Friday, June 9, 2023

Arteta: This beautiful occasion was destroyed

Mikel Arteta refused to comment directly about the officiating that turned the tide of the north London derby against his side but he couldn’t hide his disappointment that Arsenal’s bright start at White Hart Lane quickly turned into a nightmare.

Travelling up the Seven Sisters Road knowing a win would seal Champions League qualification, the Gunners succumbed to a horrible 3-0 defeat, the foundations of which were laid in the first half when referee Paul Tierney awarded a penalty against Cedric Soares for a nudge on Heung Min Son and a red card to Rob Holding for two bookable offences.

“You can ask the referee if he wants to come and give an assessment of the match,” replied Arteta when asked about the decisions that shaped the game.

“I can do it but I have two options, I can lie to you, which I don’t do, or, if not, I will be suspended and I really want to be on the touchline against Newcastle [on Monday].”

He added: “We wanted to play a game and we were so excited to play a game and you’ve seen the team how they started, the way we were playing and this beautiful occasion was destroyed. Unfortunately, we couldn’t enjoy the game that we wanted to play.”

Privately, Arteta must be disappointed with some of the decision-making of his players but he was never going to throw anyone under the bus given the confidence knock his players have already received from a tough night.

Deliberately spiky with the press, no doubt hoping to be a lightning rod for their headlines, he instead rallied the troops.

“We can’t wait now to play on Monday, this is how I feel,” he added.

“The disappointment must take over the opportunity and beautiful two games that we have ahead of us. This is where our energy is going to be.”

Tomorrow, Arteta will need to hatch a plan for beating Newcastle with three centre-backs potentially missing.

In addition to Rob Holding being suspended and Gabriel going off with an injury, there remain concerns about the fitness of Ben White. The England international was fit enough to make the bench this evening but, when push came to shove, Arteta decided not to throw him on the pitch when the Gunners went down to 10 men.

“Gabi isn’t normally a player who asks to get off the pitch, he felt something. Hopefully it’s not much because obviously, having Rob out [suspended] and Ben with no training sessions, we are really short in that position.”

On Gabriel’s injury, he clarified, “It’s a muscular problem and we will have to assess him.”

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More than anything else, this tells me we have the right man in charge.

When PSG come calling, Conte will drop Spurs like a hot potato. Ditto Son and ditto Kane.

We have the right manager and the right group of talented youngsters.

Fuck this game tonight.

We move onwards to bigger and better things.

Bleeding gums murphy

The progression of recovery is a continuous uphill journey.


Troodat Brutha Q – Big Mik takes it on the chin. Grittily honest and shields his players. The fact is, sadly, that Rob got schooled by the slippery Son today – no doubt. But hey, that happens occasionally. Take it and move on. Penalty call was iffy at best, but we’d have grabbed it with both mitts down the other end so, again, suck it up and move on. We HAVE to beat Newcashy. Everton going to be a tad more tricky, fighting for their lives. Burnley will make them more desperate should they beat the Shite, but that will… Read more »

Fozayel Kadir

anyone who says arteta out at this point is a fool, despite it being a toilet bowl do they expect us to Sh*t all over spurs with injuries and poor decisions going against us, son and kane will eat any advantage given and thats what they did. we have a lot of injuries and surprise surprise the errors came from cedric and holding, players who aren’t first 11 quality, let mikel do his building we most definitely are not finished and i suspect we need another 2/3 summers before having a squad we can truly look at competing for honours

The tears if Djourou

You fucking shaved blogs didnt you


I did not. But I am going to this morning.


I, too, will be shaving off my ‘lucky beard’ which I’d hitherto been cultivating since our victory at Chelsea.


I thought that the penalty decision was a joke. I also thought Holding’s sending off was harsh at first but, on repeat viewings, maybe it wasn’t, given that it was for two yellows. However, Son’s earlier elbow on Holding was a straight red, and it’s unforgiveable, though exactly what we have come to expect, for VAR to have ignored it. No penalty + Son walks for that elbow = different game.


Have you got a link for this Son elbow on holding? I don’t remember it and can’t find it


What a cheating cunt!


That ref was weak from the start. Complete joke in Kane’s pocket. Should have been Oliver for this match, he’s clearly the best in the league. And yet we get this joke?
Paul Tierney, just waiting for a day in the sun. The fucking prick. What was that penalty for? I’d like to know. From your fucking mouth, you tosser. An absolute, total, piss take.

