Wednesday, September 27, 2023

Crystal Palace 0-2 Arsenal – player ratings

A first half goal from Gabriel Martinelli, and a late own goal from Marc Guehi ensured Arsenal took three points on the opening day with a 2-0 win over Crystal Palace at Selhurst Park.

The Gunners were scintillating in the opening half hour, but found it hard going in the second half in particular. However, an outstanding debut from William Saliba and two very good saves from Aaron Ramsdale helped keep the home side at bay.

In the end, a big win to kick of the season and a clean sheet too.

Here’s how the players rated this evening.

Read the Crystal Palace 0-2 Arsenal report and see the goals here

Crystal Palace 0-2 Arsenal – Player Ratings

The ratings are hidden by default until you vote, but if you just want to view the ratings and the comments, flick the switch at the top above Aaron Ramsdale. Also, please give the ratings a few seconds to load.

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Ramsdale was a bit nervy today, two incidents. Did make a couple saves tho.
Odegaard didn’t have his best game today either, I’m not sure what the problem was today in terms of tactics after we scored, just sort of collectively sat back.
Standout obviously Saliba, white didn’t do too badly considering he’s against Zaha.


Same as last year?


I’m a tad concerned about White – he didn’t finish last season at all well and handed 3 sloppy passes straight to the opposition tonight. Zaha ain’t easy but watching how Saliba folded him up like a piece of origami and slipped him into his back sky, Ben looked rather ordinary in comparison.
Just hope he plays his way back into top form.

Martin R

I think you are being very unfair to Ben White who mostly dealt very well with Zaha. He certainly looked in top form to me.


Odegaard since last season has being a bit ozilsque in away games, also that pass instead of shoot is prime arsenal ozil. We need him to step up if we have to dominate at away games.


Ødegaard has a “thinking” playing style, as Özil also did. In matches where they don’t succeed, they might appear lazy and I always thought he could attract the same ire from the fans.


Odegaard never looks lazy, just at times indecisive in front of goal, especially away from home


Strange likes/dislikes on here – we can criticise our captain, who ran his bollocks off… pressed like man possessed… led us to a VITAL victory… but tried one pass when a shot was on?
Yet an honest comment on Ben White making not one, but THREE very loose passes, gets downvoted to the South Pole???


Odegaard runs and runs and presses all day. He’s defo not lazy that’s for sure. If he shot instead of passing twice I think, would of been a different story


I know he presses well but when we don’t have the ball and when we aren’t pressing, like the 2nd half, Odegaard is a bit of a liability. It’s really hard to work out when he’ll have a good game or a quiet game like today.


I think Ødegaard had a tough game because Palace’s midfield and defence is so athletic. Not enough time on the ball


It’s probably more about tactical adjustments rather than individual performance but I’m not sure, the first 20 minutes for example we were fine but we couldn’t sustain it for longer.
Could Fabio be the answer? Different formation? I don’t know.

Martin R

To call Odegaard a liability at any time is a joke. He did fade in this game like many others, but was brilliant in the first half and he certainly was far from quiet. One of the most creative players in the country

Tomaury Bischfeld

I’m in love
William Saliba
Not a trace
Of doubt in my mind


Tenuously related, but by crikey is Saka overdue his own terrace anthem? Don’t get me wrong, I love rocking all over the world with Saka and Emile Smith-Rowe, but it feels a bit disingenuous to me when only one of the pair is on the pitch


“All we need is,
Bukayo Saka” *clap*clap
to the tune of Radio Gaga is the best one I’ve seen seen so far.

Cool Papa Bellerin

Thought we’d never see him
That’s the way it seemed
He’d win the Ballon D’Or with PSG


Hoping Tomi can get fit quickly so we can have the best out of saka 💪🏾


But what about Saliba then?


Ben White goes on the front page bench. Saliba is undroppable.


Agree now, but that could change. The headlines will be ugly if that happens. “50 million pound defender relegated to the bench”.

Do you suppose Ben might find some time as alternate for Partey or Xhaka? Last week on Arsenal Vision, Clive thought he had played as a CM while listed as a RB.

djourou's nutmeg

c’mon now, he had a good match and you drop your main defender? it’s like odegaard said a few days ago, you have a good match and you’re the best, you have a bad one and you’re the worst. when will we learn to stop overreacting to things?

