Tuesday, November 29, 2022

Partey muscle injury confirmed, facing weeks out

Arsenal have confirmed that Thomas Partey has suffered muscle damage to his right thigh and could be facing several weeks on the sidelines.

The Ghana international pulled up in the second half of Monday’s 3-0 defeat to Crystal Palace and Mikel Arteta said afterwards that it was a ‘big concern’.

Off the back of Kieran Tierney’s season-ending injury, we were hoping for good news, but we haven’t got it.

The club haven’t put a specific timeline on Partey’s return, instead, in rather vague terms, they’ve said he will be continually assessed “in the coming weeks” and will have “specialist consultations”.

While it sounds like we’re not ruling him out for the final nine games, we have to assume he’s not going to be available for a good chunk of that. Arsenal face Brighton, Southampton, Chelsea and Manchester United before the end of April.

The update from the club ends: “Everyone will be working hard to get Thomas back on the pitch as soon as possible.”

We wish him all the best.

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Let’s face it, we all feared the day this would happen. Our squad is really thin. Sambi was quite sharp when he came on in the final minutes of the Crystal Palace game. Let’s hope we can show fight to seal top 4 spot. One can only be hopeful and optimistic. COYG!!!

Thierry Bergkamp (Xhaka Out)

Life as an Arsenal supporter can be a bitch.


The pessimist (realist?) in me says top 4 is gone. but feeling good today so let’s instead say big few weeks for sambi, thought he was great when he came on last game and hopefully we can squeeze some good results in and still be in with a shot. also let’s not move xhaka to LB and lose all midfield control, give nuno another shot and worst case play white at RB until tomi is back (when is that btw?) and Cedric at LB.

djourou's nutmeg

that’s the thing with supporters like you, which to be fair, are the majority: we win 5 games in a row and you’re already talking about champions league even with 13 games to go. then we lose against palace and a player gets injured and top 4 is gone. i don’t think it makes the sport enjoyable at all for you and it certainly makes it boring to discuss football for the rest of us.


That’s an odd assessment of a fairly uncontroversial opinion. Nothing wrong with trying to see the positives, and talking about Champions League is fine too. Why the hell not?

Not one person – in my experience at least – has considered it a sure thing, just potentially something we could achieve.


Then again, how would you feel if….

  • Our last trophy was 14 years ago, in 2008
  • Our last FA Cup was 31 years ago, in 1991
  • Our last European trophy was 38 years ago in 1984
  • Our last League Title was (don’t laugh now) 61 years ago, in 1961

You see where I’m going with this….? 😉


Next time you see – or hear – a Spurs fan going on and on and on about the Palace game and how they’re “Now in the top four” despite only being there on goal difference, just remember this:

In the past 30 YEARS, they have won an incredible two League Cups.

And, erm, that’s it.

Thierry Bergkamp (Xhaka Out)

I’ve seen Blackburn and Leicester win the league, and Newcastle came close once. The £1 club have won it multiple times.
I couldn’t care less about Tottenham because I don’t consider them to be a big club. They’re just another club in North London, who might finish above us a few times, while winning less trophies than us, during our worst spell in decades.

Anyway, whatever happens this season, it’s the first season in a while where I’ve actually enjoyed watching and been excited to watch Arsenal play

Naija Gunner

A very bad bitch to be precise


Oh dear, Just when you thought everything’s going well for us now.


We always knew our squad depth was a huge risk and now it looks like it’s bitten us in the arse. No real striker option, lack of midfield and a left back struggling.

Bleeding gums murphy

I’m absolutely convinced that Calvert fella at Everton is not the answer in the summer. Pray we don’t sign him.


Terrible start to the season, great sustained period of growth and hope (70% chance of coming 4th, even third in the PL a reasonable possibility), back into a period I’d be surprised if we make the top 4 (and still have Man U and the Hammers to play, so could get even worse).

Obviously hope we are top 4 but losing Tierney and Partey takes a big chunk out of our team. Ups and downs, let’s hope we have a good summer at least on the forward front.


I’ve gone from expecting a top 4 to hoping for top 6. Partey Odegaard and Saka have been our “we’re just better than you, deal with it” players and that right side magic is usually kicked off or heavily dependent on Partey. I’d still expect the team to have enough about them to beat mid-lower table teams, but to expect us to take much of anything against Chelsea, Sp*rs, West Ham and United without a top class midfield feels like a pipe dream. Could just be the hangover from getting out shit packed in by Palace but I just feel… Read more »

Man Manny

Horrible time for the team! Tierney and Partey out makes our climb towards CL football a lot steeper. The returns from our strikers adds to the grim picture; so, we can’t even think of outscoring the opposition. In spite of the melancholic picture, the boys can still make a go at it. Lokonga was sharp when he came in at CP. Play him with Xhaka. Either persist with Tavares and play him into something akin to the form that made some fans think he could bench Tierney, or bring in Holding, shift White to RB, and play Cedric on the… Read more »


If only we had a versatile youngster from the academy to cover these issues in midfield and full back….

Greg in Seattle

Versatile is not the same as good.


You don’t think maitland niles is any good? I can’t really remember hit letting us down


I also can’t remember him performing like Partey or Sambi.


It’ll be some Mighty Ducks shit now if we are gonna do CL


Man who literally never had a serious injury comes to Arsenal for 45 mill on 200 grand a week, we should’ve known how this would go


When you play for The Arsenal, you get zero protection from the match officials.

Simple as that.


I agree with the sentiment in general but Parteys dodgy hammies don’t have much to do with the fucking awful refs


Those who continue to needlessly put him down are just about to find out how much we are going to miss his industry and vision.

