Tuesday, November 29, 2022

Kieran Tierney ruled out for the rest of the season

It has been confirmed that Kieran Tierney will miss the rest of the season having suffered a knee injury.

The 24 year old returned from Scotland international duty with the problem, having played the full 90 minutes in two friendlies against Poland and Austria.

It’s reminiscent of last season when he picked up a knee injury at the business end of the season, and missed the Europa League semi-finals before returning for the final five games in the Premier League.

Since his arrival from Celtic, he has suffered a number of issues, most significant of which was a shoulder problem which required surgery.

His absence will give Mikel Arteta plenty to think about, with some doubts over Nuno Tavares after his poor display against Palace.

Get well soon, KT.

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What a week and it’s only Tuesday… 🤦🏻‍♂️


Two meaningless friendlies, and he will be out for the club and country for months. I wonder what the Scotland manager thinks about this. Anyway, get well soon KT.


Just spoke to a mate whose Scottish, said they had 2 other LBs in their squad in Robertson & Hickey who could’ve played instead so it just looks a stupider & stupider decision by Steve Clarke by the second


Doesn’t he play LCB in a back 3?


My mate said he actually played LB in those 2 games for a change but yeah, he usually plays LCB in a 3


Really grim news. How does Mikel react to this? I kinda feel like it makes most sense to see if Tavares can play himself into form. Appreciate he was poor yesterday but that must’ve been very difficult coming back into the side after only playing since October/November. I don’t think its worth the whole Xhaka at left back part deux just yet. We do also have Saka as a smash glass in case of emergency option if things really go south at Brighton — I know its not ideal, but I’d rather Saka there than moving Cedric out to cover… Read more »


You’d think that when Tomi is back, we’ll flip Cedric to the left side because we can’t select Nuno & hope he plays himself into form & we don’t have the wiggle room to haul him off at HT every game after another half assed performance & I really wouldn’t want Nuno up against Havertz/Son/Bowen & hell even Sancho because they’ll target him as the weak link but until Tomi is back, I’d go with Saka at LB


He played in January. In the FA Cup 3rd Round against Nottingham Forest. And Arteta subbed him in the first half.

Because he was utter shite.

Red Arrow

Is this the same Steve Clarke who was at Chelsea 🤔🤔


One word: Evil.


The exact one. He’d never wanna do anything to help The Arsenal out

Brady’s bunch

No danger of them over using Robertson in case klopp gets upset

Mark Rowe

That is shit news.


Well fuck.


Thanks Scotland for playing him for 90 mins in both fucking friendlies!


2 friendlies vs Poland and Austria has cost us dearly. Sheesh. Time for some us vs the world mentality, we need our squad players to step up.


I’d say it could cost Scotland the games against the Ukraine as well.

Billy bob

Good, scummers


Friendly internationals…..what a waste of time and now they lose one of their best players for a game that matters, nevermind screwing over the parent club.


For some games I think we should play Saka at left back instead of moving Xhaka back as then we lose the balance in the team. Tavares can be okay if we are in full control of the game but when put under pressure he’s a severe liability.


I thought so, besides we still have Pepe on the right.


Providing a major miracle happens and Arteta actually allows him a run of games there.

Alex Manninger

We need Saka to score goals as we have non-scoring striker. We have to rely on Tavares for the rest of the season or hoping for Tomiyasu to come back soon and then play Cedric on the left.


Well said.

The amount of numpties calling for Saka to be wasted at LB is staggering.


Cancelo 11 G/A
Reece James 13 G/A
TAA 13 G/A

Saka 14 G/A

You’re playing happy families where everything is perfect. Learn versatility. Saka has played in 5 different positions and been a goal threat from all. He’s intelligent. If he’s not putting it in the net he’s putting on a plate.

It’s on the coach to figure out this super easy puzzle tbh.


We bought Tavares to be Tierney’s deputy. But for a team pushing for the top 4, the level required and consistency demanded seems a bit high for the 22-year old. His raw attributes which cannot be taught are great, and 2 years in Arteta School of Football will do him much good in the mental side of the game.
A dependable Tierney backup next summer could be needed. Being one injury away from the young prospect Tavares being our starting left-back is not ideal.


That’s an idea, either that or going for a 3-man defence. Tavares can be a threat at LWB, but I’m worried about him at LB.


The only threat that kid poses is the one hurting our ECL hopes.


this is such a trash take. nobody was saying anything like that after his superb assist for saka against newcastle. he’s clearly got the physical attributes to be a strong defender, and the instincts and skill to be effective going forward. maybe show a little bit of (a) support and (b) nuanced judgement instead of writing him off after a couple suboptimal performances.


That’s top 4 gone then.

It’s the hope that kills you

Martin R

It’s a terrible blow but it would take more than one player injured to rule us out of a top 4 place.

Bryan Clayden

Partey, Tierney, Tommy all out. So not just the 1 player

Teryima Adi

Have faith, Bro.