Santi’s Thigh Grab

THIS. Arsenal fans, maybe all football supporters, tend to overreact positively on wins and slaughter the team and players on losses..This was a good win at a tough away stadium against a physical side. This game like last season was always going to be a battle of intensity for the first 30 minutes. We won that battle convincingly. The rest of the game we kept them from taking their chances but they did have a few. A good win, performance improved from last season, MOTM performance from Saliba, Zink and Jesus integral to the first 30 minutes of dominance and… Read more »

Man Manny

White has a fight on his hands. I have a feeling he’ll play second fiddle to Saliba.

Eric Blair

I wonder if Saliba and White would be a good pairing. Gabriel seems to panic a bit at times. Anyway, all good options to have when you can recall us having so any problems at CB over the years (Silvester, Squillaci, Senderos, Gallas, Mustafi, Luiz etc).


Considering that White was up against the Premier Leagues Champion of Diving I thought he did really well.

Public Elneny

Oh man, it’s not so much the diving as the constant overdone disbelieving facial expressions and faux exasperation at the referee. You can tell he practices for hours at a time in the mirror.

So glad he never signed for us.

I mean people say Emery was hard done by because never got the signings he wanted. But Zaha, Nzonzi, Banega… nah


I agree with you both. I really dislike watch Wilfred play. So much whining


I’m NOT so glad Zaha never signed for us, especially seeing as we got Pepe instead. Maybe he’s a twat, but he would have been OUR twat, and he’s one of the most difficult-to-handle players in the league.


Lots to like about Zaha, and I’m not sure he’s even a twat, as that definition generally applies to footballers. But he is an incessant complainer, such that he’s probably tiring to even his own teammates. It’s an embarrassment, really. No thanks. And there’s little more I’d like to see than Pepe score 12 across a run in Europe. There’s a very good player in there somewhere. In any case, I’m glad for the win. Up.


Here’s an interesting stat: Zaha scored 11 in the Prem last season.
Pepe scored 10, Pepe also scored 6 in Europa….
The trashing he gets on here is largely unjustified, given Arteta’s sporadic in/out, up/down usage of him.
I feel his is entirely a confidence player – and has never had a consistent run in the team to build that.
There is most certainly a player in there – as he’s shown, against the odds, on occasions. Maybe the EL this season will be his stage?


Zaha might be the most dynamic winger in the prem and White limited him, which against players like him is all you can do. Also White had some good movements forwards including a sublime ball into Saka that looked Odegaard-esque.


Don’t agree – 3 very sloppy passes gifted Palace possession (and all of them when he was NOT under any pressure)… got skinned a couple of times by Zaha and Saliba had to step in to spare his blushes.
I like the lad and do rate him but he finished last season rather tamely and looked to be in the same state last night.
Not poor by any stretch, but not a top 4 RB… yet.


Top of the league.


First step to greatness, proud performance from the players and fans ❤️

Johnny 4 Hats

0 / 10 for Joachim Andersen trying to get Jesus sent off after 30 mins because he realised he’s unplayable.

Annoyingly good distribution though. Had a bit of a blinder, the twat.


These bald referees ffs, Eze with a dive and no booking, but Xhaka gets one for nothing.


Xhaka cautioned on reputation, you could see it on Taylor’s face as soon as he saw it was Xhaka, out came the card.


Nope – it was a really clumsy dive. He was better than that on the night… didn’t do himself any service with that bit of silly bollocks.


Xhaka ran onto a foot and, unsurprisingly fell over. Harsh, harsh card.

A Different George

I thought it was a clear dive. I would be happy if Taylor (who twice sent off a Chelsea player in an FA Cup final against us–including once for diving) refereed all our matches.

djourou's nutmeg

eze dived seconds before, and then again in the 85 minute inside the penalty area, and no booking. if you’re gonna penalise dives then penalise them all the same way, fucking hell.


Seems their strategy was get it to Andersen and let him hoof it. But he can pick one out. Back line did well to stay switched on for all 3000 of his long passes.


Dawson’s Creek ass looking mofo is decent CB


I mean I actually thought Xhaka’s was a pretty blatant dive.

