Tuesday, December 5, 2023

Arteta left emotional by contract offer tabled after trio of defeats

Mikel Arteta says his players only found out about his contract extension this morning and revealed the Arsenal hierarchy, in a show of faith, asked him to put pen-to-paper on the deal in the aftermath of the recent run of three defeats.

It was confirmed this morning that the Spaniard had committed himself to the Gunners until 2025, a two-year extension on his current deal, and that the announcement was timed to provide stability ahead of what’s expected to be a busy summer in the transfer market.

“The club was so decisive and committed to doing it now,” explained the manager.

“They wanted to bring clarity, starting from the ownership, about what we are doing and show the stability and the commitment to the project and not having to worry in the summer about any of that when we want to recruit players, or keep the players that we want, so that they can see a clear path in the future and that there is no question mark.

“The moment they questioned me about about what my feelings were, I was very clear that I was ready to commit here, I’m extremely happy here and this job, I still have a lot to do.

“They [the players] found out this morning. Some of them have been asking me the last few months because they have questions about their individual futures because they read some news as well but it’s not something I like to be talking about. I want zero distractions about that so this afternoon, that’s done. It’s clear for the future and now it’s full focus on Leeds.”

Pressed on whether Sunday’s win over West Ham, which secured European football for next season, had triggered the club’s offer, Arteta revealed the terms had been tabled two weeks prior following disappointing results against Crystal Palace, Brighton and Southampton.

“The club offered me the contract when we lost three matches,” he said. “That day I went like this ‘chapeau’. And that doesn’t happen in football.

“That’s a part of what they think, the conversations they have, the belief that they have in myself, the coaching and staff in what we are doing and the people that we have now at the football club and leading this football club and I haven’t ever seen it and I just got emotional when I see it and I said ‘you guys are serious and committed and I’d better push forward’.

On his new contract giving the club solid foundations to enter into negotiations with stars like Bukayo Saka – the England international has two years left on his deal and the Gunners want to tie him down for longer – the boss continued:

“It’s something that has to be explained to the players so when you are discussing the possibility to stay here or recruiting somebody playing at a different club, you have to explain how you want to do it and in detail so they know clearly what they are going to be leaving if they join our club.

“In order to do that, the club thought this was the best moment to do it and in fairness, I agree with them.”

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Super news.


Big mistake. How long does he get to learn on the job? No european football this year. Exactly where we should be based on our wage bill and our lack of fixture congestion. Easily out-coached by Hassenhutl, Vieira and Potter. We will never learn.


If he was ‘Easily out-coached by Hassenhutl, Vieira and Potter’ then he also ‘Easily out-coached Rangnick, Tuchel and Moyes’.

Except it doesn’t work like that, does it?


I think you out-commented philomena here

Heavenly Chapecoense

I wouldn’t go as far as Philomena especially at a time where we are doing very well BUT this should never happen:
The club offered me the contract when we lost three matches,”
Can we offer Tavarez an extension before the end of the season? This is really important.


The thing that should never happen is people capitalizing random words like they’re a walking tabloid front page.

Let’s keep THINGS in context guys


You’re comparing the contract situation of our manager who had more or less achieved our goals for the season (even after those 3 losses), to that of our young backup LB? Seems logical.

The contract extension would have been discussed by the board for weeks if not months. The official offer to Mikel just happened to be after a blip of 3 defeats.

Arteta is elite talent and you don’t let elite talent run down their contract.

Nainsley Aitland Miles

This comment looks like it was written 12 months ago. It’s just so outdated.

Arteta is hardly still learning on the job – although of course you never stop learning. We’ve won 20 out of 34 games in the league this season. Third highest.

We are back in Europe next season.

We have the 5th highest wage bill but we’re 4th in the league.

Anders Limpar

There is such a lot of vitriol and sniping on here. People can have an opinion on Arteta either way. Many people are delighted that the has signed which is great for them, but it should be allowed for others to voice doubt and question the decision. Only time will tell, but you don’t have to blindly throw yourself behind this decision to be a “real fan”.

Agreed everyone is entitled to their opinion, but Philomena’s post is littered with inaccuracies.

Anders Limpar

That’s fair.

Thierry Bergkamp (non negotiable)

All this love for Mikel today just melts my heart!
I just went back to the match report from the 3rd game of this season.
What a difference 8 months make

Woolwich Tiern time

Cant believe how much pundits refer to those fixtures evennif now in a more positive light
Brentford: proven a match for many; would have been postponed if in December Janruary
Chelsea: European Champions, in form, beaten in the reverse fixture
City: League champions; was in the game until early Xhaka red; Outplayed them in the reverse fixture and only hampere by worst referee performance of the season
Shearers comment at the time: Well i guess yyou’ve got some expertise of managing your old club into relegation Al.


I believe that we have someone very special in Mikel and I am delighted that he will be with Arsenal for at least 3 more years.

Heavenly Chapecoense

What would Liverpool supporters say about Klopp?

Man Mann

New manager contract bounce: win the next two games… and after that, you can lose the last two for all I care.

Heavenly Chapecoense

Words of a wise Arsenal fan.


Assuming Liverpool also beats Spurs. It would be so great to see the look on Conte’s stupid turd face. Let’s hope we beat the shit out of the gibberish speaking Kane and fucking Spurs ffs

Thierry Bergkamp (non negotiable)

But what if spurs win the other 3 games

Exactly, he really hadn’t done the maths before making such a bizarre comment.


They won’t.

They’re Spurs.


People downvoting me here.

You clearly think Tottenham will win all of their remaining games. So, not only do you think they’ll beat Liverpool, but you also give our lads no chance either.

In short, you’re as fucking muggy as the Spuds themselves.


“It’s something that has to be explained to the players so when you are discussing the possibility to stay here or recruiting somebody playing at a different club, you have to explain how you want to do it and in detail so they know clearly what they are going to be leaving if they join our club.”

R.E Gabriel Jesus?

A Different George

Sure, in his case because he knows (and–presumably–likes) Arteta from City and might be more hesitant to come to Arsenal if he doesn’t know who he’d play for. But I think it’s more important for the players already here. We are at a odd place in the hierarchy. Despite our record in recent years, there are still only a handful of clubs in the world that are clearly “bigger” than us (both in terms of reputation and ambition and in the ability to pay high wages). A first-choice player (not someone looking for more playing time) realistically has one club… Read more »

Guns Up

Agree completely, and hope potential recruits will see it the same way. I’m admittedly biased, but can’t see why any young player would want to go to MU or Chelsea over Arsenal right now. Any player at all, for that matter, but a 20-yr-old wouldn’t even recall all the title winning that may have made MU more attractive in the past.

Heavenly Chapecoense

I think Dusan Vlahovic would have gone to Chelsea, if wanted there.

Holdings New Merkin

Will you give it a rest, you pilchard

Guns Up

If you mean before Abramovich was removed, I’d say you’re probably right and the same would be true for most players. Now? Not a chance.


Good news, I hope we can finish this season well, top four please! Then press on with some good summer action in the transfer market! I can dream…..


This makes me very happy.

Teryima Adi

Congrats, Arteta. You have 12 trophies in you and that include the CL and EPL titles.👊💪👍


I think a treble of trebles would be good

He’s already won an FA Cup and Community Shield which doesn’t get mentioned much at all.

Possibly because it was during a pandemic, no fans in the stadium during the time.

This will definitely be a massive factor in players extending their contracts and also attracting new signings.

I’m praying that we sign two new Biblical forwards in Jesus and Abraham. That would be just Heavenly.

Mark G

Imagine nicking Jesus and then bagging haaland straight after 😂
If carlseberg did transfer windows

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