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Report: Bournemouth 0-3 Arsenal (inc. goals)

Result: Bournemouth 0-3 Arsenal 
Premier League
20 August 2022
Vitality Stadium

Arsenal: Ramsdale, White (74), Saliba, Gabriel, Zinchenko, Xhaka (88), Partey, Saka (88), Odegaard (74), Martinelli (74), Jesus

Subs: Turner, Tierney (88), Tomiyasu (74), Holding, Elneny, Sambi (88), Vieira, Smith Rowe (74), Nketiah (74)

A first half brace from Martin Odegaard and a superb striker from William Saliba saw Arsenal coast to a 3-0 win over Bournemouth at the Vitality Stadium. 

First Half

You’re always hopeful of a fast start when you play away from home and boy did Arteta’s players deliver. Fielding the same starting XI for the third game running, we looked confident from the off and keen to make a statement. Within five minutes we’d done exactly that.

When Ben White lumped forward it looked like the type of ball that would be meat and drink for Bournemouth’s defence. Instead, Jesus barged debutant Senesi out of the way, took the deftest of touches to control the ball and immediately drove forward, dribbling past three men before slipping in Gabriel Martinelli. The youngster will be annoyed he didn’t finish the job himself but after keeper Travers made a decent stop, Odegaard was on hand to tap into an empty net. (GOAL – 1-0)

There was no easing up after that and the Norwegian didn’t have to wait long for his second. Saka fed White down the right flank, the full-back picked out Jesus with a cutback and Odegaard, taking the ball off the Brazilian’s toes, swiped home with his left foot. Superb stuff. (GOAL – 2-0)

After that, it was all about keeping Bournemouth at arm’s length. We played neat little triangles all over the pitch, probed down the wings and generally enjoyed keeping the ball.

When we lost it, the number of times we stole it back inside five seconds was genuinely incredible. Zinchenko alone made nine ball recoveries in the first half and Thomas Partey with five was also superb. There was no need for Mikel Arteta to be upset, the duels were being won.

On the odd occasion when the home side made it into the final third, Saliba was on hand to mop up. The Frenchman was again majestic and found himself being serenaded for five minutes straight with a brand new chant to the tune of The Champs’ “Tequila”. Having started oléing between the goals, it’s fair to say the travelling Gooners were having a good time.

If there was a gripe, it was that we didn’t create more clear-cut chances before the break. You’re always nervous knowing a goal back could change the complexion of the game.

Second Half

The Cherries looked more determined after Scott Parker’s team talk and we had to deal with an early aerial bombardment. Gabriel and Ramsdale did what they had to do although our keeper did have a nervy moment when he mishit a clearance trying to start a quick attack. 

His teammates’ response was to put the game to bed. A short free-kick by Saka allowed Martinelli space to dart down the right and curl a deep cross to Xhaka at the back post. The Swiss laid the ball back to Saliba on the edge of the box and the centre-back made light work of finding the top corner with a superb left foot curler. As the Frenchman raced off to celebrate, Zinchenko just went to his knees and put his hands on his head. That’s what the Ukrainian thought of the strike. It was a thing of beauty. (GOAL – 3-0)

We still had to be on our guard and were thankful for a very decent header by Gabriel to clear our lines after a dangerous corner. At the other end, Martinelli went through but couldn’t keep an effort down. A second attempt by the attacker also found row Z. A third, an instinctive volley, was closer but wide. 

Compatriot Jesus did put the ball in the back of the net with a delightful dinked finish but after an absolute age VAR ruled it out for a very close offside. Having celebrated, he looked really gutted not to get on the scoresheet. Jesus would have another chance with four minutes remaining but Travers produced a great save. 

In between, Bournemouth, following a triple change by the Gunners, forced a flurry of efforts. Tavernier twice came close, Ramsdale made an unnecessary save from a Moore header and Gabriel again cleared a corner from on the goalline. 

Substitutes Nketiah and Smith Rowe had chances to add a late gloss to proceedings but couldn’t beat Travers who did well all afternoon to keep things respectable for the home side. At the full time whistle, the Gunners, quite rightly, were all smiles. 

It’s the first time in 18 years we’ve won our first three games and we’re temporarily up to top spot in the Premier League. It’s a nice view from up here. We should do this more often.

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Are we… title contenders?


I’ll take 3rd place right now. Next year we can push for the title. One Step at a time


Contenders.. We will be in the mix.
Add one or two more in the market and there’s no reason we can’t be the best team after City.


Guys, we were bottom after 3 games last season. Did that make us relegation contenders?