The thing that annoys me is that in literally the same passage of play a Palace player dives and just gets told to get up. Players (very rarely) don’t just fall over for no reason, it’s either a foul or a dive. We wonder why diving’s so rife, it’s because there’s not really a downside to players doing it. They either win a free kick or nothing happens.


Quite happy to see cards for any obvious diving just to get it out of the game. (Xhaka dive was so blatant from a player who doesn’t go past defenders so no good at it.)

Let’s see if Kane/Son/Zaha/ Salah get the same treatment.


I have no problem with Xhaka getting a yellow, but surely a dive in the penalty area (Eze) is a worse dive eh?


Saliba was immense. I can’t remember a more impressive debut by a young player for Arsenal being new to the PL. Going to be tough to leave him out of the lineup. So much more confidence in the squad with White playing RB instead of Cedric when Tomiyasu is out. On the attack so great to have a striker that works his tail off on both sides of the ball and creates such havoc plus being flexible enough to drop wide and let Martinelli have a go up top. I knew it would be tough to keep our intensity up… Read more »


Very top, good sensation


Once Tomi and KT are both fully fit, I wonder if Arteta would like to experiment with Zinchenko in midfield. He does play a sort of an attacking 8 for Ukraine (similar to how Xhaka does for Switzerland actually), and he is more technically suited to that role that Xhaka is. Could help alleviate some creativity problems, especially if Odegaard isn’t at his best as he was today


It’s precisely why Arteta bought him – for that versatility.


Bring him on every time Xhaka gets a yellow card!


I think we’ll use Xhaka in midfield against the top teams, with either Zinch/KT at left back depending on the game plan. But against low blocks I think we’ll opt for KT at left back, and Zinch as an 8.


“Made himself available”. That kinda under-states Xhaka’s performance today. I thought he played really well, made an important block at the near post, hardly put a foot wrong today!


He really did, I love Xhaka. We should all let him hear it this season, needs a chant and definitely needs appreciation.


I like the way he took a card for simulation. Rebranding himself a finess player after being typecast as a hatchet man will take some doing.

Matt P

I need to see much more from us to be convinced we are contenders for third or fourth. Very average in the second half, I wanted to see more dominance. Passive, sloppy and incoherent and a lucky second goal. Harsh? Maybe. But I expect more, and we need more. Hopefully it’s just first game rustiness, and Palace and how they play were obviously a factor in our struggles.

Matt P

People can downvote me all they like, I saw issues today, and I expect better.


If we win every game 2-0 and have 5% possession, who cares?
Control doesn’t win points, goals do and we scored 2 of them and they scored 0.

People are so miserable.


They are indeed but we can also hope to control games more if we want to succeed in the Invincible Style.

Billy bob

I took up your invite to downvote 👍


Palace away is a very tricky first game of the season mate. We got monstered 3-0 in this fixture last year.

That’s a pretty significant improvement




I thought Eddie added alot when he came on, before that we stopped pressing and were just sitting back.
Good sub there! Shame we didn’t have a 10 to take off odegaard who was a little lacking at times.


Vieira will be that guy when fit


Agree though I would have liked to have seen him in the 70th minute instead of 10 minutes later

Scott P

The combo of Eddie and Tierney coming on at that moment was really important. Zinchenko had a good first half, but as the second wore on looked increasingly stretched defensively. I’m glad that KT was fit enough to come on and grab a few minutes because when he did, he was important and the defensive stability helped Eddie to “assist” Saka for the second goal. Game over! 3 points for the boys in pink!

El Mintero

He’s supposed to be our next best goal scorer. Once again, I doubt he’ll get into double figures this year. So I don’t think praising him for his pressing abilities makes any sense at all. And let’s be honest ESR is our best #10. Not playing him will be our downfall this year…


Wispy rat moustache twat – Blogs, my man, you have truly surpassed even your own lofty standards.
That twunt can watch Ajax B get thumped by Brighton on Sunday, just to crown his weekend.


And there ya go – I called it…. Ten Haag has work to do with Ajax B!!!

Moronic Inferno

Love to see those twats Neville and Carraher doing the reverse ferret.


Deep down they hate it, they’ll throw the narrative of how much we spent and try to add pressure by playing stupid mind games from their skysports studios this season.

