Friday, September 22, 2023

Edu pooh-poohs Paqueta postulation

We’ve long felt the links with Lucas Paqueta were well worth a drippy 8 on our in-house tittle-tattle poo-o-meter, but now we can up that to a super runny 10.

In a rare interview, Edu was asked about the links with Lyon’s Brazilian and he has confirmed the chat is, as expected, utter bullshit. Paqueta? More like Poo-queta.

Great stuff. We like being proved right.

“I’m very respectful when I talk about Lucas,” our technical director told TNT Sports Brazil.

“I’m a guy who likes him a lot, I’ve always liked him, since my time with Brazil’s national team. He’s had a great season, he was considered the best player in the French league.

“But today, there really isn’t any kind of talk, there’s only my admiration for the player, because the squad today is, in the position he plays, I think we’re very well served in this regard.”

In theory, that should put an end to this particular nonsense.

Here are some emojis to draw a line under things.


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4 pee’s for a pooh

Blian Gliffin

Shitty news


Should have asked him about Tielemans


more or less the same position. i doubt we will go for him

John C

Edu plays his cards close to his chest, he wouldn’t tell us if we were after him even if we were.

His position was probably down the list of priorities and any signing there is probably dependant on getting rid of a few players first.

It wouldn’t surprise me if we were after him at the end of the window if and when we get rid of a load.


Even if you get rid of a few players, would you get rid of Viera, Odegaard, and to a great extent ESR and Zinchenko too? They all can play Paqueta’s favorite position. So if you just can’t take Edu’s word for it because you are a mind reader why don’t you apply reason to notice that it makes zero sense to buy Paqueta for a role for which we have abundance of talents already?

John C

He’s an attacking left 8, exactly what we need


A strong performance by the poo-o-meter after an underwhelming season so far.


The Xhaka-Partey partnership is so underrated. Xhaka was outstanding yesterday.

Martin R

Sshhh. You’ll upset the anti Xhaka brigade. πŸ˜‰


Well the anti Xhaka brigade doesn’t want to upset the blind and amnesiac Xhaka supporters. We’re many things but ableist isn’t one of them!

Man Manny

For many here, Xhaka and outstanding cannot be in the same sentence even if he gets a hat-trick against City in a match we come back to win after being two goals and a man down at the Etihad.


That’s one hell of a big ‘if’, Manny. Just saying πŸ™‚

VAR will solve all the problems

I’m not sure if he was outstanding. He was good but then he also had a Tavares moment where he just inexplicably passed the ball to Chelsea player close to our box which could easily lead to a goal. Then his over all touch and close control as a left 8 needs improving. If you see what Odegaard does on the other side, the gulf is night and day. If Fabio Viera or Lokonga plays on left 8, Martinelli could score the same amount of goals as Saka. Then again Xhaka just brings this intangible quality where Partey seem to… Read more Β»


Quite shitty if u ask me


I don’t think it’s shitty tho.
Paqueta is being considered for the number 8. Currently occupied by xhaka, we could do with an upgrade. U won’t expect edu to say.. yeah we are in for him BLA BLA.
I would rather spend on paqueta than tielemans tho.


That’s the nonsense press chat tho, who’s considering Lucas for left 8? Not Arsenal, because Lucas doesn’t really play left 8. And we’re not going to spend that sort of cash to cover Odegaard (where Lucas would play). And we’ve already brought in Vieira.


It’s obvious that you have never seen paqueta play apart from few YouTube clips if you think he’s an 8

Greg in Seattle

Our season and ambitions are far more at risk for lack of quality cover if Partey goes down than for lack of yet another 10. That said, I’d feel better if Viera were healthy and bedding in, because I am getting serious Ramsey/Wilshere talented-but-brittle vibes from ESR.


I really like Edu starting to become the face of the club to an extent. All the behind the scenes videos he’s front and centre, and he seems like such a charismatic guy- infinitely more likeable than that weasel Gazidis. Pulled some blinders on transfers the past two years too.
We all talk about Arteta and the players improving, but we certainly need to improve backroom too. And he’s only 44; will surely be growing and learning just like the rest.