Bin this title talk man, the clocks haven’t even gone back yet

Johnny 4 Hats

I think we are title contenders until we aren’t.

We’re the best team in the league as of three games in.

I don’t think we win the league, in fact I know we won’t.

But that’s just projecting. As of today, we are title challengers. And after the years of torment we’ve been through, we deserve to think of ourselves as such.


I’m all for skipping steps

Heavenly Chapecoense

Few years ago, Leicester didn’t say they wanted to finish 10th, one step at a time.


Man can dream


Not yet. But we’re damn good so far.


City look too good.


Not against the Toon they (just) didn’t!


If Leicester can win the league…


Absolutely…why wouldn’t we be?

John C

78 points in our last 38 matches, that’s good enough for third.

This season we should be aiming for early to mid-80’s, that’ll be good enough for third at least


Keep this up and we can dare to dream.

Cooked Patino

Yeah. We just have 35 more finals

Guns Up

It’s early days, but this just FEELS like the old Arsenal for the first time in forever. Salivating over the next game as soon as each one ends and against anyone but City and Liverpool, I go in expecting to win. Not that it’s easy or taken for granted, I just think Arsenal is better than every other team bar those two. Results thus far support that notion.

Brady’s bunch

Reckon we’d give both of them a good game at the min


We are undefeated so yes.


What a pearler to kill the game.

(Plays the 90 (+) minutes with a baguette under his arm.)


Do we have a spud on the board?


This is delicious. I’m purring. Here’s hoping these levels stick.


Fantastic game. Superb team. Awesome manager. Loving this.


Anyone else genuinely forget that was an away match? 😂

Cliff Bastin

Well we were in pink. (Side note finally a jersey I can convince my daughter to wear) (she hates football)

I put the 2020 white away jersey in the washing machine together with the red home socks.

Now I have the new pink jersey.


Brilliant, but you just might have cost the club millions in revenue 🤣

Nainsley Aitland Miles

Kids, do not try this at home.


If you put Gary Neville in the washing machine with Jamie Carragher, you get a fucking good laugh.


Yeah – but it really fucks up the washing machine.


I really really dislike the pink. I suppose it will look better on a cold Wednesday night in stoke but in the bright sunlight ugh.


Mate – we could be losing game after game in Manure’s baby puke lime green!


“If you’re an Arsenal fan you should be really proud of this team”

Yuck, I just got the feels off Jamie Redknapp.


Look at him when he’s talking to you.


Well done sir!! Hillarious


You can tell that he clearly gets it from his upbringing:

”Look at me when I’m twitching to you.”

Jesus of Sao Paulo

Ask him about Robert Pires. He’ll flee the scene! Bloodyfuckin spud wanker. Hope he chicks on his saliva while badmouthing Arsenal!

Jesus of Sao Paulo







‘Chews’ (his own tongue, that is).


Charlie George

Cliff Bastin

Saliba 😘🤌🏼


Having moved country and no longer having a season ticket – PLEASE everyone keep the Saliba chant going ad nauseum for the rest of the season. It is driving everyone other than Arsenal fans mad.


And arteta looks calm on the sidelines, as if he knows his plans have been all laid out and now he wants to enjoy it come to fruition


(To the tune of Oh My God, Kaiser Chiefs)

You’re welcome


Do do do do do do do……


for real though I feel like that’s all I heard all game… wow man shout out to the away fans what an atmosphere


Our away fans drowned out the Palace home fans as well, they’re on a mission this year!

Nainsley Aitland Miles

Next away fixture; Old Trafford.

Could literally be 1st against 20th.


Such a buzz around the club right now. Everyone on side. I fucking love it!!


Not only a great performance from the boys but there’s the added bonus of spoiling Gary Neville’s Saturday night!


Deep joy.

The rat faced twat.


I might be being picky, or maybe Arteta has raised my expectations and standards too far, but a few too many mistakes for my liking. Against tougher opponents we will be undone. Wish we had kept the gas on for longer. Should have racked up a rugby score!
Positive result and a confidence builder. Looking forward to this season.


You’re picky. Spurs needed 65 minutes to score a single header from a corner at home vs Wolves.

Guns Up

It’s human nature to relax and focus levels to drop when up 3-0. Not that Arteta will tolerate it, but I’ll excuse it, for my part. IF it happens against tougher opponents with the result in the balance, we can analyze it differently.


You can’t fight yourself. Bournemouth was so soft in first surprised someone didn’t fall asleep on the pitch


Fantastic result and we’re top of the table. Yes!


Excellent performance.