Top four hasn’t gone yet, but it’s just got a damn sight more difficult to achieve.

Get well soon big fella.


When it rains in London Colney, it pours!
Not strengthening the squad during the January window was a bad, bad, Ill-advised gamble.
Our arses should be prepared to be bitten badly!


Partey, Tierney and Tomi out is really bad. We got no cover, that’s good enough, for them and I’m sorry to say but this probably means the CL spot is gone. Even a EL spot will be a scrap now.

I really hope I’m wrong and Arteta can do something the formation we play to be more solid at the back and more effective going forward but I can’t see it.


Not all done and dusted yet. If we can beat Brighton on Saturday it’s game on and then Southampton next week, which is certainly winnable.

By then, we’ll be looking at getting Tommy back and maybe playing Cedric at LB for the remaining games.

Sambi to fill in for Partey and we’ll be more or less as you were.

Keep the faith. 😉


He doesn’t deal with the Premier League, he needs too long on the ball and he can’t cope with the physicality. When he’s good he’s good but it’s not often enough. He’s been unreliable.

Man Manny

Who? Andrei Arshavin?


Granit Xhaka?


He’s supposed to be an upgrade on Granit but he’s been a big disappointment to me. Very expensive, huge salary, six very good games a season and the rest either injured or poor form.


Blimey, give it a rest Von. 😴

In spite of the fact that Thomas Partey has been and remains a crucial part of our midfield, you don’t like him – we get it.


Totally agree Von, coz we’ve played ‘smaller’ clubs he’s looked better than the bang average player we bought v top 6 or 8 he gets over run, divvers on the ball, plays woeful side passes to forward running team mates not to mention his cows arse with a banjo shooting abilities, another much over bought dud to the many in a long list of failure signings, when we ‘do achieve’ europa conference league time to say addios to Arteta and welcome back Pat..

Thierry Bergkamp (Xhaka Out)

Yes! He was absolutely shit against Man City. Didn’t he win the “average player of the match” award


😂 👍

Man Manny

Next transfer season is even more critical that the last one.
We have made good strides all things considered. Now we need to close the gap between us and the top 2.
There are points we dropped this season – Everton, Burnley, CP – that would see us above Chelsea if we won those games.
Project Youth has to give way to Project Prime.
Every player signed must be with the first eleven in mind.
I’d be gutted if we miss Top 4, but more so if we don’t show ambition in the next transfer window.
Over to you, Stan.


I see a future of gnashing teeth emojis on arsenal supporter’s twitter and insta before, during and after matches from here on in. As a nail-biter already, I’m worried I’ll gnaw my fingers down to the barebone phalanges before season’s end.

Teryima Adi



jfc, just disclose what grade of muscle tear he has already ffs and quit being coy about it.


If Arsenal fans are in the dark about when Thomas Partey comes back, then so are the clubs we still have to play.




Maybe we can cope with Cedric and Nuno for next two games (or at least Brighton) Come Chelsea game i hope we have Tomi back and can move Cedric at LB. Xhaka to replace Thomas and Sambi play eater along him or in front (as Xhaka did before) Ether way it will be long couple of months. COYG!!!

Teryima Adi

When the going gets tough the tough gets going. We move.


In the big games I’d put saka at LB, not ideal I know but we know he can play well there and he would combine well with Martinelli ahead of him. Then we can put smith Rowe right wing and he and odegaard can rotate positions quite comfortably during a game. I’d even be tempted to put odegaard alongside xhaka and see if he can pull off the santi role with smith Rowe ahead of him and pepe on the right and the sooner Tomi is back the better.

Man Manny

Then the bench will have no impact sub whatsoever.

Billy bob


Determination Cultured

Never ever play granny at left back. We might need to switch it up a little and play 5 at the back? Maybe holding gabriel and white in the middle, with saka and cedric as wing backs? Odegaard rowe and martinelli up top. Granny and sambi in midfield?


Out for the season then?
I was really hoping for top four-seems a stretch now. I guess we are a bit ahead of schedule.

Mostly I’m wondering if we can afford players like KT and Partey as key parts of our team. Getting real Wilshere/Ramsey flashbacks.


No player comes with a guaranteed immunity to injury.

When I think of Jack, I think of that goal against Norwich and his post 2014 FAC celebrations.

When I think of Aaron Ramsey, I think of those FA Cup Final winners against Hull and Chelsea.

Keep it real mate.

Cranky Colin

Mo incoming


Bring back Santi ❤️


Thats a crap news. I still feel few of the players will level up their performances and we will get in to top 4! I watch too many movies so…


Is playing three at the back with Holding, White and Gabriel a possibility? Tavares as a more attacking wing back would leave him less exposed defensively.


It’s kind of worst case scenario. Tierney and Partey are probably the two most irreplaceable players (Saka etc can be replaced by quality). A few positive spins: 1. Still, we have several options for tinkering that allow us to put out a competitive side capable of getting enough points. 2. Partey will be back for Spuds game 3. Spurs will drop points and we’ve put ourselves in the position where if we beat them, we can lose two more games than them and be equal on points (although currently we would be 5th on goal difference) 4. Worst case scenario… Read more »


Off topic but there have been interesting comments by Mike Dean on BBC. He is retiring at end of season. He says he was intimidated by Arsene Wenger (not Fergie) which would explain why he was always trying to screw Arsenal matches. But he also says his favorite players to refree were Henry, Bergkamp and Veira. Not sure if that’s a compliment or he just enjoyed letting other teams kick them about.

Thierry Bergkamp (Xhaka Out)

Mike Dean is a cunt

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