Mate, pop the kettle on and make yourself a strong cup of tea.

Then take a look at the Premiership table.

Those gobby cunts are only above us on goal difference – and we have a game in hand – and we’ve still got to pay a visit to the Toilet Bowl, piss up their walls, laugh at their fans and remind the neanderthal cunts how dusty their trophy cabinet has been these past four or five decades – that’s assuming the cunts have even bothered building one.

All is not lost pal. It’s Spursy old Spurs, remember. 😉


Cheers Scotland.

May you continue to eat porridge, listen to bagpipes and go out in the first round of everything forever more.


Steve Clarke has always been a cunt since his Chelsea days


Why event play in the friendlies? It’s not like he’s in the edge of the Scottish team…


*even. Stupid autocorrect.


Especially when he doesn’t play LB for Scotland anyway cause of Robertson


Left back is too important a position to give to Xhaka or Tavares. Saka must be deployed there as an aggressively attacking left-back. Saka and Martinelli combinations will unlock defenses. ESR and Odegaard can do the same on the other side.
Martinelli from the left, Smith-Rowe from the right. That is enough quality and finishing to get us goals and creativity. That is just my opinion. It will be interesting to see how Arteta deals with it.


Which part of the knee? It’s killing me and nobody is telling anywhere. If it’s ACL, MCL, meniscus or patella completely changes the perspective. This is very important, come on!


+ Pepe


I hope it is not the dreaded ACL.
If not, then he might be expected to be match fit and starting by September, or maybe even August.
I am hoping that it will be cleared up soon, officially.


was coming here to say this. super-irritating to not get those details and i feel like it’s a regular thing with arsenal going back to rosicky, cazorla, etc where they never provide any kind of details so fans have no way to know what to expect in terms of recovery.

contrast that with e.g. the nba where everyone knows timelord has a meniscus tear (https://www.nbcsports.com/boston/celtics/robert-williams-injury-celtics-coach-ime-udoka-provides-positive-update) or in serie a i’ve seen teams disclose the grade of muscle or ligament damage.

David C

Kind of hope Scotland don’t qualify now. I think most neutrals will be hoping Ukraine makes it anyways.

Int friendlies during the season are so pointless….


Nah. I want England to smash the shit out of Scotland first.

Des Lynam

Saka left back please. I know we lose him as a threat up front, but needs must. Time for Pepe to show up.

Steve D

Can we recall Maitland-Niles from Roma? They don’t seem to want him and he’s played left back quite well before. Alternatively, Soares to left back, Tommi to right back (when he’s fit, Ben White in the interim with Holding to cover at CB).


Should never have been loaned out in the first place.

I said at the time that that decision would come back to haunt us.

It has…


100% agree. for the downvoters, have you already forgotten him excelling at lwb for the fa cup run games against city and chelsea?

Runcorn Gooner

Fact is that we have to adapt…..again to keep in the CL chase.

Best wishes to KT

Chris O.

I’m so fucking sick of losing players to meaningless international friendlies. It’s not like this helps Scotland either, BTW.

Bryan Clayden

Did Steve Clarke actually get asked why Tierney played both games and full match in both.
Very strange decision injury or no injury.
How do you become a international manager with no common sense.


Sorry to say, but you seem to have very high expectations of this world and are bound to be disappointed if you think one needs common sense for anything international!

Bryan Clayden

I’m 78 years old I’m quite sure, I know the world better than you by now ha ha


Wenger wants to get rid of mid season international breaks because he knows how much it’s suffering to lose a important player injured in those meaningless friendlies. Wenger got bashed for that but now everybody understanding how is it look like. I have to say, WENGER HAS DONE IT AGAIN!


The guy always was one step ahead of everyone else.


Any chance of terminating AMN’s loan?

Nainsley Aitland Miles

I would be surprised if Tavares doesn’t start against Brighton.

Saka is far too crucial to our attack, I just cannot see Arteta moving him to left-back.

Teryima Adi

Arteta won’t.

Teryima Adi

Get well soon, Tierney.🙏

Brady’s bunch

I fecking hate international football 😡🤬🤬think our top four hopes take a major blow losing KT hope he gets well soon gutted for him.


Manager has to be able to deal with 1st choice left back being out. He also signed Tavares and Cedric.

With Saka already expert there he should even be turning it into an opportunity.

Pepe can play. Otherwise what are we doing here.

Kartik Iyer

The Scotland manager is a genius! Thank you so much for making sure that we get kicked right in the nards when things were looking up! 😶


Oh well, never mind mate.

Just wait until England’s Gooners send the Jocks home from the World Cup with a hole in their bagpipes.

Then grab yourself a cold one from the fridge and think of Souness crying into his porridge. “Greet greet greet!”

👍😊🍺 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿

Naija Gunner

Arteta should get closer to the national team coaches

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