Emi Rates

It’s been suggested he was on his final warning when Don Raul got his marching orders. He has certainly pulled his socks up since but prior to that his finger prints where apparently all over Raul’s dodgy transfers. Hence the kick up the arse from Kroenke.


I don’t think he had anything to do with it, couldn’t have been complicit otherwise he’d have been out as well. More likely a case of one guy being dodgy and the shit splattering on everyone’s shoes

Emi Rates

He was probably given a chance to prove himself after Dodgy Don Raul got sacked. Whoever thought employing that corrupt cunt was a good idea?

Anyway, since Raul got slung out Edu has done well. We needed it!


He must have been under the spell of the evil Darth Sanllehi

Emi Rates

That fat pig should have been locked up for how he used the club’s money to line his agent mates pockets. He stole that money from the club! It was probably only to spare the Kroenkes their blushes that he got away with just being sacked. I can think of no one who has harmed Arsenal more than him.


“Never ignore a pooh-pooh. I knew a Major, got pooh-poohed, made the mistake of ignoring the pooh-pooh, he pooh-poohed it! Fatal error. Because it turned out the soldier who’d pooh-poohed him had been pooh-poohing a lot of other officers, who pooh-poohed their pooh-poohs, in the end we had to disband the regiment, morale totally destroyed! By pooh-pooh!”


Good old Field Marshal Melched….

Crash Fistfight



Arsenal, ‘well served’ in terms of midfielders who can create, dribble and score ?


We’ve just spent Β£30m on Vieira. We also have Odegaard and Saka in the area of the pitch Edu is referring to.


I don’t see why Paqueta can’t play left/center, and how that wouldn’t go a long way towards maintaining dominance when Partey or Odegaard are not playing…
Also, following your logic, why the alledged interest for Tielemans ?
I’d guess it’s more a matter of funds.

Granit(e) hard!

Well, makes sense not over stocking in one area of the pitch when there are more pressing needs in others, despite the undoubted talent, and the 20000 poos rating says not possible, even in your drunken dreams!


We don’t really need to be honest.
I would like to see another striker as we are a bit thin there or perhaps a new winger like Sane.
I don’t want to see an opportunity for a youngster blocked by an unnecessary signing..


Definitely agree with the extra striker line. Asking our strikers to stay fit for a full season is like asking Spurs’ front 3 to stay on their feet in the penalty area

El Mintero

Hell yeah. Allow me to bang this particular drum one more time. FFS can we just get another striker in to complement/switch up with Jesus. He gets injured we are again left way short up front.


Lol watch him get announced tomorrow πŸ˜‚


928 poos seems like alot, fingers crossed on this one.

Sir 'Chips' Keswick

Tomorrow’s headline: “Speculation mounts as Edu confirms ‘admiration’ for Gunners’ transfer target”

Naked Cygan

Keep Jesus and Mohamad. Buy Moses, Krishna, and Buddha. Sell everyone else after that. We don’t even need Edu. And less poop.


Bunch of crap!

Thierry Bergkamp (non negotiable)

I don’t see how he improves the squad apart from being an extra body

Teryima Adi

That poop should go into the Guinness Book of records in terms of size.πŸ˜‚

daniel twist

Praise Xhaka all you want, but Xhaka, although he’s not a “bad” player per se, his lack of quickness is way to evident when this team is in full attacking flow, and when the ball reaches his feet, he slows he momentum.

Thierry Bergkamp (non negotiable)

Shhhh! Don’t speak the truth about Xhaka, here. He had a better season in his new role, and his mediocre years previously are all forgotten


You think it might not happen then?


That poo-o-meter looks like the last festival toilet I used 🀒


Edu then turns to the camera and does the Wenger “ozil” face


I don’t know, blogs.
My main takeaway from that interview was how much he likes Paqueta. The β€œwe’re well stocked in that dept” schpiel is standard fare for trying to get the price down in negotiations.
Maybe you’re right, but I wouldn’t be at all surprised if you’re wrong.


So… there’s still a chance you say?

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