Tuesday, May 30, 2023

Report: Arsenal and City agree fee for Gabriel Jesus

Via David Ornstein comes a report that Arsenal have agreed a fee with Man City for Gabriel Jesus.

The 25 year old has long been a target for Mikel Arteta this summer, and it appears a fee of around £45m has persuaded the Premier League champions to part with the Brazilian international.

The Gunners have been keen to add to the forward line this summer following the departures of both Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang and Alexandre Lacazette.

Jesus has scored 95 goals and provided 46 assists in 236 appearance for City, and will be looking to build on that for the duration of his time in North London.

It’s believed the deal could be officially finalised early next week.

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Funsho Patrick

Gabriel Jesus,Eddie Nketiah and Folarin balogun…. should generate intense competition in hopefully our 60-70games…now sign a partey back up!


Chuffed with Jesus. But I hate to break it to you buddy, with 4 competitions, that’s not enough depth and not enough variety for my liking.

Quincy Owusu-Abeyie

There is the kid Flores. Hope to see him in the Carrierbag at least.

It Is What It Is

Qarabag, Carabao or Bag for life? Has KT gotten into his head so?


No question. We need another. The challenge is who of some quality can you get in for a reasonable fee, assuming we don’t get too much for our outgoings.

We won’t sign another striker after Jesus.

Nketiah wouldn’t have signed a new contract to be a 3rd choice striker.

Not to forget Vieira can play as second striker.


Have you all forgotten martinelli?

Don Cazorleone


Nainsley Aitland Miles

Nope, but it’s clear Arteta prefers him on the left.

It Is What It Is


El Mintero

Eddie is a basic squad player, no more than that. Palace were the only club interested in him. Says a lot to his level of talent. Jesus could be decent as a second striker but he’s no way a “lead the line” type striker. He just doesn’t score enough. Unless we sign a proven 20-plus goals a season guy with some physical presence then I’m worried we’ll once again be short up front.

The Beast

How can you possibly know how many clubs were interested in Eddie?

Did you get it from an article with some randomly selected words in all caps & “quotes”, that dedicated more column inches to telling you about how you could make a fortune working part time from home than actual transfer news?


Scored a goal every 150 mins, had a goal contribution every 100 mins over his 5 years at City.
If he plays every game and keeps scoring at that rate he‘ll end up with 23 goals in the league.
But I’m pretty sure we bought him because he‘s not even in his prime yet and will improve over the next years as well.
No doubt he is a 20+ goals striker. Easy.

El Mintero

He’s never been a 20 goals plus in a season striker ever.


He’s also been in a City team where goal scoring comes from everywhere. So factor that in.


Factor in the fact that he played for a city team that constantly creates chances as against an arsenal team where a large chunk of the time, the striker creates opportunities himself. I’m sure those numbers of his would significantly reduce by the time he starts playing for arsenal. Nketiah is good but isn’t any thing more than a back up. I remember not long ago, many arsenal fans couldn’t wait to see his back but because of his end of season form, there’s suddenly a newfound belief. Anyway, let’s not forget, end of season stats can be deceptive….. I’m… Read more »

It Is What It Is

He’s been second fiddle to Kun, his whole City career. Think there will be more starts in his favoured position, most likely more quantifiable output too.


Oh dear.

Once again, Minty, you’re proudly displaying your pitiful ignorance.

Comedy Gold. 😜

El Mintero

Cmon gramps even you can see Eddie is no more than a no.3 striker, back-up only. Jesus is a no.2 forward and we still need a no.1 striker. Simples.


“Its time to Samba” (Had that one in the locker since the Chris Samba link)

Frog In Ze Room

Yeay! A 8 goal per season striker! But he is good at pressing right?hope he makes me wrong cause I love that team. https://www.skysports.com/amp/football/news/11095/12635174/gabriel-jesus-arsenal-in-talks-to-sign-manchester-city-striker


Look at his goals/ mins ratio. Everything else doesn’t tell you the whole picture.

A Different George

I have watched a fair number of City games. Jesus is a very good player. Great movement in attack (crucial to the way they play), very good technically, very good pace, and a good finisher. I would rather have Mo Saleh. Also Mbappe. I wouldn’t mind a nice Caribbean island all my own too.