Martin R

Disagree entirely. They are 2 of the best pundits on TV and both praised Arsenal to the hilt. I can’t see why you and so many are rubbishing them

spurs are still very shit



Both of them don’t have us in the top 4.
Neville has Man Utd in…
Neville also shat on the crystal clear strategy we had last season and doubled down on it this season.


This time last year you had Neville absolutely tearing into us, saying he couldn’t understand our recruitment and so on. Nowhere near the same energy towards his beloved Ole.

Martin R

I’m purely talking about the comments tonight and not about last season. Neville gave a very fair assessment of Arsenal in this match, as did Carragher who also believes we will have a good season.


That really shows the standard!



Well here he is the Pink Ferret

The rink-de-Pink Ferret



Difficult game at a tough ground, glad we came through it. I thought Saka and Partey were a bit better than their ratings suggested, while White was a little nervy against Zaha.


Does it seems that saka is hugging too closely to White to provide deffrb


Palace has always been a difficult away game, tonight was such a good win

I’m liking how we didn’t crumble, how so often we’ve seen Arsenal crumble in these types of games.

I still think we need another 2 or so more players


Only our 2nd win vs Palace in 9 games. Great result.


I, my friend… I am the uncle, and the protector, and the promoter of that fucking thing right there, in whose shadow nothing good nor godly will ever fucking grow.”

Is this Saliba?


Top of the league August 5th 2022 you’ll never sing that!

Also Saliba is just incredible.


Bonus rating for Anthony Taylor the cunt unable to find a second booking for xhaka


Xhaka will be booked harshly a lot this season but that dive wasn’t one of them 😂 Great win. COYG.


Their player dived 30s before Xhaka and wasn’t booked…


That Ødegaard rating is very generous. Probably a 3/10 performance in my book. Yes we won 2-0, but we were lucky. Nothing more. Still just as spineless as we have always been. We need a Vieira or Adams type figure to lead this team. Too many soft players.


Okay, Asss.

Eric Blair

Bit harsh.

It’s the first game of the season so perhaps physicality was an issue for us today. Plus we have a very young squad who are learning how to manage games better.

We have some exciting young players who are only going to get better, but I am a little concerned over our more experienced players.

This season is shaping up to be fun!


Disagree. I actually think he deserved a higher rating. He leads the press for the whole team and whilst he wasn’t at his creative best he put in a good shift. The only criticism I have of his performance is that he needs to get more selfish in the box and have a shot when the chance presents itself. I’m also a lot happier with him captain than I ever was with Auba (& even more so having watched the 3 episodes of All or Nothing).


Agree. I couldn’t watch the last 20 min, who took the armband when odegaard was switched out?


He gave it to Xhaka

Martin R

Nothing generous for Odegaard who had a good first half. I agree he missed a couple of good opportunities but he was fine.

Saint Santi

A kind of comment I’d expect to see under a fabrizio romano tweet rather than arseblog, mate.


I thought odegaard had an ok game. He wasnt as creative as he usually is but he did get a foot in on players quite a few times to break up palace attacks, a couple in our box too. First half we were good, second not so but we got the points. Not a bad first game and i can only see us improving




Palace has been a tough place to win and score for everyone. They’re solid defensively and the threat of the long ball makes it hard to push up. This wasn’t the prettiest display but what a great result!


Nice to see KT back. Thought he looked solid defensively.


If that bonus rating could made into a liquid, I would replace my blood with it…love it


That’s a character and team building result right there Worth 10 for each player in terms of experience and self confidence with overall unity improved . White done really well in what would always be a tricky affair, tomi probably done better but great to have option of both . Saliba is as Wenger used says a Fifa video game playa Excellent outin build and move on to really challenge a real option at RW/ across front from bench, Tielmanns to help close out a game or do battle with either Xhaka or Partey . We know Partey going to… Read more »


We should not underestimate the significance of this result nor the manner in which it was achieved. The memory of both that shocking start to last season, and the later capitulation to Palace when we had it all to play for, must have been burning in the boys’ minds at kick-off. And the fight in this young team?!!! Saliba’s immense character, Gabriel’s solidity, Gabi 2’s Duracell Bunny energy, Ziiiiiinch’s positional mastery… I could go on. We showed real composure when Palace started to claw their way into the game – yes, we got lucky with Eduoard’s tame header but Rambo’s… Read more »


We won away at Palace, who we’re unbeaten in 13 at home.
I had a hell of fun with the Gooners, that joined me for a barbecue and drinks 2night. So I’m gonna sleep well, deserved or not! COYG!