Bleeding gums murphy

Tierney is filth, there’s no two ways about it. But being objective I can totally see why penalty was given. Cedric tried to be clever but it was obvious and awkward turning his back and hoping to get away with looking like a coming together attempting to win ball. It was too obvious. Holding was a complete idiot, he had been warned, tierney then whispered in sons ear, again it was so fecking obvious what was going to happen. By all means start off roughing him a bit but then let go and be totally professional, holding didn’t do that… Read more »


I’ve said this before on here:
Mate of mine works in the ‘geek-room’ for VAR so got us an invite to a swanky dinner do for all the refs, at some hotel in Hammersmith.
Sat at the table with pretty much ALL the PL officials, on a Saturday evening, I was amazed/shocked/disgusted to see them all glued to their mobiles, bantering about who had gotten what social media reactions to that day’s games!

Absolutely pathetic to watch… like kids at a school dance!


Very interesting.

It doesn’t surprise me in the least. I bet corruption is absolutely rife behind the scenes. Look at FIFA and Sepp Blatter – with all the money sploshing around, you can’t tell me the Premiership is any different.

The bias against us from the officials and VAR this season has been vile. Corrupt as fuck, all of them.


“Unfortunately, Mikel, we can’t talk to the referees [on camera]…”

Why not? Maybe if they were scrutinised more after games we could understand their decisions. And maybe they’d think more carefully when making them.

Chuck Felsea

It is in your hand, dear broadcasters. In the next negotiations, make it a mandatory topic to sign the broadcasting rights. I believe that coaches are obliged to face the press, otherwise they face a penalty. But they can’t rant about the ref, otherwise they face a penalty. I mean what is this? Teletubby land? I am not a ref, but I want to be educated by them through a critical interview. I wanna know why Cedric was a pen, but in the last 20 games I saw, such a thing was not given. I wanna know why a Holding… Read more »


See my comment above mate… they are largely all social media slaves, loving their own publicity. Objectivity? Hardly!


Tk fuck I took a ‘sick’ day to watch/digest/puke over this at 9.30am.
Penalty Paul needs to take a long look at himself and why did VAR not intervene, was it J Gillette?
Holding needs a stern chat about self control so early in a game, kick Son when its late in the game FFS … hope Burnley do us a favour as the Newcastle trip will be torrid and Everton cd be playing for their lives. Big ups to Ramsdale and Tomi today

Guns Up

I expect it from pundits, but not sure why even here so many are acting as though playing at Newcastle is like going to the Bernabeu. Their best result lately is a 1-0 win over Palace in which they had a third of the possession. Not gonna be easy by any means, but let’s not make it something it’s not. They’ve nothing to play for and it’s really all down to how our boys perform.


Good points. I think they’ve lost once at home all season and we have no strikers and now no Center backs That’s why we’re worried

Alan Sunderland

I agree, Newcastle and Everton are very ordinary teams. We are more than good enough to beat both of them.

Heavenly Chapecoense

But we can lose anytime. Four points ahead, three games to go was a massive advantage but all of us fans were cautious because we knew our team. Despite beating Chelsea, Man U and West Ham, can we lose or draw at Newcastle? Yes. Everton? Yes.

Alan Sunderland

If we can’t beat Newcastle and Everton we’re wasting our time. Two poor teams we can beat without a problem.


If we can’t beat Newcastle and Everton should we really be in the top four? We’ve lost 12 games already this year.

Bleeding gums murphy


Alan Sunderland

Keep the faith Mr Murphy, spurs are gonna spurs.


Agreed. If we can’t beat them, we are not ready for the CL.


VAR – not that I don’t think they are the Devil’s Spawn personified – were never going to reverse that, since it wasn’t a ‘clear and obvious’ ref error… enough in Cedric’s shove to make it 50/50 – so we were fucked from the moment he nudged Son.


aren’t…. aren’t…. aren’t…. corrupt, ineffective, flawed cunts.


Mike Riley was var for that game, we were never going to get anything.


The ref obviously wanted to give a pen as payback for nketiah dive. He acted like handball then realized there was no handball he called a foul. Then on spurs third goal kane bowled over Gabriel. Neither were fouls to me.

Holding should have been booked when he kicked son in the foul. Got away with it them got a stupid yellow. His elbow was probably straight red.

I don’t hate Holding. He was overwhelmed amd got no help after son kept turning him.
But I’d like saliba to return.


Exactly the same ref who was in charge when we lost to City at the Emirates too funnily enough. If we lost 3-0 and we’re well beat fair enough but so annoying that the game was over in the 1st half after the referee decisions (Not a pen imo and Holding’s probably a red but Son should have been sent off before that).