Come on! #WelcomeJesus


Jesus is coming.

Look busy.

Ted Downum



“You said it man, nobody fucks with the Jesus”


Well, I hope the dude abides with us for some good years and rolls in some sweet strikes for us while he’s here.

Happily our Jesus looks a bit less of a sleezy lizard than his onscreen namesake.

Emi Rates

That creep can roll man.



Brady’s bunch

Now we just need a few of his disciples and we’re blessed

Nainsley Aitland Miles

Brazilian disciples; Martinelli, Gabriel, Marquinhos, Raphinha.

Does that make Edu God?



That is still a tag team between Liam Brady and Denis Bergkamp – depending on what footage you’re watching.


Remembering the great Liam Brady, happy days at our true home


If Chippy and Frank had both stayed in 1980 and 1981 – and we’d additionally signed Gordon Strachan from Aberdeen (instead of letting Utd get him) and forked out for Platini when we were linked with him, then Terry Neil would have kept his job, Charlie (Nicholas) would have scored a hatful and Everton and Liverpool would have had us on their tails much earlier than 1989. But hey Ho – that might have put the kibosh on Gorgeous George and Anfield’89 – which was worth every second of what had been a very long 18 year wait for the… Read more »

Trixie Popsicle

I still haven’t forgive Frank for leaving us.

Brady’s bunch

Amen 🙏


Nope. Tony Adams all day long!

Chuck Felsea

We already got Thomas, I guess.


There’s no doubting that.


Praise to the lord, Jesus has come.


Having played under Aterta at Man City, does this move come across as a show of faith by Jesus that Aterta can coach him to produce results in the player’s favoured forward position.

Mayor McCheese

It was all foretold many years ago by Baptista.


Me and Julio Down by the Schoolyard


I see what you did there.
And I like it!!!


” You said it man, nobody fucks with the Jesus”


I’ll take it away from you and stick it up your ass and pull the finger trigger till it goes click


Fuck you predictive text

Emi Rates

“Fuck you predictive text”

I don’t remember Jesus Quintana saying that.

Naked Cygan

We just need to sign Mohamad Salah, Victor Moss, and Harry Krishna Kane and we are lifting the Champions League!!!

Left Testicle

That’s great, but where’s the midfielder to usurp Xhaka?

Left Testicle

With all the ‘thumbs down’ votes it suggests you’re all happy to go into yet another season with Xhaka in midfield?


No, a lot of people think you’re a silly sausage for not enjoying a great signing that will have nothing to do with whether we sign a replacement for Granit Xhaka.


You had me at “silly sausage”


Rare an Eboue can call someone else a silly sausage…


True that.

Scored at the Clock End

Stop talking bollock


Go and find the right one…..


If this was an article about Tielemans signing you’d be saying where’s the striker to replace Laca, patience bud ✌️

Mayor McCheese

Typical left testicle response. All feeling. The right testicle is the rational side of the scrotum.


11 out of 10 on the Laugh’o’meter there Mayor



Nainsley Aitland Miles

Right testicle says settle down it’s still only the 25th of June.


That’s a pretty reasonable fee for a striker in the current market, let alone one with premier league experience!

Malcolm Alden

and only 25!!

Mayor McCheese

It’s a really good fee. Prem ready, Brazilian international, about to hit his prime, ready to be the main man. Great bit of business from Edu et al.

El Mintero

I hope you’re right but he hasn’t exactly been banging them in for the best team in the league…

Nainsley Aitland Miles

There’s something psychologically exciting about signing a Brazilian striker.

Giuseppe Hovno

Wup wup


Yes. Please. I’m not even religious but I welcome Jesus to Arsenal. This is it boys!

Man Manny

Well, time to believe in Jesus.


Gives a different meaning to the Acronym WWJD.

Hopefully the answer always is: put it in the back of the net


Nobody saw that coming! Welcome to the Arsenal, our 3rd Brazilian Gabriel.


Man City = feeder club




I would happily take Haaland next year.

Nainsley Aitland Miles

Mertesacker should ask Guardiola to be the U23 coach this season.

Bob the gunner

We will be signing Haaland in season 28/29.


Now let’s buy Osimen or Tammy and Raphinia

Nainsley Aitland Miles

Oshimen or Tammy is not gonna happen. Nketiah wouldn’t have signed to be 3rd choice striker.


