Tuesday, November 29, 2022

Kieran Tierney set to see specialist over knee injury

Kieran Tierney is set to see a specialist tomorrow after being ruled out of tonight’s clash with Crystal Palace because of a knee injury.

With Mikel Arteta admitting the injury ‘does not look good’, reports from Scottish media suggest his season could be over as the problem requires surgery.

The 25 year old played 90 minutes in both of Scotland’s recent friendlies with Poland and Austria, and while it remains unclear when and how the injury actually occurred, it’s said he returned to Arsenal from international duty with it.

With an already thin squad, we could do without any more depletion, especially to a player as important as he is.

Fingers crossed, but right now it look as if Nuno Tavares will be getting some games under his belt. Let’s hope he can step up, and that it turns out to be not too serious for KT.

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Same thing happened last season and we ended up using Xhaka at LB and limping out of the Europa League Semi Finals. Hopefully having an actual LB in Tavares can offset the pain of losing Tierney. Hoping for a speedy recovery

Mikels Arteta

I think taveres’ Arsenal career might be over


He makes Andre Santos look like Ashley Cole to be fair

Reality check

Not too long ago, people on here thought Tierney will struggle to get back in the starting 11 because of the way Tavares was playing. We make our heroes only to bring them down later, so fickle..

Aussie Gooner

Why? A young player coming in at 21 in the most difficult league of the world and plays only occasionally. Why would it be over? We surely have had worse players in the past on the books for longer periods of time..

Martin R

I remember when Tavares was seen as better than Tierney. His first start for a long time. Remember how bad Cedric was until he has had a good run in the team

Alan Sunderland

The people who thought tavares was better than Tierney need to watch the games.

Walter White

Why does he play full 90 in two freaking friendlies.


These international managers don’t care. Norway were 9 – 0 up against Armenia of recent and Odegaard completed 90 minutes! It’s just absurd.


Don’t they have Robertson to rotate?


Robertson played 58mins🤷🏾‍♂️


That’s shocking!!! There’s no way Tierney should have played 90 minutes in both games!!! Something should be changed that in friendlies a player should only be allowed to play 45 minutes. We’ve lost one of our most influential players to Scotland meaningless friendlies!!!! That’s shocking!!!


This is the $64 million question, I’m Scottish, and Tierney and Robertson arms always going to play in qualifying and in compantions but I’ll never understand why Scotland don’t give other players a chance in friendly??? And if they are going to play Tierney it should be agreed with Arsenal that 45 mins only in one game !!! Arsenal are paying his wages. Its only international friendlies that mean nothing??? Now Arsenal who have probably the most important end off season run in , in years are without there vice captain and a very influential and Senior players. Something has… Read more »

William Nilliam

This is terrible news. Get well soon Kieran


Disaster. My Mrs says my face as I read this article and asked me who died: well maybe our Top 4 push just did! I personally blame Tavares for losses in two big games already, he just cannot stay in position!


Injuries can happen at any time. He has had injuries playing for us as well, can’t time these things. Hope it isn’t something that changes his career. Stay up Tierney!


Yes you are 100% correct injuries can and will happen at any time, BUT playing 180 minutes off meaningless friendlies certainly doesn’t help my friend!!! Arsenal pay his wages and Scotland don’t! There should be a rule when it comes to friendlies, something like maybe only 45 minutes in a friendly??? We now are without our employee because his international coach has no clue!!!


Unfortunately Tavares hasn’t improved since he joined Arsenal…if anything he’s got steadily worse.His performances this Season have been consistently poor.
I have no idea when he was doing when supposedly defending the free kick for Palace’s first goal.


He’s not even been here a full season. Have a word with yourself and support the youngsters. It’s not 2015.


Everything he said is true Danny. He didn’t use abusive language or say get rid of him. No need to have a word with himself at all.


Thats not abusive. And Danny is totally right.


No, everything op said is not true. Tavares has not been “consistently poor.” He played well against watford, lecister, newcastle, and villa. People were wondering if tierney might have a hard time getting back in the squad – i know it was asked in the arsecast extra q&a.

Folks just have short memories.


I have been saying this for a while. If he had come to Arsenal as part of a dodgy agent loan deal, rather than being part of a hugely successful transfer window of exciting talent, can you imagine the abuse he would be getting ? Cedric has been much, much better than him this season, but it doesn’t fit the narrative. Tavares (excluding one or two of his early appearances) has simply been very poor.

Martin R

I remember when knee jerk fans said he was better than Tierney earlier on in the season

Mikels Arteta

Benjamin White caught ball watching again for the second ball in

Man Manny

And now we are going to lose Saliba because of him! I wish could make the RCB a toss up between them.
For me, Ben White has not played well enough to make that spot his.






if half time at palace is anything to go by i think we will be closer to them in the table than chelsea by this seasons end.


Fucking shit pointless internationals ffs!!

Mikels Arteta

Get this guy on the knees over toes program


FFS….Partey as well. Looks like our CL hopes are up in smoke in one day.

Tavares looks done. Lokonga can step up, but fuck me what a disaster 🙄


Everybody freaking chill.

There was NO way Arsenal were going to win every game in the run in. If we had to lose one, this isn’t ideal, but its not the end. sprds is a 6 pointer. As is manyoo. chlski look vulnerable. Lots left to play for, including a top 4 slot and st. totteringham’s day.

No, we’re not loosing Salibi. And Ben White is a good, young, not yet perfect player. Like none of you lot ever made a mistake?


I hear you FAM but it wasn’t that we lost, it was the way we lost, I thought we had seen the back of that Arsenal? But from 1 to 11 your lucky if any of them got a 4/10 there was no effort, no desire, no will to win, no fight, and even if every player had an off day (very rare) not one off them gave 100%

Alex Khlapov

Playing Friendlies is a war crime in my opinion, waste of time and damage to players is what you get, we will finish 6th and it sucks that we couldn’t get a good midfielder and striker in the window.


Stop blaming the international break – lots of players took part in two 90′ games (pointless or not) and didn’t suffer yet another bad injury…

As frustrating as it is to accept, Tierney is injury prone.


K Tierney

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