At first I thought it wasn’t a penalty, but on repeat viewing it’s quite clear that Cedric barged into the back of Son. On many other occasions this probably wouldn’t have been spotted and therefore not given. We’re unlucky that on this occasion it was. Likewise with Holding: he should know better. He had already tangled with Son three times and got booked. It’s quite likely that Son deliberately made a run to tempt Holding into blocking him, and Son made the most of it. We all know he’s a diver, but Holding should not have got suckered in. On… Read more »


Cedric’s infraction never would have been spotted if the ref hadn’t awarded a phantom handball in the first instance. As for Holding’s second yellow, he is never getting away with that foul, against this team, at their place, with the stakes so high. In different circumstances, maybe a foul is awarded against him and he does not get the yellow card too. However, on a yellow card already, he should NOT have given the referee a decision to make. By running toward Son and not directly to the ball, Holding did exactly that and was punished the maximum, as one… Read more »


Ref: 🗣..PENALTY…handball.
VAR: Err Sorry Paul…no handball there mate🤷‍♂️
Ref: what do you mean NO handball🤔.
VAR: mate…I know we’re supposed to stiff AFC but there’s no handball..I’m not a ducking magician🙄.
Ref: right..i can’t go to the monitor to claim handball… because I’d look a tw*t…so what else can we claim.
VAR: “we”🤔… pal this one’s on you…Handball…FFS🤦.
Ref: ok…just give me something pleassssee😢.
VAR: ok…blame Cedric😉.
Ref: cheers pal…I owe you one Deano💋.


Cedric going full Frank Spencer has been brewing for months.

The guy is an absolute liability and the only thing to say is that we’ve been riding our luck with his lack of ability and in-game intelligence for quite some time now.

I’m sure he’s a very nice person and obviously cares passionately about the Arsenal – but then so does my missus. Neither she or Cedric are good enough to be playing for the Arsenal.


Could see that 2nd card coming for Holding. Should have made the call and tugged him for White as soon as he got the first yellow. They were too rampant for us to run the risk of keeping him in.
Overall I think the atmosphere got to the team. These things happen with a young squad though.

We lost our final.
But rather than being dumped from the competition, we’ve just been dumped back to the semi finals.
Redemption here we come!


White wasn’t fit to play so we had nobody to replace Holding, who is a senior player and should know better than to keep pushing his luck like that. The youngsters kept their cool. The (non) penalty was conceded by Cedric who shouldn’t have given dodgy Tierney a decision to make, and the red card by Holding, both supposedly senior players with experience of big matches. It was always a big ask but we were doing OK until then.


who needs mike dean when you’ve got penalty paul tierney


Mike Dean was on var, probably saw the Son elbow, laughed and ignored it.

Cranky Colin

I’m sick of Arsenal forums blaming everyone else.
Cedric and Holding are decent players but this is serious shit…..Prem league is a high level, and top 4 is very high level. Sadly those chaps don’t have it.
The ref is a nasty little smiley chap and the same goes for Son, but, unfortunately we were the architects of our downfall tonight, not other factors.
Now let’s beat the Toons and Lampards fucking clowns, and bring in a couple of defenders to handle CL games next season.

Bleeding gums murphy

Well said Colin. 👍


hear hear


I’m sick of so-called Arsenal fans blaming nobody but Arsenal.

We’ve been shat upon all season, yet it’s all our own fault…? Fuck off.

Naked Cygan

Enough with the fking excuses. Everytime it matters we get players sent off and that is a discipline issue and we pay someone really good money to manage this kind of sh*t. Apparently 3 more fking yrs of this bull sh*t red card side show. Next time one of our players decides to be wanker and get a needless red card AGAIN send them out to play for the reserve team for 3 months 6 months something. There has to be better discipline for fks sake.


Thata absolute bollox.
Go lie down and sober up.
You’ll be glad you did.

Dave Cee

True, but that is the softest of penalties. And the penalty is what changed the match to start with


Yes 100%, Wenger’s great Arsenal sides never had players sent off.


Not a great take. We just won three on the spin mate.xx n[z nm


Penalty was soft but Holding ought to know better having been carded. He should have got the message on the nature of the Ref.

Still after sending off we do not regroup and adjust quickly enough.

Nketiah went to sleep.

We paid for neglect and inexperience.

Arteta also perplexingly took off Martinelli who was our most effective forward threat.

Would have preferred Saka off and Smith-Rowe on earlier, particularly if Laca was to come on later.

Bleeding gums murphy

I pray we don’t give nketia a new contract. I would rather bring in Jesus and Toney. Two very different forwards. Could work. I thought nketia was poor all evening. Had one shot decent shot that I thought he should have passed. Rest he was pants.


Eddie reverted to type. Aimless, lethargic, vacant.


