Thursday, August 18, 2022

Odegaard: It’s really fun to play with this team

Martin Odegaard was Arsenal’s metronome once again as Mikel Arteta’s players brushed aside Leicester to secure a comfortable 2-0 win at Emirates Stadium. 

After the game, the Norwegian international chatted to homeland station TV2 about his performance, the Gunners’ improvement and why his boss always seems to collar him for in-game tactical chats.

Here’s what he had to say…

On his performance…

I think I had an okay match, I created some dangers even though they maybe didn’t lead to anything really big. With a bit more flow it could maybe have led to a goal but we won in the end and it was a solid performance except for that period in the first half when they had the ball and we gave them too much time with it. Again though, it was solid and that’s a great feeling.

On Arsenal playing fun football again…

Yes, it’s really fun to play with this team. We’re a group of players that know each other well now and it’s getting better and better. The system works better and better as well, it flows really well now.

On his confidence growing…

I think self-confidence is really important in football and sports in general. I feel it has more to do with our play clicking and us understanding each other very well. When the team works great then it’s easier for me to look good also. Of course, it’s important, but even more important is that we’re growing better and more solid as a team.

On often taking instructions from Arteta during games…

I don’t know, it’s maybe a bit random [that he talks to me]. I try to drink a lot [on the touchline] and then it always comes with a message or two, so it isn’t really anything special around that.

On what types of things he’s trying to improve in his game…

It was a lot about my position, what parts of the pitch I have to threaten and where I should play. Last year, I maybe came a bit to deep too often and often I was facing the wrong direction. We’ve found a better position and rhythm, so I’m able to get inside dangerous areas more often now where I can make things happen.

On the atmosphere in the group…

I’ve not witnessed anything like this before, we definitely have something special here. You can tell across the whole club that we’re building something special and it’s a group of players that likes each other and likes playing football together. You can see that on the pitch.

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He is playing great and when you add in Saka, Martinelli and ESR we have some great young players plus excellent Partey etc supporting them behind.

Hope we can bring that form to play against Liverpool, at least we stand some chance if we do, in contrast to recent seasons.


Any ideas for a song we could have for him?


she’s Electric –

He’s Norwegian,
He’s our attacking cohesion,
He’s having a hell of a season,
He’s Odegaard

C.B. at 1.36

How about…

Oh my god I can’t believe it…
Ode-gaard I can’t believe it…

Johnny 4 Hats

What about The Great Gig in the Sky by Pink Floyd?

But instead of the nondescript wailing, we sing Ooooooohhhhhhhdegaard. Over and over again.

Might test the musical talents of our fanbase a little…


Or to the tune of Arsenal Fc the worlds greatest team.

Oooodergaard we see
Hes by far the greatest weige the world has ever seen
And it’s ooooodegaaaard

Mayor McCheese

I think we should challenge our fanbase musically, so I’m in favor of the Pink Floyd idea, just as I am having the crowd divide themselves into choral parts to belt out Beethoven’s “Ode to Joy” in the original German.


Oh my god I can’t believe it…
Ode-gaard he’s such a leader…

Johnny 4 Hats

Still with the Kaiser Chiefs.


Needs to be nice and simple, so the above works well.

Johnny 4 Hats

Sure it does.


Oh my god I can’t believe it
We’ve never been this good away from home!
But Odegaard is unbelievable
And Arsenal are gonna – win again.


Taking a pinch of your inspiration…

Odegaard I can’t believe it, I never even seen that pass was on
Odegaard I can’t believe it, he put it on a plate to rifle home

In select circumstances:
Odegaard I can’t believe it, he put it on a place for Emile Smith Rowe


To the chorus of The Beatles’ ‘Ob-La-Di-Ob-La-Da.’



As brilliant as it is simple – top choice.


I’ve got a verse to sing before it. Here goes….


Desmond takes his girlfriend to the Arsenal

Molly says they’re the best team in the land

Desmond says to Molly “Girl, I like your voice”

And Molly sings this as she takes him by the hand

Oh-oh Martin Odegaard!


(With apologies to John Lennon and Paul McCartney)


I’d only change line 2 as follows (just to scan better):

‘Molly takes her seat up in the stand’


Look at him, playing down the significance of him being the one to relay messages to the squad. We see you, Martin.

Santi’s Thigh Grab

I very much like that we’re competitive again and are playing good looking football. Such a great collection of players the manager has put together. Onward and upward.

Johnny 4 Hats

I’m actually a little scared as to how high his ceiling is. He’s still so young.

There were times yesterday when he played out of tight spaces that I thought he must be able to go into bullet time like they do in The Matrix.

No one should be able to play precise passes like that with little or no time on the ball and three defenders surrounding him.

Odegaard – So you’re saying that I’ll be so fast I can dodge bullets?

Arteta – No Martin, I’m saying that when you’re ready, you won’t have to.


