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Arteta on a confidence boosting win, changing shape, team spirit and Nketiah

Mikel Arteta was full of praise for his players as they put a difficult couple of weeks to one side to seal an impressive, and much-needed, 4-2 win over Chelsea at Stamford Bridge.

After the game, the manager spoke to Sky Sports.

Here’s what he had to say…

On whether he expected his players to be so decisive in front of goal…

No, but these London derbies are like that. The way they started the game, it was tactically really demanding. They constantly changed their shape and positioning and we had to adapt. We managed to grab a little bit of the game, we looked dangerous all the time on the counter and when we were arriving in the final third, we always looked a threat. We scored four goals, conceded two. What else, after two difficult weeks, it’s a great day.

On switching Arsenal’s shape…

We were expecting a lot of changes there, we had to have the flexibility and we needed the personnel to be flexible, adapt and change things that could work in our favour. It was demanding for the players to understand a few things, but I think they’ve done a great one.

On Nketiah’s goals and work rate…

It’s what I’ve been saying all the time about Eddie. When you look at him in training, the way he behaves and how humble and hungry he is at the same time, good things happen. Good things happen to good people, the same with Mohamed Elneny and Rob Holding. You see the training sessions they did on Sunday after we lost to Southampton, this is why we won the game today, in my opinion.

On Nketiah’s commitment to the club…

He’s has proven that all season. He hasn’t given any signs of anything absolutely different. If I’m happy for someone, it’s especially for him, because I know what he’s been through.

On what he said to the players at the break…

That we had to stay in the game and that the game was there for the taking. The shape that we were playing had a lot of risks and spaces for us to use. We had to improve in one or two things that we weren’t doing well enough, but the game was there. Physically, we knew as well, that they played two days ago and we could end up on top of that in the second half.

On what he likes the most about the evening…

What I love is the spirit of the players. When you lose matches you get punched and you get criticised. For these players, I don’t care, it’s so worth it. They are phenomenal people and as a group they are growing and they are really enjoying that. Then, for our people because I know with all the highs and expectations that they had, it’s been really disappointing for them. So for us to win a London derby, away from home, the way we did it, I’m really happy for them as well.

On winning at the Bridge being a confidence boost ahead of huge games…

I think it will help because it gives you confidence and belief that you can do it at the biggest stage, away from home, against the biggest teams in this league. Hopefully, they can believe more in themselves.

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Holy shit. How wrong I was pre-game. I honestly cannot believe they pulled this off after the lack-luster efforts of recent weeks. Well-done Arsenal, well done Mikel. Happy to be eating crow pie! Now please finish things off for the season Gooners! NLD is absolute must win.

Johnny 4 Hats

I really don’t know how to feel. I’m still so fucked off we got 0 points from those 3 games. But tonight was epic.

I suppose all I can shout is “EMOTION” in a very loud and very monotone voice.

You know this rollercoaster ride we are all on, yeah? I’m starting to feel nauseous. Feels like ages since my G force ridden face tried to pose for a picture while going round the loop.

I think I want to get off. But I can see a lot of track left.

Maxin In The Shade

I’m with you re the previous 3 games. Even a single point from those three matches would’ve been vital.

But perhaps tonight’s performance was born out of losing three in row.

Either way, let’s kick on


C’mon Johnny! You can do this. Just don’t look down pal.

And when we get to the Toilet Bowl to play those utter utter cunts next month, be sure to put your hands in the air and give the souvenir camera picture your best war face.



Instead of being happy to eat pie since you love to whinge (your posts BEFORE the game were fucking pointless negativity), try getting behind our team during difficult times. Over the top negative AFC fans on the internet make it that much harder for us to turn things around as it permeates through the club. Thank God for our away fans. Sick of people eating whatever fucking pie when we win, while waiting to lay in to our own players and manager when things go bad. There is a difference between criticism and just being a…oh wait, I’m under moderation.


I’ll have some of that Elnenyberry pie.


Mate, give the sanctimonious clap trap a rest. As fans, we’re entitled to have our opinions for results and player/managerial performances both good and bad. As Nick Hornby observed in his brilliant book ‘Fever Pitch,’ the natural state of the average football fan is one of disappointment, not the blind faith they would have you believe. We’ve just had three defeats against teams we should – on paper at least – have been able to get a draw against. People were hardly going to be throwing cartwheels of joy or waxing lyrical over their undying devotion before last night’s difficult… Read more »


Did I say anywhere that I was happy we had 3 losses in a row? Or anyone else should be? Who on these boards is asking their fellow fans to be joyful over losses and throw cartwheels? Stop making up your own points based on a false premise, just so you can debate that point – it is dishonest (you’d make a great politician). You might as well talk to yourself. I remember your posts before you had an epiphany. What is sanctimonious are fans mistaking pointless, over-the-top drivel about our players and manager, for justified criticism. If you didn’t… Read more »


I too am happily and humbly munching some Eddie and Elneny Eclairs.

Well done lads.


I’ve always liked Elneny, just think he’s a bad fit with Xhaka. But he does seem to be most effective when we are playing a more counter attacking style (Xhaka too) because they both are pretty good sitting deep (obviously plus for Xhaka who is woeful defending in space).

I still believe that’s a bad pairing for games where we are trying for possession and I’d like to see Elneny and Lokonga get a go there (lokonga in the more advanced position). But y’all know my feelings on Xhaka and they haven’t changed. He needs to go.


It is possible to laud Arteta and the team for this victory, while criticising the earlier games.


It is also possible for you to not think supporting our manager (whether Arteta or any of our former manager) makes any of us ‘fanbois’ – as you like to refer to it. It’s lazy and daft – the exact sort of BS I was referring to earlier. Not being pleased with our team – which includes our manager/players – and steadfastly supporting them are not mutually exclusive. You’re the type of person who will justify your constant berating of our players/manager by using words like ‘criticising’, ‘opinions’, and ‘fanbois’. Yet, you don’t like any ‘criticism’ coming your way from… Read more »


Enjoyed the nervy win. The commentator rightly pointed out that immediately we take the lead the defensive tactics change which affects our offensive capability.

Big up to nketiah. Frenetic game designed for his strengths.

Thierry Eboue

Things look brighter again. Amazing what a win can do.

Underrated aspect of our run in is the West Ham game is sandwiched between two Europa semi-final legs for them. Surely they rest a couple.

A win against Man U would be massive. COYG

Frog In Ze Room

Fuck yeah!

Man Manny

Great win.
Another key game beckons on Saturday. Win that one and it’s a shoot out with Spurs.
Lacazette could his wish here at the Emirates after all.

Kentish Gonner

I’m eating humble pie tonight. Fair play, Eddie 👏🏻

Man Manny

Win on Saturday, and we are almost certain of Europa League.
CL from there would be a huge bonus. It would help accelerate the rebuilding process.


Aaaw honestly that is all I want from those boys 100 % effort and the permission to attack from the get go ! Well done Arteta & I’m so pleased for Rob Eddie & particularly Mo to get the spotlight ! Great job great win that’s the Arsenal I want ! 👏👏👏

El Mintero

I need to call Eddie shite before a game more often. He was fkn outstanding tonight!


An unexpected and welcome win! If we had drawn with Palace, Brighton and Southampton and lost to Chelsea, we would have the same # of points…

Man U are a mess. No reason why we cannot take 3 points from that shower. Any hope we can get Tomi and Tommy back for Spurs (May 12)?


We all needed this win. Everyone single one of us.

Long may it continue and here’s to making Ronaldo and his Man Utd chums smash phones and Kung-Fu kick their own frustrated fans at the Emirates on Saturday

Cheers! 😊🍺

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