Sunday, June 4, 2023

Ben White withdraws from England squad

Ben White has withdrawn from the England squad for their upcoming Nations League fixtures.

The centre-half has been struggling with a hamstring problem in recent weeks, and will continue his rehabilitation ‘in house’.

Gareth Southgate’s side play Hungary twice, as well as Italy and Germany in a 10 day period between June 4th and 14th.

Two other Arsenal men involved, Bukayo Saka and Aaron Ramsdale, have joined the squad today.

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Cliff Bastin

Didn’t want to play with Maguire.


Can saka also pull out to get a rest. Stupid tournament

Naked Cygan

Seriously, I really don’t get the point of these games. Surely the players deserve a break. Specially with a fking world cup in November middle of the season.


They’re just well-paid slaves on the world football plantation


Comon man. Think that comment through one more time.

A Different George

I understand why everyone (including me) thought it was stupid idea. These were friendlies disguised as a competition. And the format is–if I want to be generous–confusing. (If I don’t want to be generous, it is baffling.) But it turns out the countries, or the coaches, and certainly the players, took it fairly seriously. Some of the games at the end of the last edition (was that last summer? Is that possible?) were high-quality, seriously contested affairs. Taken seriously enough that some teams scheduled friendlies to prepare–which defeats the whole point, so I’m not saying it is a perfect idea.… Read more »


It still doesn’t change the fact that it means nothing. They might be entertaining but I’m not going to celerbrate a goal. They’re just friendlies.

A Different George

That was my point: you may think they are meaningless but the teams, coaches, and players don’t treat them as if they are friendlies. In the matches I watched, no one played as if they are training exercises. The substitutions always reflected the game situation, not “okay, let’s get some minutes for the rest of the squad.” That’s why they started having actual friendlies to prepare for these matches. To my eyes, the France v Spain final was far more competitive than a typical Euros group stage match. The players treated it like a real final, and they really wanted… Read more »


Due to the sheer number of injuries at Arsenal, and Holding’s one-match ban, White has had to play when not fit, and it showed against the barcodes. Let’s hope he can use this break to get himself back to full fitness.

Even with the squad being thin, we had 4 players who were comfortable in central defence, injured: White, Gabriel, Tierney and Tomiyasu. Even with Saliba on his way back, we could do without that happening again.

Kartik Iyer

The barcodes 😂 I assume you’re referring to Newcastle?

President Eckener

Is that Newcastle? I thought their jersey was white with green trim now?


Give the lads a rest, ffs! Such pointless matches

Emi Rates

A bollocks league/cup/whatever to satisfy the whims of the corrupt FIFA.

A Different George

Corrupt UEFA, not FIFA.

Emi Rates

Both of them as corrupt as each other but point taken, it’s UEFA’s circus, not FIFA’s.


Why can’t they just have a break from these kind of matches? This is the only time of year they get for a break and even with no other football I can’t muster any interest.



I’m an Englishman, but we need him fit for Arsenal next season.

Simple as that.

Jean Ralphio

I don’t understand how coaches warn against player wellbeing and safety yet select them to play.

cranky Colin

“Saka…..injured, on intl duty…..misses first 3 months of 22/23 season”


Don’t even say it in jest!


International matches like these are senseless. Its no wonder that player are quiting the national teams at an earlier age.
It’s not because they dun love their country anymore, but more of not having adequate rest.


I suppose you could use these games to give the younger england players a chance and rest the regulars. Kinda like a glorified u21/23 tournament

A Voice in the Noise

Wasn’t he supposed to be called “Benjamin White” from now on?


Robert Holding would have been an excellent replacement for Benjamin White while the latter recovers, but Southgate being Southgate, will never recognise this.

Peter Bentner

Let’s hope Saka tweeks a farting string this week.

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