Tuesday, September 26, 2023

Agent: Torreira has agreed to join Valencia

Lucas Torreira may have been included in Arsenal’s 33-man squad for the tour of the US but his agent says the player has already agreed to join Valencia.

The Uruguay international had wanted to sign for Fiorentina after a successful year on loan with the Italian club but they reneged on the terms of a buyout clause when push came to shove.

Representative Pablo Bentancur has been busy trying to source other options in recent weeks and it seems Gennaro Gattuso, a long-term admirer of the midfielder, could make the Uruguayan one of his first signings at the Mestalla.

The former Italy international tried to sign Torreira for Napoli in 2019 during his short-lived spell in charge.

“We have a pre-agreement with Gattuso for Torreira to play in Valencia,” Bentancur told Uruguayan radio station Sport 890.

“Today there is an important meeting on this issue. Arsenal coach Arteta wants to have him in the pre-season.

“He had great numbers with Arsenal but we have a pre-agreement with Valencia.”

That’s not our translation and we’ve no idea what ‘great numbers’ means but still, it sounds like positive news for Lucas.

Presumably, if an agreement is reached between the two clubs, we’ll allow him to leave the States to complete a move.

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Johnny 4 Hats

Perfect Gattuso signing – Sometimes good, sometimes shit.

Johnny 4 Hats

Sorry, sorry, sorry. I’ve misquoted the poet laureate of Italy.

“Sometimes maybe good, sometimes maybe shit”.

And, to be fair, that’s harsh on Lucas. Best of luck son.

We’ll always have Tottenham ’18.

Tankard Gooner

Sometimes he scored against good opposition, sometimes against shit.


Lovely stuff J4H.

Here’s some prose discovered on an parchment by John Aubrey. He found it in an old chest by the Thames, near the Globe. No date, but thought to have been late 16th century.

“Verily, thou art fair, two blue eyes and golden hair and verily, very verily, other good points elsewhere.
Tottenham are shit.”

William Shakespeare.


Sad it never worked out for him – I was pretty excited when he joined. Best of luck to him.

El Mintero

He was never built for the premier league. Too small, physically inadequate and routinely ran out of gas during important games. Will not be missed.


Stamina maybe but small built causing physical disadvantage absolutely not..watch Kante


Kante is also a small player but he he’s been amazing in PL


He is not gone yet. With him, you should hold on with farewells a wee bit.

Guns Up

Great news, assuming we’re getting more than a stick of gum in return. I won’t hold my breath on that part.

Johnny 4 Hats

But at least your breath will be minty fresh.

Dr Zebra

Unless the gum has already been chewed up!




I bet Arteta and Edu are sitting in a corner right now blowing bubbles with their gum

Mayor McCheese

Maybe it’s Big Red, though, and we can say goodbye a little longer. Longer with Big Red.


Valencia is not really known for spending money on transfers. I will be surprised if we get any decent money out of them.

Tanned arse

I’d be surprised if they’re interested at all. More likely his agent is trying to kick Fiorentina into gear rather than try to bluff us that they aren’t prepared to pay €15m.

Kevin Albone

I imagine Arteta is not letting him go just yet.


Sounds like one more problem resolved. Arteta has had more than his fair share to deal with. I see Ozil has left Fenerbache.

Man Manny

No; “Ozil has left Fenerbahce” has a nice ring to it. “Ozil has been tossed aside like a sweet wrap by Fenerbahce,” is more like it.
As at his last interview about two weeks ago, he was still talking fondly about “His boyhood club” and his desire to keep wearing their colours with pride.
The club’s response was to rip his contract, with two years left, “by mutual consent.”


I guess great numbers equates to a fucking massive salary?


Now watch Valencia bid a signed John Carew shirt and ten pounds to be paid over the next twelve years

Man Manny

What are we getting in return?
That would be great, but I am not holding my breath.


I hear it’s a suitcase full of old 1,000 peseta notes…


You missed that we have to send the suitcase back…

Funsho Patrick

More money for the transfer pot… Tottenham Hotspur has finished their business, Chelsea done with sterling and koulibaly….sign partey’s back up!

djourou's nutmeg

he said “great numbers” as in
lucas’ stats being good. he also mentioned that both clubs are planning a meeting, that arsenal aren’t desperate to let him go, and he confirmed interest by roma. i wouldn’t mind giving you a hand with spanish or portuguese translations if you ever need it.

Rising Dough

Correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t a pre-agreement strictly between the player and the new club? Now the real negotiations begin. Anything more than 7-8m euros is a partial win for Arsenal. Anything approaching 15m, the original “agreed upon” price from Fiorentina would be great.


Just shut up and find a club that wants to pay for the whiney little shit, this is boring now.


I’m just waiting for his Dad to get involved.


Agree minus the names


If it’s only €5m, we’d get better value keeping him for another season.
If I was Lucas I’d sack the agent.

El Mintero

Why? He’s shit and won’t make the team.


So he wouldn’t make any of our lineups, for any game, considering we have four competitions to compete in?

Cliff Bastin

That’s the saddest smile.


when he finally gets his move he’s going to keep talking about us to the press, isn’t he

Brady’s bunch

I would imagine there will be a non disclosure agreement as always

Walking Wounded

I believe we are in the transfer phase where we need to let players like Torreira go, before we sign the replacement. We can’t afford to sign someone like Tielemans and then get saddled with an unsold Torreira bloating the squad.



Get the new boys in and and sell the dead wood at the same time or – if circumstances dictate – afterwards.

Why on earth would you offload players before you’ve replaced them…?

Our lack of forwards and decent fullbacks cost us top four last season – do you honestly want holes in the squad again….?!!


Would not be surprised to see him go on strike during an actual game. We should have put him with the U21s.


Arlo: Looks like Torreira is set to come on. We’re hearing it’s Lokonga who’s coming off.

Graeme: What’s that he’s holding? Looks like a picket sign.


Nice one!

With our luck he’d then get red carded for braining a Spud with said sign.


Would be great to see some of the youngers guys like Patino flying out to the States to replace departing tour players.


I like the lad, but as sagas go, this one really is past it’s sell by date – see what I did there. A great start to the transfer window, but things do seem to have ground to a halt lately. One can only hope that plenty is going on behind the scenes, because – and I hate to moan – we still don’t have any decent cover for Tierney and Tommi, Tielemans must be wondering if it’s his aftershave or just the fact that he’s not Brazilian that’s offended Edu and, at this rate, if the ladies team have… Read more »


That’s a good one. New Arsenal Women signings coming in: Lucy Torreira, Pamela Mari, and Reese Nelson.


Good luck to him.
I always felt a bit of sympathy for him. Emery tried playing him out of position which destroyed his confidence.
I never understood that. If his natural position was DM which try to convert him to an attacking midfielder?
It was a shame that Arteta never gave him a chance – he might well have formed an excellent partnership with Partey..

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