Wednesday, December 6, 2023

Arsenal release black away kit for 22/23 season

Arsenal’s black away kit for the 2022/23 season is now available to buy online and in-store at Arsenal and adidas outlets.

The club hadn’t had a black shirt until 2015 when Puma produced a ghastly effort. They did slightly better two years later when they reintroduced the colour with a pink trim.

The latest effort by adidas, featuring a gold bronze cannon badge and gold bronze sponsors looks smart. It also features an AFC pattern, seemingly based on the large concrete letters that spell out ARSENAL near the Danny Fiszman Bridge outside Emirates Stadium.

The fan replicas for men and women will set you back £70, the long-sleeve is £75 and the authentic version is £100.

Prior to the start of the season, the Gunners will also launch a pink third kit.

2022/23 Men’s replica away kit
2022/23 Women’s replica away kit
2022/23 Men’s long-sleeve replica away kit
2022/23 Men’s away kit shorts
2022/23 away kit socks

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I like it, but at the same time not sure how easy it’ll be to spot a teammate bus peripheral vision. If not mistaken Man U had similar problems with their grey? Kit.


Black is more striking to the naked eye than grey. Think of any shadow or silhouette.

We’ll be ok. 😉👍


Looks smart indeed. Adidas is the GOAT of kit manufacturers, IMO. What do other think?


Bit dull with the grey stripes and plain socks and shorts for my money. Should have livened it up a bit.

We’re going to look like a bunch of 90’s referees running about the place.

Speaking of which, 70 sheets for a shirt is ripping the arse out of it

Merlin’s Panini

Definitely is a piss take. I stopped buying them when they started topping £40. I still wear my 2010-11 shirt which IMO was the best we’d had in a long time. The first two Adidas home ones were good too though.


The fact that there’s an option for an “authentic” for double the price is insanity. That higher quality nylon and stitching really is something!

Emi Rates

Adidas gear looks the business in general. I’m 50 and it’s still makes up the majority of my wardrobe. Too late for me to grow up by now.

I had high hopes when Puma came is as our sponsor but I think everything they did looked shit.

Chuck Felsea

“I had high hopes when Puma came is as our sponsor but I think everything they did looked shit.”

I couldn’t agree more.


Going off their designs since we jumped ship, we left at the right time


I think we should give Under Armour a go, I always like their golf gear (now they don’t do Spuds kit anyway)

Anders Limpar


Emi Rates

I’m obviously biased but I can’t see that logo and not think of Spuds. That brand is forever tainted to me.


I like it, but at the same time not sure how easy it’ll be to spot a teammate via peripheral vision. If not mistaken Man U had similar problems with their grey? Kit.


Man U’s problem was no peripheral talent– not vision.

A Different George

It’s a semi-apocryphal story that is really a tribute to Ferguson’s man management skills–he convinced the players that their first half had been shit because of the shirt, had them change at half time, and they won. Maybe.


It is indeed a lasting tribute to old red nose’s man management skills.
They lost 3-1.


One of the nicest kits i’ve seen in recent times.
If the grey/gold stripes and & log’s were in red, that would have been epic.


Nah. That would have been way too United for my liking.

Anyway, gold is an Arsenal colour. Our traditional yellow shirt was originally gold in the 30’s, 40’s and 50’s.


Looks great but I’m sure there have been studies which show that teams who wear red and black concede more fouls and cards as there is an unconscious bias of aggression in referees minds for those colours. What could go wrong


“Sauce” of the study


Loving it!


After the “no more red” desaster i am 100% for a more white

Love the kit


*no more white

Chuck Felsea

Not sure what black has to do with Arsenal, but the shirt is looking good, I must admit.

May I ask what the difference between “fan replica” and “authentic version” is? Sorry if that is a stupid question. Is there a difference in material? Or the badges?


The authentic version is a closer fit to the body and designed as such for athletes – not 20 stone dudes tucking into burger number four.


