Sunday, September 24, 2023

Arteta challenges Saka to “go to the next level”

Judging by Mikel Arteta’s latest update, it appears Bukayo Saka is edging closer to signing a new long-term contract that will make him one of Arsenal’s highest earners.

The England international is currently tied to the Gunners until 2024 but having established himself as one of the Premier League’s top talents since signing his last deal in 2020, we’re proactively looking to ward off interest and offers from elsewhere.

As negotiations continue, Arteta is happy to lavish praise on the 20-year-old while also outlining what the attacking midfielder needs to do to take his game to the next level.

Ahead of Arsenal’s trip to Bournemouth, the boss said: “He has to be a ruthless winner. That’s it. Simple.

“That’s his mentality, that’s what he needs to do.

“He needs to win football matches on his own, he needs to be living this profession: tomorrow I’m going to kill the opponent. And that’s what I want from him.

“He has this ability now he’s going through a place in his career and he needs to go to the next level right now.

“And I think he has the right environment to do it – he has the right people around him to do it and he’s very willing to do it. So that’s what we have to demand.

“One of the most intelligent players I’ve come across. Very well raised and educated. And he loves this football game.

“He has all the qualities and the right people around him to be a success. That’s what we need to work on now.”

To be fair to Saka, his progress to date has been very impressive.

He’s not even 21 and has twice been voted Arsenal’s player of the year, he’s twice been nominated for the Kopa Trophy – awarded to the best under-21 player in world football – and he’s featured in the final of a major international tournament. As young talents go, there are few who can match that.

The prospect of him getting even better is mouthwatering.

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And now we’re not so lopsided in attack, hopefully, that will help.

VAR will solve all the problems

I think Arteta wants Saka to have more confidence in himself so that he can completely take control of a game by believing that he is unbeatable! Like when Neo was finally able to control the Matrix with just sheer will power! Oracle Arteta has spoken.


At a higher level there will be very few players close to him. Messi and Ronaldo are in the latter stages of their careers, I can’t think of many other players close to where Saka will be if he takes another step up.


“Judging by Mikel Arteta’s latest update, it appears Bukayo Saka is edging closer to signing a new long-term contract that will make him one of Arsenal’s highest earners.“

Happy fucking Saturday gooners!


A next level from being England’s best player at the Euros by a country mile? No small ask, that!


Wait, what about Harry Maguire?

Nainsley Aitland Miles

I’d rather see Rob Holding go to the World Cup than Hairy Maguire.

Forget about it

And yet, Maquire’s ticket is booked. Tunnel vision…


Hilarious joke! The only reason Harry Maguire should even be on the plane is if he’s serving the drinks!
Seriously, though, Saka was England’s best player at the Euros, bar nobody, and deserves a major contract


Well that’s a bloody stupid idea.
Just think. There you are, having made it as an international footballer, on your way to a major tournament and some clodhopping incompetent with all the grace of Frankenstein’s monster, pours your coffee into your lap.

...and really bad eggs...

Nah, I reckon McGuire will do quite well serving drinks. He’s a walking fridge anyways


I forget that he’s not even 21, Saliba is 21, ESR 22, Martinelli 21, Odegaard 23… the future is bright!


Massive game today: we need to keep the winning streak going for as long as possible.

I’m getting worried that we still haven’t signed the 3 players we need to turn us into a top-four side.

The clock is ticking!


You think adding Jesus, Zinchenko, Saliba and Viera has failed to raise our game by 2 points compared to last season?


We would have been top 4 with Jesus rather than Laca in our team. He’s already scored as many non-penalty goals in 2 matches as Laca did in the whole of last season!!

Nainsley Aitland Miles

That’s not how it works in the real world. Every squad is different this season (except for Leicester).


Three more points was all we needed. I’m confident Jesus would have made that difference given the stat above and that Jesus will soon have more touches in the box than Laca did the whole of last season.

Boy Bastin

“What if” is always interesting, but ultimately pointless. We blew it last season for a variety of reasons but, hopefully, that painful lesson is seared onto the team’s collective memory so it doesn’t happen again.


You’ve been down voted by spurs and manure fans

Nainsley Aitland Miles

We’ve signed 3 players needed to turn us into a top-four side; Jesus, Zinchenko, Vieira.

It’s not a massive game. Of course every fixture is important, but for a team with Champions League aspirations, this is the type of fixture which should be a routine win.

Enjoy the game.


Plus Salina LANS.

Bleeding gums murphy

For me saliba feels as good a signing as has been made this season. Along with Jesus and Zinchenco, it completely transformed our confidence and belief. Martinelli having a real breakthrough season is on the cards too. My big worry is injury to Jesus or Ramsdale. The cover not at level we need. COyG

Thierry Bergkamp (non negotiable)

I think losing Partey, would be a bigger loss than Ramsdale


Clearly we should have been rivalling United for Casemiro. 70 million for a 30 year old – what a steal!

Forget about it

Yes, the carnival of incompetence rolls on at United. 😀

Eric Blair

The circus rolls on, how enjoyable!

A Different George

He’s been a really important player for a team that repeatedly wins the Champions League. Of course, so was Varane. And that tall, slow, Portuguese guy. The only reason he was not bought earlier in the window is that he never played for Ajax.

Boy Bastin

I really doubt Arsenal will sign three more players in this window whether we need them or not. I wouldn’t be surprised if one more came in but who that might be is anyone’s guess at present. If we are going to sign anyone else, let’s hope it’s done quickly. I’m sure we can do without: “only a few minutes to the deadline and we’re still waiting …” if we can possibly help it!

Nainsley Aitland Miles

My F5 key is still broken from January.

Forget about it

Age, experience, position … yes, Jude Bellingham, welcome to the Arsenal.

Forget about it

That said, they might need to be left footed … not sure about Jude, but what a swoop that would be.

Santi’s Thigh Grab

You live in a constant state of worry and negativity.

Cooked Patino

Nothing makes me smile like a Fats comment. 1-nil is a slim lucky undeserved win and 5-nil is a weak opponent, a generous ref, or lucky goals.
Fats could allege we beat Bournemouth because we fielded 15 players and I won’t even blink.


Fatgoon you think the fact that you have high expectations makes you a better fan than the average gooner, when really you just bring negative vibes and an entitlement that isn’t sustainable in real world. Club finally has a long-term vision and strategy, they won’t just bring in a signing for the sake of it if it disrupts the team, isn’t the right profile and improves what we have. There are constraints in the market and we have done well considering them, but you choose to throw this idea that this is a FIFA career mode. I write to you… Read more »


Quite possibly the most negative ‘fan’s I’ve ever seen. Do you actually enjoy football?

Man Manny

The burden on his 20 year old shoulders has grossly lessened. It was almost impossible, last season, for Arsenal to score 4 goals in a game without a goal or assist from Saka.
The arrival of Jesus, Zinchy and Vieira means the spotlight is off him to a degree. He is now under the radar – a bit Parteysque – and that is good for him.

Cooked Patino

Zinchy! That’s a new one.
Now I’m getting jealous I don’t have that many cool nicknames


Saka at “the next level”
That is a frightening prospect for a lot of teams…

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