We have been waiting for this exact type of dribbly, pacey, technical finisher.


This is great news. I’m well pleased, Jesus is going to be our number 9 for years, he is so going to want to impress from season start to get himself firmly placed for World Cup.
This could be an amazing window if Lisamdro Martinez & Tielemans deals are still on. If reports are true and we are playing hardball with Leicester and waiting to end of window to get our man.
I’m determined not to invest much into this Raphinia link, I’m so dubious that is agent pumping value up.


Edu you little ripper!!

Ex-Priest Tobin

He could be great but he could be Willian the 2nd as well. Let’s see.


Have faith mate.

No wonder you’re an ex priest.

Mad Mick Madison

Willian and Jesus are miles apart in age for a start!

It Is What It Is

Weight more like. William looked like he was carrying the baby Jesus.

On a side note, imagine one on one training. Jesus beating Mari repeatedly. I’ll grab me shawl.

Brady’s bunch

You didn’t get enough thumbs up for that one 😂

John G

He’s class. Should fit in nicely with the team. Didn’t realize he was still so young as well. We are making some waves!


Anyone got that horrible feeling he’ll break his leg half way through the season? I’ve just got memories of Eduardo and so many good words about us needing a finisher… seems too good to be true, we finish our squad puzzle and then get our piece gets crippled!

Jeremy DG

No! I mean wtf man? I mean…he could, just like anyone theoretically could…but no! How does your brain go there? It’s like when we got a puppy all cute and happy and my wife goes ‘you know he’s probably only going to live for 12 years’ WTF


He is a good choice. Has premier league experience. But he’s is short. We need another striker taller than 6ft. We need a better playmaker than Odegaard

A Different George

I guess that means Ozil or Modric or–if Pep is really feeling generous–De Bruyne. Cause there aren’t too many who are better playmakers than Odegaard–something that will become even more apparent with runs from Gabriel Jesus creating space for himself, Saka, and Maritnelli / Smith Rowe.

Public Elneny Number One

3 Gabis at the Arsenal…
Gabi, Gabi, Gabi, Oi, Oi, Oi


Welcome, Jesus!
The summer is getting hot.

Brady’s bunch

Hopefully he doesn’t disappear around Easter just when we need him.


Don’t worry. There’ll be a second coming.

Forrest Moore

WHAT!?! Where did this come from…

Nainsley Aitland Miles

Mary and Joseph.


Wrong again sunshine.

It was Mary and The Holy Spirit.


Saint Footy

Was an immaculate conception


This is going to seriously strengthen our attack. If you were a central defender would you want to have to deal with Jesus, Saka, Ode, Gabi M, ESR, Vieira, dribbling through your lines and pinging the ball with quick one touches ? I think not! Gonna be fun to watch!


The vaunted 4-6 formation…


Hah! Exactly! They will never expect it.

Merlin's Panini

we have two Gabi Ms


Well pedanted Merlin. I’m going with Marti as my new nickname for the winger. Will that work?

Man Manny

Within this same report, Sky Sports says Arsenal is going back in with an improved bit for Raphina!
I must say the Kroenkes are finally coming to the party; this now ramps up pressure on Arteta; a trophy and top 4 finish is now a minimum for next season.
Meanwhile, Arsenal has metaphors from a “French” team to a “Brazilian” one.
Last year, it was a Konga Partey, and it almost delivered top 4. This time, we’ve added some Samba; the Konga-Samba Partey should bring in the goodies.
My prediction: no more 12 points for City and Liverpool!


A trophy and top 4 minimum? Couple of signings and things go mental! Second place and lose the Europa final is sackable?

In all seriousness though I hope this one comes through, I’ve always really liked Gabriel Jesus and he does seem a great fit for us!


Last season was a sambi lokonga Thomas partey. This season it’s a sambi lokonga sambi lokonga Thomas partey?

Even two sambi lokongas wouldn’t really strengthen our cm position mate.


What finally? We have spent big in recent seasons, not counting paying off players’ contracts.

Man Manny

One greater than Abraham is here.




Before Abraham, he was.


