Tuesday, December 5, 2023

Jack Wilshere announces retirement from football

Jack Wilshere has today announced his retirement as a professional footballer.

The 30 year old had spells with Bournemouth, West Ham, Aarhus GF and a loan spell with Bolton, but is best known for his association with Arsenal.

An Academy graduate, he made his senior debut in September 2008, and went on to make 197 appearances in all competitions, scoring 14 goals and making 30 assists.

Sadly, his career was beset by injury, and we never consistently saw the best of one of the brightest talents to emerge from Hale End.

He is now expected to pursue a career in coaching, and there are whispers of a return to Arsenal in that capacity.

In a statement released this afternoon, he said:

Today I am announcing my retirement from playing professional football.

It has been an unbelievable journey filled with so many incredible moments and. I feel privileged to have experienced all that I did during my career. From being the little boy kicking a ball around in the garden to captaining my beloved Arsenal and playing for my country at a World Cup. I have lived my dream.

In truth it has been difficult to accept that my career has been slipping away in recent times due to reasons outside of my control whilst feeling that I have still had so much to give. Having played at the very highest level I have always held such huge ambitions within the game and if I am truthful I did not envisage being in this position at times. However, having had time to reflect and talk with those closest with me I know that now is the right time and despite the difficult moments I look back on my career with great pride at what I have achieved.

Playing at the very highest level with some of the best players in the world, winning FA Cups, captaining my club and representing my country were beyond my wildest dreams when I was a small boy growing up in Hitchin.

To the best supporters on the planet, all of you Arsenal fans, thank you all from the bottom of my heart. To play for you all has been a privilege. You’ve always made me feel supported and I hope I did you proud-representing your club. I’ll never forget how you always backed me and I’ll forever be a Gooner.

I have enjoyed every moment of my career and it has been the journey of a lifetime. Now is the right time to close this chapter but I still have so much to give to the game and I am excited about what the future holds.



While we never got to see him fulfill all his potential, we did get to see one of the best Arsenal goals of the modern era, scored by Jack himself, so enjoy. Also, his FA Cup celebrations were 🀌

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Need to sign him upto the coaching staff to be part of Per’s team


Maybe one day, but he should demonstrate elsewhere that he is a good enough coach for Arsenal.

Heavenly Chapecoense

Did Arteta demonstrate that in his current position?

Alan Sunderland

Where do you suggest ajax Barcelona Juventus, then arsenal u18s


Mirror’s reporting he’s set to be appointed for the U18s


The Mirror? Might be true…. if you make up enough shit, you’re bound to get lucky occasionally.


The Guardian also saying he will coach the u18’s. Thanks Jack for your years on the pitch and best of luck coaching.


As one who doesn’t get much to watch The Arsenal live, I was privileged to be in the Clock End that day. What a goal!


Sadly I wasn’t, but it was amazing. Ones of the few goals where even after seeing a replay, you weren’t sure how it happened.


First (and only time) in London, I got lucky with a ticket and I got to watch ‘that’ Wilshere goal. There were some absolute bangers scored that day.

Tasmanian Jesus

That goal was insane!
My mate at work that supports Norwich, has been saying ever since that it was the best goal in PL history.
I dont disagree.


What about his other goal of the season? His two England goals were tasty too.
I can’t forget him teeing up Bendtner at the Bernebeu for what would have been an unbelievable comeback win had he scored.

Mick Malthouse

What a fucking goal!

Fireman Sam

Yes siree. My favourite goal, period.


Not one of the best Arsenal goals, it’s one of the best football goals ever. Sublime, from start to that cool finish.


It’s a shame it had to end so soon.
Best of luck in his second career.


In the end, it comes down to lax refereeing. At times, the only way to stop him was to hack him down, and all too often, those brutal tackles weren’t punished properly, leading to a serious of ankle injuries


Best of luck, Jack.

My heart still wants a Wilshere-Ramsey midfield.


Me too!



Tasmanian Jesus

Absolutely. Santi over Ramsey if I had to pick.


And Diaby


Thanks for being a brilliant player for The Arsenal. And, just for the record, what do we think of Tottenham, Jack?

What’s the French for va va vroom Bobby?

No matter which way you arrange the words it’s always clear. While not Jack’s quote, I quite like the yodaesque β€˜Shit Tottenham are…’

Better to burn brightly than never at all Jack.


Won’t ever forget him bossing peak Barca with Xavi & Iniesta ! Class footballer & true Gooner


Xavi on Wilshere: “If he had a career that had been injury-free we would already be talking about him as one of the top central midfield players in Europe. I have played against him, I have watched him carefully, and if he can overcome injuries, then he can still go on an be one of the best midfield players in the world. With all respect, he doesn’t play the English way. He has an excellent passing range, an ability not to lose the ball, it is clear that he has had his education at Arsenal. For many years now the… Read more Β»

Evl Hmr

David Ornstein saying Jack is coming to be our U18’s coach

Merlin’s Panini

Good. Got to start somewhere on his way up to manager! He had huge football intelligence from a very young age. I hope he’s able to convert that to the coaching side too.




Can’t help feeling what might have been.
Let’s hope he gets involved with the club in some way and has some success.

Merlin’s Panini

πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ™Œ Best of luck for the future, Jack. You deserve a lot more than you had as a player. Thanks for everything. A true pro.