Jokes aside (and I love your Neo motif—keep it coming!), I think we all now have a sense of what could happen with him over the next 5-6 years, and the possible upside is pretty unbelievable.


Several players have highlighted how exceptionally good the spirit is in the group, with words that clearly indicate it is not just the usual media talk.
If the price for that harmony is to pay some underperforming experienced players to leave, and a lot of bravery from the manager and the club, so be it, I’m glad we chose that path.
Should we make it to CL next year, we might miss some of that experience but hey, that’s an embarrassment of riches I’ll gladly welcome as a sign of how far we’ve made it.


I want to be up front and say that I’m taking nothing for granted with fourth, and that I’m still refusing to call us favourites given how far there is to go.
That said, if we were to get there, I feel like we have the look of one of those young, surprise package teams in the Champs League.
Ajax, Leipzig, Monaco, Malaga have done it in recent years, and all the ingredients are there for us to be the next. Not win it, but put a little run together and take a few scalps.


Its crazy that at his age he is already one of our most experienced players in the dressing room, having played football in 4 different nations and being an international captain.

I’d not want to burden a young player with the Arsenal captaincy in normal circumstances but he seems destined for it!


There is precidence. Adams was made Captain at 21.
It comes back to the old adage: ‘if you are good enough; your are old enough.


Fabregas was 21 when he was made captain, i thought he was pretty good! Odegaard would be a great captain in my opinion, well respected and leads by example.

David C

Well done young man! I have to say I’m really inspired by our transfer business/change of strategy. That silly Wilian signing feels like ages ago. Edu/Arteta, can’t wait to see what they have planned for the summer. I really hope we get that fourth spot and Wolves or Spurs complain that we celebrated like we won the league, haha. Schedule has given us some great matches. Some tricky away fixtures, but I’m thinking a lot of those teams won’t be as motivated because they have nothing really to play for. Relegating Frank Lampard’s Everton on the last day would be… Read more »


I reckon we can pick up at least 19 points from a possible. That would have us finish on 70 points. Should be enough.


From a possible 30 points.


12 games left, 36 points to play for. 7/12 wins would make it virtually impossible for the other teams to catch us.
9/12 +1 draw and it is mathematically impossible.

Lord Bendnter

He thinks he had an “okay match”
Scared to think what exceptional performance means!
I remember on the latest Highbury Squad KC mentioned that this is how he was playing regularly at Real Soc

Imagine his potential!!!!


Hope he’s telling his best mate Isak about how great it is!!

Yes I know his statistics are shit atm (Isak’s) but he looks quality…..he also had amazing stats playing with MØ 👊💥


Yeah, was actually looking up his stats during the weekend. Its a bit underwhelming to say the least 🤔 i dont know what he brings to team overall tho cuz i never watch them, but if we want a clinical goal scorer…i dont know if its him 🤷🏽‍♂️


Henry’s stats were shite when we got him from Juventus. Look at the season before when he was playing with MØ !

The reason Barca etc all want him is that he is tall, strong, skilful and fast as fuck….I think Arteta would get the best out of him.

There are obviously lots of other targets that also look interesting….the only one I’m not sure about is Jonathan David.

But, WTF do I know?! I wanted Maddison and thought Ramsdale was over priced in the summer !!! 😂


why arent you sure of Jonathan David?

he played last season as a poacher and was scoring loads, now he is playing a more rounded game and has dropped off a bit number wise but thats to be expected.


He’s not scoring this season, like Isak, but I just don’t see the same level of raw talent.

He looks strong but slow and a bit clumsy to me….


Although he could play a Laca role 👍


I like how you put it. If we want a clinical striker like our great theirry Henry with Lacazette attributes then Isak isn’t the man.


Øde to joy!


I couldn’t leave this out of a dedicated MO thread could I now?

Next great Arse captain… next Arse legend.


Oh my gaard Odegaard it’s really fun to watch you in full flow sir

Lord Bendnter

I’m thinking of a new chant that would sound sensational in unison against Sp*rs:

“All in all you’re just another shit on the wall,
All in all you’re just another shit on the wall”

I need help with the preceding verses, any ideas??


What a time to be alive. A vibrant young team who all will do anything for each other. Nascent leaders all over the team. Beginning to have exciting depth in many positions which will only be added to this summer. Arteta starting to imprint the culture he wants. The in stadium fans have been incredible, Chelsea are up shit creek, and I’m putting money on top 4.

Arsene's Smirk

Hey Martin, tell your mate Erling how great it is here!


Am I the only one who thinks the hype on odegaard is a little bit too early? Yes, he has been greatly lately and we all believe he’s going places, but, certainly we have watched players that have played amazing football for a couple of games and then disappears into oblivion (Dani Ceballos) ??? Now am not a sadist that frowns at people’s progress, neither am saying he would be another Ceballos but Am only asking that we follow his progress with a little pinch of salt and less expectation, so we don’t feel disappointed if/when his form dovetails. Remember… Read more »

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