And bitter as herbs did the Spuds become and Kane and his Son were cast out into the trophyless wilderness of false prophets and false hope. And the Lord said “Behold, see what qualifying for the European Champions League hath done to thine chances of pleasing me. Thou art shit and thou wilt always be shit. This is my only begotten son in whom I am well pleased. He shalt wear the red and the white and his number shall be 9. He shall reign over the late tackle and the club of foot and the foolishness and wickedness of… Read more »

Jeremy DG


Chuck Felsea

Bloody brilliant.

It Is What It Is

Aaaaaaaaaaahh- Meeeeen

Every time his goals get announced.




holy fucking shit you deserve all the stars my friend


Good signing. But I have a feeling he won’t be the most impactful. As in I believe we have another ace in the hole coming in who will transform us.

If anyone could be arsed I’d say come back to this comment in 12 months time.
3 gabigols in the team can’t be bad though!

Nainsley Aitland Miles

Well yes the other aces in the holes would be Vieira and possibly Raphinha.


I actually think Martinez will be more of an influence in our form than jesus


Third Gabriel secured, 8 left to go.

Nainsley Aitland Miles

What’s Gabriel Batistuta doing these days.


Ring him up ASAP


What great news, obviously until it is announced by Arsenal will worry that something will happen, but if this does happen (every indication is it will) what a great signing.


We need some divine intervention, welcome the messiah


He’s not the messiah; he’s a very naughty boy.


good signing considering we dont have CL football. Im not convinced by Arteta but we seemed to be linked to the right type if signings so i would love to be proven wrong! exciting times for arsenal fans!


He always needed another summer window to get the squad he wants. Hes got us from 8th to 5th in one season and i think with the signings we have and the ones we are hopefully going to get we will be back in champions league places. I was a bit dubious about edu at first, he seemed a bit slimy and not have the clubs best interest at heart, but he is winning me over with the way he is handling transfers now. Cant wait for the new season, COYG!


the only argument against edu now is his penchant for getting Brazilians in.
can he do it with other nations?
that said brexit also plays a part, it’s easier to sign South American’s than it used to be.

Arteta-tinted Glasses

This is sooo good!!


I don’t recognise this club, buying good quality players early in the window so they are truly part of the squad by the opening weekend. It’s different and I like it.

At £45m, I suppose we just funded City’s purchase of Kalvin Phillips from Leeds.


We’ve pretty much gone “Cheers for Jesus, have Kalvin Phillips on us”


Is kalvin that good? Can’t say I was ever that impressed by him. I take it he’s back up for Rodri?


His nowhere near a £45m player, that’s inflated by “England International” on his CV but we shouldn’t be surprised, City did spend £100m on Grealish & his probably only worth a quarter of that. Leeds did miss Kalvin when he was out injured but how much of that was down to Bielsa’s refusal to change his tactics & instead replace him with Koch or Struijk & how much of that is down to how good Kalvin actually is, is up for debate


Pep is going through his Francis Jeffers, Richard Wright phase:).. this is why we have to get saka signed up. It would break my heart if he left but the final nail in the coffin would be if he went for less than grealish fee because we got backed into a corner.


Franny Jeffers *shudders* cheers for that flashback Shano 🤣. £100m is the cost of Saka’s left leg alone!


..and that doesn’t include his sock or boot either!

A Different George

Well, with Fernandinho leaving, Guardiola was left with only Rodri to play that role. And Gundogan. And, if needed, Stones, or Bernardo Silva, or Cancelo could do that job. I probably forgot someone.


Seen a lot of people saying he’ll be Rodri’s back up so you’d assume that then maybe they sell Gundogan in Jan/next summer & that’s when he starts getting more game time

Nainsley Aitland Miles

Now Leeds have £45m to buy Pepe.

So we end up with the Jesus £45m fee back in our own pocket.


I’ve been saying we should offer Pepe as part of the Raphinha deal & only partly in jest

Bob Holdy

Let’s gooooooooollll

Cyprus The Immortal Gooner

Was Chelsea and the other s**t team really interested with their current striker choices??

John HanCock

I believe you are referring to the cock precariously balanced on a volleyball? And they wonder why they fall flat on their faces with such regularity


Apparently as soon as Patrici rang his agent & asked if he wanted to play second fiddle to somebody that slips over his own saliva, they laughed in his face. It’s also Spurs being Spurs “Oh who do Arsenal want? Jesus? Raphinha? Spence? Declare an interest in them all”


Never a truer observation it’s actually really lame, how they always suddenly chase whoever were linked with.