On his day, a breathtaking player of exquisite skill. Cruelly plagued by injury after injury, but he never gave less than 100% and his commitment and love for Arsenal were never in question. My top 3 Super Jack memories, in reverse order… Three – those microphone celebrations after yet another FA Cup Final victory. He wound the Spuds up good and proper with that. An Arsenal Legend, for that alone! Two – His part in the build up to THAT Arshavin goal at the Emirates against Barca. We didn’t so much make the anti-Arsenal media eat humble pie, as push… Read more Β»

Alan Sunderland

Nice post, happy to see him get the u18 job. He’s already lived it and will have experiences to share both good and bad that few others that are willing to work with the u18 have had. Would love to see him make a success of it and work his way up through the ranks.


Retired at only 30! Had talent & potential. Such a shame that his injuries prevented him from truly shining.
Must have been frustrating last 4-5 years when you are supposed to be at peak of career and he was bumping from club to club.
Really hope he finds success & contentment in whatever he does next.


Shame. Must have been tough these last couple of years. Anyone know what Jack was like off the pitch at Arsenal? Is this purely bad luck or was he not always as focused as he should have been?


Sad times, but he can be proud of his career overall, even if it didn’t hit the heights we hoped for due to injuries. Delighted he’s returning to the club, I’m sure he’s got a successful career ahead of him.


Super Jack.
Always one of my favorites. Arsenal man, through and through.
Best of luck, sir.


Such a great goal above and such a great player. Saw him score an incredible goal at youth level.
With better luck he could have been a total legend, but still leaves great memories.


Incredible talent. Wish we got to him pull on the jersey again, however I am left with such fond memories of a special player.


Even though this has been coming for many years, it is still sad to read and I wish Jack well in coaching.

His habit of letting the ball go so late probably cost him on injuries, but he is a footballer I have some unshakeable memories of. From Jack’s debut under Arsene, to his big Champions League performances and the amazing Norwich goal he has achieved a status at Arsenal beyond the disappointing number of appearances.



Man Manny

I mourned for Abou Diaby’s premature “demise;” now I mourn again. As your playing career goes, I pray you make a success of your career in management.
Thanks for the memories: even Xavi, Iniesta and Busquets will not forget you.


Surprised he didn’t try to get to the US leagues


sad that jack had to retire so early, another promising player for us who wasn’t allowed to fulfill his potential while referees bought into the old adage of “arsenal don’t like it up ’em” and other teams were allowed to foul us with impunity

Neil Bamford

That game against Barcelona will always be one of my favourites. What a player! All the best Jack

Yellow Ribbon

Jacky boy! What a talent. Life can be cruel. My heart breaks that your career had to come to an end this way. Good luck with whatever your future holds for you.

Giuseppe Hovno

As a hitchin boy myself i can say all of hitchin is proud (and jealous) of you jack!

Bill Hall

Thanks for all the great memories Jack, hopefully, see you in a coaching role here soon!

Guns Up

I know every club has injuries to deal with, but I can’t think of anyone who has been so unlucky and lost so much potential in one area as Arsenal at CM. Wilshere stings the most for me, but what we missed out on with Ramsey, Diaby, Cazorla and Rosicky, to varying degrees, is just devastating. Arsenal and Jack were star-crossed lovers, basically, and we’ll always be left to lament what could have been. Hopefully he’s a raging success as a coach/manager – he deserves that.


You knew this would eventually happen but it’s still fucking upsetting. Fuck injury! I love you forever Jack!!!


Sad news. I hope he finds happiness in his retirement though and that he can stay away from alcoholism, depression etc. Thanks for the memories Jack, and here’s hoping for more footballing milestones in the future, albeit in a different capacity.


What sad news to read. I think we all knew it was coming but, by God, it still brought a lump to my throat. He was Arsenal through and through, reminded me of Charlie George in so many ways. Thanks for everything, Jack.


I’ve always had a soft spot for Jack. Would be awesome if he could join us at U18, and work himself up. Thanks for everything!

And I have to say it…. What a fucking goal!

Kareem Mohamed

One of my all time favourite Arsenal players.
A really special talent.

And I’m worried Smith Rowe might end up enduring a similar struggle (hopefully not).


My first live match seeing SuperJack was a Cup – getting old so forget if League or FA – early round against Sheffield United. The cloggers even then as a very young player were hacking at this talented kid who weaved his way through them. We marvelled at his skills and enjoyed the banter everytime he was fouled there’d be cries of ” ref – that’s child abuse” and later ” Sub him Arsene he’s got school in the morning”. I had a near pitch seat so had the joy of being close up to this great talent. And his… Read more Β»


My favourite Arsenal player. So sad to see him retire because of injuries but he became my favourite because of the passion and pride he showed playing for Arsenal. Never shy to get into tackles or run away from the ball, always showed courage and commitment on the pitch. I hope we can enjoy an Arsenal team managed by Jack Wilshere one day. He’ll have his day.


My favourite Arsenal player of that generation. Always gave less than 100%. Committed and courage never backed down, he was the sort of players opposition fans hated but we loved. Thanks for the memories Jack. Looking forward to you managing my Arsenal one day.


*Never gave less than 100%*

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