We dominated from start to finish and didn’t give Bournemouth a sniff. After a great first half we were professional in the second and were unlucky to only score 3: it should have been 5-0.

Odegaard MOTM for me but Jesus excellent too. The only slight blot was yet another unforced error by Ramsdale: he needs to cut that s**t out.

A very enjoyable Saturday evening.


you know that things are on the up when Fatgooner finds only a slight negative to dwell on.

Doctor Perceptron

No down votes on a Fatgooner post? We’re either awful and everyone knows it or a corner has finally been turned.

Teryima Adi

Ramsdale needs to calm down. Too much unforced errors.

Thierry Bergkamp (non negotiable)

Where’s the real Fat boy?


I always give credit when it’s due.


He sold his account, 😂


Fats???? FATS????? Whoever you are, this isn’t funny – get off Fat’s keyboard NOW!



Zadok the Regular Priest

I gotta say I know we’re all loving this, but I reckon Arteta must be on top of the world watching his team play like that. After all this time to have them finally playing the way he wants them to… it’s just so gratifying to see hard work pay off, to see the fruits of those difficult decisions. No egos, no quibbles, no dithering about. Everyone knowing what they should do, everyone doing it, AND everyone feeling that love and that liberty to flourish creatively, which for a long time has looked like the final piece of the puzzle.… Read more »


It feels even better now when you’ve never lost faith and kept believing in him throughut all of the hysteria. I’m so grateful that the club remained patient as well. Mikel knows.

Nainsley Aitland Miles

Feels really good to know we stuck by Arteta through good times and bad.

There was a lot of insults on these comment pages directed towards Mikel as recently as 4 months ago after the Palace Brighton Southampton triple defeats.

Guns Up

The silence of Sarcasmbot, Naked Cygan, Santori, et al is deafening. I genuinely hope they’re enjoying this even if they’re not doing so publicly on this forum!!!

Nainsley Aitland Miles

I’m guessing they’ve all changed their username.




Mate – 2 of them just downvoted you… lol



Nacho Cheese Kalevra

Don’t know the words……
But that Saliba chant…..


The only words are “do do dodo do do” and “SALIBA”


Very easy to pick up, it’s just dododododo x3/4 followed by shouting SALIBA. I’m gonna have that stuck in my head till Saturday & I’m here for it

Man Manny

That was men against boys with three gears left.
How nonchalantly good is Zinchenko! He makes it look like a practice match at times.
One game at a time we go.


His reaction to Wilo’s goal was all of us


Yeahhh Arteta’s on a mad one


Brilliant, just brilliant. We didn’t even have to get out of second gear and we won again. Odegaard opening his account and getting amongst the goal scoring capers – lovely stuff. A shame VAR couldn’t have given Jesus the benefit of the doubt – but he is now, after all, an Arsenal player and VAR are, after all, a bunch of anti-Arsenal cunts, so no surprise there really. I said a few weeks back that if Jesus can hit 20+ this season, with between 5-10 from Eddie, Saka, Odegaard, Martinelli, ESR and Vieira, whilst the back room boys weigh in… Read more »


More surprised Paul Tierney(I think) gave Benjamin onside then I am him giving Gabi off. The BBC text page was a thing of beauty, nobody mentioned us challenging for the title but some Spurs fans ran with it & there’s about 20 minutes of texts just slagging us off for winning


Saliba, time to sign that contact!! 🙂


Arsenal i Love you and for the first time in years i love all our players too ❤


Du du du du du du du du

Our next two fixtures are both at HOME to former Arsenal goalkeepers; Leno’s Fulham and then Martinez’s Villa. Should be fun.

Determination Cultured

After the match arteta looked at the boys and said: saliba, martinelli and saka, in my office first thing tomorrow to meet edu, to SIGN DA THING


On the US broadcast you could hear the Gooners singing clear as day. It was pure magic. Please keep it up ——SALIBA!


It was so great to hear. And every time I thought they were done, I’d start laughing when they started up all over again.

Will Cheshier

Victoria Concordia Crescit in full effect.


Well I am confused…Arsenal is different. do not make me sit on the edge of the sofa. I like this better.


The way Saliba stepped and stepped toward the box, smelling a potential shot at goal is only Xhaka would lay it off to him….

Loving this kid. Has great instincts in both boxes

Bill Hall

It’s so nice to see the team smiling and playing such attacking football full of confidence. Long may it continue!

Sparksy Ozisalam

It was an assured performance by the lads and I can see the boys preforming consistently like this, this season. The team has grown. Arteta has done a swell job.

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