Thursday, December 1, 2022

Gabriel Jesus: I’m not here to be a superstar

Gabriel Jesus began his Arsenal career with two goals in the 5-3 friendly win over FC Nurnberg yesterday evening, exciting fans even though it was just a pre-season game.

Afterwards, he spoke to local media and was asked if he felt pressure after his £45m move from Man City, and was labelled ‘the superstar of the team’.

“I don’t want to be the superstar, you know?”, he replied.

“I just want to play football, go out on the pitch and help my teammates, like a family we have to do it together.

“Everything. Outside the pitch, on the pitch, so I’m not here to be ‘the man’. I’m here to help, to learn with these guys as well, and to win together.”

He also took time to express his gratitude to the people at the club who have helped him settle in so quickly.

“I’m so, so proud. I’m proud to be here at this big club,” he told the official website.

“I’ve completed four or five days together with the lads, and I just want to say thank you to everyone at Arsenal because they make me feel at home.

“Everyone is talking, coming to me and saying ‘good luck, we are happy to have you here’, and I’m happy to be here as well.

“That makes me feel at home.”

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Please be a superstar, we haven’t had one for too long!

Funsho Patrick

Already has the attitude of a superstar…ask ManU fans..their goat just left the building 🤣

Alan Sunderland

I paid the 5.99 to watch it. For anyone who didn’t, the reaction of the Nuremberg ball boys surprised me. They took turns getting selfies ignoring everyone else. A couple of them gave him an hug after getting a photo. To the Nuremberg youth team he’s a big deal.

Charles MMM

He’s already a superstar to many, guess he’s modest by nature. Long may the multiple goal scorings continue.

Heavenly Chapecoense

He realized Eddie already took the number 14.

Cliff Bastin

Love the “from the streets” humility.

Chipper 49

That attitude is a large part of the reason Arteta wanted him I suspect. The collective not the prima donna is the focus. Which sounds reasonable to me, team game and all that.



Arsenal fans in unison: HE HAS COME HERE TO BE A SUPERSTAR!


He’s not the messiah! He’s just a really good striker 😀

North Bank Gooner

He’s a naughty boy! Did you not see that near post finish?


he’s going to score a lot of goals for us with that finishing!

Man Manny

I agree with you.
United signed a superstar last season; Ronaldo stood out no doubt, but the coach and team paid dearly for it.
If you, Gabriel Jesus, can be one of eleven stars, we should be fine.

Tomaury Bischfeld

Jesus 9, superstar
He comes from São Paulo and he loves his ma

Pat Fried Rice with Egg

Heh. Read that in the tune of Ghetto Superstar (That Is What You Are)

North Bank Gooner

Done a skid, Killed a kid, we got Teilemans for 30 million quid!


Love his mentality. I think this is exactly what Alexis missed.


What are you talking about?


Once upon a time in Emirates…


We might have fixed the coming from behind in a match thing!


Also scoring from crosses, apparently.

Gunnersaurus 's left nut

Jesus Christ Superstar


That’s exactly what we want: a guy who can play like a superstar without lording it up like he believes he’s a superstar. Really liking what he says in these early interviews.


Sir Andrew Lloyd Webber will have something to say about this


Just woke and read that title and sighed, of course.


Loved seeing our forwards link up in the second half. Jesus seems like he was the missing piece to Arteta ball can’t wait to see more. Also mention for Martinelli who thrived with all the movement. The cut back onto his right crossing and consistent threat had shades of Alexis

Tierneys Tescobag

Oh how i love this club!


can’t wait for more of his partnership with Mohamed!


Van Persie (the good kind) 2.0?


Gabriel Jesus 2.0


The obvious joke would not be allowed, so you’ll have to assume it.

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