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Arteta: It’s good that Nketiah is upset over playing time

Earlier today, a podcast with Eddie Nketiah dropped in which he spoke about this season and the amount of playing time he’s had.

He started his first Premier League game of the season on Saturday as Arsenal went down 1-0 to Southampton, and bar one moment in the first half where he sparked a counter-attack with ended up with Bukayo Saka’s shot being saved, he found it tough going up front against three centre-halves.

At his pre-Chelsea press conference, Mikel Arteta was asked about the striker’s comments, and said, “He is right to be upset. This is what we want from the players that haven’t had the minutes.

“Especially Eddie, because if there is a player in the dressing room that deserves more chances, that is for sure Eddie.”

He was then asked if he felt pressure to play the 22 year to try and convince him to stay, and continued, “It’s not about pressure to play him, it’s about trying to put a team there that can win football matches, and you believe that has the best possible chance to win it. Then just pick the players, regardless of the situation.

“We could have gone for a completely different approach and played him even less or don’t give him any opportunities, or don’t put him in the squad. We have to treat every player with the duty that we have.

“They are our players, we want to get the best out of them. With Eddie I said many times as well how much I rate him.

“That the fact that we have big plans for him at this club for the future, and this is where we are today and we have to accept that reality.”

However, it seems that Arsenal’s plans don’t align with Eddie’s, as he hinted strongly he wants a future with more regular playing time.

“I’m under contract until the end of the season but my deal runs out,” he said.

“There have talks and offers of a new contract but at the moment my aim is to play football and play regularly. That’s my ambition and that’s what I hope to do but at the same time I’m at Arsenal, I love Arsenal.

“I’m just trying to focus on the season until May and make sure I finish that in a good way and then sit down and see what I think is the best opportunity to allow me to take those steps and develop.”

For those who think he’s complaining it’s well worth taking the time to watch/listen to his episode on The Beautiful Game podcast. He comes across well, and while his future here remains uncertain, you’re left in no doubt about his desire to help the team as much as he can between now and May.

Watch below, or find it wherever you get your podcasts.

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He is not good enough to be an option from the bench. He is not good enough to even be a third choice striker. All depth options must fit our playing style and our requirements from the striker.


There have been a number of players over the years who all the fans know are not good enough, like Iwobi he’s one of them.


He was poor on Saturday, no goals (or attempts I can remember), no link play that helped his teammates (unlike Laca) so generally a waste of a space.

I’d love him to improve and stay but not likely based on that performance.

Bleeding gums murphy

I’m not sure why Arteta is wanting him to stay. He’s going on a free so we get no money from praising him and saying we have big plans for the future. I believe he actually wants him to stay which worries me greatly though no longer surprises me.


I think Arteta values good students over talent. Eager to learn, putting work in training and following instructions diligently. These things win him over more than anything else.


Score us some goals Eddie.
All will work itself out to your benefit.


It’s irrelevant whether he’s upset.
What matters is that he isn’t good enough to play at this level.


Nketiah is shite. Time for Martinelli up front


The more he plays, the more his value plummets…..


He will be a free agent this summer. No transfer value for us.


Oh yeah !

Mesut Ö’Neill

Although us paying someone to take him would fit our recent transfer strategy

NB Gooner

And so again, Arteta fails to rotate, leaving an exhausted or injured first XI and a subs bench lacking in match fitness. In the space of a week, a challenge for 3rd, 4th and 5th have disappeared.

Man Manny

Well, I was told you could coach improvement out of players at Man City.
I had high hopes when you arrived.
Sadly, Pepe, Nketiah, Lacazette, Tavares to mention a few, have either stalled or even regressed under your watch, while others have been farmed out on loan.
Are they beyond redemption, or could it be that the said players at City just played themselves back to form?
Just wondering.

Brady’s bunch

It’s more upsetting that he’s getting game time.


Word. 👍🍺


It’s April. Manchester City are already looking to trigger Haaland’s release clause, for a summer transfer. Meanwhile, we’re pissing about with ‘Internal Culture’ for the tea lady and trying to pacify Eddie Nketiiah about why he hasn’t played much this season. Ladies and Gentlemen. THAT is the difference between the clubs. We have the money available, evidenced by our being the top spenders in the Premiership last summer. We have the global name with a rich history in the game that few can match. We still – on paper – have a chance of playing ECL football next season. And,… Read more »

Mikels Arteta

Even with champions league, we have next to zero chance of signing Haaland. Also has Mino as his agent


I watch him on the pitch and I think, “man if I had the opportunity, I would be working my socks off”… but he just seems to kinda meander… compared to Odegaard he hustles and harries.


Eddie seems a very nice young man, it’s a pity he’s such a feeble player. There’s a huge opportunity for him and he never, ever steps up. He really isn’t good enough for a club like Arsenal.

Leroy browne

Lots of people saying – “Nketiah is not good enough”…”Lacazette cannot score”…”Aubameyang downed tools after signing the new contract”

I see a pattern here, and it’s not the abilities of the players.

It all goes back to Arteta and being an inept and rigid manager. Just look at the volume of goals we scored over the last 3 years, even compared to Emery.

The way Arteta sets up his team does not benefit our forwards…period.

El Mintero

Eddie is unfortunately shite. Why are we even still playing him. Why didn’t we get rid last year? Why does Arteta still hope he can make him stay? He’ll leave and we’ll get nothing for him. We could at least have used him as a throw-in for a loan deal or something. How he starts and Pepe has to sit on the bench is fkn beyond me.


Nailed it, Minty. 👍

Aussie Gooner

I am going to echo what Wrighty said the other day, you have the chance to be THE GUY at Arsenal at 22 and you still fuck around. Someone needs to have a chat with this guy and slap him back to reality.


My brain now hears Arteta quotes in “andrew reads Arteta quote tone” – I don’t think there is any coming back from that

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