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Agent: Torreira to be included in Arsenal squad for US tour

Lucas Torreira is set to be part of the Arsenal squad that heads to the USA for upcoming friendlies with Everton, Orlando City and Chelsea.

While the Uruguay international has made it clear that he has no expectations of staying at the Emirates for the upcoming season, his agent has revealed that the Gunners are bringing him back into the fold after being absent from pre-season preparations so far.

Torreira had been hoping to sign a permanent deal with Fiorentina only for the Serie A outfit to scupper a deal by trying to haggle on a buyout fee that had been agreed when he joined them on loan last summer.

There have also been rumours of interest from Lazio, Napoli and Juventus but so far, no concrete offers have been tabled.

Quizzed about the links with the Old Lady, Torreira’s representative Pablo Bentancur said:

“Lucas to Juventus? In fact, he would like to stay and play in Italy. But today, Arsenal has called him up for the tour they will do in America, so he seems to be part of the programme.”

Torreira has one year left on his contract and most likely won’t want to be stuck in limbo when the season starts given there’s a World Cup on the horizon. He hasn’t played a competitive match for the Gunners in two years.

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I was convinced that Torreira was the one signing that Mislentat got right, especially after that NLD goal. I don’t know if we have a space for him now that we extended Elneny and need a Partey/Xhaka alternative. He’s definitely not that. Tielemans is of a superior technical quality.

Mayor McCheese

You know, I’m an Arsenal Vision man through and through, but Elliot’s Torreira song after that NLD game was one of the most cringe-worthy things I’ve ever heard. He must never sing. Never.

Mark Hazelwood

Perhaps an opportunity is opening up for him. He could do a job for us, and pasta and pizza is available in London.


Perhaps an opportunity is opening up for him.”
Are you talking about that thing we’re not allowed / shouldn’t talk about?

Spanish Gooner

If you look at our transfer rumours before and after that thing that can’t be mentioned it looks like a significant re-allocation of funds has taken place, so sadly there may be something behind it. 2 weeks ago it looked like we had prioritised two first-XI signings: 1) top-quality left back, 2) attacking wide player. We then looked happy to wait until the end of the window and see if we could pick up Tielemans for cheap. Now, we look like we’ve backed off Martinez and Raphinha with either cheaper or no alternatives, while we’ve made a £45m bid for… Read more »


Probably just a shop window exercise but tbh Lokonga stuggles as a 6. I’d be more comfortable with Torreira there.

Chipper 49

Well it’s pretty simple,if we can’t sell him we make use of him. He may not want to be here but he’s a professional with a job to do.

Teryima Adi



Not ideal for him, but We pay his wages, so…


His agent needs to remember that because those comments come across as stroppy & that they didn’t expect him to go. Somebody pays us what we want then I’m sure we’ll happily wave him off

Chuck Felsea

Exactly. He’s like “Wow, even Juve are interested. But strangely Arsenal are taking him on the tour.”
Newsflash, Pablo my man. Instead of drooling about the interest, tell your pals at Juve to make a respectable offer. I bet he can be in Italy very quickly then. We don’t need anybody who doesn’t want to be here, but I damn hope, that we have the nerve to let those who don’t want to be here sit a year out in the stands if we don’t get what we deserve. We are not a charity.


Lucas & his agent could learn a thing or two from Bernd, he may have been disgruntled about losing his place but I don’t recall him or his agent bad mouthing the club in interviews, we seem to hear from Camp Torreira every 10 days


from the reviews he has had in Italy he has been a steady campaigner with lots of accolades, is he a better player now ? or does the style and speed of the game suit him there ? And will his style fit into Arteta’s vision of play ? this tour may provide answers to both parties but what wont change is the worrying one year left on his contract along with so many others at the club we are looking like basement bargains rather then a sustainable business model


I still think he has something to offer. As with many South American players to have come to the PL I think he just can’t adjust to living in the UK. Maybe with the Brazilian contingent he can settle and contribute (before any smart arses say it’s a different language, I know it is).


The makeup of the club was far different when Torriera left for Fiorentina– both in culture and international makeup– with a more decidedly mix of French internationals dominating seniority.

Maybe, on this tour, being back in the fold– he sees a different side of the team.

Yellow Ribbon

“I definitely don’t see myself at Arsenal. I want to go”🥹🥹🥹🥹🥹🥹🥹🥹🥹
What happened Mr. Agent? Couldn’t find your client a new club is it?


His not very good at his job then is he?


If he is part of the pre-season tour, it’s only his gobby agent that’s come up with this, he needs to shut up, stop whining and get his head down. He’s become a really irritating “poor me, it’s everybody else’s fault” pain in the arse.


Still a better option at the moment than Lokonga.

I would have no problem at all with him as additional cover for Partey, Xhaka and, if we (eventually) sign him, Tielemans.

But he has to be used properly. The guy is a deep lying defensive ball-winning midfielder, NOT the AM that Dracula tried turning him into – against the player’s wishes too, I might add.

Peter Cechs helmet

His stroppy little elfin is really starting to annoy me. He gets paid a shit load of money and thinks he’s someone special.
When the football is over buddy your going to come down to earth with a face plant.

Fireman Sam

“Stroppy little elfin” – classic!


He keeps saying that he wasn’t wanted at Arsenal, I think most fans were quite happy with him and willing to give him more time to settle. What was said behind the scenes has clearly changed. Maybe with this new set-up he can settle in and hopefully prove to be a more reliable replacement for Partey – who was as error prone as he was injury prone. I don’t remember Torreira giving the ball away that much (I might be wrong). I’m crossing my fingers for him, I think he’s got something and his midfield rivals in our squad have… Read more »


He was always being bullied off the ball, he isn’t good enough and needs to shut up and move on. Fuck Fiorentina, I thought we’d got rid, now he’s back to whining, the more he and his useless agent whine the less anyone will want him, I think they’re trying to get his contract cancelled.


Meanwhile you’ve got Hector apparently saying he doesn’t want his contract cancelled so he can join Betis & he’ll happily stay for the final year & help the club if he has to because he only wants the best for us


He can’t just move on if nobody wants him. We’ve recalled him. We’re not going to give him away free. Is he really so much worse than Lokonga and Xhaka at DM? Would you cancel the contract – we don’t want him bringing a negative attitude to what seems a solid group now (mentally, I mean – we seem to have cut the drama out).


I know he’s quite popular – his style of play is quite appealing, but it is getting old now. There are few people, anywhere in the world, in any walk of life, that have such a ‘win-win’ situation in front of them. Either he gets his transfer this summer (win), or he gets it next summer, when he’ll get a bigger contract because he’s a free agent (win). There’ll be clubs lining up to sign him next year on a free. He’s in an incredibly fortunate and privileged position – a very, very lucky individual. In the meantime, it would… Read more »


Breaking news: Employer demands that employee return to the office and actually work..


Yeah, it’s almost like they’re paying him or something…..

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