Tuesday, October 3, 2023

Arsenal confirm supporters ejected for homophobic abuse

Arsenal have confirmed that two supporters were ejected from the stadium last weekend after they were reported for homophobic abuse.

In a statement that reaffirms the club’s commitment to ensuring the Emirates Stadium is a ‘safe and welcoming environment for everyone’, they remind fans that homophobic abuse is a hate crime that is punishable by the law and that anybody found guilty of discriminatory behaviour will face the ‘strongest action possible’.

In the Gay Gooners, Arsenal has the largest LGBT+ football club supporters’ group in England and the club and players have been working hard in recent seasons to spread the ‘Arsenal for Everyone’ message.

At recent matches, a video has been broadcast before and during half time of matches featuring members of the group discussing their relationship with the club and the abuse they continue to confront both in the stadium and at pubs on matchdays.

While it is positive that the latest incident was reported and decisive action was taken, it’s clear there is still much work to be done across several fronts.

Last month, a Sikh season ticket holder was disgustingly racially abused and physically attacked during half time of the 2-0 defeat to Liverpool.

The club called on any witnesses to the incident, which took place in the Block 101 toilets, to contact them. The police have also become involved.

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Pat Fried Rice with Egg

Class is permanent.

Johnny 4 Hats

Unfortunately, so are cunts.


Cunt is permanent.

Red Sox Gooner

Neanderthals still exist then?

Johnny 4 Hats

Never been to Turf Moor?


Ejected and banned for life I hope?

Toure Motors

Good stuff! Save all abuse for spuds!


I had an issue earlier in the season when I was singing a well known song about Chelsea (along with a few thousand others) A chelsea fan (in the Arsenal end ) was arrested after an altercation,he reported me for homphobic abuse for singing the song




So just to clarify for everyone out there. The fact that thousands of people are doing something does not mean it isn’t wrong.


interesting read, I have never thought of it in that context or seen it directed to an individual, I have always seen it as Chelsea selling themselves to the highest bidder


100% not OK to sing it.


Sounds like you wouldn’t have had an issue if you hadn’t sung that song


thanks for commeting on an issue that you know nothing about


There is obviously something deeper within this to do with the disconnect between generations and between individuals and groups chanting which bears different meaning to both individuals singing and those being targeted.

I personally dont associate ‘rent boy’ with being homophobic, in the same way i dont feel ‘Actress’ is sexist.

I do however acknowledge that others might not share my view and so dont generally use the terms.

There is something to be said for personal opinion and respect for others beliefs not being mutually exclusive, but close cousins.


It’s also worth remembering that language changes over time and it’s not always easy to keep up.

So being open and ready to learn is important.


I concur


I agree viz Rent Boy. Does this mean we don’t sing Conti’s mother is a whore? For avoidance of doubt I think both songs are unacceptable but I’m not clear why “Rent Boy” is a slur and ” mother is a whore” isn’t?


Mother’s aren’t really considered as a group vulnerable to persecution and discrimination are they. That’s the difference.


I was at the match on Saturday – it was the first time I’d taken my son to an Arsenal game and, frankly, I was disgusted by the homophobic abuse that Brighton were subjected too. I saw the stewards talking at length to someone in the block where we were seated and another fan being led away by stewards in the second half. I love football and I love Arsenal, but I am left cold by what some of my fellow fans think is acceptable behavior. There were far more than two perpetrators – they could have expelled at least… Read more »


Do you mind me asking what this abuse was? I don’t really understand what could be levelled at Brighton that isn’t just the same as London, if that makes sense?


Hey Blogs, I’m not sure I follow, I’m afraid. In terms of the abuse, it was the standard recidivist insults that have been levelled at gay people for as long as I can remember. I can’t remember it being that bad at matches before, although I haven’t been to the Emirates since before the first lockdown. I felt that Brighton were being singled out due to the town’s prominent gay community.

Does that help?


Yes, it does. Thank you.

I just meant while Brighton’s community might be ‘prominent’, as you say, it doesn’t meant it’s the only place gay people live. Obviously there are very many gay Arsenal fans too, so it just struck me as a bit odd. Appreciate the clarification.


I guess its because Brighton has a proportionately large gay community


Zero tolerance.


So have they banned the vile idiots who sang an anti-semitic song on the way to Villa?

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