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Arteta provides injury updates after experimenting with defence

Mikel Arteta says Takehiro Tomiyasu should return to full training next week but new recruit Fabio Vieira remains sidelined for the time being.

Due to a muscular niggle, Tomiyasu hasn’t featured in any of Arsenal’s pre-season friendlies so far. Given the right-back also missed much of the second half of last season with calf problems it’s certainly a concern heading into the 22/23 campaign.

In last night’s 4-0 win over Chelsea, Ben White deputised ahead of Cedric Soares.

“Tomi is really close to start doing some training sessions,” Arteta said in Florida.

“Hopefully next week and Fabio probably a little bit longer.

“I think he needs another week or so before he starts with the team but he’s been working hard and he’s been really unlucky to start his Arsenal career in this way but again he’s fitting in well.”

Vieira signed for the Gunners in June and was pictured soon after in a protective boot. He sustained a foot injury playing for his country’s under-21s earlier in the summer and it appears we’re playing things cautiously.

As things stand, you’d imagine he won’t be in contention for the first game of the season at Crystal Palace on 5 August.

Kieran Tierney’s fitness continues to be a worry. The Scot hasn’t played any pre-season minutes since a 30-minute cameo against Nurnberg at the start of the month. In his absence, new signing Oleksandr Zinchenko made his debut.

“He was desperate to play and I knew that,” said Arteta of the Ukrainian.

“It was a maximum 45 minutes but you could see straight away he was comfortable. He understands everything that I want, he understands the process and I thought he had a really good game.””

He added: “At the moment Tierney and Tomiyasu are not fit, we have other options, but I think it was good to try different things, to build some relationships in big matches, and I’m happy with the way they played.”

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What about ESR?


It’s all about the squad now. 😉


I think we have the 3rd best first team in the Premier league now. 3rd best squad is more of a stretch but not ridiculous. top 4 is a must for me


The season hasn’t started yet so you’re setting yourself up for a big 1 pal.😅


I feel like we are getting to the stage of we are better cutting our losses with KT possibly. Injured again in pre season, no full pre season under his belt means he will be struggling for fitness all season, which leads to more injuries in his case.

I love him to bits but he simply can’t be relied upon. He played far too many minuted for celtic in his youth and his path seems identical to wilsheres and we seen how that one played out.


Least he will get end of Nov and Dec off. Probably only good thing about a World Cup in Qatar.
Particularly as Scotland get battered everywhere they go


Just like the 0-0 battering they got from England last time round.


The trouble is that if a Scotland XI have to play a ‘friendly’ against Rod Stewart’s Essex Mansion Extension Builder’s XI, Chez Rod, then that utter Chelsea brain spiller, Steve Clarke, will have KT’s name first on the team sheet.


If ever there was a good time to be injured, it’s during preseason where they can get it out of the way. I don’t think we should write him off because of growing frustrations, Zinchenko is here so with less pressure on his shoulders maybe he can focus more on his fitness and not run into the ground from our reliance on him.


I’d argue its the worst time to get injured. Preseason fitness sets you up for your whole season. It allows you to get match fit without having to risk it in a competitive game.


Doesn’t apply to what I said, would you rather that IF a player was injured that it was during preseason or a season where every game counts and we need them?

Man Manny

Thomas Partey hardly got his out of the Way last season.


Partey was injured from a preseason friendly, what is your point here anyway?


Really sad that we have an incredible RB and LB and you can’t rely on either of them to be fit. They’re both world beaters but I’d be surprised if either of them does more than half a season.


With Zinch and Tavares to deputise, Tierney can have the time he needs to get fit and not be rushed back. Build his fitness playing Europa and Caraboa.

Also, many of Wilsheres injuries were impact/ kicks.

With Scotland not at the WC he’ll get a mid season break. I wouldn’t be ready to give up on a player like KT just yet.


I’m not sure if it has anything to do with the way he plays rather than how susceptible he is. If he made an adjustment to his game for example, would it be more sustainable to his long-term fitness I wonder? Or is it just a question of his durability, I doubt it though and I think it has more to do with his approach.

Wrighty's hats

Possibly, but I think a big part of it is that he is and has been relied on (too) heavily by club and country, resulting in not being rested as he could or should be. Once you’re in that red zone you become prone to injuries – plus you’re at greater risk of further injury when coming back from injury – a self-perpetuating cycle, with bad luck (knocks, unfortunate landings, etc) mixed in. There’s a way back from it, he can definitely come back from all of this, and a big part of that is placing less burden on him… Read more »


From what I saw last night in our game against Chelsea, I fear KT might have lost his starting spot to Zinchenko…🤷🏽‍♂️


If it gives KT more time to make a full and thorough recovery from the injury and get back up to speed again in strategically planned training, then so be it.

That’s what having a big squad of top quality players is all about.

I’m more concerned about him being called up for all these Mickey Mouse Scotland friendlies.


Maybe.. or he could be like Van Persie, who was constantly injured season upon season with many fans at the time saying we should cut our losses, then he got over them and became pretty much the best player in the league for a while. Not saying that will happen with Tierney but I would 100% keep him at this point, he still has many years ahead of him

Heavenly Chapecoense

I remember that, RVP was so desperate with his injuries he disregarded Wenger’s opinion and went sonewhere to try a foetus juice treatment.


Thanks for that Heavenly. Just spit out my strawberry and banana smoothie all over my keyboard.

Cranky Colin



I did really want to see Fabio play, hopefully soon.

Chipper 49

Well looking at things with a positive frame of mind (not a go to position for Arsenal fans I know!), the additions to the squad leave us less vulnerable when these injuries occur. It would appear we have some smart squad building happening.

Bergkamps boots

As quality as he is I’d probably cash in on Tierney once he’s back fit again (if ever). Cut our losses and move on.


Yeah, that’s a decision that’s got guaranteed ECL qualification stamped all over it….🙄

Bill Hall

Some of you are so fickle, singing his praises not so long ago and now ready to sell KT because he is not fucking invincible. He is recovering from a knee operation, there is zero need to rush him back now we have signed Zinchenko. Let him recover properly!

Finsbury Park Gooner

Absolutely right. Short memories or what. We expect players to be loyal to the club but then want to cash in on one of best players because he’s not recovered yet from an operation?? What a joke.


FIFA 22 has a lot to answer for…..


I never really sang his praise tbh. Dude is an old-school defender who should be benched by Zinchenko if we intend to play progressive football and build on either flanks.


Seems like great competition between Saliba and White to start at CB. Can one also play left CB to give Gabriel a break from time to time.

Do.we play with a back 3???


I doubt with players Arteta have now, we will ever see a back 3 unless things take an ugly turn.

Greg in Seattle

Not officially, but with White (and Tomi) at RB you effectively can easily slip into a three and let Zinchneko overload the middle. Wouldn’t be surprised if White gets the call over Cedric if Tomi isn’t ready. So cool to see Gabriel/White/Saliba on together, IMO after all the prior drama.


Signing the Ukrainian is starting to make even more sense.
I will consider keeping Bellerin at this point.


His experience alone could be invaluable.

Man Manny

The 30 minutes Tierney had against Nurnberg was supposed to be the plan, according to Arteta. His substitution was nothing to do with a setback.
I have always believed Arteta. I hope he does not begin to sow doubts in my mind.


I worry about the long-term ability of Tomiyasu and Tierney to be solid first-team starters fo us. That may be a bit unfair on Tomiyasu since he’s been with us for only one season, but his injury record so far hasn’t been good. Really hope they both can establish physical consistency because they are both excellent players.

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