Small club syndrome…


Just look at Emerson, Aurier & they even signed a Gilberto cause we had one! Levy is currently trying to lowball Boro over Spence, he probably is worth about Spurs’ value rather then the £20m Boro want but keep using our name to get your price Boro, especially off that lot & when we dropped our interest the moment we found out he’d fail Mikel’s “No dickheads” policy


And, even more pathetically, how the media gladly and eagerly spout any old bollocks that favours Spurs and looks to bring us down.

I believe the name for the collective is A Bunch Of Cunts.


I saw a piece calling them “CONTEnders” yesterday. Contenders for what? Free agents in their mid 30’s they can offer £150k a week too because nobody else was interested?


Panto season never ends with Spurs and the football media around.

The gift that keeps on giving.

We are going to smash the shit out of them this season and I cannot wait. 😊👍🍺🍺

The Far Post

Or it could be click-bait journo, my skeptical side speaks.


“Slips over his own saliva…”




So much ECL qualification 😂

I’m joking, I’m joking….


The Angel Gabriel


👏 👏

They’re shooty and they’re scorey,
Can dribble round your goalie,
They’re all together deadly,
The Gabi Family

Don Cazorleone

Can already hear Alan Davies singing this repeatedly on the Tuesday club


Looking forward to what might happen with the Emirates’ water supply.

Laca New Bendtner

He walks on water and changes water into wine


Hopefully he can turn the never ending amount of Cedric crosses into goals as well, I mean he does love a cross after all


To be fair, I’m not sure Jesus “loved” his time on the cross. It seems like it may have been a quite unpleasant experience.


When you also factor in that he was also (reportedly) taking punishment for the entire sins of mankind before, since and to come – plus (actually) being just another nuisance that the Romans wanted out of the way ASAP – you’ve got to admit that for a 33 year old guy with his whole life in front of him, that was the ultimate in ‘taking one for the team’ – whether you believe it to be true or not.


Hold my hands up, could’ve worded my reply better. Apologies to anybody I’ve offended


I’m waiting to see how he feeds 60,001 with something to feast the eyes on…

It Is What It Is

He knows where the net is, don’t worry about that. Pressed down, and running over, you’ll see.


I see a lot of wine tasters supporting Arsenal next season.


Five foot nine / he’s divine / changes water into wine.

Jesus is Lord

Salvation is come. All hail Jesus 🙏


The most underwhelming transfer in my fairly long time as gooner but I trust the process so I hope it works out.
Don’t ask me why, let’s just cherr on the lad


Mate, make some coffee, smell it and then watch this: https://youtu.be/oFNhc-9ukOY If you call that kind of finishing ‘underwhelming’ then you really don’t get it. I can think of literally three figure signings considerably more underwhelming than this one, that Arsenal have made in the past fifty one years of my supporting them. Laca for starters…Willian for another… Mustafi for another….Cedric for another…..Tavares for another……the list goes on and on and on. As you say, let’s cheer the lad on, make him feel welcome and get behind him. He really could be the difference between top four and thinking about… Read more »


Really? Out of the likes of Silvestre, Liechsteiner, Dennis Suarez, Lucas Perez, Park Chu Young etc etc, then the current Brazilian first choice number 9 is the most underwhelming signing of your time as a gooner?! Bloody hell. When you say your “fairly long time as a gooner”, have you been supporting them for the last 48 hours? Are you genuinely more excited by our new number 2 goalkeeper than by Gabriel Jesus? Nothing against Matt Turner there, of course.

Honestly, some people are hard to please.


Top post, well said.



Look I am not doubting his pedigree nor am I saying he’s not good enough for us. I understand the excitement about this signing but this is a personal disappointment. I was hoping for someone bigger as a new signing in that position and even Messi would have underwhelmed me as our new 9. Well that’s just a personal disappointment like how Blogs hated it when we had a short goalkeeper in Ospina. No matter how many saves he made Blogs here couldn’t get over the fact he had no neck 🤣 Oh and on that list of trash sightings,… Read more »