Couldn’t sleep – up early it’s just gone half five. Well that was fucking horrible – but what’s been keeping me awake is the smoking rubble that remains of our defence. Rob Holding is almost certainly out of the Newcastle game after being sent off for wearing a red and white shirt. Likewise Gabriel. If that’s his hamstring, then he’s done and dusted for both games. One can only pray that Ben White is nearing a full recovery – or at least well enough to be risked, Beggars can’t be choosers and all that jazz. Tomi can play at centre… Read more »

Bleeding gums murphy

😂😂 I woke at 5 with it going round and round me head.


Grim indeed. A question: could we (would we) hook Saliba back from France?



We cant even play balogun whos loan at middlesboro has been completed AND he was registered in our squad in the january squad registration…which is bullshit tbh.

Santi’s Thigh Grab

Grim indeed.


Personally I thought it was the right call to go to 3 at the back but would have brought on Smith-Rowe and kept Martinelli, made some tweaks … …………………………………….Laca…………………………………… …………………Martinelli……………………..Odegaard…………….. Smith-Rowe……………………Elneny…………………………Cedric ………………..Xhaka……………….Gabriel……………….Tomiyasu ……………………………………Ramsdale…………………………….. I didn’t think we knew how to get out of our box on the counter and transition fast enough. Above with Laca or Eddie, they needed to be around center line but also hugging touch line when need be to present themselves to receive and act as a pivot to launch the attacking runs from… Smith-Rowe or Martinelli, Martinelli tucked in a bit to run closer toward… Read more »


Notice how quiet tierney was in the 2nd half after he gift wrapped the scum the game in the first . Holding yeah , even tho he was elbowed before , the ref was more of a homer than Simpson


Thought Kane the ref was a complete twat !!! How the fuck does he get away with it ?


We started so brightly I thought even after the soft penalty we were in for a shout. Enter Holding.

Somebody needs to sit these lads down and just show them the statistics of winning with 10 men. Maybe then they will understand how important it is to be disciplined.

We know refs are against us. So why even give them the opportunity? No shit this club needs to start fining players exorbitant amounts for red cards to try and clamp down.

You think Holding will do that shit again if he gets docked a week’s wages?


Arteta – this beautiful occasion was destroyed- yes by 2 of your own fucking players. Despite all the school yard rants we couldn’t handle the massive occasion

A Gooner

The unity between the fan base has improved so much. I know it’s being highlighted a lot, but I’m so pleased with the majority of reactions on these comments. Last night was so painful, but toys aren’t being flung and the fans are becoming an asset now. So glad the inner fighting has stopped, we see we’re on the right track and we’re protecting our team against the media dickheads. I’m a very proud Gooner.


How those losses vs Brighton and Saints have come back to haunt us…. Palace I’d have taken a point gladly, but those other two should have given us AT LEAST 3 points. Then all this is moot and we’re chasing 3rd, ffs!!


Spilt milk M8! Forward into the past!


Essentially – and in the cold light of a new, Derby winless day – this match came down to two really dumb, rookie errors made by two of our more experienced players: Cedric’s shove was WAY too obvious – firstly he should know better, secondly, he should execute better… could easily have gotten away with a more surreptious nudge on another day… the fuggin’ numpty! Rob is usually calmness personified – the clean cut nice guy who tends to get away with shit-housery, all wide-eyed and innocent. How and why he allowed that slithery cunt to sucker him into a… Read more »

Stian VZ

The ref ruined the match no
doubt about that! It is the biggest fucking Derby in 10 years and a little bit of temprature is not allowed? FFS. Where was VAR in these key moments? Before the game they talked about if Arsenal was too soft, the only soft thing out there was the ref & Son.
The PL wanted this to go to the wire plain and simple

Stian VZ

None of these two offences were dangerous situations what so ever!


I’m sorry, but I was really frustrated with Arteta’s post-match interview here. I really like him, and see progress with this team — and I applaud KSE’s patience with this project. However, we have disciplinary problems on the field and blaming the ref for what was clearly ill-discipline on the part of Holding doesn’t bode well for solving our red card issues. Now Arteta shouldn’t be throwing his players under the bus, but he could say something like: “this game always brings out some fierce competition and sometimes we get a little over excited. It’s important to not let the… Read more »


Arteta should never have put Tomiyasu on left and leave Cedric and Holding on the right side to deal with Son in the first place. Tomi pocketed Son at the Emirates


I love this from Arteta, taking the focus off the players. He realizes that he got it all wrong, though. Spurs wanted us to attack and defend high. I don’t know why Mikel played into their hands like that. A draw would have been perfect for us, so why not try to grind one out at their place? Holding will clear crosses all day, but don’t ask him to stay with Son in midfield–he can’t.

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