country. The reality is that there is still a long way to go.”

For the time being, Arteta has challenged his players to believe they can beat Liverpool, who visit Emirates Stadium tomorrow, and to deliver a performance that is an improvement of the one produced against Manchester City, which was so impressive but ultimately flawed.

“You need that type of performance and then you need a result. The reason why we didn’t get a result against City is because we didn’t dominate every single aspect of the game. The moment you open the door, you know you’re going to be punished. Tomorrow, we know we’ll have to play at least at that level or better and control every single scenario.”

He added: “There are better teams in the country because that’s what the league table shows, we haven’t done anything.

“What we’re doing is trying to improve, understand better what we want [to do], being much more consistent in terms of performance and results, but nothing else, as yet.”

The visit of Jurgen Klopp’s men is certainly shaping up to be a mouthwatering affair with both sides coming into the game off the back of five-game winning streaks.

In fact, over the last 10 games, the two sides’ records are near identical; both have taken 25 points from a possible 30 with the Reds bettering Arsenal’s goal difference by just three.

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Imagine if we won tomorrow. 🎉

Johnny 4 Hats

I often think before we play Liverpool, you know we could really win this.

And then the game kicks off and I immediately see just how good they are, how they give you absolutely no time on the ball, how explosive their wing backs are, how imposing Virgil is and how deadly Salah is, and I’m reminded why they are so, so hard to beat.

Not counting it out, but it’s going to take something very special.


I totally agree, I like their style so much, very pleasing to watch and super efficient but we are a much better team now, our form stats don’t lie. Sooo, I dream.

Johnny 4 Hats

I’m positive and confident too. But there’s that naggy bit in my brain that reminds me that almost every game we’ve won in the last weeks and months was tight. There were moments that could have meant the game went a different way. Bar the Leicester game, every game we’ve won in 2022 has been won by one single goal.

I just feel that Liverpool will take those chances that others missed. So we need to be both very tight and very clinical.


This isn’t the logical, joined up thinking I turn to the Internet for Johnny

Johnny 4 Hats

We’re going to fucking smash them you Nazi!



Careful now. Putin will try and de-nazifi this group with these wild accusations.

And yes, better.


“I totally agree, I like their style so much, very pleasing to watch and super efficient“

So much better than City’s sterile domination shite. Yes I’m bitter but I can’t bear watching that cynical, soulless shower of shite.

Speaking of cunts. chelsea have asked for their game against boro to played behind closed doors at the weekend! They also had the brass balls to cite ‘sporting integrity’ as their reasoning. That club Is a complete disgrace. Their continued existence is making me physically sick. God I hope they get what’s due to them.


Awww! Realism.


I swear, I hope, I hold my breath! Better breath before I turn blue. Liverpool are a machine, Arsenal can be sand in the cogs and a monkey wrench in the works! Let’s derail them Gunners!


All aboard The Arsenal Express! 🚂

Calling all stations to Klopp’s Anger. 👓🎈📌

Teryima Adi

Apt metaphors


Wonder who Mane will a
”accidentally” elbow in the face tomorrow. My bet is on Cedric or Bukayo. Nasty f*ing wanker. And the refs who allow him to continue, f*ing wankstains!

Santi’s Thigh Grab

Arsesplat, wankstains, I’m sensing a pattern here.

Johnny 4 Hats

I know he’s doing great, but I’m not sure any manager should get tenure.

Except Conte at Sp*rs. Just to watch the handsome devil decompose in front of our eyes.


Can’t help thinking poor Conte’s gonna need another hair transplant if he stays there much longer.


I have to give the man huge credit here. He has turned things around in a quite remarkable way – I certainly didn’t see this coming back in the first few games of this campaign and certainly not last season. My turning point coincided with the team’s turning point – that marvellous victory over Tottenham at the Emirates where it all finally clicked and we practically toyed with them. My reservations about Arteta have been well documented on here – but he has steadfastly kept a laser focus on the job and remained true to his vision and for that,… Read more »


Nice to read this Qwaliteee. Respect for naming it. COYG!

Santi’s Thigh Grab

Solid post. Positive energy produces positive things. The manager has been saying for a year now he wants a strong positive connection between the supporters and the team. Since supporters have been attending games the team has gained in confidence and performances have improved. Positivity and confidence is the way forward. And if we stumble during the run in, let’s be like Ramsdale, support each other, offer a pat on the back, get up and move onto the next game. We can do this but we need to do it together. COYG!!!

Teryima Adi



The least we can say is that it’s going to be a big test tomorrow.
Handbrake off, heads up, high energy and no nonsense… and we might get something pu of this based on current form
Looking forward to kick off


*something out of this

A Different George

I don’t think we will win, but I think we can make non-fantasy tactical decisions about how to win. On our right, Martinelli and Tierney (or Xhaka) have to force Alexander-Arnold back (and never give him the incredible space he usually has to make passes) and make Henderson (or Keita, or whoever is playing there) spend their time covering for him and pulling Matip out of the centre. Which means Odegaard/Saka/Cedric/Lacazette will (sometimes) only have to deal with Robertson, Van Dijk, and one midfielder. I didn’t say it would be easy.


Sorry to break it to you, but I think you’ve had one too many


He’s rebuilt a miserable and broken culture. He’s got a group of young players in the drivers seat for the final CL spot—a core group, mind you who’ve played a grand total of about 25 premier league matches together. We’re 14 points better than we were at this point last season and we look likely to finish three to four places better in the table than last season. Arteta is putting together a very strong season and hopefully laying a foundation for this club’s return to success. Looks like 24 points from our next 36 will assure us top four,… Read more »

Gunnar Elí

sky is the limit.

we can beat Pool, but we need to play so good .
looking forward to the game


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