Friday, December 1, 2023

Report: Arsenal eager for quick Saka deal

Arsenal are keen to tie down Bukayo Saka to a new contract “as quickly as possible”, according to The Athletic’s David Ornstein.

The 20-year-old’s current deal – signed in July 2020 – runs until 2024 but with the player’s value and profile rocketing in the last 12 months, Mikel Arteta and Edu are acutely aware of the need to ward off interest from other big-name clubs with financial terms that reflect his importance to the team.

The Gunners have worked hard to trim the wage bill in the last year and it’s expected we’ll be able to offer competitive terms. Whether the club can match the player’s ambitions is another thing altogether.

Securing Champions League football this season would certainly underline that things are moving in the right direction under Mikel Arteta and for any chance of a quick deal, we suspect qualification will be fundamental.

Saka has been on the books at Arsenal since he was seven and that long-standing relationship should also work in our favour.

Quizzed last month on contract talks with Saka, Arteta said: “Obviously, our desire is to keep Bukayo as long as possible because we are really happy, he’s part of our club, he’s our DNA, he’s growing, he’s maturing, his importance in the team is unquestionable and we want to keep our best talent at the club, that’s for sure.”

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Yep, me too


I am loving this arsenal team and the management, finally looking like a group of people who truly care and want the best for the players, fans and club. Wish I could be alive long enough to watch the sky sports crew cry about how we qualified for the UCL because united and the bottlers FC neighbours didn’t do enough!



Are you OK mate?


Been hanging in here for way too long bro, doesn’t feel like I have more strength to carry on, lost my job and my daughter same time. I am just waiting to end it all




Hang in there friend. I realize you are really suffering. Please talk to people – and your friends. I realize that it is tough. But there are plenty of reasons to keep pushing through, I am sure.


You still have a long way to go, you will be here with us our 2nd Champions league trophy in 2026😀


You never know how strong you you can be until being strong is all you have left. Hang in there fella. Your life will get better I promise you. There ARE people out there ready to help you, just reach out to them. With much love from me and ALL the Arsenal family on here,


Finally got kicked out of my house


Even in the darkest days, the one truth of life remains constant: this too shall pass. There is always a crack of light, even if you can’t see it yet. You may not realize it, but I guarantee there are people out there who love you. Hold on. Talk to someone, including the hotlines other commenters have mentioned. Better times are ahead, and I expect you to be around to see it.

Teryima Adi



Hey man, please feel free to reach out to me, always on the end of an email – andrew at arseblog dot com – or any of your fellow Gooners here who would be there for you.

Please hang on in there.


take care mate!

Das Neck

Big Love to you brother. were a family. and we will support you x

Teryima Adi

Life is good, Bro. Keep hanging on in spite of all the mess. There’s a blessing in the storm. The Lord is your strength. Prayers are going up for you and yours.
I lost four loved ones in a year 11 years ago and I am here standing by the grace of Jesus. Cheers 🙏🏻😍 😍

Billy bob

Man losing both your daughter and job at the same time sucks!! I can’t even imagine what it must be like to lose your daughter!!! After my dad passed away one friend said “you don’t get over it, you just get used to it” – that really helped me as the thought of getting over my dad seemed wrong, but what he said made sense and he is right!!! I have got used to dad not being there and still get upset thinking/talking about it!! However talking about it will aid the healing process!! Thoughts are with you and I… Read more »


Just keep going buddy. It may not feel like it right now, but there will be better days ahead. Keep talking to us here, there’s a lot of love for you on these boards, all us Arsenal family will support you!


Brother, its a couple of months, dont talk like that. You good my man?


Not okay

Johnny 4 Hats

Hey man. Really sorry you’re feeling like this. Send me an email at [email protected] and we can chat. I’ve had a bit of experience of hitting the bottom. Please, drop me a line and we can talk. Good man. I will be looking forward to your email.


[email protected] write me here if you want to talk to a fellow gooner. No one can give you back your daughter. But that does not mean, that everything is hopeless now. And it will show the more you talk with people.


Search mental health and the place you are from
This site is from uk
Get help and talk to professionals

Teryima Adi

This too shall pass, Bro. Be strong.💪💪🙏🏻


Hey bud life has its ups and downs but you are not alone, I’m in Perú but you can send me an email @ [email protected] or send me a WhatsApp 0051 902374754, and we can talk


Repsaj, you can be alive to see it all… can’t miss the best bits that are happening very soon man !!! Losing your daughter is heartbreaking and must feel like the end of the world. I get it, I’ve got two. But these things do happen and with time, you will be able to cope with it. Job? Fuck it, it’s money….comes and goes. Just breathe and stay present, things will work out. We all escape from our shit with hope and things like our football club. You are a part of the Arsenal brotherhood and sisterhood and don’t forget… Read more »


Thank you, I am trying to breathe, doing all I can to just hang in there, but I am scared, worried and just confused right now


We all have those moments. This too shall pass bro. It always does


Repsaj, thank you for showing the courage to be vulnerable and share your struggles. We don’t know each other, but I feel connected to you just because you took that chance. I echo what others say here, basically, keep reaching out when you feel able to and life will find its way. Remember that is has for you in the past. For the other times just breathe. Literally, focus on one breath at a time, and when your mind drifts to the grief return to your breath. It’s a struggle, but at least tangible compared to the rest. Don’t feel… Read more »


Thank you bro, talking with everyone is helping me take my mind away from the pains.


Mind are great, you can talk anonymously and just let out whatever is pulling you down. Trust me it feels so good to share. It’s hard, but take that first step, have a conversation. It won’t fix everything immediately, but things will feel lighter. That I promise.