😃 haven’t had an authentic shirt for quite some time


I accidentally bought an authentic version a few years ago.

The fan version is cut for Joe Bloggs whereas the authentic version is the same cut as the players wear.

I didn’t notice any real significant differences other than that if I’m honest.

Chuck Felsea

Thanks mate, didn’t know that.
30 quid more for the authentic version seems to be a real ripoff in that case.

Another interesting question will be if you actually see those nice patterns from a bit of a distance or if it just looks like a simple black shirt in case you look at it from 10 meters away. I might wanna see that thing in real in a retail store instead of ordering it online.


Badges and adidas stripes are applied via “heat press” on the authentic instead of sewn on. Material is different. Cut is slightly different too, if you look at the bottom of the authentic v. Replica on arsenal direct or Historically authentic is a slimmer cut than replica but not sure if that applies to adidas any more for the past few years.

You’re fond of my lobster

Different material, textured vinyl badge and adidas logo, different cut around the bottom of the shirt… they are very nice and feel great, but it’s debatable whether they’re £30 nicer than the replica model


The cut is far better with the authentic shirt and the material is different, it’s not sweaty. I only get a shirt once every three or four years and always get the authentic one, it’s so much nicer.

Chuck Felsea

Thanks for all your info guys. Seems my shirts from the last years were fan replicas then, judging from the heat press of the badge. I always order online from the official store or get them as a bday present and just thought that they generally stopped doing the sewn badge thingy as I was used to from my older shirts starting from the mid nineties. Didn’t even realize that there were different versions. As I am not UK based and we are not international cream of the crop anymore it has unfortunately become a rarity to see our shirts… Read more »


Not to worry my friend.

Once we hit top four again and start flexing our title credentials, I daresay the shirts will become much more freely available again due to international retail demand.

Here’s hoping. 😊🍺🍺


Am I the only one who thinks the Afc design part looks like it was taken from a school desk?


Google MC Escher


Anyone else think the Emirates logo is getting bigger?


The Batman Kit


The black panther kit


“Holy Jesus goals, Batman!”




LOVE it! I won a competition so am getting the home shirt sent to me, so I will get the away shirt as it looks so damn good!


I genuinely like it. Sharp but modest and all-black makes it an actually functional away choice when red and white will clash with the home side


I noticed the past few seasons that all black kits have tended to bang if done properly. This one must’ve worked cause I ordered it from .com within 20 minutes of it dropping

Thierry Bergkamp (non negotiable)

It’s a nice kit. Will be my first Arsenal merchandise since 2015


I’m actually really look forward to the 3rd kit. I’m not a big pink bloke & I’m sure it’ll upset a considerable amount of the fan base who think we should be about tradition, but it could be one of the drops of the season if it’s as classily done as it looks. Agreed with my sister after getting her a Beth Mead 3rd shirt last season that I’d show my support to the womens side this season so gotta get Miedema 11 on the back of the 3rd when it’s released


Saka, Party, and Pepe would look like Noob saibot in this kit


For Karma’s sake. I like it yellow

Diaby's Left Peg

Nice kit, but £70 for a shirt made let’s say ‘industrially’ is so much it still won’t tempt me to advertise Emirates.

Dave Cee

100 quid, can suck my ass

Morrisey Fan #1

interesting business model!

Diaby's Left Peg

Probably a successful one too…


£70 for a replica shirt that’s not even the 1st or 2nd kit – madness. Having said that I do like this kit but do I £70 like it? Definitely not, it’ll be one I’ll look out for in the Sports Direct sales in 6 months or so.


Dammit Adidas, I haven’t bought a kit in years and now I’m parting with dollar every season. This is lit 🔥

Martin Jelly

I’d pay more not to have ‘Emirates Fly Better’ plastered across the front.

Diaby's Left Peg

I’m sure the internet can help with that one…


It bothers me that the repeating AFC pattern doesn’t appear to be centred on every shirt. Just randomly placed, meaning every shirt is ‘different’

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