Haven’t watched Arsenal in a while, since when Tony Adams wears number 12?


And is black?


Since he was fused with sol campbell


Sol Cadams


We deserved win gunners


Today’s bonus rating is beyond brilliant.


“Whispy rat moustache twat”

Blogs, I don’t get by here much anymore but dammit, thats superb even for you. I hope you’re well mate.


Xhaka really is a bit of an eejit, eh. Still, ref was shit.


I like me a bit of xhaka, but when he’s just been booked and has his hands all over the ref I was shouting at the screen.


So, Palace got Gabriel’d, no surprise 😉 .
Ramsdale and Saliba showing their worth.
Jesus is quality but falls down (maybe too) often.
Midfield overun a few too many times.
Early days, very good signs.


New CB order: Saliba, Gabriel, White, KT, Holding.

Saliba is undroppable after that performance. And Arsenal need to sign him to max years high wages. If I’m Liverpool watching that game I’m calling Arsenal and offering 100m. Dude is the second coming of VVD. The way he reads the game and backs up players or steps forward to make passes. Remember Ben White’s first game for us, and he played in PL the entire year before, lol. Saliba may end up getting young player of the year in PL just like he did in French league. Amazing.


We missed ESR’s ball retention off the bench. Swapping him in for Martinelli when we were hit with all that pressure would have helped us control possession. But picking nits, amazing win

El Mintero

Should have started instead of Odegaard.


Does Saka get an assist, for the second goal?

Chuck Felsea

Depends if you are asking about reality or for your Fantasy Premier League effort.
According to OPTA stats, an own goal can never have an assist. On the official Premier League Website, the only person currently listed with an assist this season is Alex Zinchenko. So it is not credited there

In the Fantasy Premier League game I believe an assist is awarded if the own goal was forced by the opposition player, which I guess would be the case with Saka.


We now have 6 excellent defenders. When was the last time we could say that?

Determination Cultured

Good performance. Strong in defence. Zinchenko apart from tge assist was a tad shaky for me. Xhaka very slow to pass as usual and holds up our transitions. Really need an upgrade from there. Cant wait for Rowe or Vieira to take that other CM spot to help Odegaard.


I miss those simpler times at Arseblog comments when a win was celebrated and with so much fun (rambling pete where are you?!).
Odegaard that Ben White this.. Calm the f down you people, it’s the first game of a long season to come, stop with the micro analysis and blames and the non sense. Enjoy the win for once, as what fans should be doing


Well said. 👏🍺

Naija Gunner

Very impressive performance keep it iqp lads


I feel like we should reprise the Hey Jude Giroud song for Gabriel Jesus. Na, na, na, na na na na, na na na na, JEY ZOUS!

Chuck Felsea

Apart from the very good game, may I be allowed to mention the away fans? Absolutely massive display, credit to anybody who was present.


What is wrong with Ramsdales brain! The guy just wants to be the centre of attention so plays nonsense ‘chicken’ with strikers coming at him, leaving his kick until last split second. It sends the whole team into a panic and affects everyone and changes game momentum. Every game now…..’SORT THIS OUT ARTETA’ cos he WILL cost us.


Ben White is an amazing athlete. A center back who can play fullback in the premier league! Zaha got the better of white a few times, but zaha gets the better of every fullback a few times a match. White handled him pretty damn well. I’m not sure how Saliba loses his place or Ben white. Do we play 3 at the back or continue on as is once tomiyasu is back. We lost the midfield battle during a good portion of the match. And we need a winger if Pepe isn’t good enough, although I think Pepe playing with… Read more »


Think Ben White had a cracking game up against Zaha, underated performance. Saliba was a brick wall, so good to have him playing. Zinchenko feels like a backup to KT rather than replacing him, provides some CDM cover though for Partey who clearly looks affected by the news surrounding him. Up the Arsenal, clean sheet and a win in a very tricky opener!

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