Hello mate

Wishing you all the strength in the world to go through your tough times. This is not a cliché so please know this: tough times don’t last, but tough people do. Rooting from you!


So sad to hear all that. Hang in there bro, things will get better!
Can you confirm that you will talk to (at least) one the guys that offered help in this conversation?


By the way, hats off to the Arseblog community, this is why I love this website so much <3


I’m trying bro, trying to let it all out to a few gooners! It’s overwhelming to love and care from complete strangers! I am lost for words

Teryima Adi

We are all Brothers, Bro. Cheers😍


That’s great news, I’m really happy to hear it!

Billy bob

I don’t know whether you are a UK based arsenal fan but, if so, you might want to check out angels utd FC:

Naija Gunner

Just hang on mate, that’s life, things come and go. But you have to keep pushing on till you get to the promised land. Much love from all gooners xxx


We love you man. Better days are ahead. For sure!


Dude – get in touch with your GP and get them to refer you to someone to talk through all that you’re going through. There’s no shame in asking for help – in fact it takes a very special kind of courage. The kind of courage befitting a Gooner. You are not alone. Trust me. Wishing you well pal. Take it nice and easy, one step at a time, one day at a time. Just like The Arsenal – one game at a time. Good luck and remember that you have your fellow Gooners on here to listen and offer… Read more »


I understand how u feel ..lost my sister n it felt like nothing left to live for ..there were days i wished i get killed ..but d truth is no condition is permanent..we go through phases in stromg ..there is somethin to live for . Ur daughter would be so happy seeing u grow strong .my best wishes to u pal.


Anyone else see this news flash and figure Man City had offered £300m and we were trying to get it done asap? Lol

My heart can’t take it – sign da ting bukayo!


It’s an interesting point…..if his agent wants a release clause, what should it be?

£200m ?

Kentish Gooner

Sign da ting!

Cranky Colin

Christ he’s good!


I think he’ll wait to see how this season ends before committing, but if we make Top 4 I believe we have a decent chance to keep him for a few more years. He obviously loves the club, his manager and his teammates – and that’s reciprocated. And we are on an upwards curve that nobody can say now where will stop.


I am worried if his signing the contract is contingent on our UCL qualification this season. UCL qualification is going to be really difficult – our run in is not easy at all, especially compared to what the Spurs have.

I sincerely hope we do qualify


Saka will do the deal but if you ask me, I won’t be surprised if he AND Mikel end up at City in a few years time

Clanfield Gunner

Even just the mere thought of seeing Saka in any shirt other than an Arsenal one is painful, let alone how it would be if it ever happened. I think, naturally he has ambitions but I’m fairly sure he would much rather achieve them at Arsenal than anywhere else. I think (& hope) seeing and being a big part of our progress this season will possibly see him sign even if we don’t quite make CL but it’s hard not to worry a bit. Fingers crossed 🤞


I wouldn’t have any doubt if it were to be smith Rowe or martinelli but I sense some Ronaldo attitude in Saka maybe is BCOS Ronaldo is his idol


Ronaldo is a cocky arrogant dickwad who thinks he’s god’s gift to humanity and whinges like a little baby when he doesn’t get what he wants… bukayo is an absolute sweetheart, don’t sense a shred of that Ronaldo dickishness at all

Clanfield Gunner

I actually think Saka is one of the most humble players in the game!


This comment does the young man a disservice. I don’t think many of us yet know the kind of person he is.

I have heard Bellerin, Southgate, Ramsdale, Shaw, Henderson, and a few others all speak about how much of a humble and sweet character he is. And from the way he talks, you can sense it. He is well-grounded with a good head on his shoulders.

He is far from having Ronaldo’s arrogance and “Me, me” attitude.


Just give him whatever he wants and be done with it so the new money stays away.

Eazy Deezy

If Saka leaves us this summer I’ll rage quit Earth. Move to Mars with Musk


Easy, Deezy

Forget about it

That would suck! Not Mars, mind you.

Teryima Adi



I hope the club learn from Ashley Cole situation. Definitely would not bode well with us fans if this repeat.

John bowles

We tied cesc to an 8 year contract, so why not.


So, Arsenal are allegedly eager to do a quick deal for Saka, but want to wait until the end of the season to address Lacazette’s contract situation. Hmmm.


So you think the club wanting to tie down one of the brightest talents this country has to offer to a new deal quickly to ward of wanna be suitors should be replicated for an ageing, underperforming striker who we all agree can be upgraded upon at the end of the season?

Naija Gunner

Well I think that’s a reasonable decision to make, considering the stats!

Teryima Adi

Klopp, Guardiola et al should keep off out prized asset.


Love my team with all my heart

Goodly Morning

Sign da ting!


Now – will all those who
“preferred 5th or 6th to 4th to ‘ease back’ in the Champions League when the team is more ‘ready’” finally take on how vital it is that we finish 4th – no ifs or buts.

If we want to hang onto our best players we need Champions League football next season.

End of.


Ideal is to tripple his wages, and insert a release clause of $150m. We can’t stop other clubs from sniffing, so let’s make sure we get the maximum out of it if/ when it happens.


He is worth more than a Coutibho or a Dembele. £200m would be reasonable.


Dear Bukayo,

I hope you can see in the way that we are building the squad around you (and promoting you ahead of our club record signing) that your future lies with Arsenal.

Your Arsenal story began in our academy, but there are many more chapters to write. None more so than a fairytale ending when you lift the quadruple for us as club captain in a few years time.

Here is your chance to build a legacy that is befitting of a statue outside the Emirates. We will support you every step of the way.


Hope he signs a five year contract.

A 3 year contract would be disappointing, as we would need to negotiate again at the end of our 2023 champions league season!

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